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Jeff Leonard Senior Business Banking Consultant & Acquisition Relationship Manager 912 North Croft Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90069 * Tel.: 310-990-2085 * E-mail: jl1 [email protected] Career Objective Seeking a Relationship Manager/Supervisory Acquisition Manager role within a fin ancial services company. Profile Senior Business Banking Consultant: Financial Services and Technical Consulting professional with 7 years experience providing banking solutions to mid-market businesses with annual revenues of USD $2 million to $30 million, and 10 years o f providing consulting/project management services to Fortune 2000 companies. D eliver complex and tailored Treasury Management and Lending solutions, including Business and Consumer Credit Facilities, Foreign Exchange and Deposit Account A nalysis. Act as the driving force behind bank profitability, operational integr ity and corporate compliance. Acquisition and Relationship Management: Identify a "desired and trusted" pipel ine of prospects. Foster a highly collaborative 'win-win' ethos to attract and retain clients and prominent centers of influence, and to exceed customer satisf action objectives. Focus on building customer trust in services/products recomm endations and making the bank the client's preferred financial partner. Excepti onal internal and external partnering skills, effectively identifying additional cross-sell opportunities for various business units within the bank. Supervisory Leadership: Train staff to build "the right" client base, which wil l favor optimal growth in revenues and profit potential, while mitigating risk t o the bank. Manage expectations, while mobilizing the organizational energy behi nd the drive for performance excellence. Win emotional commitment of team membe rs through encouragement, proactively strengthening and building competencies, a nd inspiring them to do their best. Laser-focused on company objectives, with a disciplined approach to individual sales practices and activities. Professional Experience Senior Business Banking Consultant / Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank, Beverly H ills, CA, 2007-2011 * Source and manage a high net worth business prospect pipeline of 200+ accounts ; predominantly targeting Property Management, Manufacturing, Legal, Medical and Entertainment industries. * Make 10 complex sales calls/day to new prospects with the goal of scheduling a first meeting, and attend 2 on-site client appointments/day (50% new business a cquisition, 50% treasury management/credit sales). * Consult with clients to identify product and service solutions which meet thei r immediate financial needs, and pro-actively seek information to understand fut ure opportunities and identify areas of potential risk. * Analyze customer financial statements and tax returns to verify that cash flow , liquidity, and leverage ratios meet corporate standards of desired credit qual ity. * Present 15 formal proposals/month to executive level management and business o wners with approx. 80% converting to a sale. * Acquire 15-20 new clients per month, and routinely follow up on all business a ccounts to ensure that the full opportunity has been captured. * Support the retail Business Banking efforts of 8 branches and 10 retail Busine ss Specialists by delivering weekly workshops on Treasury Management products, a nd coaching bankers to identify complex business prospects, improve client profi

ling skills, and implement business banking best practices. * Build and retain trusted relationships with key strategic partners, including Wealth Management and Wells Fargo Advisors, Merchant and Payroll Services, Forei gn Exchange, Retail Banking Centers, and influential non-bank referral sources. * Maintain a reputation of credibility amongst my peers, management, and partner s through self-directed personal development, extensive credit training, series 7 and 66 license training, and a willingness to continually build new competenci es. Achievements & Awards: -Generate over $30,000 in revenue per quarter in Treasury Management products an d services (187% of goal), $5 million in Business and Consumer Credit production cross-sell, $2 million in Commercial Card Annual spend, and averaging $3 millio n per quarter in new Deposit acquisition (166% of goal). -Achieved outstanding sales and leadership performance by developing a carefully crafted and a well executed strategy based on a drive to be the best and the ma nagement of effective activities. -"Top Gun Award" and "LA Metro Division Coaches Award" (2008) -"6 Figure Club" for exceeding $100,000 in treasury management sales revenue (20 08 and 2009) -"Partner of the Year" award from Retail Banking, LA Metro Division (2009) -10 consecutive Quarterly sales awards, ranking in the top 10% in the state of C alifornia (2008-2010)

Branch Manager / Assistant Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank, Beverly Hills, CA, 2005-2006 * Hired, supervised and coached a team of 12, achieving one of the best performa nces of a denovo branch in the US. * Sustained new deposit growth of $2 Million per month (220% goal), and Business and Consumer credit line and loan production of $1Million per month (150% of go al). * Enhanced public image and branch recognition through community outreach, partn ering with internal and external centers of influence, aggressive networking, an d a focus on key high net worth businesses and individuals. * Maintained the highest level of compliance, loss mitigation and operational ex cellence (actual losses to budgeted loss reserves under 15%). * Verified the accuracy of all loan applications and supporting documentation pr ior to submission for underwriting. * Evaluated and approved monetary transaction up to $1 million, ensured regulato ry compliance (BSA "know your customer"), strictly enforced all due diligence gu idelines, and conducted periodic audits of operational procedures. Achievements and Awards: -Considered by division leadership as an exceptional manager for developing stro ng talent (with a high proportion of team members promoted to advanced positions ), as well as coaching and strengthening struggling team members throughout the division in order to improve their performance. -"Platinum Level" Quarterly Sales Performance Awards, achieving 150% of stretch goals (2005-2006) - "Coaches Award" achieving a 100% ranking with all branch personnel meeting or exceeding their goals (2006) -"Million Dollar Club" for extraordinary achievement in surpassing denovo produc tion goals. (2006-2007)

Assistant Branch Manager, Wells Fargo Bank, Beverly Hills, C A, 2004 * Performed the roles of acting Manager for the Beverly Hills Main branch and tr aveling Branch Manager while simultaneously exceeding individual standards for b anker sales goals (averaging 120% of goal). * Met with all high value customers to enhance banker profiling, identify additi onal cross sell opportunities, and make introductions to the appropriate Wealth Management team member. * Achieved significant increases in branch sales production while in each positi on (averaging a 10-30% increase month over month). * Conducted morning team meetings to set goals for the day, reinforce expectatio ns, and introduce banking best practices for sales improvement. * Reviewed teller transactions in order to mitigate potential risk of loss to th e bank. Senior Account Manager, Computer Technology Associate, Los Angeles, CA, 1997-200 4 * Consulted with technology officers of Fortune 2000 companies (focus on banking , manufacturing, and e-commerce industries) to provide Oracle database products and implementation and Integration services. * Served as Channel Manager and Relationship Liaison between Computer Technology Associates and Oracle Corporation. Account Manager, CKS, North America, Somerset, England/ Pittsburgh, PA, 1993-199 7 * Consulted with technology officers of Fortune 2000 companies (focus on healthc are and insurance industries) to provide IBM database products and implementatio n and integration services. * Assisted the Senior Consulting Team with proposal creation and delivering pres entations to senior level executives. Education B.Sc. in Business Administration (Marketing/ Finance), Indiana University of Pen nsylvania Graduate Course Work in Macro Economics, Finance and Commerce (audited) Industry Specific Knowledge Treasury Management Solutions: Account Reconciliation, Commercial Card Solutions , Desktop Deposit, Foreign Exchange, Fraud Filter, Information Reporting, Lock B ox Services, Multi-Currency Accounts, Payment Manager, Positive Pay, and Wire Tr ansfer Services. Lending Solutions: Auto Financing ($100,000 maximum), Business Direct Lines of Credit (maximum $100,000), Business Real Estate Financing ($500,000 maximum), Co mmercial Card ($1.2 Million Annual Spend), Consumer Unsecured Loans and Lines ($ 100,000 maximum), Home Equity Lines of Credit ($350,000 maximum)

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