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RentalotForm Plugin
This is the documentation for the the form plugin extension tot he Rentalot accomodation booking component developed for Joomla 1.5. This plugin enables the presentation of the booking periods for a given 'unit' defined in the Rentalot booking system within an article. This enables articles to be built from numerous components and include the ability to display an associated booking schedule.

Installation of the form plugin is through the administration functionality of the Joomla administrator using as the archive to install. After installation configure the plugin through the plugin manager to set the system defaults for the plugin:

Using the form plugin
Using the form plugin is very simple. Firstly, ensure the plugin is enabled through the plugin administrator. Secondly, in each article you want to display the table include a {rentalotform } tag setting the parameters as required in the format param=”value”. NOTE: the quotes around the value are required. Examples: Tag : {rentalotform } This insert the bookings table for the default unit set in the plugin parameters using ALL the default settings configured in the plugin configuration. Tag : {rentalotform unit_id=”1” } This inserts the booking table for unit id #1 using all the other default settings.

Tag : {rentalotform unit_id=”1” show_currency=”No”} This inserts the booking table for unit id #1, suppressing the currency selector and using all the other default settings.

Tag parameters
The following parameters can be set on the {rentalotform} tag Parameter unit_id date_from date_to hdr_from hdr_to hdr_price hdr_avail to_column booked_periods Values ID of the Rentalot unit Description The unit whose schedule you want to show

Date in the format YYYY-MM- First date to show DD Date in the format YYYY-MDD Text Text Text Text 'Yes' or 'No' 1 = Show original price 2 = Show alternate text 3 = Hide Text Last date to show The Heading for the From column The heading for the To column The heading for the Price column The heading for the Available column Show the To column What to show for booked periods The alternative text to display when showing alternate text or the booked period price. How to display dates in the past. The date format to display



1 = Show original status 2 = Show as unavailable 3 = Hide 1=Mon 31 Jan 09 2=Mon January 31 3=Monday January 31 4=January 31 5=31 January 09 6=31 January 09 7=31-01-09 8=01-31-09 Text Text


state_avail state_prov

The text to display for available dates The text to display for provisional bookings

state_booked state_cancelled show_currency currency_selector

Text Text 'Yes' or 'No' Text

The text to display for booked dates The text to display for cancelled dates Whether to display the currency selector The text label for the currency selector

This plugin is dependant upon the following components: • • Joomla 1.5 Rentalot component 1.09 (also tested against version 1.12)

Up to date help and frequently asked questions can be found at:

Known limitations
When displaying multiple booking schedules in the same article the currency selector applies to all schedules in the article. i.e. if you change the currency for one schedule in the article it applies to all schedules in that article.

Change History Version 1.0.1
Tracker # 19 Description Documentation update only to reference the FAQ

Version 1.0.0
This is the first release of this plug-in.

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