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Your computer technology center of the best future

Introduction to Computer
-Brand-PC -Clone-PC

All Hardware to PC
(Hard Disk, Main Board, CPU, Ram CD-Rom, CD-Write & All Card…..) -All Jumpers on Main Board -Understanding about Setting Jumpers & Switch On Board Understanding All Hardware To Make Up A New PC such as: (Case, Board, CPU, RAM, VGA, Hard Disk, Floppy, CD-Rom, Monitor, Mouse, Keyboards)

Introduction to CMOS
Understand All Function in CMOS
(Detect Hardware and CD-Rom on Main Board) -Stop Hardware using on Main Board -Upgrade Hardware

Install Dos & Definition
-Understand all Command in Dos -Internal Command -External Command

Software for Ms-Dos
-Fdisk, Gdisk, Disk Manager using for (windows 98) -Test the Hard Disk Bad by using Format command -Cut Bad Sector & Low-level Hard Disk -Free Soft Virtual-PC 5.2 & Virtual-PC 2004 for Practice (Fdisk & DM) on the Windows XP & Windows 2003 Server. -Free Soft Virtual-PC 2007 for Practice (Fdisk & DM) on the Windows Vista.

Setup Windows & Drivers
-Windows XP Pack 2 & Pack 3, Windows 2003 Server -Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Premiums -Windows Seven Ultimate, Professional, Home Premiums & Enterprise. -Install Drivers (VGA, Sound, Network Card…)
July 6, 2010

Prepared by Mr. En Sophal. Contact: 016 799 366. E-mail: [email protected]

Your computer technology center of the best future
Setup Office:
-Office 2003 & 2010 (Install font Limon & Unicode, -All Windows to Office 2003 Must copy file path C:\PGF\MSO\Office11 -Office 2010 Must copy file = C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14

The Way of Setup 2 Windows & Windows Reverse
-Setup two Windows on only one HDD & Process two or more Windows at the same time. -Setup Windows XP after Windows 2003 Server & Seven -Setup Windows XP & Windows 2003 Server after ( Windows Vista or Seven)

Software for Maintenance
-Ahead.Nero.v10.0.1 (Write CD & DVD) -DriverGenius2010 Support with (All Windows Vista) - EasyBCD 1.52 & EasyBCD 1.6 Support with (All Windows Vista) - Partitions Magic & Partitions Expert -GetDataBack for NTFS v3.02 -Hwinfo32 for looking Driver Name of Hardwares -Vista Manager Support with (All Windows Vista) - (Win Zip, Win Rar, & IZ Arc)

Software to Security for PC
-Folder Access 2.0 -Folder Security Personal 3.0 -DNA &ERD Commander for Clear Passwords Admin -Proactive Password Auditor

Registry Editor
-Understand all Important Utilities & Definition in Regedit such as: (Kay, Sub Kay, Value Name, Dword, String & all Paths in Regedit) -Setting of Hidden all Component in Windows & Interrupt all Application Running

-Introduction for Peer to Peer network
-Hardware needs (Network Card, UTP Cable, Connecter RJ-45, Hub, Switch & Router) -Configuration Network with Hub, Switch, Router -Configuration Network in the Command Dos -Software needs (NetSupport Control, PC Anyware, & PC Remote Shutdown Professional) -Understand IP Address, Network Address & Host ID -Understand All Class of Network & Subnet mask of Network -Remote Desktop &Remote Assistant -Set Permission of Shared Document -Shared Printer, CD-Rom, Drive, Folder Prepared by Mr. En Sophal. Contact: 016 799 366. E-mail: [email protected]

July 6, 2010

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