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adjustment, darn, improvement, mend, new part, overhaul, patch, reconstruction, reformation, rehabilitation, replacement, substitution
CLOSE abutting, across the street, adjacent, adjoining, approaching, around the corner, at hand, contiguous, convenient, give or take a little, handy, hard by, immediate, imminent, impending, in spitting distance, in the ball park, near-at-hand, nearest, nearly, neighboring, next, nigh, proximate, under one's nose, warm PURCHASE

acquirement, acquisition, asset, bargain, booty*, buy, gain, investment, property, steal
FOE adversary, antagonist, anti*, enemy, hostile party, rival CORRECT

according to Hoyle, actual, amen, appropriate, cooking with gas, dead on, equitable, factual, faithful, faultless, flawless, for sure, free of error, impeccable, just, legitimate, nice, okay, on target, on the ball, on the beam, on the button, on the money, on the nose, on track, perfect, precise, proper, regular, right, right as rain, right on, right stuff, righteous, rigorous, stone, strict, true, undistorted, unmistaken, veracious, veridical
LET accredit, approve, authorize, be big, cause, certify, commission, concede, enable, endorse, free up, give, give leave, give okay, give permission, grant, have, hear of, leave, license, live with, make, permit, sanction, sit still for, suffer, tolerate, warrant DEPART abandon, abdicate, absent, beat it, blast off, cut and run, cut out, decamp, desert, disappear, emigrate, escape, evacuate, exit, get away, git, go, go away, go forth, hit the bricks, hit the road, hit the trail, make a break, march out, migrate, move on, move out, part, perish, pull out, quit, remove, retire, sally forth, say goodbye, scram, secede, set forth, shove off, slip away, split*, start, start out, take leave, tergiversate, troop, vacate, vanish, withdraw COSTLY an arm and leg, cher, dear, excessive, executive, exorbitant, extortionate, extravagant, fancy, high, high-priced, highly priced, inordinate, precious, premium, pricey, steep, stiff*, top, valuable HALT arrest, break, break-off, close, cutoff, freeze*, grinding halt, impasse, interruption, layoff, letup, pause, screaming halt, screeching halt, stand, standstill, stop, termination RAPID accelerated, active, agile, breakneck, brisk, double time, expeditious, expeditive, express, fast, fleet, fleet of foot, flying, hasty, hurried, in nothing flat, light-footed, like a house on fire, lively, mercurial, nimble, on the double, precipitate, prompt, quick as a wink, quickened, ready, really rolling, screaming, speedy, spry, swift, winged

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