Restaurant Manager or Food and Beverage Manager or Beverage Sale

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Thomas N. Tetting 2004 Wagon Mound Trail Las Cruces, NM 88012, [email protected], 575-405-861 8 Customer Relations, Hospitality Services, and Restaurant Management Patience, problem solving, and multitasking abilities are key aspects of my pers onality. I have developed these talents in the restaurant and real estate busine ss over twenty-plus years. Expert customer service; both with repeat, referral, and first time clients has always been a rewarding achievement. Prior training i n geologic and environmental project reviews, Census management, as well as volu nteer public service has created a dynamic, mature, and reliable candidate for c ustomer interface. Excellent listening and conversational skills augment my abil ities as a facilitator, negotiator, mentor and logistical coordinator. Extensive travels in Latin American countries, Europe, and the Four Corners States over t he past 40 years have given me great personal confidence and made me appreciate regional Hispanic, Indian and multiethnic cultures and cuisines that make up the southwest. Achievements 2004-2007: Appointed as a Commissioner to the 21st Judicial District Nomination Commission by the Governor of Colorado. I interviewed and selected 4 judges in s eparate application and interview processes as a anon-lawyera representative on the Commission. 2002-2004: Served as a member of the Colorado Association of Realtors State Gove rnment Issues Committee. As a two year Political Survival Fund Chairman I receiv ed an award in my first year for collecting the largest donation amount for a La rge Real Estate Board. I also served as a local Mesa County Association of Realt orsa board member. I was also honored to be selected to run in the US Olympic To rchbearer Relay in 2002 in Grand Junction, CO. Professional Experience 2010: Xanterra Food and Beverage; Grand Canyon Village, AZ. Recently completed 6 months as a Ma(R)tre Da in the fine dining restaurant at the luxurious and hist oric El Tovar Hotel. I thoroughly enjoyed the multi-ethnic and world-wide divers ity of the clientele and co-workers at the Grand Canyon and re-learned all aspec ts of front-of-house service while employed there. I also volunteered as a Natio nal Park Service Information Guide in the Grand Canyon Visitors Center and serve d as a retail representative for the 2010 Grand Canyon Music Festival. 2009: US Census Bureau Field Office Supervisor and Crew Leader; administering to the Southern NM, 2010 Decennial Census and CCM operations. I taught and supervi sed 50 crew members during 2 phases of initial field work studies using GPS and computer systems. I serviced field crews in 5 area locations covering approx. 10 0,000 sq. miles. I instructed teams having diverse ethnicities, religions, and b eliefs composed of people from all age groups, creating cohesive units to accomp lish federal goals on specific timetables. 1975-1993: I performed waiter, bartender, banquet, and host duties for; The Bon Ton Restaurant/St. Elmo Hotel in Ouray, CO; Reneas at Tlaquepaque and Poco Diabl o Resort in Sedona, AZ; The Marriott Hotel in SLC, UT; and served as a tour guid e at Grand River Vineyards, GJ, CO. Throughout my college and post grad days I g athered restaurant experiences in such diverse environments as a piano bar, a co untry western/rock and roll club, a fancy discotheque, a crepe shop, an ocean-si de chowder house, and a ski slope lodge. I am comfortable in many settings and h ave a strong preference for the excellence of fine dining establishments. 1995-2013; I have placed both my CO and NM real estate licenses on inactive stat us while I seek a new career path in the restaurant/hospitality industry. I prev

iously established a career as an independent real estate broker for GMAC in Gra nd Junction, CO, Lloyd Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta, MX and for RE/MAX Classic Realty in Las Cruces, NM. I conducted residential and commercial property eval uations and investigations, worked with local government surveyors, assessors, G IS depts., title companies, inspectors, state engineers, advertising firms, town councils, and hired personal assistants: while collaborating with buyers, selle rs and other agents to sell real estate. I reached a peak sales volume in 2006 o f $6.3 million dollars and set a new personal low in 2009. I maintained an avera ge of $2.75M per year in sales throughout my career. 1981-1985; Geologist for the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining/Dept. of Natur al Resources in SLC, UT. I reviewed mineral exploration proposals and approved o r denied them after site inspections. I participated on teams conducting Mined L and Reclamation Project reviews for coal resources and conducted on-site investi gations to determine federal/state legal compliance. Education 1978; Graduate, U of Minnesota, Bachelors degree in Geology, with an undergrad t hesis on Colorado volcanic rock and soils. 1997; Graduate, Realtor Institute (GRI); National Association of Realtors. 1994-Present; Continuing Education annually in computer operation, MS Windows XP , Vista, and related technical issues. References Cathy Hamon; Owner of Monument (GMAC) Real Estate, Grand Junction, CO. Robert Br ay; CEO and Owner of Bray and Company Realty (previously GMAC), Grand Junction, CO. Cory Peterson; Partner in Nexus Real Estate, Edina, MN. I enjoy the culinary arts including fine wine, study the anthropology of Southwe stern American Indians, and photograph ancient rock art and natural beauty while I travel and hike. Life is never too serious to approach it without a good sens e of humor. All statements, work history, achievements, dates, and experience ca n be verified with additional references upon request.

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