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Your Name
Street Address • City, State or Province, Zip Phone Number • [email protected]

Objective OR Summary
A resume Objective or Summary can help describe the value you brin to a prospective employer and entice a hirin mana er to read your resume. !et help" ###.s$ua#%&o'.com()**+(,)(,+(anatomy-o&-a-%iller-resume

Professional Experience
Job Title Company and /ocation • Action #ords 0 1ey#ords 0 S%ills 0 1no#led e • 2e speci&ic by usin numbers and percenta es. .ears

Relevant Skills
Skill Group or Title /ist s%ills here.

3'ample 3ducation" 2.Sc., Computer Science 45i h 5onors6, 7niversity o& 2ritish Columbia, )**).

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