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Mohit Sharma
Present Address
B-220 Patel Hall
IIT Kharagpur
(+91) 89671-92892

Permanent Address
H.No. 116, W.No. 1
Krishna Nagar, Hamirpur (H.P.) India
Email: [email protected]

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
2010 - present
• B.Tech/M.Tech (Dual Degree) Computer Science and Engineering with 8.21/10
• Expected graduation date : May 2015
D.A.V. Public School, Hamirpur (H.P.)
• 90.4 % aggregate in AISSCE (12th Standard)
• 94 % aggregate in AISSCE (10th Standard)



Visiting Undergraduate Research Intern, System and Media Lab (SyMLab),
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Summer 2014
• Developed a unifed framework to predict the spatial traffic distribution in an
urban area taking into account the land-use pattern on top of the road network
topology. The traffic statistics are obtained using large-scale taxi GPS-Trace data
and the geo-spatial social-media data is used as a proxy for land-use pattern.
• Attended Helsinki-HKUST-Tsinghua Workshop on Cloud and Mobile Computing
and gave a presentation on Urban Road Networks: Analysis and Applications.
Software Developer Intern, Qualcomm Technologies, Hyderabad

Summer 2013

• As a member of the Linux Camera team, implemented sub-module and severity
based debugging facility in Android Camera Module.
• Leader of the team selected for the finals of IdeaQuest (Innovation competition
organized by Qualcomm India) which developed Handwriting Recognition System
for mobile devices using Track-Learn-Detect Algorithm using mobile camera.

Information Spread on Twitter, Masters Thesis (Ongoing)

2014 - present

• The broad aim of the project is to understand the mechanism of spread of popular
hashtags on twitter’s follow network and the role played mentions in the spread.
• Currently investigating the machine learning techniques to predict the retweeting
and mentioning behavior of users based on empirical features including: relationship (follower/friend) with source, directionality (un/bi-directional) of relationship, time-gap, passivity for retweeting and mentioning.
Spatio-temporal Networks, Bachelor Thesis

2013 - 2014

• Developed novel route planning algorithm for a dynamic time varying road transportation network. Assuming the first-in-first-out(FIFO) nature of the network,
used variants of standard shortest-path algorithms (Dijkstra and A-star) to infer
fastest routes in the dynamic traffic environment.

Epidemic Spreading in Multiplex Networks


• As a part of the Social Computing course, simulated the dynamic interplay between the epidemic and information spreading on a two-layered network using
Microscopic Markov Chain Approach (MMCA) and extensive Monte Carlo simulations. The dependence of epidemic threshold on various model parameters was
Motif-detection Algorithm in Web Search Query Network


• As a part of Complex Network Theory course, compared various Motif-detection
tools namely FANMOD, Kavosh , MotifAnalysis, MAVisto and mFinder on runtime and scalability and analyzed error induced by subgraph-sampling. Also
studied structural significance of network-motifs by analyzing semantic relatedness of motif-words.

Predicting Transfer Activity of Football Clubs


• Classified tweets as positive, negative and neutral using Nave Bayes classifier and
Support Vector Machine (SVM) with frequency and Mutual Information(MI)
based feature selection algorithms. In the end, ranked the clubs according to
support mustered on twitter in the pre-season (ranking was justified by fans
satisfaction with transfer activity of the clubs)
32-bit RISC Processor


• Developed a 32-bit single-cycle instruction execution unit with Reduced Instruction Set. The simulation was done on FPGA kit using VHDL.



C/C++, Java, Python, VHDL, Lex, Yacc, Bison,
MIPS32 (Assembly Language)


QGIS, OpenStreetMap(OSM), SPIM, OpenCV,
NetworkX, MAVisto, mfinder, iGraph, PAJEK,
Xilinx, Valgrind, LaTeX

Databases :

MySql, PostgreSQL with PostGIS and pgrouting

• Secured a percentile of 99.81 in Joint Engineering Examination (JEE)-2010 for
admission into Indian Institute of Technology (IITs)
• Finalist of the prestigious National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) scholarship 2008
• Reached the finals of Overnight,ACM/ICPC 2012 Multi-Provincial Programming
Algorithmic ContestOrganized during Kshitij,Techno-Management Fest of IIT

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