Retirement Goals

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Maria Andrelisse I. Yorro
Goals After Retirement
I want to continue to serve in a public ministry even after I retire from work. I still
want to be active. I want to help educate others with what I know. I will teach at the
Institute of Liturgical Music and give workshops for music, painting and theater…
because I think that these are the things I still may be capable of ‘til old age.
But first, if I want to be successful and be able to live my retirement days with
what I want to do, I should have graduated college and achieve a decent position in an
advertising company, or in anything related to my course. I will earn money and repay
the sponsors who gave me financial assistance with my secondary and tertiary
education, through helping others go to school and graduate as well. I will also use
money for my family, extended family [these may be perhaps the groups I will be with or
will be teaching someday] and also for my other dreams. Also, I will keep my morals and
good character to be able to be sociable with others. I will take care of my family and
I want to teach others about sacred music and share its wonders to others who
are interested.  This may even be another job for me. Hahaha. I will earn money and
pay for the taxes for our house. I would like to keep our house as my own and for my
new family members. I think that I have a simple goal in life, but I know God will give
what is best for me.  Siya po ang bahala sa akin. 

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