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Xylon Warriors:
Initiation (Xylon Warriors, #1) by Ruth D. Kerce (Goodreads Author) Xylon Warriors - Initiation By Ruth D. Kerce Book 1 in the Xylon Warriors series Warrior Braden Koll is on a mission to retrieve DNA-compatible women for breeding on the planet of Xylon. His current assignment is to locate an Earth woman-Alexa Sandor-found to be a match, and sexually initiate her into The Lair of Xylon. The lesser problem is she doesn't know anything about The Lair, him, or that she is a Xylon by birth. The greater problem is that, after meeting Alexa, Braden wants this woman for himself, even though the Warrior Council decreed she must mate another. Alexa Sandor is experiencing nightmares about a strange planet and a responsibility she doesn't understand. Now a man, supposedly from that planet, has come to "initiate" her into their society. The sexual ceremony, he explains, is to prepare her for breeding, so she can help produce children to save Xylon from domination by the Egesa-a half-creature, half-humanoid race of Slave Masters. Despite her initial disbelief, this powerful, sexy man captures her heart with his strength and tenderness. He shows her things about herself and her body that she never thought possible. Ultimately, she believes his story, wants to help, and stay by his side forever. But. She needs to find the strength to leave Earth and travel to an unknown planet. If she can't, she will have to turn away from the only man she's ever loved. And her decision will not only affect the future of Xylon, but Earth as well.(less)

His Carnal Need (Xylon Warriors, #2) by Ruth D. Kerce (Goodreads Author) Book 2 in the Xylon Warriors series. Warrior Erik Rhodes demands compliance from his men and submission from his women. He's found the woman he wants and intends to Brand as his own. His ""erotic visions"" of her indicate that she is his true breeder-mate. Nobody will dispute his claim. Leila Abdera hasn't submitted to a man in years. Now the Xylon Leader demands that she complete a sexual re-initiation to gain the ability to self-heal. She will need to submit to Erik...and to an entire Alliance of men during the rite. If the ceremony is successful a team of Warriors, all self-healers, will travel to the main moon of Xylon to retrieve a sterilization formula. Created by the Egesa Slave Masters-a half-lizard, half-humanoid race-the compound threatens the future of Xylon. Leila puts aside her fears and completes the re-initiation so she can go on the mission. Learning to trust isn't easy, but she falls in love with Erik and actually begins to crave his sexual dominance. And Erik learns that though he may control Leila's body, she holds his heart and soul in her hands.(less)

Flames of Arousal (Xylon Warriors, #3) by Ruth D. Kerce (Goodreads Author) Flames of Arousal Ruth D. Kerce "Book 3 in the Xylon Warriors series." Xylon Warrior Kam Nextor must find Halah Shirota. Halah lives by her own rules. She's turned against her people and has been captured as a sex slave on the Sand Moon. Escape, without help, will be impossible. Once considered an enemy to Xylon, Halah is now working independently. Her military knowledge is needed to help Kam destroy Marid's weaponry system and save Xylon from annihilation. While fighting their enemies, past feelings of distrust, and time that's running out, they find renewed respect and an intense attraction for each other. In the end, those emotions must be enough to save them.or everyone will perish.(less

Ecstasy Bound (Xylon Warriors, #4) by Ruth D. Kerce (Goodreads Ecstasy BoundRuth D. KerceBook 4 in the Xylon Warriors series.Sex and survival.Xylon Warrior Brianna Koll is determined to concentrate on her duty. But she's drawn to an Earth man, Lieutenant Colonel Sam Briggs, in ways she's never felt before. Now her duty will bring them even closer. She needs to sexually Initiate Sam in order to save Earth. The rite-a breeding preparation and protection ceremony for Xylon Warriors-will alter his semen, so a serum can be developed to protect Earthlings from the Egesa Slave Masters' diseases and poisons.To save Earth, Sam is more than willing to go through the public, erotic, multi-partner ceremony. And to be with Brianna. Her alien genetics intrigue him. But it's become more than just physical. His sexual fantasies about her have grown into true passion. Only their commitment to their people and to each other will enable them to survive and they don't have much time. The Egesa are on their way to Earth to enslave the planet.(less

Guardians of Ascension
Ascension (Bk 1)
On The Wings of Desire Alison Wells is no ordinary woman. Born with super-natural powers, she can never make love to a man without putting him in grave danger. But when her special vision reveals a glorious muscled man soaring overhead on might wings, she feels an overwhelming attraction she cannot resist-even as he tells her “I have come for you. Your blood belong to me.” In the Heat of Passion Kerrick is a vampire and a warrior who has fought his hunger for a woman’s love for the past two hundred years. As a Guardian of Ascension, he is sworn to protect Alison from the death vamp armies who crave her blood and her power. But Kerrick has cravings of his own-a forbidden longing to open his heart and veins to Alison. To share his blood…satisfy his thirst…and seal their fates forever. The following is the opening scene to Ascension… ~ Vampire. A most sacred mantle lost to the desecration of those who partake of dying blood. Vampire. Keep thyself pure. – Collected Proverbs, Beatrice of Fourth ~ Chapter One Kerrick stood by the bar at The Blood and Bite, looking for a woman, the right woman, the one that would keep his head straight, the one he craved. His thighs twitched, heavy muscles he’d worked hard an hour ago, muscles demanding relief. Hunger lived in him now, deep, begging, fierce. He was a vampire and a warrior. He needed what he needed. Yet something had changed and now he craved. What he craved, however, he couldn’t have. He’d taken vows.

His gaze slid around the south Phoenix club, into the many dark corners, the deep padded booths covered in red velvet, past the flashing strobes meant to disguise the various dark deeds which brought mortal women in droves to the vampire joint. The bar had the only real light, enhanced by a tall mirror behind a landscape of hundreds of gem-like bottles. The rest of the club slid to darkness all around the edges. Vibrant moans punctuated the noise of the club and made his thighs twitch all over again. Still, what he needed wasn’t here, wasn’t the fuck anywhere. He’d awakened a few hours ago with a hum in his chest that wouldn’t go away, a need unfulfilled and now screaming. It wasn’t just sex but sex was what called to him as an opener, a place to begin. He hunted with his groin but couldn’t find her. Not here. He wasn’t even looking. He couldn’t look. He’d taken vows, goddammit. “You listening?” Kerrick shot his gaze to Thorne. “Shit. Sorry. No.” “What the hell is the matter with you tonight?” Thorne, the leader of the Warriors of the Blood sat on a stool next to him nursing a tumbler of Ketel One. Kerrick leaned his hips against the bar and turned to scan the dance floor. Loud sexy music pumped through the dark club. Shadows passed back and forth, women giggling, men chasing as they had from the beginning of time. He shook his head. “You ever had an itch you couldn’t scratch?” He heard Thorne suck in a deep breath then exhale like he’d been breathing water. “Sure. Every night of my life.” Kerrick palmed the back of his neck and rubbed. The muscles were tight but then they’d been tight for a few centuries. How long had he been here? Twelve. Yeah, his muscles had been tight for twelve centuries. What would it be like to have the strain worked out of every muscle? He turned in the direction of the barkeep then tapped his glass on the counter. Sam Finch, owner of The Blood and Bite, drew close with a bottle of Maker’s and refilled the tumbler with two fingers of liquid gold. Kerrick nodded his thanks then threw back the whisky. He was used to the burn as he swallowed. He let the fire eat up his throat. He breathed in the vapors, felt his veins melt a little, yet no relief. Never relief, just a slight unwinding. “Where’s Medichi?” “I told you,” Thorne said. His voice always sounded like he’d roughed it up with some large-grade sandpaper. “I sent him to Awatukee. Everyone’s out already. Again, what the hell is with you?” Kerrick scowled. “Shit.” The rest of the warriors had received their assignments for the first round of battling but like every night for a warrior, anything could happen and usually did. “I’ve got this uneasy sense that all hell is about to break loose. And it isn’t even a full moon.” Kerrick tapped the bar once more. Sam refilled. He always took care of the warriors, staying close. “That will be Endelle.” “What will be Endelle?” Thorne’s phone buzzed. He flipped Kerrick off then slashed the small flat card to his ear. “Give.” He nodded and let loose a bunch of yes, ma’ams for the next minute. Kerrick shifted hips and torso, his gaze locked on Thorne. The brother’s hazel eyes were red-rimmed and not from weeping–too much Ketel One and no reason to put the bottle down. Thorne kept his fingers around the tumbler, stroking his thumb up and down the cold glass. He was Endelle’s numero uno and Endelle answered to no one. She headed the main peacekeeping force in their world and the warriors were hers to command. She was also a stick of dynamite, lit, ready to go off. Kerrick drew in another deep breath. His gaze drifted to the dance floor. A wicked beat had the ladies gyrating and the men putting their hands everywhere. A few fangs pierced necks, which forced Kerrick to

take another deep breath. He should get out there and get some relief. Blood would help. So would getting inside a woman. Yet, how long would the buzz last? These days, not even two minutes so what was the point? Besides, what he needed wasn’t swinging her hips on a dance floor and what he needed he’d vowed never to take again. What he needed was a scent meant only for him, a myth, a woman who could fill all the deep gorges of his heart. Even if he found her, he was bound, hands together, ankles lashed, mouth gagged, heart blocked by a steel cage of guilt. So…shit. He slung back the Maker’s and tapped the bar again. Sam was once more at his elbow. “Yes, ma’am.” Thorne slugged Kerrick’s thigh and caught his attention. He looked up at Kerrick but kept speaking into the phone. “Sure you don’t want someone else? That particular warrior needs some R & R. In fact, I think he ought to be pulled for the night.” He drew the phone away from his ear and winced. Kerrick could hear the shouting and the words were the same set he used when he was just a little pissed off. He smiled and sipped. Endelle had lost her subtlety a few millennia ago. Endelle. Bitch-on-wheels, yet he’d die for her. She was what kept their world from sinking beneath the enemy’s boot and Kerrick served her, they all did. The Warriors of the Blood loved her, hated her, goddam respected her. “Yes, ma’am.” Thorne’s head bobbed and more yessums followed. Finally, he thumbed his phone and replaced it in an upper slit of his black leather kilt. He wore battle gear and would soon head out like the rest of them. “You’ve got an assignment.” “Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.” He needed his sword in one hand and his dagger in the other. Battling always helped, always took some of the strain from his neck. He stood upright ready for action. Thorne just looked at him. “What?” Kerrick snapped. “It might be a woman.” Kerrick shook his head. “She wants me to protect a mortal female? What the fuck? You know the vow I took and so does Endelle. I don’t guard females.” Thorne met his gaze head on, no blinking. “Shit.” Kerrick dug in his heels, lowered his chin. He split his resonance. “Not gonna do it.” He’d taken a vow and the hell he’d overturn it just because Her Supremeness willed it so. “Endelle requested you on this one, no one else. She never pushes me about assignments so she must have her reasons. Besides, she didn’t have any details. She saw something in her meditations, which as you know do not always pan out.” “I’m better off battling. With the mood I’m in, I could crush skulls with my bare hands tonight.” His biceps flexed and quivered, a thoroughbred at the gate. “Sorry. She wants you.” The song ended abruptly and Kerrick’s voice boomed the length of the building, “Fuck you.” All conversation, from one end of the club to the other, got knocked off-track for about three long seconds. Kerrick glanced around and anyone looking his direction immediately looked away. Warriors weren’t known for their sweet tempers.

Thorne lifted off his seat, his hazel eyes hard as steel. He met Kerrick’s gaze dead on. “You don’t have a choice.” “The hell I don’t and that would be Jeannie.” “Jeannie?” Thorne cried. “What the hell are you talking about?” His phone buzzed and he flipped Kerrick off again as he drew the card to his ear. “Give,” he barked. “Oh. Hey, Jeannie. Sorry. What’s up?” Jeannie worked at Central Command. All the night’s assignments flowed from Central straight to Thorne. Central mapped the entire Metro Phoenix area and knew exactly where the enemy operated and where the warriors needed to be. Kerrick narrowed his eyes, his fingers flexed around his tumbler. He imagined his sword in one hand, dagger in the other. His heart rate increased. “Got it,” Thorne said. He returned his phone to the same pocket and let another juicy set of obscenities fly. “Okay. You’ve got a reprieve. Four pretty-boys active in a downtown alley. You know the drill.” “Four,” Kerrick murmured, nodding. He almost smiled. He clapped Thorne on the shoulder. “Thank you,” he said. “But please just get me the hell out of this other bullshit assignment.”

Burning Skies
A vampire warrior in exile, Marcus Amargi resists the call to return to the ranks of the Guardians who fight the death vamp armies. Here on Mortal Earth, Marcus has another battle on his hands—the seductive lure of Havily Morgan. The woman meant for him. Whose blood he craves. The one who comes to him in dreams—and demands his surrender… A beautiful immortal with extraordinary powers, Havily lives in the realm of Second Earth but, in her fantasies, yearns for her winged lover Marcus. Soon, their bond will be put to the ultimate test. When their bloodthirsty enemies set the night on fire with sky-blazing weapons, Marcus and Havily must unite body and soul, to unleash the full power of their passion—and fight fire with fire…

IN THE HEAT OF BATTLE By night, the winged warrior Antony Medichi fights the death vampires who threaten his world. By day, he hunts the rogue vampires who invade Mortal Earth. But deep in his heart rages the fiercest battle of all—his soul-searing passion for the one mortal he is sworn to protect…the one woman he is doomed to love. ON THE WINGS OF FIRE Parisa Lovejoy is so beautiful, and so powerful, that Antony cannot fight the feelings she arouses. But his unexpected love only intensifies his strength as her Guardian—a strength that is put to the ultimate test when Parisa is abducted. Her captor, Commander Greaves, enslaves mortal women for their blood. If Parisa hopes to survive—and ascend—she must forge an even deeper bond with Antony…in the flames of eternity.

Excerpt of Wings of Fire

Chapter One In the last three months, since the abduction of his woman, Antony Medichi, out of Italy in the late Roman era, had become a killing machine. He had steel for bones and molten iron for blood. He rarely slept. He battled death vampires at night sending to perdition any who crossed his sword. But during the day, when most of the pretty-boys were asleep, Antony bled his wrists on his altar and hunted rogue vampires on Mortal Earth searching for the woman he’d lost three months ago. Those hunts also ended in death. Not his. He stood on the rim of the Grand Canyon, Mortal Earth, looking down, tracking a death vampire flying in the shadows. Even though he was far from the touristy areas, he still cloaked his presence with a heavy concentration of mist, a preternatural creation designed to confuse the average human mind. For most mortals, he simply couldn’t be seen and right now he didn’t want to be seen. Antony stared into the abyss. The profound silence across the canyon formed a strange juxtaposition to the visual feast. The Grand Canyon was all for the eyes, not for the ears. But he hadn’t come to admire the view or to embrace the quiet. His predatory gaze followed the death vampire flying below, legs straight back, glossy black wings glinting in the early morning sunshine. He’d been hunting this particular bastard for weeks now. All clues had led here. This pretty-boy had known both Eldon Crace and Rith Do’onwa, two sons of bitches who had harmed women belonging to the Warriors of the Blood. Both vampires deserved death. Crace had already gotten what he deserved and within the depth of Medichi’s mind, Rith Do’onwa, the fiend who had kidnapped his woman three months, was a death waiting to happen, nothing more. Three months ago, Medichi had served as Parisa Lovejoy’s Guardian of Ascension. She’d entered his world as an anomaly, a mortal with wings, a woman of extraordinary preternatural power in need of protection from the enemy. No one, except the first ascender, had mounted wings on mortal earth. But Parisa had. She’d also arrived with the ability to voyeur, a power that allowed her to focus on an individual or a place and to see what was happening in real time, to watch events unfold in an entirely separate location, even a different dimension. So much power, and beauty, and a strong analytical mind. But for all these immense gifts and abilities, they paled in comparison to the call of the breh-hedden, the myth of vampire mate-bonding, that had proved as real as the air he breathed. She was his breh, his mate, the one destiny had selected for him, the one he craved. He hadn’t asked for a mate. He hadn’t wanted one and he sure as hell didn’t deserve one, but she’d come, he’d served as her guardian, and she’d been abducted on his watch. So here he was, a wrecked, shell of a warrior, struggling to find his way back to her. When Rith had abducted Parisa, Rith had not only blocked his trace, which indicated an enormous amount of preternatural power, but he’d deceived Medichi with a hologram of Parisa that lasted for at least half a minute. Medichi didn’t know anyone, not even any of his warrior brothers, the powerful Warriors of the Blood, who could create a hologram. So, yeah, Rith had power, which made him a clever, dangerous opponent. But the death vampire working the airstreams of the Grand Canyon had known Rith. He had answers and Medichi meant to have them. Right now. This morning. His heart pumped hard in his chest.

The death vampire flew close to the canyon walls as though trying to hide in the shadows. Medichi smiled the hard smile that tended to work his jaw at the same time. Did the death vamp actually think to hide in a place this size? Medichi bound his hair, not in the ritual cadroen as he was supposed to but with a narrow leather strap over his forehead, tied at the back of his head so that his long warrior hair flowed free. He was uncivilized now, a wild beast hunting for what was his by right, for what had been taken from him. He had his wings at close-mount, tight to his body since any breeze would send him off the canyon’s edge otherwise. But now it was time to take care of business. With the practice of thirteen centuries, he spread his wings to full-mount, adjusting with infinitesimal shifts to balance the air currents, then launched into the empty air space over the canyon. A rush of pure adrenaline shot through his heart then sent dizzying endorphins into his head. There was nothing like flight, nothing like falling off a cliff and knowing that spreading his wings to their farthest span would catch, hold, then carry him where he wanted to go. With a slight adjustment, the barest drawing back of his wings, his body shifted at an angle that meant down, and down he started to fly. Down and down, into the varying degrees of cool shadow and warm light as the canyon walls jutted and receded. He was close now, his quarry an eighth of a mile away, less, less, a hundred yards now. The bastard looked up. Shit. Maybe Medichi’s shadow had crossed him. Panic seized the pretty-boy’s eye and he banked left then drew his wings into close mount. He threw his arms forward as though diving, his body now aimed in the direction of the Colorado River. Medichi didn’t hesitate. He folded his wings close to his body and instead of flying in long pulls through the air, he became a missile as well and headed with fierce intent after his prey. The bastard was good and he was old, which meant he had power, speed, and lots of fucking skill. But then so did Medichi. He had never mounted his wings during battle, but he flew, a lot. He practiced, a lot. And now he smiled, his jaw twitching. The mile deep canyon walls sped past him, the striated layers of rock blending into an orange-beige fusion as he jetted toward the blue and white ribbon below. Closer. He could almost touch the bastard’s foot. Closer. If he could wrap a hand around his ankle. Closer. The waters rose up and up. Shit. The death vamp leveled off just three feet above the water but Medichi took a huge risk, kept his missile shape for a split-second longer and just as the death vamp started to plow air, Medichi caught his ankle and jerked him down, straight into the frothy rapids of the river below. At the same time, with the steel of his bones, the molten iron of his blood, and a swift mental command, he snagged his levitation ability and threw his wings into parachute mount, cupped at the top, to keep from plunging into the frigid water.

The death vamp wasn’t so lucky. His wings went under and he surfaced screaming because the water had trashed his wings. The mesh superstructure that held the feathers in place was fairly fragile and the smallest injury hurt like a bitch. This tumbling in wild waters would be a form of torture. As the current dragged him in a heap, tossing him over and over, the death vamp screamed each time his head breached the water. He landed back first against an enormous rock. Medichi heard the crack as well as another shriek. Medichi flew after him and when the pretty-boy would have slid into the heavy currents that swirled at the base of the rock, Medichi grabbed him by his long, dark hair and hauled him out of the water. He threw him face down on the rock. How many mortals had this motherfucker drunk to death? How many ascenders? Death vamps didn’t differentiate when it came to dying blood. Any human, ascended or not, would do. Medichi wafted his wings slowly to keep his balance against the air currents that streamed through the canyon. God, the bastard’s wings were a mess. The vamp shook hard, maybe from the icy water but probably from shock and a mountain of pain. “Where’s Rith?” he asked. Time to keep the questions simple. The death vampire shifted slightly to cast one dark beautiful eye up at Medichi. Calling death vampires ‘pretty-boys’ was more than accurate. He was exquisite, chiseled features shaped by the effects of dying blood, porcelain skin with a faint bluish cast, enhanced no doubt by the freezing water. Medichi felt the pull of attraction, an allure that created a swelling of ease within his chest. Fuck. Even shaking with pain and approaching death, the bastard was trying to enthrall him. Medichi punched back with a shot of mental power that acted like a blow, pushing the death vamp’s face into the rock. “Even at this hour,” Medichi shouted, “when you face death, you’d try to enthrall me?” A smile curved the side of the pretty-boy’s mouth. Blood dribbled from his lips onto the wet black rock beneath his face. “Fuck you,” he whispered. “Where’s Rith?” The death vampire just smiled. Yeah, questions would be futile but he always gave them a chance because what he intended to do next would hurt like hell. He retracted his wings then dropped to his knees beside the death vamp. A bone jutted from the bastard’s thigh, shiny and white. Blood ran in a rivulet down his ruptured skin, but the water, still shedding from the nearest feathers of his broken wings, kept washing it away. “You sure you don’t want to just tell me?” Medichi asked. One last chance. The same reply returned, this time in a much stronger, “Fuck you.” “Fine,” Medichi said. “We’ll do it the hard way.” He put his hand on the vamp’s forehead. The struggle began as the pretty-boy’s mind bucked against Medichi’s touch as though trying to cast him out of his head. He put up a good fight, too, but more than just Medichi’s body had grown tougher over the past three months of forced separation from Parisa. He’d been working his mental powers as well, trying to find his woman telepathically. In doing so he’d gotten stronger.

He shoved hard and the vampire’s mind gave way. The death vamp screamed but Medichi ignored his cries and began the real hunt. He cast aside memories like batting at flies until Rith’s strange face emerged, the Asian cast to his features, the broad forehead and wide nose. He focused on those memories and gained a portrait of the man as a powerful servant of Commander Greaves but then what else would he be? Greaves was the acknowledged enemy of all that Medichi held dear on Second Earth, in this beautiful dimensional world. Darian Greaves had ambitions to rule both Second Earth and Mortal Earth and was creating a powerful army of death vamps to back up his efforts. Rith was a favored servant. Within the death vampire’s mind, he saw Rith’s lairs, sometimes in great caverns, sometimes in tents, sometimes in suburban homes, but all in various geographical locales. He kept picking through them, trying to feel the presence of his woman. All the while the death vamp screamed at the invasion. Medichi came across the memory of one of Rith’s properties that was shrouded in a mental shield. What the fuck was that? This death vampire didn’t have enough power to create a deep mental shield like this, which meant that Rith had done it himself. He tried punching through the shroud but couldn’t and then the preternatural sensation stole over him, of simply knowing. He knew. He could feel that this was where Rith held Parisa captive, cloaked even from Central’s advanced high-tech grid system that could locate anything on two earths. Parisa. Parisa. Sweet Jesus. He felt light-headed. He struggled to breathe. At last. He’d found a connection to her at last. He focused on breathing for a moment. He had to get command of himself if he had any hope of extracting the information he needed. When he was calmer and while he was still inside the pretty-boy’s mind, he moved around the shrouded entity as though walking a mental circle. The death vampire sobbed now but Medichi didn’t give a rat’s ass. He’d witnessed too many of the bastard’s memories, those that involved securing dying blood, and the women he’d victimized to get to it, always women because they were easily subdued physically, all the women he’d killed. So, yeah, let the bastard feel some pain. Let him feel a lot of pain because it wouldn’t be even a fraction of the devastation he’d created in the women he’d killed and the families left behind to deal with all those losses. He focused once more on the shrouded dwelling and from deep, deep within the death vampire’s mind a location at last came forth, Burma, Second Earth. Medichi couldn’t quite grasp the sensation that plowed through him but it popped a firework in his mind until glitter rained in his head. Relief flowed, pure exhilarating relief that after three long horrible months of hunting, he had just limited his search to a single country, located on only one of two dimensional earths. Finally. His entire body sagged and his throat tightened. He had a chance now of finding her, of finding his woman. Parisa on Second Earth and in Burma.

Even so, it would still take a few days given Rith’s level of preternatural power, to find the lair that held her captive. With Rith’s ability to create shields, no doubt the dwelling in which Parisa was kept was under some crazy-ass mist. The grid would have to search for an anomaly; something non-specific and unidentifiable, in other words something vague that didn’t belong. But what were a few days after searching for three long months and finding nothing? Yeah, he could wait a few days for the grid to uncover an anomaly. He closed his eyes. He took a long, long moment to offer thanks to the Creator, lifting his face to the heavens, his heart almost floating in a chest that had been constricted from the moment, three months ago, when the hologram of Parisa had disintegrated in front of his eyes. He felt the pretty-boy’s life fading. He drew from his mind and the death vamp vomited blood, a lot of it. Medichi sat down beside the creature that had once been a proper vampire youth. He put his hand on his shoulder, and kept it there. His touch calmed the shaking. Medichi lowered his head to his knees. He despised what the death vamp had done, but he’d also seen that as a young ascender, a Twoling born on Second Earth, he’d tried dying blood on a dare, offered not from a body but from a goblet at a party. He’d been promised no ill-effects, just pleasure. Well, pleasure he’d gotten but he’d also gotten about three centuries of addiction, killing, despair and no way back from a stupid teenage mistake. He hated all this shit, the treachery of Greaves and his forces, the resulting mortal victims, but he remained close to the vampire, as much a victim as those he’d killed, until he felt the final breath. Stillness overcame the broken body. Medichi looked up. How far away the rim of the canyon seemed. The rush of water was loud in his ears and dominated his impression of the space. Above, complete silence. Below, all this rushing noise. With his hand still on the death vampire, he spoke words that had been his ritual for centuries. He was a man of faith if not a believer in structured religion, so in certain situations, like this one, he did what he thought was right, even necessary. He looked at the now empty shell beside him and spoke against the hurtling water, “May the Great Spirit help you atone for these your terrible sins. May you be forgiven and may you find peace in the arms of the Creator. Amen.” He released a heavy sigh. So much death in their ascended dimension when it wasn’t necessary. Vampires were essentially immortal, or had the potential for immortality, to live forever. But the terrible nature of dying blood, which seduced every death vampire who partook of the addictive substance, made it necessary to kill mortals and ascenders alike in order to reach the infamous dying blood. In turn, Commander Greaves, bent on the domination of two worlds, used dying blood as one of his weapons. He not only encouraged the creation of death vampires, but he built armies made up of them. There were even rumors he provided the blood not just to his armies but to those High Administrators around the globe that he’d persuaded to join his faction. Medichi had no qualms about being the sword of justice. He left forgiveness to God. Still sitting, he pulled his phone from the pocket of his black leather battle kilt and drew it to his ear. He thumbed it. The phone was the size of a credit card and was a direct line to Central. For all other calls, he had a Blackberry.

“Hey, Warrior Medichi,” Carla said. “Did you get him?” “I got him.” He heard a whoop and a shout and then Medichi smiled. Thank God for the women at Central. They were chosen for their calm tempers and positive outlooks even in the face of nightly death. They also did cleanup through a sophisticated inter-dimensional process that was more technology than preternatural power. “Has Jeannie gone home for the day?” Carla and Jeannie overlapped their schedules. Carla had the day shift, while her best friend, Jeannie had the night shift. The women were gold and served seven days-andnights-a-week just like the Warriors of the Blood. “Yeah,” Carla said. “I kicked her out an hour ago. She has a brunch this morning with a Militia Warrior.” He bristled. As a Warrior of the Blood, his protective instincts were always in overdrive, even where Jeannie and Carla were concerned. The Militia Warriors, though less powerful than the elite Warriors of the Blood, were still strong hombres and carried a shitload of testosterone in their own right. “Is he treating her good?” he growled. “He’d better if he wants to stay alive,” Carla responded, but she was chuckling. “Hey, don’t worry. Not only can Jeannie handle herself after this many centuries as a vampire, but our Militia boys aren’t stupid. They know the Warriors of the Blood would be all over their asses if either of us got hurt.” “Damn straight,” he cried, but more softly, he added, “You still dating your man?” She giggled then sighed. “I take that as a yes.” “He’s gorgeous,” she cooed. “Almost as pretty as you.” Medichi found himself smiling all over again even though he was exhausted and had a torn-up and really dead pretty-boy beside him. Yeah, this was his life, finding small measures of comfort while sitting next to a corpse. “I need a little clean-up action,” he said. “I see him. What a mess. Oh, God, look at those wings.” In recent months, satellite imaging had enhanced the grid’s capacity as well. Medichi wondered if Carla could see the scars laced down his back although right now his long warrior hair hung almost to his waist. Well, if she’d seen his scars anytime in the last three months she hadn’t said anything, one more reason to love her. “Close your peepers.” Medichi let his eyelids fall. Damn he was tired because it felt good to shut down like this, on a wet rock in the middle of the Colorado River. “Ready,” he murmured into his phone. He saw the flash of light behind his lids. He felt the air move beside him. He opened his eyes. The death vamp was gone as well as any traces of blood, bone, or other feathered debris. “Clean as a whistle as usual, Carla. Thanks.” “I know you’ve been after this death vamp for weeks. Please tell me you have some news for me? Anything I can use to find our girl?” Our girl. That’s why he loved the Central staff. They made everything feel like a team effort, that no matter what you went through, you had back-up.

That earlier feeling of relief flowed through him again, like a cool breeze on a hot day. “Actually, I have the best news.” He explained getting inside the pretty-boy’s head and finding the shrouded dwelling. Carla squealed several times in the telling. He could hear her tapping on her keyboard. “I’m reconfiguring the grid to Burma, Second Earth even as we speak. If I find so much as a fly speck out of place I’ll call you. Just remember that this will probably take two or three days. Jesus, this country is so frigging big. Did you know it’s the size of Texas?” “Do what you can do,” he said. “If we were looking for a power signature it would be different, but we’ve already searched both worlds and didn’t find one, so expect some near-misses.” “Hey. Trust me. I know the drill.” “I know you do but oh, how I want this to go fast and it just can’t but holy shit—” and Carla rarely used profanity, “Burma, Second Earth. This is fantastic news. Have a limoncello on me. Now head home, Warrior, and for the Creator’s sake, get some sleep. You’ve earned it.” Aw, hell. Carla was such a sweetheart. “Can’t. Not yet. I’m heading over to the Cave. Some of the brothers might still be there having their morning bullshit session and I’ll want to talk to Thorne. I’ll let him know about the shift in grid coordinates.” Thorne was in charge of the Warriors of the Blood including all communications with Central. But once the warriors had checked in from a night of battling, searching for Parisa took priority. Medichi wasn’t alone in his despair. All the warriors had been wrecked by the disappearance of one who had been lost on their watch. If it could happen to Medichi, it could happen to any of them. Carla’s voice dropped to a whisper. “And you’ll let us know about…well, you know.” “Of course.” “Good. Now give me a second to reconfigure the grid.” The tapping started. He sighed and his heart pulled into a hard knot. Every twenty-four hours he had contact with Parisa and everyone knew it. What they didn’t know was the personal way in which it happened and like hell he’d ever reveal that truth because it was like having phone sex, but without the phone. Once a day, and always in the morning after he’d battled all night, he’d go home, shower up, sit on the side of his bed and that’s when he’d hear Parisa’s voice in his head, only once, ‘Antony’; a sweet telepathic whisper that fired his heart and kept hope alive. That was the only form of communication he had with her. She wasn’t even ascended, so not all of her powers were developed. And for whatever reason, even though she was a mortal with wings, she couldn’t communicate with her mind, at least not yet. Despite this critical lack, she had another preternatural power that was considered a Third Earth or third dimension ability—she could open a voyeur’s window and see events unfold in real time. If she was indeed in Burma then this meant she was halfway around the globe when she sent her single telepathic communication of, Antony. It would be night to his day. Sweet Jesus if that were true, then she had enormous telepathic capacity, she just hadn’t learned how to use it yet. Whatever.

It still meant that in a half hour or so, he would go home, get ready for bed, and discover whether his woman was still alive. His heart tightened a little more. He both dreaded and longed for the experience because honest-to-God he didn’t know what he would do if he didn’t hear her say his name today within the depths of his mind. If he thought for even a minute that she might be dead, he’d go mad. Carla’s voice came back on the line. “The grid’s on Burma, Warrior, and you’re in my prayers.” His eyes burned. “Thanks,” he said, but his voice sounded hoarse. “Later.” “Later.” He thumbed his phone and with a thought, folded to his villa to change out of his kilt and weapons harness. He still hadn’t revealed his scars to his brothers. Only Marcus knew that his back was covered in a basketweave of silver scar tissue, and he’d promised his silence. There was no way he was going to the Cave to meet with the brothers while wearing only a kilt and a weapons harness. The latter, though broad enough in the front to support two daggers, had only a heavy narrow strip of black leather running down his spine. Shit. He knew the time had come to reveal this hard truth about his mortal life, what had happened to him and to his family thirteen centuries ago, just before his ascension. But he dreaded speaking about the why of his scars, of letting anyone get that close to him. Well, he wasn’t ready to talk just yet. He changed into his usual; a black tee, black cargos and steel-toed boots. He thought the thought and headed to the Cave.

Born of Ashes
For years, she was kept as a human slave—one of seven unwilling “blood donors” for the death vampires who thirst for absolute power. Now, Fiona is a free woman, haunted by her memories of being strapped to a gurney, drained of blood, then revived at the last moment. She lives to avenge her captors—but only one warrior can help her… Jean-Pierre has lived and fought for over two-hundred years. He knows the triumph of slaying a death vampire, but has never known anything like the feelings that arise when he becomes Fiona’s guardian. Her beauty, her pain, her passion—and her growing power—consume his senses. Now the warrior must draw his sword once more…and fight the gates of hell itself—for love. You read some about Jean-Piarre and Fiona in the third book. In this book Fiona is trying to save the women slaves and there is no stopping her once she is started. Jean-Piarre has always been one of the hottest warriors in this series to me and he didn’t disappoint me as I got into his head in this book, he’s a fantastic warrior and mate to Fiona. Together they have non-stop action in doing what they both do best, fighting evil. Chapter One “You’re standing in front of the grid, Jean-Pierre.” Fiona Gaines tried to push her warrior away, her formidable Guardian of Ascension, but for all his leanness the man was a rock.

“Because you do not listen to me, cherie. And I need you to listen. I do not think you should go to the christening today.” She finally looked up at him, something she avoided as much as she could. The vampire was a pain-in-theass, but if she met his gaze, her mind started sinking into a pile of mush and not because of his enthrallment skills but because he was, well, Jean-Pierre. He was tall, a beautiful six-five to her five-eleven. When she wore heels, she matched him so perfectly that her lips reached his neck, so of course she avoided wearing heels. His eyes were the color of stormy seas, a gray-green-blue. He had strong cheekbones, reckless long blondish, brownish, curly, wavy hair, which he held back in sculpted scraps of pastel brocades, a leftover affectation from revolutionary France days. But his body was one powerful thrill waiting to happen, a warrior’s body, so muscled, so lean, that her fingers trembled when he was close. She avoiding touching him, but sometimes in her dreams she would spend hours roving her hands over every solid inch of him. Every inch of him. Worse, however, was that he had a scent that kept her very female body in a state of almost constant arousal, a scent that was completely ridiculous. He smelled like the best cup of coffee every brewed on the face of two worlds, yet at the same time, that coffee was laced with something so male that even standing here, looking at him, her tongue tingled. A smile touched his lips, those full lips with the upper points that were so kissable. Damn him. He knew exactly what she was feeling since for him, she had the scent of a French patisserie. The universe could often show a surprising sense of humor. They were almost a cliché; coffee and donuts. Okay, so he said she smelled like light buttery croissants. Still. “Fiona.” A Militia Warrior across the grid called to her and, thank God, broke the spell. She had to step around Jean-Pierre to actually see Eric. “What have you got?” Her heart rate kicked up a notch. She knew Eric well because of how much time she spent at Militia Warrior Headquarters in Apache Junction Two. Three others worked the grid, at least four on deck around the clock. With satellite hook-ups, the grid could be moved to any set of coordinates around the globe day or night, and the land hunted for anomalies. Central Command, attached to the ruler of Second Earth, also had a grid, but they kept theirs fixed on the Metro Phoenix area Two hunting for death vampire sign. “Something just outside of Bangkok Two. Thailand.” She rounded the grid, which measured the size of a small car, to join Eric on the opposite side. She wasn’t surprised when Jean-Pierre followed after her. To his credit, he let her work. She had no doubt, however, that the subject would rear its ugly head again. After her release from blood slavery five months ago, Fiona had been a woman on a mission. She obsessed about finding Rith Do’onwa, the main instrument behind the heinous slavery system, and she obsessed about bringing home as many of her fellow slaves as possible. Out of twenty-two known facilities, they had found six, and brought home a total of forty slaves, all women. Eric had already enhanced the grid and there it was, the signature, so hard to read, but fast becoming familiar to her. She had a gift, she knew that. Eric and the other MWs could find the infinitesimal smudges that constituted an anomaly, but only she could see the hint of blue-green, the color of the inside dome of Rith’s mist, that indicated they’d gotten a hit.

“Get Gideon on the com?” She didn’t need to ask if Gideon and his team of thirty-two warriors was ready to go. That would have been an insult to one of the Thunder God Warriors, the nickname for all Militia Warriors. Nor did Eric ask what, when, or why. He made the call and spoke in low tones. A minute passed. “Ready on your mark,” Eric said. She met his gaze and smiled. “Let them fly.” It was kind of a joke, vampires having wings and all. And they couldn’t exactly fly through the dematerialization fold since wings were too fragile to bear the process. But Eric smiled as he gave the order. Eric set the communication system on loud-speaker. Colonel Seriffe, the leader of the Thunder God Warriors, wanted it that way. If there would be a battle, they’d all hear it. Seriffe was all about keeping everyone connected, informed, and aware. Fiona glanced the length of the room. Over two dozen women manned the communications along with MW section leaders, like Eric, like Gideon. Most turned in her direction, solemn, waiting. Gideon’s voice, low and quiet, hit the airwaves. He issued orders then said, “No DV sign here.” Fiona didn’t know when she had actually backed up into Jean-Pierre, but his presence calmed her. He had a hand on her hip and she felt his deep breaths. Her heart rate had doubled. She couldn’t help it. She knew exactly what all these women were going through, the despair after usually decades of serving as a blood donor, the polite euphemism for a process that involved taking a woman once a month through death and resurrection by defibrillator to get at the addictive dying blood. Death vampires, by the nature of their addiction, had to drink their victims to death in order to get at that last euphoric substance. A hundred and thirty years ago, Fiona had been out shopping when two death vampires, that only she had been able to see, had abducted her from Boston the day after her eleventh wedding anniversary. She had been the first mortal woman to be partially ascended by Darian Greaves and experimented upon. Back then, the draining of her blood had involved big steel needles and rubber tubing. Greaves would drain her blood, taking her to the point of death, pump more blood back into her veins, and bring her heart back to life with what she now understood to be powerful hand-blasts from the palm of his hand. Shortly after, Rith, who also had a great deal of preternatural power, had taken over. Fiona rarely saw Greaves after that. Over the loudspeaker, she could hear Gideon breathing hard as well as the sound of his battle sandals pounding up a flight of stairs. She saw movement to her right. Seriffe emerged from his office, a heavy scowl on his face as he, too, listened. Gideon’s voice, too loud for the speakers, became a shout. “We’ve got eleven women here!” HQ erupted in cheers and shouts. Fiona’s eyes filled with tears. Jean-Pierre leaned down. “Congratulations, cherie.” She caught his hand and held it tight. She struggled to breathe and not to cry, but tears escaped anyway. She could hear Gideon speaking, but not what he was saying.

“Settle down, people,” Seriffe called out. Gideon relayed the information that all eleven were alive and healthy. Fiona slipped her BlackBerry from her pant pocket, touched the screen and connected with the rehab center. She let reception know that they’d be getting eleven new arrivals. The woman gave a little cry. “We’ll take it from here, Fiona. Well done.” Well done. She wanted to rejoice, she really did, but that meant there were still fifteen other facilities, that they knew of, and how many more women to rescue before she could really begin to celebrate. “Take a moment, Fiona,” Jean-Pierre whispered. “This is a good thing you have done.” How did he know? Could he read her mind? She drew away from him and looked up at him. She saw the deep compassion in his stormy eyes and then she understood. He was a Warrior of the Blood. He had fought for over two hundred years, from the first year of his ascension, against the ongoing depredation of death vampires. He knew the victory that the slaying of each death vampire meant, but he also knew the persistent frustration and despair that accrued because right now there seemed to be no end in sight. The enemy, Commander Darian Greaves, encouraged the creation of death vampires since he used them as a significant weapon in his bid to take over two worlds; Second Earth and Mortal Earth. She nodded. She glanced at the clock on the wall. The hour was eleven at night. She would have to go home soon with Colonel Seriffe, her son-in-law at which time Jean-Pierre would join the Warriors of the Blood as they fought at all five dimensional entry points in the Metro Phoenix area. “Where will you be tonight?” she asked. “Thorne likes to keep me at the downtown Borderland.” She nodded. She knew why. The downtown Borderland was the closest location to Colonel Seriffe’s home, where Fiona now lived. Thorne knew that the situation for Jean-Pierre, serving as her guardian, was something of a nightmare. He looked it, too, with faint circles beneath his eyes. Even relatively immortal vampires could show signs of strain if they had to guard a woman twelve hours of the day, battle death vampires another six, then toss and turn through a restless sleep cycle. Damn the breh-hedden, she thought. The former mythological state of vampire mate-bonding had also reared its ugly head. She was afflicted with what she thought of as an inconvenient and terrible disease, but for whatever reason, the breh-hedden really took a toll on the men, as though it put all that testosterone on high-alert constantly. Hence, even in the perfectly safe environment of Militia Warrior HQ, Jean-Pierre stuck close. “Now, cherie, we must talk about the christening tomorrow.” She cocked her head and planted her hands on her hips. “I’m going and I don’t care whether you think it’s a security problem or not. Alison has been a good friend to me and bringing this baby into the world was no picnic. She’s a new mom, and I remember what that was like. She needs my support and if you think at this late hour, after having been a slave for over a hundred years, that I would bail on her because of the threat of death vampires, then you don’t know me at all.”

Obsidian Flame
For a hundred years, Marguerite has been imprisoned and used for her powerful psychic abilities. Her only relief comes from her regular visits with Thorne, her vampire lover. His every touch leaves her hungry for more..and aching for their next encounter. When Marguerite is finally set free, she returns to Mortal Earth to begin a new life for herself. She dyes her hair white-blonde, paints her nails blood-red, and seduces a sexy-hot stranger. Why can’t she stop thinking about Thorne? Now that Marguerite is gone, Thorne craves her more than ever..and follows her to Mortal Earth. Unfortunately, he is not the only vampire who wants her. As one of three powerful women with obsidian flame abilities, Marguerite is a valuable treasure—and a dangerous weapon. For Thorne, she is a soulmate he must protect at any cost…even his own life. at Barnes & Noble Review of OBSIDIAN FLAME from Fresh Fiction: Marguerite has been locked away for one hundred years with no one except Thorne to comfort her. Over the years, she has grown to really love Thorne and doesn’t imagine anything beyond his touch. However, when she is finally set free, Marguerite goes a little overboard with her freedom. She is used to having strict control and Thorne more or less by her side and must adjust. Little does she know that Thorne has never left her side, he craves her like he craves blood. Marguerite must develop her own seer powers and learn to control again, she must also come to terms with the fact that she is the Breh-Hedden to Thorne, a very powerful warrior. Marguerite is slightly prickly at times, but hard not to love. She is sassy, funny, and intelligent. Thorne is the ultimate man’s man. He is strong, charismatic, and handsome. Caris Roane always delivers a powerful, passionate, and entrancing story. You will find yourself very invested in the main characters. The love scenes are very erotic and the spark between the main characters feels very real. The plot itself is great and punctuated by amazing love scenes. Obsidian Flame is a book not to miss! Krystal Larson June 21, 2012

Excerpt of Obsidian Flame Who can change, But the one ready for magnificence. Collected Proverbs – Beatrice of Fourth Chapter One Thorne, out of ancient Britain in AD 11, stood outside a vile smelling dive, a real shithole, somewhere in El Paso One, Mortal Earth. He took deep breaths trying to calm the hell down so that he didn’t draw his sword, go back inside, and impale a beefy-looking mortal who was more innocent than guilty in this little flirtation drama.

He whipped his Droid Ascender from the pocket of his jeans, a sweet inter-dimensional piece of technology that allowed him to call home. He all but punched the screen. Shit, his hand trembled. He had so much adrenaline and testosterone flooding his system, that yeah, he was shaking like a drunk off a bender. The phone rang several times. “Pick up, pick up, pick up.” Finally, Alison’s voice came on the line. “Sorry. Had to get out of Endelle’s office before I answered.” “Okay, good.” In the past three weeks since he’d left Second Earth, he’d grown dependent on Alison for a couple of reasons. She helped him keep his head screwed on straight and she kept him informed on that little detail called the war against commander Greaves. He was about to launch into his current dilemma, as in what to do about his woman who was making moves on another man, when Alison cut him off. “Thorne, there’s something you’ve got to know right away, and it’s bad.” His body stilled. Alison wasn’t given to drama of any kind. From the day of her ascension over a year ago, she’d been an equalizing force among the Warriors of the Blood and especially with Endelle, serving as she did as the scorpion queen’s executive assistant. His hearing became focused, laser-like, on exactly what Alison would say next. He took another deep breath. “Let me have it.” “It’s been all over the news for the past hour. In three days, Greaves is conducting a spectacle-grade military review that will last four, maybe six hours. Rumors are that he’s marching an army of two hundred thousand troops, his ‘Ascender Liberation Army’, down the Moscow Two avenue, the one that forms an arc in front of that newly constructed stone edifice. Do you remember I told you about that a couple of days ago? It’s the one that’s been worrying Marcus for the last three weeks.” Marcus split his time between battling at the Borderlands with the rest of the Warriors of the Blood, and serving in an administrative capacity at Endelle’s HQ. Thorne’s lips parted because he needed to keep breathing but he wasn’t sure his lungs were working at all. Greaves had just upped the stakes at the same moment that Thorne had gone AWOL to chase after a woman who wanted nothing to do with him. Perfect. “Are you there?” Alison asked. “What?” “Thorne, did you hear what I said?” “Yes. Processing. Shit.” He shook his head but like Alison could see that. “This is a completely illegal maneuver. COPASS can’t let this slide, not this time. ‘No entity shall engage in a public display of military prowess’. The rules are clear.” “Marcus has been on the phone non-stop to the international COPASS HQ in Prague. Every answer he’s been given goes something like, the committee has the Commander’s request for permits under review. But we all know what that means.” “Squat.”

“Exactly. I hate to ask this, but can you come home? This news has got all of the High Administrators still aligned with Endelle jumpy. Three shifted their alliance to Greaves just because of the announcement. Three.” “Oh, shit.” “Exactly.” He turned back to face the run-down building that blared some lively Mexican music; trumpets, guitars, and a quick beat. Marguerite, his woman, his vampire bond-mate, was in there, getting one huge motherfucker of a Mexican all worked up with her long, blood-red nails and short platinum hair. He’d followed her to Mortal Earth because he’d had no choice in the matter. Much to his surprise the goddamn breh-hedden had hit him flush in the jaw and torn all his good sense from its usual strong footings. All the warriors had thought the breh-hedden was a myth, then Alison had shown up and knocked Kerrick on his ass, the one who had vowed never to marry again. Three other warriors had followed, like dominos; Marcus, Medichi, and just a few weeks ago, Jean-Pierre. Now it was his turn. And Greaves had decided this was the hour to let the world know that he’d built an army, worthy of victory, and was getting ready to launch his takeover bid of both Second Earth and Mortal Earth. Fucking great. He turned again, to once more face away from the bar. He felt the call of his world, of Second Earth, and of something more, something vast that had begun pulsing in the center of his brain. He lived with two aches now, the heavy pounding in his head and the stiff pulsing in his groin. He was a man torn, now more than ever, because of the implied threat of a spectacle-based military review. Damn, there’d be fireworks and massive orchestral music as well as hundreds of DNA altered swans and geese. Second Earth lived for spectacle and Greaves knew it. The damn thing was genius. He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to think. Alison, thank God, had fallen silent, giving him space, the usual. She’d been a counselor before she ascended. She knew how to let a moment breathe. Finally, he said, “I’m going to do everything I can to move things along here. But I can’t leave Marguerite right now and it isn’t just because of the breh-hedden. Because she’s obsidian flame, Greaves wants her dead. She’s unprotected if I just take off. You know Endelle was counting on her emerging power to make a difference in the war. At the very least, I need to bring her home with me.” “You’re right,” Alison said, some of the tension leaving her voice. “I’d gotten so wrapped up in this review, I’d forgotten about Marguerite’s power. Don’t worry. I’ll talk it over with Marcus. He’ll understand. More than anyone, he’ll understand.” Marcus was four thousand years old and had only recently returned to Second Earth and to the Warriors of the Blood after a two-hundred year absence, his own form of desertion. Yeah, if anyone would understand all the dilemmas facing Thorne, Marcus would. Alison puffed a sigh into the phone. “On the other hand, Endelle won’t be nearly as rational but she’ll just have to deal with it.” Endelle. Thorne so did not want to think about her. He’d been blocking their shared mind-link from the second he’d jumped into the Trough and headed to Phoenix One. She was pissed as hell that he’d left.

Thorne had thought about contacting her at least a dozen times, but each time, that pulsing in his brain got stronger and some part of him got really mad, even though honestly, he wasn’t sure exactly why. But yeah, he was pissed. “I’d better go,” he said. “I almost forgot, what did you call for?” “Nothing. I mean, I’ll work it out.” He laughed as he pushed a hand through his hair and all but dislodged his cadroen. “I may be calling you later. I’ve got a situation in El Paso Two.” Alison’s voice dropped. “Oh, shit, Endelle just walked into my office. Gotta go.” The line went dead. A military spectacle review. Jesus H. Christ. He returned his phone to his jeans. He lowered his chin and went back into the bar. He sure could use a drink right about now, but for this ride, he’d stopped with the Ketel One. Everything was coming to a head fast and he needed to see things just as they were, not through a vodka haze. But it sure didn’t help that Marguerite was flashing a smile at that goddamn, good-looking Mexican. He drew his mist in tight. He was good at creating the preternatural disguise that kept him invisible to anyone around him, especially here on Mortal Earth. Anyone, of course, except Marguerite. She could see him even though she’d been ignoring him all night. By now she was used to his hovering presence since he’d been dogging her heels from the first night he’d touched down on Mortal Earth. They’d argued plenty, but this was the worst she’d been, sitting as close as she was on a tall stool next to her current prey. It looked as though she’d made up her mind that tonight was the night. He took up his former station, leaning against the wall, close to the door. He crossed his arms over his chest. His biceps flexed involuntarily. His nostrils flared. His breathing was still pretty uneven especially since, even at this distance, he could smell her rose scent, rich red roses. It was the one sure sign that this woman was meant for him. Yet he had no real claim on Marguerite, even though they’d been lovers for over a century. She’d broken with him, needing to go her own way, but his brain just wasn’t getting the message. He was too hopped up on some kind of primordial caveman juice to really figure things out. So, here he was, his back pinned to a goddamn wall in a stinking bar and he couldn’t leave her alone, he couldn’t pull back, he couldn’t let her go. He stared at the new Marguerite. She was as beautiful as ever, an almost perfectly oval face, strong arched brows, and large brown eyes, eyes he’d looked into ten thousand times while making love to her. She used to have really long straight brown hair that he would hold wrapped around his forearm when he would take her from behind. Now, she had short platinum blond hair, white blond, and blood-red fingernails about an inch long. She sipped a very crimson cosmo, her current favorite drink, the same color as the lights flashing in his head. She had her elbow on the bar, her long nails flicking the feathered spikes and layers of her hair. The bastard next to her had his left knee about a millimeter away from hers. His eyelids lazed low. Shit. Thorne knew exactly what that look meant, that the only thought running through the bastard’s head would be just how soon he could get this woman on her back, or settled on his hips and riding him hard. He shuddered through a few more deep breaths.

He wasn’t entirely to blame. The breh-hedden had him hooked in deep, forcing him to look at Marguerite not just as a woman but as his mate, his fucking mate. His mind swirled with a variety of impulses that kept shouting things like use your fists and beat the shit out of that asshole or worse, use your sword and take the smile off his face permanently. This particular mortal wasn’t half bad looking if you liked a scruff of a beard, a scar on the right cheek, thick black hair combed back straight, and tats on the neck, shoulders and forearms. He was big, too. Warrior big. This was so not going to end well. Under-fucking-statement. Even through the stench of beer, smoke, and male bodies, all he could really process was a light floral scent that kept his dick in an uproar, a sure sign that this woman was meant for him. The bastard made his move. He reached out and grazed Marguerite’s elbow with the tips of two fingers, then moved away, a smooth quick testing of the waters. Marguerite smiled. She leaned in toward him and reached out with her hand to stroke his bicep. Stroke his bicep. Stroke his bicep. The red strobes in his head spun faster. His fists balled. Creator help him. His palm itched for his sword. He spread his fingers wide, ready to catch some steel. For a split second, he almost completed the mental sequence that would have brought his sword into his hand. He saw the carnage as plain as day; one asshole with his head split wide, one woman caught up under his arm and hauled out of this hellhole kicking and screaming. He was so close. His fingers trembled. He wanted his sword in his hand. He wanted the bastard dead. He didn’t so much as have the thought as he acted because in the next split second, he dematerialized out of the smoke and re-formed in the deep night shadows, well beyond the bar, well away from temptation. He bent over. He shook. He came within an inch of puking his guts out. Shit. He’d almost killed an innocent man. Thorne, Warrior of the Blood, protector of the innocent, preserver of life, keeper of the peace, and he’d almost killed an innocent man. Creator help him. So, here he was, almost losing the Buffalo wings he’d gorged on, tortured because his woman, who was not his woman, was pursuing her favorite hunting-sport: men. There was only one real question to answer: how the hell was he supposed to keep from killing this man if she succeeded in taking him into her bed?

BRINK OF ETERNITY - this must be a mini=story

Brink of Eternity, a Guardians of Ascension novella, tracks vampire Militia Warrior Gideon, who is on the brink of becoming an elite Warrior of the Blood. The Militia Warriors strive to keep the peace on Second Earth while battling death vampires whenever they can. Brink of Eternity gives us a glimpse into the Militia Warrior world as Gideon breaks all the rules to protect his ex-girlfriend, Elise, during her rite of ascension, a process that puts her directly in the path of a dozen lethal enemies.

Enigmatic and sexy, Professor Gabriel Emerson is a well respected Dante specialist by day, but by night he devotes himself to an uninhibited life of pleasure. He uses his notorious good looks and sophisticated charm to gratify his every whim, but is secretly tortured by his dark past and consumed by the profound belief that he is beyond all hope of redemption. When the sweet and innocent Julia Mitchell enrolls as his graduate student, his attraction and mysterious connection to her not only jeopardizes his career, but sends him on a journey in which his past and his present collide. An intriguing and sinful exploration of seduction, forbidden love and redemption, "Gabriel's Inferno" is a captivating and wildly passionate tale of one man's escape from his own personal hell as he tries to earn the impossible...forgiveness and love.

GABRIEL’S RAPTURE Bk 2 (50-ish) (don’t have this one!)
“Gabriel’s Rapture” was released 22 May 2012. Here is the summary: Professor Gabriel Emerson has embarked on a passionate, yet clandestine affair with his former student, Julia Mitchell. Sequestered on a romantic holiday in Italy, he tutors her in the sensual delights of the body and the rapture of sex. But when they return, their happiness is threatened by conspiring students, academic politics, and a jealous ex-lover. When Gabriel is confronted by the university administration, will he be forced to share Dante’s fate? Or will he fight to keep Julia, his Beatrice, forever?

In Jaci Burton Collection folder

Passion in Paradis – series
# 1 Paradise Awakening

Book One in the Passion in Paradise Series Serena Graham is looking forward to the vacation of a lifetime—a week at Paradise Resort, a Caribbean hideaway where she'll be able to indulge her every sexual fantasy with complete abandon and total anonymity. For the next week, she's Sexy Siren Serena and she'll do whatever she wants—with whomever she wants. Michael Donovan planned a week at Paradise Resort to research his next erotic crime novel, as well as indulge in some hot sex with his fashion model girlfriend. But when he finds his now ex-girlfriend has other plans, he's resigned to research without recreation. That is, until Serena shows up at his door claiming he's occupying her room! After a little negotiating, Michael and Serena become roommates, and Serena boldly asks Michael to be her lover for the week. How can he pass up the opportunity to mix a little pleasure with business? But despite their vow to keep their relationship strictly physical, they find much more than passion in paradise. Ellora’s Cave, September 2003 – ISBN: 978-1843606123 Book 2 in the Passion in Paradise series. Morgan Brown owns Paradise Resort, a sexy, Caribbean getaway for the sexually adventurous. Painful memories from her past prevent her from enjoying the erotic pleasure to be found at the resort she loves, but she's determined others should be allowed to express themselves freely. Love hurts, literally and figuratively, and she wants no part of either sex or romance. Tony Marino is a freelance reporter assigned to do a story on the resort and its mysterious owner. He finds a gorgeous redhead with a mind for business and a body made for wicked pleasures. She's also hiding something-some painful secret that he sets out to uncover. What starts out as a simple week-long business arrangement ends up much more as Tony helps Morgan exorcise the ghosts of her past and revive her sexual desires. Hot passion and the romance of a lifetime ensues, leaving them both wondering if they've found paradise with each other.

Book 3 in the Passion in Paradise series. Dr. Isabelle King has arrived on Paradise Island for one thing and one thing only-marine life research. Certainly not to explore her sexual fantasies or indulge in erotic adventures at Paradise Resort. But when she discovers a sexy stranger named Dax, she can't help but feel the physical and emotional attraction. Dax is hiding something. After all, he dives without an oxygen tank and has capabilities no human should have. And how does he know so much about her? It's almost as if she's connected to him, and that scares her.Dax opens up new worlds for Isabelle that she never even dreamed of. But Isabelle will have to fight her fear of giving her heart before she can embrace the unknown future with Dax.

Play-by-Play - series
#1 The Perfect Play Football pro Mick Riley is an all-star, both on the field and in the bedroom. But a sexy, determinedly single mom just might be the one to throw him off his game... For years Mick has been taking full advantage of the life available to a pro athlete: fame, fortune, and a different girl in every city. But when he meets and beds confident, beautiful event planner Tara Lincoln, he wants much more than the typical one-night stand. Too bad Tara's not interested in getting to know football's most notorious playboy any better. As the single mother of a teenage son, the last thing Tara needs is the jet-set lifestyle of Mick Riley; even though their steamy and passionate one-night stand was unforgettable. Tara's life is complicated enough

without being thrust into the spotlight as Mick's latest girl du jour. Tara played the game of love once and lost big, and she doesn't intend to put herself out there again, especially with a heartbreaker like Mick. But when Mick sets his mind to win, nothing will stop him. And he has the perfect play in mind.(less) #2 Changing the Game Win at any cost. That's always been the mantra of sports agent Liz Darnell. When she carries things too far and risks losing her number-one client, baseball pro Gavin Riley, Liz realizes that she'll have to work extra innings to win him back. It might not be too much of a stretch. She's had a thing for this player's moves since she first laid eyes on him, and by the looks of it, he wants her just as bad. Gavin's more than ready—especially when Liz is offering herself as part of the bargain. And as much of her as Gavin wants. For added thrills, he decides to throw a little curve ball Liz's way to see just how far she's truly willing to go to keep him as a client. But when love unexpectedly enters the playing field, neither Liz nor Gavin are ready for the biggest game-changer of them all.

The Chains of Love –series
#1 Bound to Trust Several Earth women have disappeared, their trail leading to Xarta, a BDSM planet. Marina, Earth intergalactic investigator, knows that solving this case means a long-awaited promotion. But in order to find the missing women, she'll have to go undercover as a bondage slave on Xarta, something the strong, capable woman wants no part of. Kaden is a Dom and a native of Xarta. He's also an Intergalactic Marshall, sworn to break up the slave trading ring. His job is to take Marina as his submissive and train her while they're working undercover to expose the slavers and rescue the women. Reluctantly, Marina agrees to act as a submissive, vowing to both herself and to Kaden that her relationship with him is nothing but an act. Until Kaden shows her a side of life that calls to her in ways she didn't expect. Note: Bound To Trust contains light erotic scenes where females explore their sexuality with other females.(less) Demand to Submit Jaci Burton "Second in the Chains of Love series." In a secret laboratory on Earth, Waia is discovered and rescued. Genetically altered and abandoned by those who changed her, she's suffering extreme pain. The DNA inside her demands her submission to a master, yet she can feel no sexual joy of her own. She's taken to Dargon to be trained by Master Kyr, who demands that Waia learn to accept her own pleasure before she can satisfy him. Through the bonds of emotion, submission and trust, Kyr reawakens Waia's sexuality, embarking on a voyage to discovery that provides surprises even for him. But danger lurks for Waia at the end of her journey, and she must learn to put her trust in her own instincts and a man who claims he can train, but never love.(less)#2 Demand to Submit

The Demon Hunter –series
#1 Surviving Demon Island What’s America’s top female action star doing on a tropical island shrouded in secrecy? To Gina Bliss, competing in a survival-type reality show is a nice change from fending off on-screen villains. Until she meets real-life action hero Derek Marks. A survival specialist in a tight black T and sexy stubble, he’s arousing every bad-boy fantasy she’s ever had . . . and testing her survival skills to the max. Martial arts, jungle warfare—Derek’s done it all. But his latest mission is more dangerous than a stick of dynamite. Try telling that to the sexy, adrenaline-pumped actress who’s got his libido racing off the charts. As the heat rises between them and real-life violence erupts, suddenly Derek and Gina are on the run . . .

and when they uncover a secret so explosive it could blow the lid off their so-called reality show, these two unlikely heroes are about to discover what surviving’s really about. . .

#2 Hunting the Demon In a world seething with sin and seduction, the chase is on. Hunting demons for a living can have its moments. Especially when Shay Pearson’s latest quarry is the gorgeous bronze surfer who just stepped out of the sea. Uncovering Nic Diavolo’s devilish side could prove Shay’s toughest assignment yet. Because while she’s acting as bait to snatch this sexy bad boy, Nic’s got a plan of seduction no woman—earthly or otherwise—can resist. Caught between two warring realms, Nic needs to stay alive long enough to figure out who his enemies are. That includes the beautiful hunter who won’t let him out of her sight. And something far worse: a force of evil with an almost unimaginable goal— possessing Nic’s very soul. But the hunt really heats up when a guy who’s hotter than Hades and a woman who’s afraid of love join forces, igniting an inferno of lust and longing that could send them into mortal danger...or straight into each other’s arms.…

#3 The Darkest Touch Ryder. The man was just as sexy as she remembered him: tall, lean, and dangerous, a demon hunter with the body of a god.… But archaeologist Angelique Deveraux has little time for lust. She’s been hiding a gleaming black diamond, a prize everyone wants—including Ryder—and now she’s running for her life. Hot on her trail is Ryder, a legendary demon hunter she desires but can’t quite trust, a man with an insatiable need for danger and a few dark secrets of his own. As sparks ignite between the rogue hunter and his latest prey, Angie’s world is rocked again when her twin sister vanishes, stolen away by the same dark forces stalking Angie and the black diamond. With Ryder offering protection—and more—suddenly a woman who’s never trusted anyone is falling for a man who isn’t afraid of anything…except losing his heart. Now, as an all-out demon war erupts and Angie’s family secrets unravel, Ryder’s demon hunt and Angie’s quest to save her sister are about to collide. And when they do, it’ll send these two wary hearts on the wildest adventure of their lives—and maybe even save humankind in the process.…

#4 Taken by Sin He's the sexy demon hunter who just saved her life. Now she's about to show him what salvation's really about. It’s a mission that could cost him his career and his life. But the woman he just rescued—his lover for one unforgettable night—has something Dalton desperately needs. That’s why the fearless demon hunter is risking everything to spirit Isabelle to a secret hideaway in the Louisiana bayou. Saving her is one thing. Banishing the demon inside her is another. Especially when this gorgeous seductress brings out the devil in him. Isabelle can see the passion roaring inside Dalton—and it both frightens and arouses her. Is Dalton her enemy or her savior? All she knows is he’s beyond seductive and igniting all sorts of conflicting feelings. All Dalton knows is that they’re both in big trouble—hunted by demons and demon hunters alike in an allout war for survival. As their pursuers close in and passion overtakes them both, Dalton must make a

stunning choice…. Caught between sin and salvation, between darkness and light, will he make the ultimate sacrifice to save the woman he loves?

The Devlin Dynasty – series
#1 Running Mate Senator Jason Devlin is a man with a secret. A big one that could ruin his political career and his family. He guards his secret closely, allowing no outsiders to penetrate his intimate circle. Kelsey Harper is a reporter itching for an interview with the elusive senator. When a case of mistaken identity lands her in his bed, she gets much more than an interview. As their passions rise, Jason must choose between keeping his secret and the woman who speaks to his heart.(less)

#2 Fall Fury This book features Shannon Storm from the "Storm For All Seasons" series. Fall Fury is also Book 2 of that series. Shannon Storm is the feisty, independent director of Public Relations for her family-run hotel, The Rising Storm. She's less than thrilled at the arrival of Max Devlin, hotshot PR guru from Boston, but has no choice other than work with him on the new casino venture. Like the magical elements of fall that she possesses, Shannon's emotions run hot and cold where Max is concerned. She guards her heart under leaves of indifference, but beneath she's boiling with need for what only Max can give her. Max Devlin is on more than just a PR mission on his trek to New Orleans. Not only is he there to work on the casino project, but he's setting down roots in Louisiana. And the first step is to find a mate. The trouble is, Max harbors a secret that he's going to have to very carefully reveal to the woman he's chosen. That woman is the cool on the surface, hot within Shannon Storm. He wonders if Shannon's feelings are powerful enough to accept who-and what-he is. By the light of a full New Orleans moon, their magic will merge, and two people with secrets to hide must learn to trust in their love before their destinies can unfold.(less)

#3 Mountain Moonlight Book 3 in the Devlin Dynasty series. Conner Devlin has traveled to Romania to review a request for funding of a wildlife preserve. There, he meets Katya, an enigmatic beauty whose lupine sexuality captures him in more ways than one. Katya only wanted to set up a preserve for the wolves, not mate with the brash American, Conner Devlin. But a cataclysmic event forces the two of them together. Under a compelling full moon, their primal needs lead to explosive passion high in the Carpathian Mountains.(less)

The Killer
Heart of a Killer No one said coming home would be easy. But for Dante Renaldi, it's murder. Before the Special Forces hero has even unpacked his bags from twelve years of active duty, he's embroiled in murder—corpses bearing the brutal trademark he's seen only once before—on the worst night of his life. The last time Detective Anna Pallino saw Dante Renaldi, they were in love. Now, he's part of the connection to a string of fresh homicides and a horrible assault Anna only survived thanks to him.

More than anything, Anna wants to trust Dante. But as the bodies and the coincidences stack up, Anna will have to decide, and fast: Is the man she owes her life to the very same one who wants her dead?(le

The Kismet – series
#1 Winterland Destiny Kismet - Winterland Destiny By Jaci BurtonNoele, faerie princess of D'Naath, is destined to wed Garick, the Elvin king of Winterland. Their union will strengthen their territories against the evil wizards.Happy with her carefree life in the woodglen forest with her sisters, Noele is loath to have that freedom taken away. But her enigmatic fianc wields considerable sexual power and she finds him hard to resist, even though he alone will make the decision to keep her or cast her aside after their marriage. But physical attraction is not enough for Noele to give up her heart. She must be able to tap into Garick's emotions. His will is strong, though, and she's unsure of her own powers to attract and hold him.The beautiful faerie wields a power of her own, the power to touch Garick's heart, to make him experience unimaginable erotic delights. Though Garick doesn't care for the magical hold his new bride has on him, he can't deny his awakening emotions for the beautiful princess.Two hearts destined to be together must fight not only the evil wizards, but their feelings for each other. Yet love is tied to fate, and some ties cannot be broken.(less)

#2 Fiery Fate Kismet - Fiery Fate By Jaci BurtonSolara, faerie princess of D'Naath, is betrothed to a king she's never met. Visiting her sister Noele in Winterland, Solara's departure to the southern kingdom is imminent. But after a misunderstanding she must remain in Winterland with Roarke, the elvin warrior who stirs her blood like no other could. Bound to another, she knows her love for Roarke can never be. But her heart won't listen.Roarke's sense of duty and honor rules his life. Though his very soul burns for Solara, she is fated to marry a king and will never be his. He tries to maintain his distance from the scarlet-haired faerie, but their passion cannot be denied.Though forbidden, their destiny is inevitable, searing them with a fiery love that cannot be extinguished.

#3 Kismet Aftetmath Faerie princess Trista had the perfect plan-fool King Braedon of Greenbriar into thinking her sister Solara would not marry him, thereby freeing Solara and allowing her sister to marry the man she really loved. Only the plan backfired and their father promised Trista to Braedon instead Braedon is cold and barbaric, but within his outer shell of indifference lurks a man filled with passion. Trista intends to break his protective layers of ice until she uncovers the heat within him. She will make him choose her for love or there will be no marriage at all.Braedon doesn't care which sister he marries, needing the union only to unite their lands and keep Greenbriar safe from the wizards. Love causes nothing but death and heartbreak. But Trista creates havoc within Greenbriar, her mischievous spirit causing an uproar as she demands his attention in disconcerting ways. He fights the lust burning within him, afraid to love the faerie who torments him with her sensual magic.For Trista has brought energizing life back into Greenbriar. And with life comes love and with love comes danger.(less)

The Storm of All Seasons – series
#1 Summer Heat A Storm for All Seasons - Summer Heat By Jaci Burton Aidan Storm is part of a unique New Orleans family whose magical connection with the weather goes back many years. Aidan uses his powers only when it suits his purposes. Wielding the magic of summer heat can be advantageous when heating up the sheets with his girl-du-jour. Until he meets Melissa Cross. She fires him up hotter than a Louisiana heat

wave and if he doesn't watch his heart he might suffer a meltdown. Melissa Cross is a staid Bostonian feeling like a fish out of water working alongside Aidan Storm and his peculiar family. When strange things start happening whenever she's with Aidan, she wonders what kind of magic he possesses. After all, it isn't every day it rains in the bedroom It isn't long before Aidan heats up Melissa's summer and melts her frosty heart(less)

#2 Fall Fury This book features Shannon Storm from the "Storm For All Seasons" series. Fall Fury is also Book 2 of that series. Shannon Storm is the feisty, independent director of Public Relations for her family-run hotel, The Rising Storm. She's less than thrilled at the arrival of Max Devlin, hotshot PR guru from Boston, but has no choice other than work with him on the new casino venture. Like the magical elements of fall that she possesses, Shannon's emotions run hot and cold where Max is concerned. She guards her heart under leaves of indifference, but beneath she's boiling with need for what only Max can give her. Max Devlin is on more than just a PR mission on his trek to New Orleans. Not only is he there to work on the casino project, but he's setting down roots in Louisiana. And the first step is to find a mate. The trouble is, Max harbors a secret that he's going to have to very carefully reveal to the woman he's chosen. That woman is the cool on the surface, hot within Shannon Storm. He wonders if Shannon's feelings are powerful enough to accept who-and what-he is. By the light of a full New Orleans moon, their magic will merge, and two people with secrets to hide must learn to trust in their love before their destinies can unfold.(less

#3 Winter Ice A Storm for All Seasons - Winter Ice By Jaci Burton Book 3 in the Storm For All Seasons series. Control is everything to Logan Storm. Control over the family business, the Rising Storm Hotel in New Orleans, control over his emotions, and control over the magic within him. Sophie Breaux is the granddaughter of a voodoo princess and welcomes the supernatural powers that live within her. She's been having visions about hot and sexy Logan Storm. Visions of destiny and of danger. When she tries to warn him, Logan thinks she's a con artist and wants no part of the raven-haired goddess. The one thing Logan can't control is Sophie's fiery passion. She melts his walls of ice with her sultry heat, threatening everything that is orderly in his life. His control begins to slip away with every touch, every inflamed kiss, and he's powerless to stop his feelings. Sophie knows that in order to save Logan she must melt his cold heart with scorching love. And when a woman is determined to get her man, nothing will stop her.(less)

#4 Spring Rain Spring Rain Jaci Burton" Book 4 in the A Storm For All Seasons series." Kaitlyn Storm has loved Brett McGregor since she was seventeen, even before he pulled her into his arms and kissed her until she was breathless. But Brett pushed her away, not wanting to subject Kaitlyn to the demons inside him. Ten years later Brett is a widower with a dark secret he hides from everyone, especially Kaitlyn. He doesn't want her to get close, doesn't want to risk hurting her. Though he owns a prominent New Orleans art gallery, he no longer paints. Not since that black day six years ago when his wife died. And no matter how much Kaitlyn begs him, he won't paint her nude portrait, even though her lush body and sensual nature haunt his dreams at night. But Kaitlyn won't take no for an answer. She's determined to use all her powers of magic to convince Brett to start living and loving again, even if she has to seduce him while posing nude for a painting. And in the game of seducing the man she loves, Kaitlyn is relentless.(less)

The Wild Riders –series

#1 Riding Wild Mac Canfield was the last man Lily West expected to see again, never mind aim her gun at. But there he was, the bad boy who'd broken her heart years ago - still a thief, hijacking a priceless artifact - and it was all she could do to push aside the memories of how it felt to have his perfectly chiseled body next to hers. Mac was no less shocked to see the beautiful girl next-door again, threatening to shoot him. Little did she know she was blowing his cover. He had to get her out of harm's way without succumbing to his desire to take her on a hot trip down memory lane. But Lily has no intention of going anywhere with Mac, which means he'll have to resort to kidnapping. Unless she agrees to let him take her for the kind of ride destined to drive them both unbelievably wild. (less)

#2 Riding Temptation He?s a biker working undercover for the Feds. She has reasons of her own for joining the Wild Riders. Together, they?re burning up the asphalt and tearing headlong into danger and passion? The guys always thought of Jessie as their kid sister, except Diaz Delgado. The past few years he?s been watching her?and Jessie?s glad somebody is. Delgado?s dark good looks and killer body have tempted her since day one. Diaz?s unbrotherly urges have been hard to fight but the last thing he wants is to hurt Jessie. But when they both go undercover with killer survivalists, he knows it?ll be hard to keep his distance? especially when the mission takes a risky turn. Now Diaz has no choice but to open himself up to the one woman strong enough to take him on.

#3 Riding on Instinct Department of Justice agent Shadoe Grayson is out to prove she's no rookie, and eagerly accepts her first undercover assignment at a strip club in New Orleans. Working with the Wild Riders, a government agency of bad boy bikers, her goal is to expose a corrupt DEA agent. All she has to do is learn to strip like a pro. Standing in Shadoe's way is arrogant and smokin' hot Spencer King, her new partner and one of the Wild Riders. Spence thinks she looks more like a schoolteacher than a stripper, and doubts her ability to do the job. But when he mockingly challenges Shadoe to strip just for him, he finds out there's more to the surprisingly sexy agent than by-the book rules and Government Issue pantsuits...

#4 Nauti & Wild Two bestselling authors join forces in this pair of new stories of hot men, fast motorcycles, and the women who ride both. They ride into town straddling 73 cubic inches of throbbing horsepower, and hook up with the kind of women made for high speed handling... #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh revisits her sultry Southern landscape with a story of a good girl gone bad. But she's not the only one going down that road... Jaci Burton, the national bestselling author of Riding Wild and Riding Temptation, lets loose in a story of a hot biker hired to keep an eye on the reckless daughter of a Nevada senator. She's hooked up with a rival biker gang--a dangerous move that makes the wild beauty more vulnerable than she imagined...

#5 Riding the Night AJ and Pax are undercover operatives for a government agency of bad-boy bikers known as the Wild Riders. While AJ is visiting Teresa, a high school sweetheart, a fight erupts in her bar between two biker gangs. One man is left dead and Teresa's brother is wrongly accused of murder. With no proof and Teresa as the only eyewitness, AJ, Pax, and Teresa point their Harleys toward the annual bike rally in South Dakota in hot pursuit of the real killer, and Teresa discovers a passion that brings both men to their knees. #6 Naughtier & Wilder (do not have this one) Two hot talents. Two new novellas. One big sexy package. From the authors of Nauti and Wild come two all new novellas. Lora Leigh returns to the sexy world of her New York Times bestsellign Nauti series, while Jaci Burton revisits the scorching setting of her Riding series.

Stand Alones 
Bound, Branded & Brazen Three sisters reveal their most intimate secrets in an erotic romance from "an undoubted master". In the wilds of Oklahoma, three sisters have a date with destiny... Bound: When Valerie left for the big city, she kissed her foreman husband goodbye-along with the best sex she ever had. Now, seeing him brings back sizzling memories. Branded: Watching Gage wrangle untamed horses leaves Brea hot and bothered. But can she live out her fantasy with a man who may ask for more than she's willing to give? Brazen: Ranch hand Walker Morgan can't afford to get too close to his new boss, Jolene, no matter how she tempts him. But Jolene's prepared to take the first step. In the style of Wild, Wicked, & Wanton, national bestselling author Jaci Burton, delivers a threesome that no reader will ever forget in these steamy stories.

Dare to Love romantic game of chicken-and they're both too stubborn to flinch. Lucy Fairchild, lawyer and heiress to the Fairchild fortune, has just had the worst day of her life. Her father has found the perfect man for her to marry. Yes, she's thirty and single, but that doesn't give her father the right to run her life. She'll choose her own husband-someday. Jake Dalton is struggling to make his fledgling construction company a success. Ever mindful of his father's derogatory comments that he'd never amount to anything, he's spent his entire life trying to prove he's not a failure. From their first meeting on a construction site, verbal sparks fly. Their argument escalates into a dare for a date-and the game is on. Lucy thinks Jake is the perfect fake boyfriend to parade around in the hopes of getting her father off her back. Jake is amused by the chance to annoy both Lucy and her dad-he doesn't intend to take the dating thing seriously.

But the heart is a fickle thing, and not above playing dirty. In their quest to prove something-to each other, or maybe to themselves-they find themselves building a case.for love. And suddenly all the rules have changed. Warning: This book does NOT contain hot monkey lovin', threesome action or anyone swinging from the chandeliers (sorry 'bout that). It does contain sexy romancin' on a trampoline under the stars, fun one liners, a dog named Rascal and a smokin' hot construction worker named Jake that the author is convinced you're going to fall madly in love with. She dares you to read it.(less)

Dolphin’s Playground Dr. Jasmine "Jaz" Quinlan's life's work is to care for marine mammals at the California Bay Aquarium. What she'd rather do is spend her life in the ocean with the creatures she loves, preferring their company to any human's. When a dozen dolphins beach themselves, she takes them into her care, bound and determined to save them. Triton, guardian of the dolphins and a member of Oceana, an undersea civilization, wants nothing to do with land humans—especially females. But he's forced to work with Jaz to help his sick dolphins. The moment Jaz meets Triton, he lights a fire within her that no ocean can douse. His passion and love for sea life is an equal match for hers, and when she finds out who he is and where he lives, her wildest dreams become a reality. Despite his preconceived notions, Triton finds himself falling for Jaz's passion and caring nature. She loves the sea as much as he does, awakening desires he has to fight to keep buried When two different worlds separate Jaz and Triton, love must find a way to unite them.(less)

Dream On Since her husband Jack left her five years ago, Kate has done nothing but dwell on the anger and feelings of betrayal, vowing to forget their twenty-year marriage and move on. But she can't. She dreams about him every night. Dreams of his smile, his touch, the way he used to look at her and the way he made love to her. Her body responds as if he's really there, but in the harsh light of morning she knows that she's living in the past and needs to let go. When Jack suddenly returns without explanation of where he's been or why he left, Kate fights the attraction that still smolders between them. Determined to win her back, Jack reminds her of the passion they shared, when every touch, every look, every word sent her soaring into heights of ecstasy. It's like a dream she can't wake up from, a trip to the past when life with Jack was wonderful. But the past is over and Kate is determined not to live in dreams any longer, even if that means she has to face reality and live without the man she's loved all her life.

Hands On Lara McKenzie can't believe anyone would want to interview her about placing first in the annual selfpleasure fundraiser. An educator, she also writes books helping women to achieve more fulfilling sex lives. Now if only she could fulfill her own!

Mark Whitman, freelance reporter, has just scored an easy assignment - write an article for Total Man Magazine about Lara McKenzie, sex educator and obvious expert on self-pleasure. He expects to find a bookish geek, not a red-hot redhead! When his one time assignment turns into a request for a full-time job writing with Lara, Mark has to lie to Lara to convince her to co-author the articles. Soon they're steaming up the sheets in the bedroom and on the pages of the magazine and Mark is in way over his head. The truth may set you free, but Mark's afraid when Lara finds out the truth, he'll lose not only the job of his dreams, but the woman he loves.

Magnolia Summer Returning to hot, steamy, Magnolia, South Carolina, is the last thing Jordan Weston wants to do. The death of her grandmother and inheritance of the family plantation mean she can sell the land and make enough money to realize her dream-to open her own theater in New York. But more than the weather sizzles in Magnolia. Jordan's forced to hire Sam Tanner to repair the old house. Jordan lusted after Sam in high school when he was the bad boy and she was the nerdy drama geek. He'd even kissed her once, firing up her adolescent fantasies, then laughed when she ran away. Though she tries to resist his considerable charm, Sam's not giving her any quarter. He's making it abundantly clear that this time she isn't going to run. Under a scorching South Carolina sun, her resolve to remain impervious to Sam melts and she gives in to her desire. After all, why not engage in steamy sex with the bad boy of her dreams to while away her time in sultry Magnolia? When the project is finished, she'll go back to New York and forget all about Sam. If only her heart would let go of foolish dreams.(less

Midnight Velvet NCA Intelligence analyst Nevada James, code name Velvet, has just been given the opportunity of her dreams. She's about to enter the NCA field agent training program. But a chance encounter with sexy field agent Midnight turns her world upside down, putting her life and her heart in danger. She doesn't want to think hot, passionate thoughts about her superior officer, but she's unable to control her body's desires where Tyler is concerned. The mission is everything to NCA agent Tyler Call, code name Midnight. Nothing stands in the way of getting the job done. But when Nevada ends up under his protection and he's charged with supervising her field training, he knows the mission and his goals are in trouble. How can he concentrate on work when sultry Velvet tantalizes him every waking moment of the day? They're stuck with each other, running for their lives as a traitor tries to kill them. Passion and danger explode, forcing a moment of truth neither are ready to face.(le

Nothing Personal It was nothing personal, just a business arrangement. Ryan McKay is a multi-millionaire with a problem. He needs a bride to fulfill the terms of his grandfathers will. Unfortunately, the one he chose just bailed on him and hes hours away from losing his company. Enter Faith Lewis his demure, devoted assistant. Ryan convinces Faith to step in and marry him, assuring her their marriage is merely a business deal. Ryan is certain he can keep this strictly impersonal. After all, hes the product of a loveless marriage and for years has sealed his own heart in an icy stone. Despite Faiths warmth, compassion and allure, hes convinced hes immune to her charms. Faith will do anything for her boss, but marry him? The shy virgin sees herself as plain and unattractive, a product of a bitter mother who drummed into her head that she wasnt worthy of a

mans love. But she agrees to help Ryan fulfill the terms of his grandfathers will, hoping she doesnt lose her heart to him in the process. But love rarely listens to logic, and what follows is anything but business.

Out of the Darkness Book 3 in the Supernatural Bonds series. Mystery and fantasy writer, collector of crystals and believer in magic, Sophie Alexander can't resist the lure of trying to find the legendary Chalice of Enos. She feels compelled to hunt for the Dragon's Cup even though the mysterious and dangerous Severn Damek is after it too. Little does she know she's on a collision course with a supernatural being straight from one of her novels. Dragon prince, elusive billionaire, Severn Damek has a reputation for being ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants. The fertility of his race is tied to the Chalice of Enos and he's determined to recover the priceless treasure. It's the ultimate prize, or so he thinks until he encounters Sophie. The moment he sees her, Severn is engulfed in the fiery flames of lust. She's his mate and he intends to possess both her and the Dragon's Cup.(less)

Rescue Me Love can rescue a lonely heart. Kyle Morgan doesn't want to be rescued, especially not by former beauty queen Sabrina Daniels. Sabrina fires up Kyle's long dormant libido, and it's like a match struck on dry tinder-an explosion of heat whenever she's around. His cheating ex-wife left a bad taste in his mouth about the entire female gender and he doesn't want to get involved again, despite Sabrina's untapped sensuality. Sabrina Daniels, newly divorced from her controlling millionaire husband, is out to build her independence and begin a new life. She's always wanted to be a ranch owner but knows nothing about ranching. Her solution comes in the form of The Rocking M in Dreamwater, Oklahoma. The ranch needs an investor, and she has the money. But if she wants her dreams to come true, Sabrina will have to work alongside handsome-as-sin Kyle Morgan. Yes, he's surly and unpleasant, but underneath his tough exterior, she discovers a man who feels like a failure. Both have firm goals for their future, but love has a way of interfering in the best laid plans.(less)

Show Me He promises to indulge her secret fantasies, if only she dares to accept. Socialite Janine Bartolino has always been in the public eye. Managing her late father's philanthropic interests, she keeps her pastimes above reproach. But when a surprise thirtieth birthday celebration at a private club opens her eyes to wicked pleasures, and an intriguing man offers her the chance of a lifetime to indulge her every secret fantasy, Janine takes a leap of great personal risk. Phillipe "Del" Delacroix knows what Janine wants, even if she isn't aware of it herself-a chance to explore the world of voyeurs and exhibitionists. Soon, the once staid and reserved woman transforms into a daring and passionate lover, giving Del everything he could ask for in a partner. But when something happens that puts Janine's reputation, her career, all she's worked for, in jeopardy.Del must prove that loving him is worth the risk. See Watch Me by Shelley Bradley for the first story in the Sneak Peek Duet. Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language and woooo hooooo -sex in public places(less)

Whit Hot Holidays, Holiday Bound White Hot Holidays - Holiday Bound By Jaci Burton Twas the night before Christmas and she wrote a letter, asking Santa to make her love life much better. The handcuffs and garters were all hung with care, waiting for the right man with whom she could share. . . Domestic violence counselor Maria Perez is tired of being on the nice list. She wants to be naughty. When a letter to Santa falls into the hands of Detective Colin Maguire, the man who inspires her deepest, darkest fantasies, Colin sets out to make every one of Maria's kinky Christmas wishes come true. White Hot Holidays - Silent Knight By Delilah Devlin This

story is loosely connected to the My Immortal Knight series. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Noelle Moyaux questions her gift of sight until a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger during the Christmas holiday sets her on a path to save his soul. Magnus Thornton is a millennium-old vampire who has found evidence of an old foe's evil at work in the demolished city of New Orleans. Weary of the fight, he decides to greet the coming dawn after a night reveling in his favorite things-a bottle of Bordeaux and a willing woman. What starts as a night of sensual delights, ends in a revelation of mutual discovery when Noelle quickly creeps into his heart. The ancient vampire, so jaded from life he never speaks, must now persuade her to flee the city before it's too late. White Hot Holidays - Jessamyn's Christmas Gift By N.J. Walters It's Christmas Eve and Jessamyn Parker waits by the fireside in her boyfriend's house. She expects him home any minute after being away for three months on business. Clad only in a slinky teddy and sprawled beneath the Christmas tree, she plans to surprise him. But instead of her boyfriend, a complete stranger surprises her. Caleb Morgan is the new sheriff, and unbeknownst to her, he is also the new owner of the house. Jessamyn flees back to her own home, determined to forget not only her boyfriend's betrayal, but als

Wild, Wicked & Wanton’ – Berkley Heat Three friends reveal their most intimate secrets in an erotic romance from "an undoubted master."* They're inseparable friends who share their wildest secrets and dares. The latest bet is the boldest of all: each must sleep with whomever the others have chosen and return with every juicy detail. For divorc?e Abby it's a pair of sexy veterinarians who are fulfilling their own desire. For heartbreaker Blaire it's the one man she never had the courage to bed. For sensible Callie it's an irresistible stranger. For readers, it's an erotic fantasy come true.

Kristina Douglas – the Fallen 1 - 3
The fallen 01 (Raziel) This book captivated me. It started out kind of strange, with the shifting 1st person POVs, and the fact that the heroine gets hit by a bus at the beginning of the story (not a spoiler, trust me). But, I have to say, I couldn’t stop reading. It’s the honest truth that I would read the phone book if Anne Stuart wrote it. When I heard she had written a fallen angel paranormal romance (under a pseudonym), I was there. I mean, she’s the Queen of Bad Boy Heroes. She didn’t disappoint me with Raziel,... She was just an ordinary mortal . . . “You’re dead” is so not what Allie Watson wants to hear. Unfortunately, it explains a lot. Like the dark, angelically handsome man who ferried her to this strange, hidden land. The last thing she remembers is stepping off a curb in front of a cross-town bus. Now she’s surrounded by gorgeous fallen angels with an unfortunate taste for blood—and they really don’t want her around. Not exactly how she pictured heaven. . . . until death catapulted her into a seductive world she never imagined. Raziel is unsure why he rescued Allie from hellfire against Uriel’s orders, but she stirs in him a longing he hasn’t felt in centuries. Now the Fallen must brace for the divine wrath brought by his disobedience, and they blame Allie for the ferocious Nephilim clawing at the kingdom’s shrouded gates. Facing impossible odds at every turn, the two must work together to survive. Raziel must defend his spirited lover against the forces of darkness–because Allie may be the Fallen’s only salvation.

The fallen 02 ( Demon) Once the Fallen's fearless ruler, a grieving Azazel must find the legendary siren meant to take his lost lover's place . . . and kill her. He's a devil of an angel. Azazel should have extinguished the deadly Lilith when he had the chance. Now, faced with a prophecy that will force him to betray the memory of his one true love and wed the Demon Queen, he cannot end her life until she leads him to Lucifer. Finding the First is the Fallen's only hope for protecting mankind from Uriel's destruction, but Azazel knows that ignoring his simmering desire for the Lilith will be almost as impossible. She's an angel of a demon. Rachel Fitzpatrick wonders how Azazel could confuse "her "with an evil seductress. She's never even been interested in sex At least not before she set eyes on her breathtaking captor. And now she can't think about anything else--besides escape. Angels and demons don't mix. Rachel stirs a carnal need in Azazel that he never thought he'd feel again. Falling for a demon--even if she has no idea she's the Lilith--means surrendering his very soul. But if he lets her go, he risks abandoning his heart, his dangerous lover, and possibly all of humanity, to Uriel's deadly wrath.

The Fallen 03 (Warrior) Archangel Michael, the warrior angel, has been celibate for 100 years and has not taken blood from anyone but the Source for 200 years. Now due to a prophecy, he must not only wed but bed and drink blood from a woman who is the Roman goddess of war reincarnated to help save his brethren and defeat Uriel. Finally a book that doesn't have the outright meanness that the other books have had. While Michael is not exactly excited about being with Tory outwardly, inwardly he wants her very much. I loved how they egged each other on and how they wore down each other's defenses. Tory was great. I really enjoyed how she embraced her new "freedom" and all the movie/TV lines were hilarious especially when other people * coughMichaelcough * didn't get it. I liked seeing what was going on with the other couples and the rest of the angels that we've come to know. I knew from the get go about Allie and I'm so excited about that! I loved seeing Raziel still being so overprotective...especially when she gave blood and he was jealous! It was an intriguing little spin with the wraith and Uriel in the Darkness. I wonder if that will play out anymore. The next book is Rebel and is about Cain and possibly Martha. I didn't read the excerpt but it's made me very curious. Can't wait! A born warrior, archangel Michael is dedicated to the Fallen’s survival. But only one woman understands the seductive hunger that he cannot forsake. There comes a time in every angel’s life . . . Every little girl imagines, now and then, that she’s a princess held captive in a tower. But Victoria Bellona is almost twenty-five. And that whole fairy-tale scenario? That’s her real life. The drop-dead gorgeous man who rescues her is no Prince Charming. He’s the gruff archangel Michael, and he insists that Tory is the Fallen’s only hope for ending Uriel’s vicious rule. She insists he’s crazy.

. . . to show his brethren what he’s made of. According to the prophecy, Michael must marry this frustrating, fascinating creature, bed her, and drink her blood. But their fate is a double-edged sword. If they give in to their urgently growing desires, Tory will die in battle. If they refuse, she will die anyway, and with her, all of mankind. Michael is determined to find another solution when a traitorous kidnapper forces him into a deadly confrontation. Even if he can save Tory from Uriel’s ruthless clutches, will they ever really be together? Or is her fatal destiny—and the world’s—written in stone?

Dark Hunter Series
00 – the Beginning – prequel info??? 1 Fantasy Lover Fantasy Lover – Summary Dear Reader, Being trapped in a bedroom with a woman is a grand thing. Being trapped in hundreds of bedrooms over two thousand years isn’t. And being cursed into a book as a love-slave for eternity can ruin even a Spartan warrior’s day. As a love-slave, I know everything about women. How to touch them, how to savor them, and most of all, how to pleasure them. But when I was summoned to fulfill Grace Alexander’s sexual fantasies, I found the first woman in history who saw me as a man with a tormented past. She alone bothered to take me out of the bedroom and onto the world. She taught me to love again. But I was not born to love. I was cursed to walk eternity alone. As a general, I had long ago accepted my sentence. Yet now I have found Grace–the one thing my wounded heart cannot survive without. Sure, love can heal all wounds, but can it break a two-thousand-year-old curse?


Night Pleasure

Dear Reader, Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be immortal? To journey through the night stalking the evil that preys on humans? To have unlimited wealth, unlimited power? That is my existence, and it is dark and dangerous. I play hero to thousands, but am known to none. And I love every minutes of it. Or so I thought until one night when I woke up handcuffed to my worst nightmare: a conservative woman in a button-down shirt. Or in Amanda’s case, one buttoned all the way up to her chin. She’s smart, sexy, witty, and wants nothing to do with the paranormal—in other words, me. My attraction to Amanda Devereaux goes against everything I stand for. Not to mention the last time I fell in love it cost me not only my human life, but also my very soul. Yet every time I look at her, I find myself wanting to try again. Wanting to believe that love and loyalty do exist. Even more disturbing, I find myself wondering if there’s any way a woman like Amanda can love a man whose battle scars run deep, and whose heart was damaged by a betrayal so savage that he’s not sure it will ever beat again. —Kyrian of Thrace


Night Embrace

Night Embrace – Summary Dear Reader, Life is great for me. I have my chicory coffee, my warm beignets, and my best friend on the cell phone. Once the sun goes down, I am the baddest thing prowling the night: I command the elements, and I know no fear. For centuries, I’ve protected the innocent and watched over the mankind, making sure they are safe in a world where nothing is ever certain. All I want in return is a hot babe in a red dress, who wants nothing more from me then one night. Instead, I get a runaway Mardi Gras float that tries to turn me into roadkill and a beautiful woman who saves my life but can’t remember where she put my pants. Flamboyant and extravagant, Sunshine Runningwolf should be the perfect woman for me. She wants nothing past tonight, no ties, no long-term commitments. But every time I look at her, I start yearning for dreams that I buried centuries ago. With her unconventional ways and ability to baffle me, Sunshine is the one person I find myself needing. But for me to love her would mean her death. I am cursed never to know peace or happiness-not so long as my enemy waits in the night to destroy us both.


Dance w/ the Devil

Dance With The Devil – Summary Zarek’s Point of View: Dark-Hunter: A soulless guardian who stands between mankind and those who would see mankind destroyed. Yeah, right. The only part of that Code of Honor I got was eternity and solitude. Insanity: A condition many say I suffer from after being alone for so long. But I don’t suffer from my insanity-I enjoy every minute of it. Trust: I can’t trust anyone…not even myself. The only thing I trust in is my ability to do the wrong thing in any situation and to hurt anyone who gets in my way. Truth: I endured a lifetime as a Roman slave, and 900 years as an exiled Dark-Hunter. Now I’m tired of enduring. I want the truth about what happened the night I was exiled-I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Astrid (Greek, meaning star): An exceptional woman who can see straight to the truth. Brave and strong, she is a point of light in the darkness. She touches me and I tremble. She smiles and my cold heart shatters. Zarek: They say even the most damned man can be forgiven. I never believed that until the night Astrid opened her door to me and made this feral beast want to be human again. Made me want to love and be loved. But how can an ex-slave whose soul is owned by a Greek goddess ever dream of touching, let alone holding, a fiery star?


Kiss of night

Kiss of the Night – Summary Wulf is an ancient Viking warrior with a useful but extremely aggravating power-amnesia. No one who meets him in person can remember him 5 minutes later. It makes it easy to have one-night stands, but hard to have a meaningful relationship, and without true love he can never regain his soul. When he finally meets Cassandra, the one woman who can remember him, she turns out to be the princess of the cursed race he’s sworn to hunt-and

forbidden to him. The two of them must face ancient curses, prophecies, and the direct meddling of the Greek gods to find true happiness at last.


Night Play

Night Play – Summary Bride McTierney has had it with men. They’re cheap, self-centered, and never love her for who she is. But though she prides herself on being independent, deep down she still yearns for a knight in shining armor. She just never expected her knight in shining armor to have a shiny coat of fur… Deadly and tortured, Vane Kattalakis isn’t what he seems. Most women lament that their boyfriends are dogs. In Bride’s case, hers is a wolf. A Were-Hunter wolf. Wanted dead by his enemies, Vane isn’t looking for a mate. But the Fates have marked Bride as his. Now he has three weeks to either convince Bride that the supernatural is real or he will spend the rest of his life neutered—something no self-respecting wolf can accept… But how does a wolf convince a human to trust him with her life when his enemies are out to end his? In the world of the Were-Hunters, it really is dog-eat-dog. And only one alpha male can win.


Seize the Night

Seize the Night – Summary Valerius isn’t a popular Dark-Hunter-he’s a Roman, which means that the largely Greek Hunters have a major grudge against him and his civilization for superceding them. To make things worse, he’s very conscious of his aristocratic background and breeding. So it serves him right when he runs into Tabitha Devereaux. She’s sassy, sexy, and completely unwilling to take him seriously. (Not to mention that she’s the twin sister of the wife of former Dark-Hunter Kyrian-Val’s mortal enemy.) What Tabitha does take seriously is hunting and killing vampires-and soon she and Val have to grapple with the deadliest of all Daimons-one who’s managed to come back from the dead, and one who holds a serious grudge against both of them. To win against evil, Val will have to loosen up, learn to trust, and put everything on the line to protect a man he hates and a woman who drives him nuts.


Sins of the Night

Sins of the Night – Summary In the realm of the Dark-Hunters there is a code of honor that even immortal bad boys must follow: Harm no human. Drink no blood. Never fall in love. But every now and again a Dark-Hunter thinks himself above the Code. That’s when I’m summoned. Who am I? I’m the one thing the fearless fear. Step over the line and it’s my wrath you will face. Nothing can touch me. Nothing can sway me. I am relentless and unfeeling. Or so I thought until I met a female Dark-Hunter who goes by the name of Danger-it’s not just her name, it’s how she lives her life. She doesn’t trust me at all. And who could blame her? She alone knows that I’m here to be judge, jury and most likely executioner of her friends. Yet she is my key to saving some of them. Without her, they all will die. Dangereuse St. Richard is a deadly distraction. Something about her is reawakening a heart I thought was long dead. But in a race against evil, the only hope mankind has is that I do my duty. And how can I do my duty when it means that I will have to sacrifice the only woman I’ve ever loved?


Unleash the Niht

Unleash the Night – Summary

It’s a predator eat predator world for the Were-Hunters. Danger haunts any given day. There is no one to trust. No one to love. Not if they want to live… An orphan with no clan that will claim him, Wren Tigarian grew to adulthood under the close scrutiny and mistrust of those around him. A forbidden blend of two animals—snow leopard and white tiger—Wren has never listened to anyone when there was something he wanted. Now he wants Marguerite. Marguerite D’Aubert Goudeau is the daughter of a prominent U.S. Senator who hates the socialite life she’s forced to live. Like her mother before her, she has strong Cajun roots that her father doesn’t understand. Still, she has no choice but to try and conform to a world where she feels like an outsider. But the world of rich and powerful humans is never to meet the world of the Were-Hunters who exist side by side with them, unseen, unknown, undetected. To break this law is to call down a wrath of the highest order. In order to have Marguerite, Wren must fight not just the humans who will never accept his animal nature, but the Were-Hunters who want him dead for endangering their world. It’s a race against time and magic without boundary that could cost Marguerite and Wren not just their lives, but their very souls…

10 Dark Side of the moon
Dark Side of the Moon – Summary Susan Michaels was the hottest reporter on the Beltway Beat until she walked into a setup that ruined her reputation. Now she’s working for a small Seattle paper, penning stories about killer moths and alien babies, convinced that her life couldn’t get any worse… That was before an idea for a breaking news piece brought her to a local animal shelter where she ends up listening to her source rant about vampires and gets coerced into adopting a cat despite her allergies. But when her new pet suddenly reveals himself to be a gorgeous—and lethal—shapeshifter, Susan realizes that there’s far more at stake than a career-saving by-line. Born into a world of predators, Were-Hunter Ravyn Kontis was betrayed by those he loved best. Soulless, pitiless, he has spent three hundred years battling the Daimons who seek to subjugate humankind. Against all odds, Susan evokes in Ravyn feelings of tenderness. Desire. Love. And with the ultimate battle about to begin, this one very human woman holds the power to shatter both their worlds

11 Devil May cry
Devil May Cry – Summary For millennia, the ex-god turned Dark-Hunter Sin has sought to regain his powers and take revenge on Artemis. But now he has bigger fish—or in this case, demons—to fry. The lethal gallu that were buried by his pantheon are stirring, and they are hungry for human flesh. Their goal: To destroy mankind. Sin is the only one who can stop them…if a certain woman doesn’t kill him first. Enemies have always made strange bedfellows, but never more so than when the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Now a man who only knows betrayal must trust the one person most likely to hand him to the demons. Artemis may have stolen his godhood, but this one has stolen his heart. The only question is: Will she keep it…or feed it to those who want him dead?

12 Acheron
Acheron – Summary Eleven thousand years ago, a god was born. Cursed into the body of a human, Acheron spent a lifetime of shame. But the strongest steel is forged from the fires of hell…

Acheron’s human death unleashed an unspeakable horror that almost destroyed the earth. Then, brought back against his will, he became the sole defender of mankind. Only it was never that simple. For centuries, Acheron has fought for our survival and hidden a past he’ll do anything to keep concealed. Until a lone woman who refuses to be intimidated by him threatens his very existence. Now his survival—and ours—hinges on hers, and old enemies reawaken and unite to kill them both. War has never been more deadly…or more fun.

13 One Silent Night
One Silent Night – Summary While the world carries on unawares, Stryker, who leads an army of demons and vampires, is plotting an all out onslaught against his enemies—which, unfortunately for us, includes the entire human race. To avenge his sister, Stryker prepares to annihilate the Dark-Hunters. But things go awry when his oldest enemy returns. Enter his ex-wife. Zephyra. Just when he thought nothing could stop him, he’s now embroiled in a centuries old war with a shrew who gives new meaning to pain.

14 Bad moon rising
COMING AUGUST 4, 2009: Sherrilyn Kenyon is a national and international bestselling sensation. With over fifteen million copies of her books in print in over thirty countries, Sherrilyn’s novels launch straight to the top of the bestseller lists, including the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. Now she brings us the newest Dark-Hunter thrill ride and the stunning new arc in the Dark-Hunter world. Prepare yourself to enter a world of danger and peril, where the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Where gods and demons battle for supremacy with mankind caught in the middle and one man and one woman must save us all

15 No Mercy
No Mercy – Summary Live fast, fight hard and if you have to die then take as many of your enemies with you as you can. That is the Amazon credo and it was one Samia lived and died by. Now in contemporary New Orleans, the immortal Amazon warrior is about to learn that there’s a worse evil coming to slaughter mankind than she’s ever faced before. Shapeshifter Dev Peltier has stood guard at the front of Sanctuary for almost two hundred years and in that time, he’s seen it all. Or so he thought. Now their enemies have discovered a new source of power- one that makes a mockery of anything faced to date. The war is on and Dev and Sam are guarding ground zero. But in order to win, they will have to break the most cardinal of all rules and pray it doesn’t unravel the universe as we know it.

16 Retribution
Retribution – Summary Harm no human… A hired gunslinger, William Jessup Brady lived his life with one foot in the grave. He believed that every life had a price. Until the day when he finally found a reason to live. In one single act of brutal betrayal, he lost everything, including his life. Brought back by a Greek goddess to be one of her Dark-Hunters, he gave his immortal soul for vengeance and swore he’d spend eternity protecting the humans he’d once considered prey. Orphaned as a toddler, Abigail Yager was taken in by a family of vampires and raised on one belief—DarkHunters are the evil who prey on both their people and mankind, and they must all be destroyed. While protecting her adoptive race, she has spent her life eliminating the Dark-Hunters and training for the day when she meeting the man who killed her family: Jess Brady.

A gun in the hand is worth two in the holster… Jess has been charged with finding and terminating the creature who’s assassinating Dark- Hunters. The last thing he expects to find is a human face behind the killings, but when that face bears a striking resemblance to the one who murdered him centuries ago, he knows something evil is going on. He also knows he’s not the one who killed her parents. But Abigail refuses to believe the truth and is determined to see him dead once and for all. Brought together by an angry god and chased by ancient enemies out to kill them both, they must find a way to overcome their mutual hatred or watch as one of the darkest of powers rises and kills both the races they’ve sworn to protect.

17 Time Untime
Time Untime – Summary The Mayans aren’t the only ones with a 2012 prophecy . . . Long before recorded history, there was a warrior so feared that everyone trembled before his wrath. Only a brutal betrayal by the one closest to him could defeat him. But not even death was the end of a man so strong. The Time Untime approaches . . . Kateri Avani has been plagued her entire life with dreams she doesn’t understand. Images of places she’s never been and of a man she’s never seen. Her quest for answers has driven her to Las Vegas where she hopes to finally silence the demons in her mind. What she never anticipates is coming face to face with the warrior who has haunted her her entire life. Ren Waya came back from the dead to keep the prophecy he began from coming true and ending the world. For thousands of years, he has fought the same evil that once possessed him. But now that evil has brought back the one person he can’t fight. The one person who once held the most sacred part of him. His heart. But if he doesn’t kill Kateri, the deadliest of evils will reemerge and destroy everyone else on the planet. It was a sacrifice he made once. Will he be able to make it again?

18 Dark Hunter Companion
The Dark-Hunter Companion – Summary An essential, wildly imaginative guide to the Dark-Hunter world with an in-depth break down of DarkHunter rules and codes of conduct, a directory of known Dream-Hunters and Were-Hunters, indispensable instructions on how to deal with a Daimon, an Atlantean pronunciation guide, an original interview with Sherrilyn Kenyon, and much, much more! Featuring original artwork from the world of the Dark-Hunters!

Demonica – Larissa Ione series
#1 Pleasure unbound In a place where ecstasy can cost you your life . . .

She's a demon-slayer who hungers for sensual pleasure-but fears it will always be denied her. Until Tayla Mancuso lands in a hospital run by demons in disguise, and the head doctor, Eidolon, makes her body burn with unslakable desire. But to prove her ultimate loyalty to her peers, she must betray the surgeon who saved her life. Two lovers will dare to risk all. Eidolon cannot resist this fiery, dangerous woman who fills him with both rage and passion. Not only is she his avowed enemy, but she could very well be the hunter who has been preying upon his people. Torn between his need for the truth and his quest to find his perfect mate before a horrific transformation claims him forever, Eidolon will dare the unthinkable-and let Tayla possess him, body and soul . . .(less) Mass Market Paperback, 391 pages

#2 Desire Unchained Pleasure is their ultimate weapon . . . Runa Wagner never meant to fall in love with the sexy stranger who seemed to know her every deepest desire. But she couldn't resist the unbelievable passion that burned between them, a passion that died when she discovered his betrayal and found herself forever changed. Now, determined to make Shade pay for the transformation that haunts her, Runa searches for him, only to be taken prisoner by his darkest enemy. A Seminus Demon with a love-curse that threatens him with eternal torment, Shade hoped he'd seen the last of Runa and her irresistible charm. But when he wakes up in a dank dungeon chained next to an enraged and mysteriously powerful Runa, he realizes that her effect on him is more dangerous than ever.

#3 Passion Unleashed FORBIDDEN TEMPTATIONS Serena Kelley is an archaeologist and treasure hunter-and a woman with a secret. Since she was seven, she's been the keeper of a powerful charm that grants her health and immortality . . . as long as she stays a virgin. But Serena isn't all that innocent. And when a dangerously handsome stranger brings her to the brink of ecstasy, she wonders if she's finally met the one man she cannot resist. FATAL DESIRES Wraith is a Seminus demon with a death wish. But when an old enemy poisons him, he must find Serena and persuade her to give him the only known antidote in the universe-her charm. Yet, as she begins to surrender to his seductions and Wraith senses the cure is within his grasp, he realizes a horrible truth: He's falling for the woman whose life he must take in order to save his own.(less)

#3.5 Eternity Embraced – is really Demonica 4.5 Jan 20, 2011 ISBN-13: 978-1452479354 Novella


Available in most formats at Smashwords Buy for Kindle on Amazon

Buy for Nook at Barnes & Noble Please note: This story originally appeared in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2, but it has been expanded for its digital release. For those who have read the story in print, you can read the expanded material as a free read here. ETERNITY EMBRACED Desire… Demon slayer Andrea Cole has always taken down the demons and vampires she hunts without mercy. But when a fellow slayer is captured and turned into a vampire by a sadistic monster, she must choose between loyalty to her family and the man she loves. Versus Instinct… Kaden Quinn has dedicated his life to slaying vampires, so when he is turned into one, his greatest nightmare comes to life. And when the woman he loves is thrown into a dungeon with him — as food — he must battle new instincts and old desires, and choose between his life, and hers.

#4 Escstay Unveiled Ecstasy Unveiled (Demonica #4) by Larissa Ione (Goodreads Author) 4.39 · rating details · 7,866 ratings · 533 reviews A DEMON ENSLAVED Lore is a Seminus half-breed demon who has been forced to act as his dark master's assassin. Now to earn his freedom and save his sister's life, he must complete one last kill. Powerful and ruthless, he'll stop at nothing to carry out this deadly mission. AN ANGEL TEMPTED Idess is an earthbound angel with a wild side, sworn to protect the human Lore is targeting. She's determined to thwart her wickedly handsome adversary by any means necessary-even if that means risking her vow of eternal chastity. But what begins as a simple seduction soon turns into a passion that leaves both angel and demon craving complete surrender. Torn between duty and desire, Lore and Idess must join forces as they battle their attraction for each other. Because an enemy from the past is rising again-one hellbent on vengeance and unthinkable destruction. (less)

#5 Sin Undone HER TOUCH IS DEADLY As the only female Seminus demon ever born, master assassin Sinead Donnelly is used to being treated like an outcast. She spent decades enslaved, and now vows she'll die before she'll relinquish her freedom again. Then Sin's innate ability to kill her enemies goes awry: She creates a lethal new werewolf virus that sparks a firestorm of panic and violence. HIS HUNGER CAN'T BE DENIED Half-werewolf, half-vampire Conall Dearghul is charged with bringing in Sin to face punishment for the plague. And she's no stranger: He's bound to her by blood, and the one sexual encounter they shared has left him hungering for her raw sensuality. Worse, Sin is the underworld's most wanted and Con soon learns he's the only one who can help her . . . and that saving her life might mean sacrificing his own.(less) Paperback, US, 400 pages

#5.5 Vampire fight club Demonica Book 5.5/LOD Book 1.5 Kensington Books ISBN-10: 142010988X ISBN-13: 978-1420109887 buy from: Amazon | Indiebound | Borders | Powell’s | B & N | Tantor Audio Book August 30, 2011 In this tantalizing collection, four New York Times bestselling authors invite you into the alluring worlds they created in the Demonica, Guardians of Eternity, Nightwalkers, and Dragon Kin series. Each mesmerizing page will leave you craving more… VAMPIRE FIGHT CLUB, by Larissa Ione: When a wave of violence forces shapeshifter Vladlena to go undercover, her first stop is a haven of vice – with a dangerously sexy vamp in charge. Both Vladlena and Nathan are hiding something, but they can't conceal the lust that simmers between them… DARKNESS ETERNAL, by Alexandra Ivy: After being held captive by one vampire for four centuries, Kata had no intention of taking another one to the underworld with her. Yet even in the pits of hell, there's no ignoring the intoxicating desire awakened by his touch. . . KANE, by Jacquelyn Frank: Kane knows Corrine was meant to be his. . . just as he knows that truly possessing the lovely human is forbidden. But on the night of the Samhain moon, the beast in every demon is stronger than reason, and Kane's hunger is more powerful than any punishment. . . DRAGON ON TOP, by G.A. Aiken Escorting the highborn Bram through deadly Sand Dragon territory will try Ghleanna's patience. . . and her resolve. For Bram is determined to enhance the journey with a seduction no female could resist. . . Excerpt Incoming emergencies got Vladlena Paskelkov’s adrenaline surging like nothing else. As a nurse at the only hospital that catered to vampires, demons, and other various underworld creatures, she got to see things she’d never encounter at a human facility and, as with most medical people, the more bizarre or horrific the injury, the more excited she got. It wasn’t as if she liked seeing anyone hurt, especially not the young of any species. But she’d inherited the medical gene from her father, who had been a surgeon at this very hospital. Until he was tortured and killed by The Aegis, a society of human demon slayers who called themselves Guardians and made it their mission to rid the planet of evil. Lena had been bitter, but not for long. Her father, though he’d been good to her, had walked a sinister path, and she was surprised the slayers hadn’t killed him sooner. She’d also learned to like a few Guardians, including one who used to work at Underworld General but now ran the The Aegis, and one who was mated to the hospital’s chief of staff.

And speak of the incubus, Eidolon, a dark-haired, impossibly hot Seminus demon, jogged into the bustling emergency department and snagged a pair of surgical gloves from the supply stand. “What have we got?” Lena gloved up as she spoke. “Male shifter, unknown breed. Found like the others, with multiple wounds, no vitals when the paramedics found him, but Shade got him jumpstarted.” Eidolon smirked. “What were Shade’s exact words?” Shade, Eidolon’s brother in charge of the hospital’s paramedics, rarely minced words. Yes, he’d given her all the technical jargon, but only after his more personal observations. “Hell’s fucking rings,” she said, doing her best Shade imitation. “Dude looks like he went through a wood chipper.” One dark eyebrow arched. “That’s more like it.” The red rotating light at the ambulance bay doors lit up, signaling the ambulance’s arrival in the underground lot. Before the doors opened, Eidolon turned to her, lowering his voice. “Did the serum work?” All the adrenaline that had been surging through her veins turned to sludge, and she absently rubbed the spot on the back of her hand where she’d given herself the injection. “No.” She cleared her voice to rid it of the sudden hoarseness. “I didn’t shift.” Pity dulled Eidolon’s espresso eyes. “I’m sorry, Lena. I’ll keep working on it.” He didn’t say anything more. What was there to say? Sorry you’re a freak who can’t shift into your animal form, even with a drug that works on everyone else? Sorry you’re going to go insane and die? Over the years, she’d been through therapy and lessons, desperate to shift into her furry form before she turned twenty-four, when the inability to shift would kill her. Yesterday, on her twenty-fourth birthday, she’d injected a drug Eidolon had developed as a catalyst for those who couldn’t shift any other way. It hadn’t worked. She was a failure among failures, and it was probably a good thing her father wasn’t alive to see how, very soon, she’d lose her grip on reality and grow violent before finally dying in agony. Shifters with her problem rarely survived more than six weeks after turning twenty-four, and she’d already started marking off days on the calendar. This really sucked. The ER doors whooshed open, and Shade and his partner, a werewolf named Luc, wheeled in a bloody male on a stretcher. As they hurried the patient to a room, Shade rattled off vitals, the dismal numbers putting an immediate damper on hope. Lena had only been out of nursing school for a little over a year, but she knew a goner when she saw one. The acrid stench of death clung to this male like a dire leech, and…she gasped, grinding to a halt as Shade and Luc lifted the patient onto a table. “Vladlena?” Eidolon’s right arm, which was encased in glyphs that ran from his fingertips to his shoulder, lit up as the healing ability inherent to his species channeled into the male. “You know this patient?” “Vaughn.” She stumbled to the side of the bed, her legs threatening to give out on her. “He’s my brother.” Vaughn had had been the only one of her three brothers who hadn’t tried to kill her. As the runt of the litter, she’d been the target of their vicious games, and if not for her father, they’d have slaughtered her. Now that

he was gone, Van and Vic had made several attempts on her life…which was one of the reasons she pulled a lot of double shifts at the hospital. Here, she was safe. Eidolon motioned for another nurse to take over for Lena, and she didn’t argue. Vaughn needed care she couldn’t give right now. Not with the way her hands were shaking and her mind was spinning. Dear God, he’d been torn to shreds. One arm looked like it had been chewed nearly off. Deep bite wounds left skin and muscle flayed in massive slabs that peeled back from exposed bone. His throat had been torn open, and blood seeped through the layers of pressure bandages. One of Vaughn’s eyes was swollen shut, but the other opened, and his bloodshot gaze latched onto hers. Recognition flared in the brown depths, along with unthinkable pain. “Hey.” She took his hand, tried not to cringe at the icy-cold, clammy skin. “You’re at UG. You’re going to be fine.” She offered a trembly smile that faltered when she glanced up at Eidolon, whose expression made a liar out of her. “Vaughn, what happened? Who did this to you?” “Th-thirst…” His voice was barely a rasp, his words gurgled through blood. “Club…” He convulsed, and all around, her co-workers became a flurry of action, and then Shade was pulling her back with gentle hands as Eidolon tried to save her brother. Time became fluid, elastic, stretching without giving Vladlena any sense of how much of it had passed before Eidolon finally looked up at the clock and spoke the words no one wanted to say — or hear. “Time of death, three twenty-two.” The doctor looked over at her, his powerful shoulders slumped in defeat. “Lena, I’m sorry.” She nodded, her throat too clogged with emotion to speak. “Shade.” Eidolon lifted a sheet to cover Vaughn’s body. “Where did you find him?” “Same place as the others.” Shade gave Lena’s shoulders a squeeze and stepped away from her, though he stayed close. “In the sewers beneath Fifth street.” Shade’s words barely registered. She’d latched onto a rhythmic tapping tapping noise that rose up even the din of the bustling emergency department outside the cubicle. It took a moment to realize what it was; her brother’s blood, dripping to the obsidian floor. Odd what the brain focused on when it didn’t want to think about something horrible right in front of you. “What is going on?” Lena whispered. Shade’s dark, shoulder-length hair brushed the collar of his black paramedic uniform as he shook his head. “I don’t know, but your brother is the only one to make it through the hospital doors alive.” “This is the third victim this week.” Eidolon stripped off his gloves. “The human and demon realms have been in turmoil lately, but this is too specific to be related to the apocalyptic events.” Turmoil was a mild way to put what was happening, given that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse had recently appeared, and at least one apocalyptic Seal had broken. The hospital had been dealing with the violent fallout nonstop, and Eidolon had been forced to hire unschooled help and train them on the job just to keep up with the patient load. Shade casually kicked a towel beneath the exam table to stop the sickening drip of Vaughn’s blood. It was a small thing, but a thoughtful one, and Lena could have kissed the demon for it. “So what the hell are we dealing with?”

“Fight club.” Wraith, Shade and Eidolon’s blond, half-vampire brother, sauntered up, his leather duster flapping around his boots. “You’re dealing with some sort of underground gladiator fights.” “And you know this, how?” Shade folded his arms over his broad chest in that universal big brother pose Vaughn used to give her while he waited for an answer he knew he wouldn’t like. Wraith blinked, all mock innocence. “I wasn’t always a model citizen, you know.” Vladlena glanced over at her brother’s lifeless body before quickly looking away. “He wouldn’t have been involved with something like that.” “Maybe not willingly,” Wraith said. “These places are run by the same kind of scum who run dog and cock fighting rings.” Her hands tingled, and she realized she’d been hanging onto the stethoscope around her neck like it was a lifeline. “What are you saying?” “That your brother could have been bait. Used to train fighters. Or he could have been forced into fighting.” “Oh, gods.” The strawberry milkshake she’d had for dinner soured in her stomach. Pinpricks of pain spread through her fingers as she pried them away from the ancient stethoscope, which used to be her father’s. “Where do these things operate?” Wraith jammed his hands into his jeans’ pockets. “The really skeevy ones are run in Sheoul, but the most profitable ones are here in the human realm.” “Hey, guys, look at this.” Shade held up Vaughn’s hand, and under the glow of the ultraviolet lamp on the wall, a stamp glowed beneath blood on the back of his hand. “One of the other victims had a similar stamp.” “Thirst,” Wraith murmured. “Nice place.” Vaughn’s voice rang through her head. Th-thirst. She sucked in a harsh breath. “That’s what Vaughn said when he came in. I thought he was asking for water. What is Thirst?” “Vamp club.” Wraith propped his hip against the counter and crossed his booted feet at the ankles. “Shifters and weres go too, and a few humans who are in the know about us.” Vaughn had been even more of a recluse than she was. So why he’d go to this vampire club was a mystery. A mystery she was going to solve. If she had only a few weeks left to live, she’d make the most of them, and she’d get revenge for her brother. A forbidden thrill shot through her at the thought, and yep, that had to be a symptom of the pending insanity, because the idea of violence had never excited her. And somehow, she couldn’t even bring herself to be upset about it…which was probably another symptom. Very gently, she tucked Vaughn’s hand under the sheet. “Looks like I’m going to pay a visit to a vampire hangout.” “Lena, if Thirst is a cover for a fight club, it’s too dangerous for you.” Eidolon’s tone softened to the one he used with children. “When your father asked me to give you a job, he also asked me to look after you if anything were to happen to him.” She stared at the handsome doctor, surprised by his admission, but it didn’t change anything. “You can’t stop me,” she blurted, and wasn’t that mature? She might as well stomp her foot, too. Breathing deeply, she found her big girl voice. “It’s just that I need to do something that matters in the time I have left.”

The doctor closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them, they were resigned. “Give me an hour to do some research.” “I’ll do recon,” Wraith said, his blue eyes bright with mischief. She didn’t even want to know what he had planned. With Wraith, it could be anything. Shade popped a stick of gum in his mouth. “I need to clean the rig, but let me know if you need anything.” The brothers left her alone with Vaughn, and she sat with him, remembering all that they’d been through, until, an hour later, Lore, the fourth Seminus brother, arrived to take Vaughn to the morgue. “I’m sorry, Lena.” Lore placed his hand — gloved to prevent any accidents with the lethal power he wielded — over hers. “I’ll treat him well.” As he wheeled Vaughn away, Eidolon arrived with a cup of coffee. He handed her the cup, which she took gratefully. Maybe the hot liquid would ease the chill that had settled in. “You can access Thirst either through a secret entrance behind a human Goth club called Velvet Chain,” he said, “or from a hidden door in the sewer beneath it. Since it’s mainly a vampire club, non-vamps are expected to donate blood.” “Not if they work there.” Wraith swept in the way he always did, like a tornado. “The club employs six medics. And they’re hiring.” Eidolon frowned. “How do you know?” “Because they’re now short two medics. I convinced one to quit.” “And the other?” Eidolon asked. “I convinced him to die.” Wraith flashed fangs. “It was that douche you fired last year for swapping out patients’ pain meds for vitamins.” “Excellent.” Eidolon nodded in approval. “But I still don’t like the idea of Lena going into that den of violence.” “It’s not your decision,” she said quietly. “You’re right,” E said. “And I wish I could send someone with you, but we can’t afford to lose any more hands.” “It’s okay. I have to do this.” Wraith clapped her on the shoulder. “We’ll check in on you.” Before she had a chance to thank him, Eidolon rounded on her, danger rolling off him in a scorching wave she felt on her skin. “If anything happens to you,” he said, in a voice as deadly as she’d ever heard from him, “I promise we’ll bring that club down so hard nothing will be standing.” “Especially not the fucks who run it,” Wraith added, his eyes glittering with anticipation. Funny thing. People talked big, said stuff like that all the time but never followed through. Without a these guys meant every word.

Lords of Deliverance – series
#1 Eternal Rider
They are here. They ride. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. His name is Ares, and the fate of mankind rests on his powerful shoulders. If he falls to the forces of evil, the world falls too. As one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, he is far stronger than any mortal, but even he cannot fight his destiny forever. Not when his own brother plots against him. Yet there is one last hope. Gifted in a way other humans can't-or won't-understand, Cara Thornhart is the key to both this Horseman's safety and his doom. But involving Cara will prove treacherous, even beyond the maddening, dangerous desire that seizes them the moment they meet. For staving off eternal darkness could have a staggering cost: Cara's life

#2 Immortal Rider
The signs are everywhere...disastrous world events. Evil rising up, unleashed upon the innocent. The prophecies were there...but no one listened. Until now. The time has come for those who can either usher in Doomsday...or prevent it. They are here. They ride. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Arik Wagner, a soldier with the U.S. Army's paranormal unit, the R-XR, kissed a girl and liked it. And then he went to hell as punishment. Where he's spent weeks being tortured...and plotting revenge. Limos, Horsewoman of the Apocalypse, isn't your average girl. She's immortal, dangerous, and her fiancé is Satan himself. In a moment of weakness, she gave in to her desire and kissed Arik, triggering her fiancé's wrath - and his claim on her. In order to save Arik, and the world, Limos must make a dangerous pact with her recently turned evil brother, Pestilence. A deal that might just cost her her soul...and her heart.

#3 Lethal Rider
They're here. They ride. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Born of a match between good and evil, four siblings stand between hell's minions and everything they want to destroy. They are the Lords of Deliverance, and they have the power to ward off Doomsday . . . or let it ride . . . LETHAL RIDER Thanatos, the most deadly Horseman of the Apocalypse, has endured thousands of years of celibacy to prevent the end of days. But just one night with the wickedly sexy Aegis Guardian, ReganCooper, shatters centuries of resolve. Yet their passion comes with a price. And Thanatos must face a truth more terrifying than an apocalypse-he's about to become a father. Demon-slayer Regan Cooper never imagined herself the maternal type, but with the fate of the world hanging in the balance she had no choice but to seduce Thanatos and bear his child. Now, as the final battle draws closer and his rage at being betrayed is overshadowed by an undeniable passion for the mother of his

child, Thanatos has a life-shattering realization: To save the world, he must sacrifice the only thing he's ever wanted-a family. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Born of a match between good and evil, four siblings stand between hell's minions and everything they want to destroy. They are the Lords of Deliverance, and they have the power to ward off Doomsday . . . or let it ride . . .

ROGUE RIDER – release date November 12 – do not have!
Jillian Cardiff came to this remote mountain town to forget the demon attack that almost killed her. Instead, she rescues-and falls for-a gorgeous stranger who has no memory of anything other than his name. Handsome, charming, and protective, Reseph seems like the kind of man whom Jillian can trust. But with hints of a troubling history of his own, he's also the kind of man who can be very dangerous . . . Reseph may not know why he mysteriously appeared in Jillian's life, but he knows he wants to stay. Yet when Jillian's neighbors are killed, and demon hunters arrive on the scene, Reseph fears that he's putting Jillian in danger. And once it's revealed that Reseph is also Pestilence, the Horseman responsible for ravaging the world, he and Jillian must face the greatest challenge of all: Can they forget the horrors of a chilling past to save the future they both desire?

Laurann Dohner – New Species Series #1 Fury Book 1 in the New Species series. Ellie is horrified to discover the pharmaceutical company she works for is doing illegal experiments. Company scientists have spliced human and animal DNA, creating exotic new species. One such “experiment” captures her heart and she’ll do anything to save him—even if he hates her for it. Fury has never known compassion or love. He’s spent his life in a cell, chained and abused by humans. The one woman he allowed himself to trust betrayed him. Now he’s free and set on vengeance. He vows to end her life but when she’s finally in his grasp, harming her is the last thing he wants to do to the sexy little human. Fury can’t resist Ellie—the touch of her hands, her mouth on his skin, her body wrapped around his. He’s obsessed with the scent of his woman. And Ellie wants Fury—always has. She craves his big, powerful body and wants to heal his desolate heart. But loving Fury is one thing…taming him is another. Reader Advisory: This story contains the heartrending aftermath of a rape scene involving a captive male. Another scene involves capture and forced touching by a hurt, vengeful Fury. #2 Slade Book 2 in the New Species series. The books can be read as stand-alone stories, but it is advisable to read them in order to get the most enjoyment from the series.Dr. Trisha Norbit is flat on her back in a hospital bed, pinned under a really big New Species male. Though drugged out of his mind, he promises her ecstasy and is determined to deliver—but hospital staff intervenes. 215 is a man Trisha will never forget. But, when she meets him again at Homeland…he doesn’t even remember her!The nosy new doctor wants to know all

about the breeding habits between humans and Species. Slade proposes a hands-on education but she’s not interested in a one-night stand. He can’t offer more because he’s haunted by the memory of a woman he once tried to claim. He’s shocked when he realizes they are one and the same. He’s blown it—she’ll never give him a chance now.But, when her life is in danger, he’s the only one who can save her. As they flee through the wilderness, their desire ignites and cannot be denied. Hot sex, on the run, has consequences that are even more dangerous and will change their lives forever.Reader Advisory: There is a scene of an attempted rape. Show Less #3Valiant Book 3 in the New Species series. Tammy has always tried to be prepared for any calamity life might send her way but she never imagined a sexy, lion man-beast in her future. He’s huge, got the most exotic, golden cat-eyes she’s ever seen, and she’s so terrified she’s speechless for the first time in her life. He’s stalking closer, growling at her, and she’s too terrified to even flee. Valiant hates humans. But when he gets a whiff of the adorable human female who has invaded his territory, he starts rethinking. Her fear scents of pure, sweet temptation and the closer he gets, the more appealing she becomes. Once he’s got his hands on her, he isn’t about to let her go. One thought will change his life. MINE! Before Tammy can regain her senses, she’s flat on her back in Valiant’s bed. Now he just has to use every inch of his big, buff body to convince her that she should stay with him forever. Reader Advisory: While this book may be read as a standalone, the background story is best enjoyed when the books in this series are read in sequential order. #4 Justice Book 4 in the New Species series.Justice North is the face of New Species. Seeing him up close makes Jessie’s heart race. He’s the ultimate alpha male—big, muscular, exotically beautiful…and dangerous. Of course he’s off limits. But then the sexy man purrs and all bets are off.Jessie Dupree is a mouthy, fiery human female who brings out the animal in Justice. She wants to show him how to relax, and he’s all for anything she wants to do, but Justice has sworn to protect his people and to take a Species mate. He’s torn between the woman he wants and the oath he’s taken.Jessie knows a relationship between them probably won’t end well; heartbreak is inevitable. But that won’t stop her from freeing the wildness inside Justice and spending every moment she can steal wrapped around his hot body, making him roar with passion.Reader Advisory: Each New Species book may be read as a standalone, but we suggest reading them in order to get the most enjoyment from the series. #5 Brawn The books can be read as stand-alone stories, but it is advisable to read them in order to get the most enjoyment from the series. One look at Brawn and Becca is wondering how he’d look without his clothes. Brawn is instantly attracted to Becca but has sworn never to touch a human female. They just aren’t sturdy enough and he likes his sex a little rough. He is shocked to learn he’ll be living with her when she refuses to leave her home. He is there to represent New Species and to learn about humans so maybe this will be a good educational experience. He just has to keep his hands off her.His good intentions go astray when they are kidnapped and locked together inside a cage. Brawn finds himself reliving a nightmare when he is once again subjected to breeding experiments at the hands of New Species’ enemies. They will use Becca to get what they want from him. Brawn will do everything he can to protect her but they only have each other to depend on while trying to survive. Show Less #6 Wrath Book 6 in the New Species series.Wrath volunteers to live and work outside Homeland, where he’ll once again be confined in a small space with other males. He was subjected to horrific abuse and conditioning and forced to view endless sex tapes of human females while chained to Mercile’s perverted machines. Wrath knows he’s too dangerous and emotionally damaged to ever be with a female.Lauren has just been detained by three big, buff, well-armed men—New Species. One of them really catches her eye. He’s tall,

sexy and…her new roommate, apparently. Having never met a man this spectacular, she decides to taste every inch of his amazing body. Wrath is definitely open to that plan. The sex is incredible and he gives her everything she needs—but he’ll only go so far. Something is holding him back.Lauren has to make him unleash his desire and Wrath has to get past his fear if the couple wants any chance at a future together.Publisher’s Note: While each New Species book is a standalone, the greatest enjoyment will come from reading them in series order. #7 Tiger - DO NOT HAVE Book 7 in the New Species series. The books can be read as stand-alone stories, but it is advisable to read them in order to get the most enjoyment from the series. Zandy’s had too much to drink and is in the wrong place at the wrong time. She knows she’s going to die. When her eyes open again, a beautiful man-creature is holding her in his arms. He is just too tempting to resist—her fallen angel. She wraps herself around his body, determined to have him. Reality crashes in when he turns out to be flesh and blood. She’s just molested a New Species.Tiger’s shock quickly turns to intense passion when the small human female kisses him. She’s trying to get his clothes off and wants to share sex with him but she’s lying across the hood of his Jeep and he’s engaged in a task force operation.Tiger has made it clear that he will never take a mate. There’s only one small problem—they can’t keep their hands off each other. The taste and feel of her just leaves Tiger wanting more.

(Mya Banks Tab)
Anitekas Tycoons – series – dumb shilloute romances

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