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Vacation is a film directed by John Francis
Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. Rusty Griswold
decides to surprise his wife Debbie and his
sons James and Kevin with a trip to United
States. I think that the film was very funny. I
like it, but is not the best film of the world!

Spy is a film written and directed by Paul
Feig. It is a comedy about a woman who
gives her a mission to be an infiltrated spy.
This comedy is really good and very funny.
The principal actress is fantastic and the film
is very good. I like it so much!

It is a comedy directed by Seth MacFarlane.
Ted gets married and he want to have a
baby. But govern says that he is not a
“normal” person. Ted and his best friend are
trying to transform Ted into a normal person.
I love this film! I think it’s better than the first
one!! It’s very funny!
By Cristina

Enrique Iglesias
He is Enrique Iglesias. He was a very
important singer, because his songs are
very impressive.

He is Avicii. He is a disc jockey. His songs always
the same.

Flo Rida
He is Flo Rida now is a very important singer.
He did 5 records

By Pol

It’s a very good series the actors do it well. The screenplay is good. The
scenery is so credible. It’s a very good comedy but sometimes it’s
romantic. My opinion is that it is very good.

It’s a good series. The actors do his roles well. There are few scenarios and
sometimes one actor never appears in all the chapter. The screenplays are
very good. My opinion is that it is good.

It’s an excellent series. The actors do it very well and the script is
excellent. The scenario isn’t bad. The screenplays are good. My opinion is
that it is excellent.
By Juan

This is a comedy about a family that learns
important life lessons from their dog. The dog is
very funny and family. I don’t like the end, because it’s very sad.

The film is about a couple who take their kids on a
family vacation. I don’t like de way the characters act.

Is an action film set in a world where people are
divided into distinct factions based on their
human virtues. I really like it.

By Georgina

It was the worst concert of my life. It was horrible. They sing very badly and I didn’t
hear anything! It was the worst thing the next time I go to another site. (Hate)
I loved Port Aventura. It was one of the best days of my life. I enjoyed it very much,
with the entertainment, attractions, food ... We had a very good day with friends. (like)
TV program (TOP CHEF)
It is a good program for addicts of the food. It is a difficult program but is entertaining.
All the contestants are professional cooks but it is tiring. It ends a bit boringly but it is
cool. (Like)
By Pau

CD Reviews
By Aina

Madonna: Rebel Heart
This is the new Cd of Madonna, she sing pop songs. I don’t like it,
because the songs are very boring.
Rihanna: (title unconfirmed)
It is the most expected CD of 2015. I really like this Cd. And she
sings a song with Beyoncé. I love this cd. It is very lively and
“Lo mejor de la Voz 2015”
This Cd is a very interesting cd, because you can listen to different styles of music in the
same cd. I like it!

La que se avecina:
I like this series because are comedy TV series. The actors are very funny
There are very popular in Spain and South America. They now are in the eighth season.

I like Eminem's music because I like rap and for my Eminem is a best rapper in the
Last CD the last cd pulled in 2014.The name is ShadyXV.
Gta V
I love this game because it is incredible. You are a cop character and you you can buy
By Aleix

Tagliatella: In Tagliatella restaurant, you always have to queue for a long time
and food arrives too late. Besides, the food was not very good. The pizzas were
burnt, the risotto was very salty and the shrimp risotto was not good. For children
was very badly organized. For example, some children who asked for macaroni
were brought a giant plate. I must say that they put sticks before you bring lunch.

Ginos: Ginos restaurant had a long queue. It also takes a long time to bring your
food. It was a very small and there were a very few waiters. The toilets were clean.
For small children there were papers to colour.

Fresco: Fresco restaurant is pretty cheap. I do not think they did much business
because you pay 12 euros and then you can eat as much as you can .The food is
good and I like the novelty they have done. They have included meat and fish in
the menu!!


1. “Vacation”
“Vacation” is a new film. This movie is very popular because it is
visible to all ages and is about adventures.
I like this movie, because it talks about many issues, and you don’t
know the end because in the journey there are a lot of problems.
2. “Mientras seamos jovenes”
“while we are young”
“Mientras seamos jovenes” is a bad movie. I hate this
movie because it’s very short. The film talks about two
people and they go through a lot of new adventures.
3. “ Minions”
This film hasn't got any actors. The characters are
cartoons. The movie is good for children and young
people. I like this film, but the minions don't talk a
By Esther

The Hunger games
I really like these three books. However, I liked more the
first book. The second one is very good but the start is
boring. For the third I have only seen the films and the
first part is very boring, but I suppose that the second
part will more interesting. I like it more the first one
because iit s very interesting and you don’t know what
is going to happen. These three books are a drama.
By Joel

The maze Runner
This is a famous film and it’s very popular. This film is very interesting
because there is much intrigue, action and makes you nervous. I love it.
This is a cartoon film: UP. In my opinion it is very boring because there is
no thrill, and the little action doesn’t make you tense. I hate it.
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
This film is not present but it has amazing graphic effects. It’s about gods
and demigods. All accused Percy of stealing thunder and he wants to prove
he was not the robber.
By Pol

Remember me? By Sophie Kinsella
This book is about a girl who has an accident and loses her memory from
the last 3 years, so little by little she will have to remember everyone,
including her husband.
I think it’s a fantastic book for kids and adults, it’s very interesting and it
isn’t boring. It always leaves you intrigued of what is going to happen. I
really recommend it!

The fault in our stars

By John Green

This book is about a girl that has got cancer and joins a support group. In
this group she meets a boy and falls in love with him.
I think this book isn’t as fun as the first one because this one is sadder, but
this book is beautiful, it’s a love story but adventurer as well. I recommend
this book but especially to girls.

Paper towns

By John Green

This book is about a boy and a girl which are neighbours, but they never
really got on. Until one day, the girl turns up in the boy’s house and says
she’s got an adventure. They will live a million of adventures and they will
have to find clues also.
This book isn’t as good as the fault in our stars, but it’s ok. I like it and I
recommend it too.
I’ve read all of these books and I think they are great!

By Nicole

Last weekend I went to the cinema. I went with my friends and
I had a really good time. We watched this film. I like the film
but I think it was very very long. Is a comedy film. Actors are
good. The directors were John Francis Daley and Jonathan M.

This summer I have watched a lot of films. But this
film I love it. It is the first novel by the Italian writer
Federico Moccia. It's a romantic comedy. The actors
are Mario Casas and Maria Valverde. I love these
actors. This film is the first part of a novel, and the
second one is “Tengo ganas de ti”.

I saw this film in the cinema. I went with my cousin, because we wanted to
celebrate my saint.We had a fantastic time. The actrices are so funny. I really
like comedy films. The director of the film is: Elizabeth Banks. And the movie is
about “Las Bellas” that they are college girls who sing a capella and compete in the
World Championship Choirs.

By Anna

REVIEW ( By Carlota )
I like "Hawaii 5.0" because It's very popular. It is an American police procedural drama television
series. The series covers the actions of a small special unit of the police state and it is created
by the governor of Hawaii to investigate serious crimes in the islands. The team is headed by
Steve McGarrett. It has got 5 seasons.

"Castle" is my favorite police series, I always see it. There are two players: Becket and Castle.
They already have 8 seasons, Rick Castle is a famous mystery novelist who helps the NYPD in
their cases and Kate Becket one of New York's best detectives.

I don't like very much "Alerta cobra" because all the time charges are exploiting cars and
shooting, but I don't hate it because it's not so bad. It is about a special police team is
responsible for fighting crime across highways in Germany. It has got 19 seasons.

By Carlota

As far as I am concerned, “FAST&FURIOUS” is a film that combines action, a little bit of
romance and thrill. The only three elements that a good movie needs. The special
effects of the explosions, cars, guns… are beyond amazing. Notwithstanding the movie
being interesting, there is no obvious link between part 3 and the other.
By Raimond

I want to talk about three films that I have seen this weekend.

The first film is called “Vacaciones”, is about an American family that wants to go on holidays
by car. The want to go to Walley World, an amusement park. It’s a comedy, a funny comedy.
You can’t stop laughing in all the film.
The second film is called “Tu a Londres y yo a California”. This film is about two twins that
change their personalities between them. In this film, you can see two different ways of life.
It’s a good film for kids.
The third film is called “Notting Hill”, in my opinion, it’s not the best one, but you can see lots
of beautiful places from London, I love London, it’s very nice. The film it’s not fantastic, but I
like it.
By Laia

Music review
Nicky Jam: Nicky Jam’s CD
This is his first CD and it’s very popular because he sings very well
reaggeton. I love all of his songs but only one song I don’t like
because its very boring. I loves his firs CD, It is the most popular
CD’s of reaggeton.
By Carla

Aquí no hay quien viva:
I like this series because are comedy TV serie. The actors are very funny
There are very popular in Spain but they do not do so now. They now are in eighth season.

Lory Money:
I like Lory Money's music because I like rap and for is a best singer in the world. I like
the song “Santa Claus” because it is very fun.
I love this game because it is very easy. You play football on tv and 1st Division teams
can be chosen.

By Ricard

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