RFA for Cash Games

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RFA Procedure for Cash Games In step 12 you are required to submit a request for action (RFA) once you have significant reason to believe the players are cheating. They include a summary, trap request, and RFA. Please include these items as a part of your investigation notes. This particular recommendation will include the following:

1. A brief point form summary outlining the evidence you have found that flags the players as potential cheaters. Here’s an example that I have taken from one of Brad’s cases:

• • • • • • 2.

Players lives in the same city and even the same street. Many player-to-player transfers between players. Have played in may games together within a short duration of 1 week. Player Matusow JR may well have multiple accounts, which will be dealt with as a separate issue. Chat during between two players once 4 handed could be considered collusion against MikeVick7r. Players have shared the same Neteller processor account numbers.

A Trap Request: Please include any serial numbers from your serial relationship excel sheet that you would like me to trap.

3. A recommendation for action for the disbursement of any funds from the cheaters to victimized players using a matrix. Here’s an example: RFA for Tournament #123456 HAND NUMBER 11 11 12 12 13 13

PLAYER NAME RobertaRenna Lawrence Ng ChrisDanek MoZhang TomGreen Rebecca Yu



-$50 +$50 -$200 +$200

You will notice one thing here.

Whenever you do an RFA for a cash game the funds loss must always equal the funds gained. You will remove the entire pot won from the cheating player and award it to victim player. The balance must be zero.

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