Role and Duties of Junior Electrician

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Should report to supervisor on a daily basis, and carry out prescribed inspections.

Should report to work at 8am during the slow season and 7 during the peak season.

Assurance that the tension system is functional and that there is adequate travel
with appropriate clearances at both ends.(take readings)

Operation of all manual and automatic switches in terminals, work

platforms etc

Every first working day in the week run evac engine and check fuel level, for
sufficient quantity to carry a full evacuation.

Assist operator with difficult situations. Eg disable guest, stubborn guest and
crowds at terminal.

Check batteries once a week for water levels and take manual voltage readings at

Assist other maintenance staff with other park and tram duties.

Must be involved with other duties other than that you have been trained in.

No idling

All personnel shall practice good housekeeping, with particular emphasis on
avoiding the development of any condition that might contribute to personal injury.

Personnel shall comply with the operational rules and safety regulations of the
specific aerial lift.

Must assume the senior responsibility in the absence of the supervisor, and will be
in charge of operation staff in his absence.

Design an operating log with inspections made record of defects and how solved.

May be asked to work overtime if the need arise.

Joshua Fontenelle
Maintenance Supervisor

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