Role of corporate communications in an organisation

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Role of Corporate Communications in an organization The population is increasing, the number of students getting graduated is adding to the job aspirants list leading to an inclination in the Job graph, companies are expanding and so are its products and services and the target audiences. The increase in number of employees, chain structure going long, has lead to the requirement of planning before one puts anything into action. Earlier one used to have lala type companies, which had only one Managing Director, having no knowledge about running the business, and keeping minimum track of profit and losses, forget about probing into the reasons behind it and planning for its betterment. Planning and analyzing forms an important part of the organizations’ growth. Without proper planning and allocation of duties, to each and every employee, the confusions and communication gaps can prove to be a great hindrance towards the achievement of a goal. Therefore, a proper flow of information from top to bottom is very much required to maintain a balance in the communication processes. Today almost every organization has a separate department for corporate communications, which does the planning, strategy development and many other initial activities to start the business, the management of projects and its allocation is also done by this team. One can also say that, all the internal and the external communication processes are handled by this department. Some of the career opportunities in the field of corporate planning and counseling are: 1.) Business Development Executives/ Managers 2.) Business Analysts 3.) Marketing Managers 4.) Strategy Managers 5.) Research Associates 6.) Corporate Planning 7.) Public Relations 8.) Counselors 9.) Communication planners 10.) Communication specialists 11.) Event planners 12.) Corporate trainer Qualities required for a person to get employed as a corporate communicator: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) Jack of all trades and master of some Punctuality or delivering before deadline An eye for details Quality consciousness Ability to coordinate Strong understanding of the advertising process Strong communication skills Team spirit and leadership

9.) A sense of urgency 10.) Excellent organizational skills 11.) Ability to handle many things at one time 12.) Ability to remain calm under pressure

The various responsibilities which one has to fulfill being a part of corporate communications department are: 1.) In organizing public relation functions for a corporate body, the head of corporate communications or PRO, in smaller traditional companies must work out the best way of introducing his company usefully to the media, this may be means of handouts, circulars, sent through the post or printed publicity material or by special events such as press conferences or receptions or on a more personal level by introducing the company’s executives to journalists, sometimes over lunch. 2.) To plan and strategize the communication processes with the internal and external audience 3.) To maintain a communication balance between the internal audience i.e. the organization’s employees, to decrease the communication gap. 4.) Marketing research, the need of the hour and what is the demand of the audience 5.) To keep an eye on the industry developments 6.) To handle shows like, exhibitions, road shows, etc. 7.) To handle public relations and media relations department of the organization 8.) Periodical research and evaluation to determine the actions or adjustments needed for social harmony (between the organization and its publics). 9.) It is for each corporate communication head to determine what is the best and most cot- effective method of communicating his companies interest. This presupposes that the initiative comes from him. 10.) To answer queries from the press and TV. If a corporate communication department earns a reputation for, finding the answers to press queries swiftly, effectively and accurately and presenting them in a form that is usable by the media, hen what that department says is likely to be believed, trusted and used.

The education required for the job of a communication analyst or counselor is basically a graduation degree preferably in mass communications or English honors, and further a masters in marketing or business management, or MBA in Media. Thus, for pursuing a successful career in corporate communications and counseling, one must be honest, responsible and hard- working to be able to make his brand stand alone among ten others of the same industry. Gurleen writes on behalf of, the no.1 job portal in India.

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