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Rule of Law in military
The wars on terrorism are wars against ourselves It seems popular these days to blow up cars from a distance, using missiles fired from a helicopter or an unmanned spy plane. But I'm not talking about the terrorists: I'm talking about those who want to stop them at all costs. In the last few days (as of this writing,) Israeli military helicopters have attacked two vehicles in Palestinian territories; their targets were heavily suspected terrorist leaders. They're not the only ones guilty: the US launched a decapitation attack against Saddam Hussein on the eve of a fullscale war, and earlier, the US destroyed a vehicle in Yemen carrying suspected terrorists. We've detained supposedly illegal immigrants for weeks without pressing charges or providing a lawyer, while searching their backgrounds for terrorist links. We've held prisonners (not of war, as that'd require us to treat them well, and quickly) caught during our brief attack in Afghanistan. We have abandoned simple rules of freedom, in order to gain what we see as security. Habeas corpus? Or maybe "innocent until proven guilty?" We've committed murder rather than bring suspected criminals to justice: if they're terrorists, or might be, they don't deserve justice. That's the way we're moving our world forward, toward peace, freedom, and prosperity for everyone. In the mean time, however, we have made ourselves judge/jury/executioner out of frustration, cynicism, and utter laziness. If we can fire a missile at them ... don't you figure we can arrest them and bring them to court? If we feel so comfortable killing our enemies, shouldn't we be able to prove, in a court of law, that these people are guilty of heinous crimes beyond (A note here to those who think I'm being partisan: it was President Clinton, not Bush, who signed the order to kill Osama Bin Laden, wherever and whenever it became possible. The use of spy planes to carry weapons was conceived of by Clinton's administration, though they hadn't finalized the plans. The plans were forwarded to Bush's team, who later made use of them.) Freedom and justice are worth too much to me to allow us to blatantly violate our own rule of law to obtain them. I don't want freedom bought by murder. I don't want justice at the cost of innocent bystanders being blown to shreds by missiles. I don't want this security, when I may in fact be the next target of a missile from my own benefactors. I don't want to be guilty of striking first, out of fear and uncertainty: the terrorists have won when we can no longer obey our own laws. Freedom ... murder. Someone has reminded me that this sounds an awful lot like a revolution. We're proud of the American revolution -- "freedom" from the rule of aristocrats. Wasn't that terrorism? Do we not honor the terrorists who fought off the British? The US wasn't its own nation yet: it was only a colony under British rule. At the time, they were fighting their own government, using violent means, to get what they wanted. That is the definition of terrorism we use today: use of violence and/or threats to coerce a government for your own political or religious reasons. The U.S. of America were born of terrorism; terrorism was their method. Our fight for freedom was successful, and we are proud of it.

Illegal Immigration and America's Loss of the Rule of Law
"California, essentially lost its sovereignty," said Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca. "There are 40,000 illegal immigrants in the state prison system here. Twenty-three percent of the jail population in Los Angeles County is illegal immigrants." Those words from the top cop in California illustrate the loss of the rule-of-law in America. Over three million illegal aliens operate in the Golden Bear State. With an estimated 13 million free roaming illegal aliens and 2,000 'making it' over our borders 24/7, this country is in trouble. When Border Patrol agents catch illegal aliens, they let them go. In January, 2004, agents caught 96,000 border jumpers. After arresting them, agents bussed them back to the border without so much as a slap on the wrist. Why? Congress won't allow detainment. One alien said it was his 11th time being captured and that he would try again. Agents catch one in five! That's WHY we have 13 million illegals that have flaunted the rule of law. John W. Slagle, 30 year Border Patrol agent and intelligence officer, in his book, 'ILLEGAL ENTRIES' said, "Terrorists can easily walk into America carrying rocket propelled grenades." From the border, with Jihad on their minds, they could easily park themselves at the end of any US airport runway and launch a rocket into an incoming or outgoing 747. Why has California lost the rule of law? Sheriff Baca contends with accelerating crime, uninsured motorists who hit and run from accidents, drug distribution and extortion of businesses. His biggest nemesis, the 20,000 member18th Street Gang, is made up of 60% illegal aliens. So much for Tom Ridge's Homeland Security promises! In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicides which total 1,500 target illegal aliens. Up to two-thirds of all felony warrants at 17,000 last year were for illegal aliens. A California Department of Justice study reported that the gang collaborates with the Mexican Mafia on complex drug distribution, extortion, drive by assassinations, and commits an assault or robbery every day in LA County. With this rampant lawlessness engulfing California, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens drive cars without insurance. Now, the Latino caucus is forcing Governor Schwarzenegger into passing a law allowing illegals a license. Instead of adhering to the rule of law, these lawmakers support lawlessness. Schwarzenegger enjoyed election success because Californians demanded the rule of law. Now, such men as state senator Gil Cedillo want the governor to get it right because, "The time is now." Cedillo said if the governor would not sign up to give illegals driver's licenses, Cedillo would move forward without him. Instead of moving ahead to stop illegal aliens from gaining a driver's license, Cedillo advocates aiding and abetting illegals to gain a license. It's against federal law USC 8, 1325, sections 274, 275, 277. The Latino caucus is so large it can stonewall anything the governor needs to help California out of its horrific debt of $38 billion. Which, by the way, was created in part by illegal aliens who don't pay taxes or infrastructure costs.

Only a few American legislators stand for the law. "There is nothing to resolve," said Senator Oller. "Illegal is illegal." That fact does not make a difference to the Latino caucus now making powerful inroads in California politics. They refuse adhering to the rule of law. They advocate for lawbreakers. While California suffers schools collapsing, roads clogged, filthy air and horrific crimethese leaders advocate for lawlessness. It's called 'Third World Momentum'. It's the reason Mexico wallows in misery, crime, drugs and chaos. Latino leaders support Special Order 40 that keeps law enforcement from arresting illegal aliens. It's why Americans die from head-on collisions on expressways in the dead of night as people smugglers run the wrong way with no lights. It's why police officer David Marsh was killed by an illegal alien last year. It's why eight women in Boulder, Colorado were raped by illegals last year. It's why one illegal alien with tuberculosis infected 56 other people in Santa Barbara last month. It's why two Tulsa, Oklahoma teachers suffered tuberculosis this week. Thousands of disease carrying illegal aliens cross our borders 24/7 because of the loss of the rule of law. It's why any kid on any street in any city in America can obtain drugs 24/7. It's why a terrorist can set up shop in America at any time. California is fast becoming another country. But what about the rest of America? This lawlessness stems from Congress refusing its sworn duty to defend and protect from "enemies both foreign and domestic." No one, since 9/11, has lifted a finger to stop this invasion on the Mexican border. At some point, your state will house 40,000 illegal aliens in prison and they'll be there because they did something to you or your family. Fellow Americans, we are in trouble.

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