Saint Augustine

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Source: LCCM (La Consolacion College Manila) St. Augustine's LessonCredits to All religion teachers to LCCM for Making this :)



Frances G. Casido VI- Grace

Saint Augustine
 He is the patron saint of LCCM  He is the founder of order of St. Augustine  He is always surrounded with friends  He is the Bishop of Grace  He is the Doctor of Grace  He is also called as the Father of the Church  His greatest saying” My heart is restless until it rests in you *Important Dates*    November 13, 354- Saint Augustine’s birthday August 28, 430- his death and feast day Easter of 387- His baptism in Milan

*Saint Augustine’s Family* o Monica- Prayerful mother o Patricius- His Father o Navigius- His Brother o Perpetua- His Sister o Adeodatus- His Son *Saint Augustine’s Friends*       Alipius- His bestrfrend Possodius- His wrote his life story Romanianus- He supported his studies St. Jerome- he translated bible into Latin Faustus- he is the mentor of the Manicheans St. Ambrose- he baptized St. Augustine

*Important Places* Tagaste- place of birth and built the First Monastery of Augustinians Milan- place of his baptism

Pavia- his burial place Hippo, North Africa- consecrated as bishop Cassiciacum- retreat place before his baptism Cathedral of Hippo- A relic of his forearm is retained (present day Annaba) Madaura- take up his secondary education *Saint Augustine’s Symbols*  Burning Heart- love for God  Staff- shepherd of the flock of God  Mitre- bishop  Bible- word of God  Cincture- patience of Monica *Saint Augustine’s Important Books*  On religious life  In defense of the Church  The Confession  The city of God  On the Holy Trinity

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