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A/C Technicians

One of the biggest attractions to working in the Gulf is a salary higher than you might find in your home country or elsewhere. Even if the basic salary doesn’t seem to be much more, it has the added bonus of being totally tax free. Not only that. You would usually have at least a couple of benefits attached to your contract that could include (but is not exclusive to); Health insurance (mandatory) housing allowance, allowance for school fees and health insurance for dependents, plus a yearly/biannual flight home to your own country. As a basic guide to the kind of salary to expect when working in the Gulf, we have done the research so you don’t have to.

Salary Guide
Account Manager / Business Development Manager Accounting Manager Administrative Assistant Air Conditioning Maintenance Engineer Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) Air Traffic Controller Airline On Board Food & Beverage Manager Architect


USD 450 USD 6,500 Up to USD 6,500 USD 1,300 to 2,400 USD 14,500 USD 14,500 USD 9,500 USD 2,700 USD 4,000 to 8,000 DOE USD 8,000 USD 8,000 USD 2,500 to 5,000 USD 3,000 USD 2,000 to 3,000 USD 9,500 USD 7,000 USD 5,000 USD 6,000 to 8,000 USD 4,000 USD 1,500 USD 450 USD 6,500 USD 20,000 USD 13,000 USD 4,500 USD 1,300 USD 1,600 USD 800 USD 500 USD 6,000 USD 5,000 to 10,000 USD 10,000 USD 4,000 USD 10,000 USD 25,000 USD 5,500 USD 6,500 USD 6,500 USD 6,500 USD 4,500 to 6,500 USD 2,500 USD 2,500 USD 6,800 to 9,500 USD 8,000 USD 9,000 USD 8,000 USD 1,500 USD 2,800 USD 14,000 USD 8,000 USD 8,000 USD 2,500 USD 3,800 USD 6,800 USD 7,000 USD 2,000 to 4,000 USD 900 USD 900 to 1,500 USD 4,000 USD 2,000 USD 25,000 USD 500 to 2,000 USD 2,500 USD 2,700 USD 2,700 USD 2,700 USD 5,000 USD 6,000 USD 9,000 USD 10,000 USD 600 USD 600 to 1,000 USD 5,000 USD 2,500

Architectural/Engineering Speciality Design Coordinator Area Sales Manager Assistant Brand Manager - FMCG Assistant FandB Manager Automation Engineer Business / Financial Analyst Business Analyst Business Development Manager Buyer Cabin Crew CAD Technician CAT A - Crane Operator Change Management Consultant Chemical Engineer Chief Financial Officer Civil / Site Engineer Civil Foreman Civil Procurement Engineer Civil Site General Foreman Cocktail Bartender / Mixologist Commercial Conference Producer Commercial Litigation Lawyer Compliance Analyst Construction Foreman Construction Manager Corporate Lawyer Creative Interior Designer Credit Analyst Customer Service and Distribution Planning Manager Dentist Deputy Finance Manager Dermatologist Executive Assistant Family Physician Human Resource Manager Interior Designer IT Project Manager Landscape Architect Legal Assistant / Para-Legal Marketing Director MEP Commercial Manager MEP Senior Quantity Surveyor Nurses Pharmacist PR Manager PRO - Dubai Radiologist Secretary Security Officer Senior Advisor Investment and Wealth Management Software Developer Solicitor / Lawyer Sonologist, Sonographer, Registrar Radiologist Sous Chef Steel fabricator Store Manager Fashion Retail Structural Engineer Teacher Teacher (university) Training Manager Transport Manager Waiter Warehouse Manager Web Developer and UI Designer Office Manager


The salaries quoted in this document were taken from genuine job advertisements from Q1 2010. Salaries were then converted into USD for consistency. The salaries quoted are for general guidance only and any terms and conditions, and remunerations agreed would be between you, the employee and the employer. We take no responsibility for any similar position being advertised or offered at different salary levels.

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