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Sales Force Automation - Made Easy

Web based Sales Force Automation solution for Pharmaceutical Companies “SAN eReport” is providing Sales Force Automation ”SAN e-Report” for 100+ companies over 12 years, covering wide industries like Pharmaceutical, OTC, FMCG and Diagnostics. SAN eReport provides valuable information on Daily visits to Doctors, Chemists, Stockists, Primary and Secondary sales, Stocks of Samples/Gifts with Field Force. SAN eReport acts as a tool to keep the MR and the Managers informed about the latest in the market and the Company news. SAN eReport aims at reducing the drudgery of filling up long messy forms repeatedly and mailing two or three copies to the corporate office, re-entering the forms in another application package etc. This section provides facilities for filling in the doctor visit details and also samples & gifts distributed daily. Page:1: SAN eReport Modules and Features Daily Calls Report Doctor Profile Survey Updations Competitor Management Analysis Doctor Product Promotions Qtywise POB - Chemist& Stockistwise Std. Daywise Plan and Tour Plan (TP) Master TP Preparation, TP Deviation TP based Daily Calls Report Internal Email Automatic Missed Calls Alert(s) TP Deviation - Auto Message Territory Missed Coverage Alert(s) Single click Mail to All / MR / ASM etc Sample and Gift Management Sample Status Field Force wise Sample Vs Sales Periodical Gift Distribution
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Why Technology up gradation will be free (hardware and software) Well expertise in Pharmaceutical, OTC, FMCG Industry Regular Data Backup and Encrypted Data Security and Firewall No Investment, No Software, No AMC Cost No Hidden cost, Pay as you Use (“SaaS”) 24/7 Telephonic Support for your Field Force, Hindi, English, etc Encrypted Data Security and Firewall Dedicated Database and Bandwidth, Workflow Automation Rules and Tasks

Expense Management Auto Expense Calculation for Field Force Sales Incentive Calculations Forum Management Post your Success Stories, HR Polices Scientific Information and FAQ Service / Sponsor Management Doctor Service wise Sales Track Region wise Service Track Campaign Management Campaign Doctor Visit and Sales Campaign Doctor Gift Status Primary & Secondary Sales Management Primary Vs Secondary Statement Manager Cumulative Sales – Secondary, & Primary Sales Graphs Target Management Target Vs Sales Target Fixation – Qty&Valuewise Manager Cumulative – Target & Achievement Analysis of MR effort with respect to orders and deviations Task Management Assign the Tasks to Field Force Pending Task Track Evaluate the Tasks
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. . . and more Page:2: SAN eReport Benefits An industry like Pharma, where a vast number of sales force is to be manage, it is inevitable that, the companies has to look for smarter options. One of the productive and feasible solutions would be to migrate the sales process management to an online platform. Once the process is made online, the sales representatives are provided with the updated information, no matter where they are. It helps in 3 ways. Representatives have a complete perspective of Critical for Managers: Managers need the right tools to gain visibility into their Field Force activities and pipelines. With powerful MIS-Report, managers can be confident that they are maximizing team productivity. Territory Management: with SAN eReport territory management capabilities, you will easily define, administer, analysis, and change territories to match your sales organization, more matter how complex or frequently

their entire sales cycle at any given point of time Manages get a real time perspective of the entire activity of his team, which will help him to manage it well. Corporate HQ gets instant data from the field, which they can leverage for marketing and Research purpose.

evolving. Workflow Automation: with SAN eReport parameterized workflow automation helps standarise your organization’s workflow to automate your sales process for greater operational efficiency, consistency and control. The result is greater control over routine activities and the eliminated of redundant task. Updated Reminders: with SAN eReport, manager can schedule regular, automated emails for themselves and their direct reports. Campaign Management: with SAN eReport, you have a single spot effectively planning your marketing spend, managing all your initiatives and campaigns, and analyzing performance and result. Document Management: SAN eReport acts as your on-demand resource for critical business material by providing a common document. Accurate and timely information on competition and market trends to the top management This will improve the human value and work efficiency inturn and Better call management in terms of quality and numbers. Significant decrease in overheads including data entry, validation, and other office gadgets Easily record the details of an interaction, including products detailed, key messages, physician reactions, samples dropped, follow up items, and expenses. Helps in managing the activity of sales force, to manage the routes they work, and also the task they work on. Impact of direct marketing activities on top Management Substantial reduction in Overheads, viz. Phone, Printing, Fax, Courier, Data-entry & Validation Samples transactions, including Sample dispatch, Sample receipt, returns, disbursements, inventory counts, and adjustments. Transparent communication between subordinate and superior. Without reading the email Field Force cannot access the SAN eReport. It helps to maintain a detailed and updated customer profiles ( Doctors / Chemist / Hospitals) in easy to use form. It will help the Marketing department to get insight into strategy

execution and success from the field. It helps to remove, mundane, repetitive, strenuous work from the sales force. . . . and more Page:3: SAN eReport Few of the MIS-Reports Pharma companies are required to continuously optimise their sales force resources and effectiveness, as they tighten their focus on profitability, as well as revenue growth, because as companies invest heavily in the development and marketing of new therapies, they are also increasingly focusing on Return on Investment (ROI). In a dynamic market like this, where new competitive threats emerge rapidly, there are bound to be massive changes overnight. Hence, there arrives a need to implement a repetitive and a constant learning model that will enable companies to identify different market shifts and build response plans in real time before their competitors can gain significant market share. Field Force Tool? Less time wasted searching through mazes of folder and old emails Never sending an out-ofdate datasheet again Product Exposure Product wise Doctor Visit, Product wise POB Doctor wise - Productwise Rx Selection DCR Analysis -MR / Manager

Insight into which materials are most valuable to their Doctor Visit - Category / Specialty / Product wise, Doctor Visit Campaign wise peers Instant insight into the company's history with customers and prospects Insight into the experiences of their colleagues to help close more deals more quickly Help Field Force find and learn about recently won deals similar to theirs Capture a full contact and customer history Achieve business continuity during personnel changes Help new reps get up to speed quickly Ensure top-quality service no matter who the customer speaks to . . . and more Page:4: Testimonial Field force Evaluations based on the KPIs Call Average - Doctors, Chemists and Stockists Missed Calls - Doctorwise, Territorywise, Visit Typewise MR - Manager Comparison, Manager Joint Work Analysis Micro Level Analysis for Manager, Visit analysis - HQ, EX and OSwise Sample Vs Sales, Gift issued Doctor Campaign wise,

We strive to make our customers and their projects successful. As such we have many satisfied clients around the globe that have many nice things to say about us. Our Customer says: Why SaaS “Software as a Service”? Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) face the same challenges as larger companies when it comes to cutting costs and saving money in a difficult economy. Many are now turning to software as a service (SaaS) which allows them to save money and provide better service by essentially renting as opposed to purchasing their business applications. Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership Without any hardware to purchase, scale, and maintain; without operating systems, database servers, or application servers to install; without consultants and staff to manage it all, and without frequent upgrades…it’s easy to see why SaaS is so much less expensive up front. Even more important, however, are the long-term savings. Gartner estimates that twothirds of IT time and budget is spent on maintaining infrastructure and dealing with updates. With SaaS, this waste becomes a relic of the past. Easy, Behind-The-Scenes Upgrades Customers of SaaS applications benefit from instant deployment of new versions, which means the entire customer base is always working on the latest version, eliminating the wasteful upgrade projects that currently plague the industry.

We are exceedingly glad to have chosen for implementing SAN eSFA in our organization. It’s for true that our Secondary Sales System has been enhanced in a very big way. Not only did the deployment happen professionally, but they also helped us in significantly improving and establishing successful business relationships with our clients. SAN eSFA met and exceeded all our requirements and the support staffs were always there to solve any queries or concerns. General Manager, Bal Pharma Ltd, Bangalore.

Working with has been an absolute delight. Their product SAN eSFA is of impeccable quality and that's coupled with the team's meticulous handling of our requirements. They've been very dedicated and focused. We never had anny issues in communication or status updates. They were detail-oriented and prompt. Their support is undoubtedly par excellance. We'd love to work with them again General Manager, Vasu
Healthcare Limited, Vadodara.

SANeFORCE's team of technical experts is extremely dedicated and energetic. The team worked together in customizing and deploying SAN eSFA according to our needs. They were supportive, committed, adaptable and flexible. M. Rajarathinam,

Director, MMC Healthcare Ltd, Chennai. helped us realize our two-year long dream. SANeSFA has worked for our organisation and we now see our dreams as reality. We beleive that it is their market presence and excellent functional knowledge in the pharmaceuticals industry that helped us succeed. Director,

Pharma Synth Formulations Ltd, Delhi.

Our Address: #15, Anusuya Street, Rangaraja Puram, K. K. Puram, Kodambakkam, Chennai – 600024 Our e-mail Contact Support [email protected] Information [email protected] Accounts [email protected] Our Phone Contact Sales Technical Support 98416-33330, 9789033008 98416-33330, 9841316719 9841633330, 044-24732511 Our website

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