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Sales Force Automation Client Background
 Fortune 500 client  Footwear and Apparel Company in US  Currently has 6 different versions of custom developed Sales Force Automation packages for each of its subsidiaries.  These packages provide facilities for Order Entry, Order Status, Inventory Lookup and Adhoc Sales Reporting.

 Proposal to have a single web based application covering all the different functionalities in a configurable manner with role based access capabilities, multi lingual, multi currency, automatic software upgrades and data synchronization through extranet.

Sales Force Automation Description of the Project
• Sales Force Automation Product is a full fledged web based application which the user can configure it and run it from laptop remotely and use it to book orders, get order status, get inventory status and run various reports.

The product caters to multilingual needs and enables the user to periodically upload the order data from the laptop to the Web Server located centrally from where the data will be uploaded to SAP system.
The product will enable the user to download relevant information like the master data and order status information along with inventory availability to his laptop from SAP system. Several administration utilities are provided at the online server to facilitate data upload and download, configuration of the application and creation and maintenance of security related aspects.

Sales Force Automation SFA Architecture
Server side connection
IIS Web Server
(Windows NT)

Client side connection (laptop)

Intranet / Extranet Web front end Microsoft IE XML/Flat files JDBC connection

Apache tomcat app server (Java Server pages, Java Beans)

EDI Server (HP UNIX)

Application Server (Windows NT)

Data repository

SQL Server

Microsoft Access DB (or) MySQL Server

Flat files – Phase I Java connecter/JRFC - Future

BW server SAP AFS System

(Data Warehousing)

Sales Force Automation Project Functional Details
• Offline Functions ( Laptop)
– Account Lookup • Enables the salesrep to view the customer information including Ship to and Bill to Details Order Entry / Order Edit • Enables the salesrep to book orders and modify the existing orders. The product data along with the inventory status is provided as a lookup. Order Build • Enables the user to build the EDI file from the order information. This EDI file will be later uploaded to SAP system Order Confirmation Status • The user can view the status of the orders as obtained from the SAP system Data Refresh • Enables the user to upload the Order data from the laptop to SAP system and download the inventory and Order Status data from SAP system to the Laptop Order status and Inventory Reports Adhoc Sales Reporting Automatic Software Updates

– –

– – –

Sales Force Automation Project Functional Details
• Online Functions ( Application Server)
– – Maintain Users • Allows the admin to create/modify/view an delete user information Maintain Sales Organization • Allows the admin to create/modify/view an delete Sales Organization information Maintain Configuration by Sales Organization and Order Horizon • Allows the admin to configure the layout and behavior of data entry screens based on the functionalities specific to each of the sales organization and Order Horizon for each of the Sales Orgs. Net Change Download Process • Background process run to create files containing incremental data changes to be downloaded to laptop Full Refresh Download Process • Background process run to create files containing complete data backups to be downloaded to laptop Administration utilities

Sales Force Automation Development Environment
• • • • • • • Developed the application by using J2EE with JSPs and Servlets and MVC architecture Tomcat 4.1 Web Server on Laptop IIS web server for online utilities MySQL 4.0 database on Laptop SQL Server 2000 used as Backend Database Total Duration: 6 months Team Size: 6 resources

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