Sales Force Automation

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Sales Force Automation • Sales force automation (SFA) is the most widely used of sales tools, speeding and streamlining all phases of sales from lead management to analytics and forecasting. • With SFA more than 100,000+ customers and 2 million subscribers worldwide can manage people and processes more effectively, pursue more business in less time, and close more deals.

Many Vendors…..
• SalesLogix ( • PeopleSoft (Later acquired by Oracle) ( • NetSuite ( • SalesNet ( • IBM’s Salesforce ( • Siebel (Siebel sales 7.0)

SFA Functionalities
• Features and interfacing modules in SFA System help sales Employees in any organization to handle the sales and sales related activities effectively and efficiently. • Functionalities vary from Vendor to Vendor as per Requirements, Design or architecture point of view. • The Mostly available functionalities are;

• • • • • • • • • •

Contact Management Opportunity(Prospect) Management Account Management Proposal Management Quotation Order tracking Sales Forecasting Pipeline Analysis Sales Quota Management Commission Management cont….

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Territory Management Incentive Compensation system Telesales Campaign Management Sales Assistant Partner Management system Email Website inquiries and query tracker Quote Price Engine Voice Recognition Knowledge management Wireless Capabilities Report writer Communication Manager

Contact Management
• Basic Sales tool • Entire applications are devoted to it • Covers all Customer contact fields like; Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Company Details, Designation, Department, Company address, Communication Address, email, Fax, city, State, Zip code, Mobile Numbers, Personal and Business Information, etc


Online Customer


Contact Interface

Sales Person/ Vendor
Customer Data Mart

Offline Customer

Account Management
• Allows sales person or Sales Manager to handle individual corporate or customer accounts • Each account has multiple links • Mainly connected to Contact Management and ERP’s Account business process and Proposed Opportunities • Product purchases and communication history are the inclusions with contact info

Opportunities Management
Inclusions are; • Specific opportunity • The company it belongs to (if any) • Salesperson working over it • Final results of Opportunity • Closure information of Opportunity • Competitor’s information for opportunity • Threat Level • Any other comparisons related to product or service

Lead Management
• • • • A subset of opportunity Management Related to Contact management A Qualified Lead An Opportunity Company buy Leads, Qualifies them and finally convert into Prospect • Strong Lead management and automatic routing features

Quote Generation
• Related to Quotations and Orders • Automatically generates Quotations and orders • Product catalogs includes products, services or a combination of both with appropriate pricing based on various discount variables as compared to competitor • Includes special discounts/volume Discounts/Timed Discounts

Sales Forecasting
• • • • • Getting forecast from sales Manage sales activities to forecasts A part of sales Pipeline management Helps to estimate sales revenue Helps to estimate product demand

Pipeline Management
• Sales Pipeline is term used to represent the execution of the established sales process • It indicates all the stages in Sales closure process • Sequence of execution; Prospecting Potential lead Qualification of Lead Opportunity Strategies to win opportunity Short listing Negotiations Closed (Won /Lost)

Order Tracking • Tracking the status of order or Invoice • Tracking Product Delivery • Normally tied to back office financial functions Sales Quota Management • Used by sales Managers • Used to have control over individual sales person work as per targeted quota for sales within defined time segment

Commission Management
• Tool used to calculate commissions and incentives to sales person • Sharing of opportunities among sales person complicate the process of commission calculation

Territory Management
• Complications arrive when Change in territory • “What’s mine is mine and What yours is mine” is followed • Tool provides efficient territory management

Telesales Campaign
• Tracks the work of Telemarketers

Sales Assistant
• Tool for beginners • Step by step wizards are available • Mainly for fresh salespersons

Salesforce’s Sales Cloud
Sales Cloud • Give reps, managers, and execs everything they need to connect with customers and focus on what's important —more selling and less administration. • Close more deals — faster • Gain real-time visibility into sales • Connect with today's social customers

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