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Increase a Grip on your CRM and Marketing

What is Sales Force Automation?

Contact Management - Manage Client Database - Manage Contact Directory - Assign Contacts to members of team Leads Management - Create Leads - Track Pipeline - Track Leads by stage

Most Organizations dependent heavily on the sales process for the success. It is, hence called a Sales Forces. It’s the forces that drives all our organizations. And we need to make sure that the Force is in the right direction for maximum impact. Our SFA tools help you do just that.

- Identify segments within your market - Identifying your best customers in place - Detect opportunities and act on them in a timely manner - Identify and remove sales bottlenecks - Coordinate the sales function with other parts of the promotional mix - Understand where you want your efforts to be - Track effectiveness of your sales force. - Monitor and adjust the process

You need Sales Force if; - You have an online Sales team - Your sales process is MultiLocational - Sales is one of the key drivers of your business.

Activities - Create and assign activities for opportunities - Set reminders and updates for activities - Maintain activity plan and status

Target - Individual and divisional targets - Set targets for various activity level - Measure Target vs. actual performance

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