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Strategy, Sales, & Sales Management

Strategy, Sales, Sales Management

B2B Sales Management 101 B2B Sales Strategy 101 B2B Sales Case Study: Groove Sales & Strategy Reading List

B2B Sales Management 101 -- Harsh Reality

B2B Sales Management 101 – The Number “Quarteritis…”

“The sun rises & sets on the quarter”

B2B Sales Management 101 – Sales Representatives Sales Rep Profile
Personable, builds trust High energy Aggressive/”edge” Street Smart (v. book-smart) Listeners/nonverbal Motivated by money

80-20 rule Compensation
Base $90k - $100k Commission $125k (plus draw)
0%-50% quota = x%; 50% -100% quota = 2x%; > quota = 3x%

Stock options – less important President’s Club Top reps’ pay > CEO’s Measurable & Accountable – high turnover tolerated

B2B Sales Management 101 – Strategic Selling
BOD CEO LOB …Bus IT LOB IT Finance VP Enterprise Apps …Bus IT …Bus IT …Bus IT …Bus IT VP Enterprise Infra CTO Etc LOB LOB LOB Purchasing Legal

Nuclear unit SR, SE, Cnslt, Mgmt Power Selling Champions Coaches Economic Buyer IT, LOB IT, LOB, Prchsg Legal, Finance, BOD Find Pain, Find $ Ask questions/listen/non-verbal

B2B Sales Management 101 – Predicting The Future

HubSpot HI-IQ


(HubSpot, WSG; PPC MVT)

(Email, URL, Source, HI-IQ Email Nurture)


(Phone #, Lead Conversion Event)

(Demo/Trial, 3 per day per rep)

Customer Service

(CC# and Authorization)

CHI < 70

CHI > 70

B2B Sales Management – Predicting the Future The Funnel Visitors Prospects

Leads Opts

B2B Sales Management 101 -- Predicting the Future The Forecast
Current Quarter's Forecast Rep eCommerce Inside Sales Salva McPartland Black Okada Okada Foster Marcus Wilson Smith Black Tyre Foster Marcus Shartzer Shore Manniso Tyre Smith Salva McPartland Salva Shartzer Shore Salva Shore Foster Manniso Hommes & Process (Fr) Marcus Edginton Tyre Wilson McPartland Marcus Foster Foster Boyd Account Closed 248,405 207,900 151,662 150,000 78,183 62,894 60,266 56,389 56,279 54,856 37,021 36,794 32,218 28,265 23,977 22,943 18,483 17,987 15,120 15,000 14,075 Likely 47,250 10,000 1,808,559 787,000 439,480 192,465 104,000 93,417 65,000 59,000 46,125 40,000 22,943 21,893 Upside 15,000 678,000 310,126 132,600 125,000 86,000 55,000 45,850 Q+1 10,000 P Sales Qualifiers E D D I C C RD% VP% Prob Adjustments Fcst 9,025 1,000 904,280 78,700 21,974 38,493 10,400 9,342 32,500 5,900 4,613 4,589 5,473 Upside 9,000 271,200 186,076 46,410 62,500 51,600 33,000 29,803

Army: Stryker 125th TF Olympia KPMG - Services BAH / Centrix NG / State Near East Bureau CARE Tyco - software CA Dept of Justice Microsoft SPAWAR-DM,B/U Svr DARPA (SAIC/Hicks) EDS Praxair State of FL LDS - Deseret Mgt P&G VA - Infrastructure (Albany NY Buyer) Shell - trial extension SPAWAR Europe/Ivan(2) Army Corp. Of Engineers EY - enterprise Army: HQ Hitachi Data Systems GSK PM RESET (Aviation) Lowe/Draft Praxair VA Florida Ohio buyer GTSI CCAIG State of FL Intermec American Express Intel KPMG - Servers USG - New project Siemens Siemens La-Z-Boy

Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y y Y Y y y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y N N Y Y N Y Y N N Y Y N Y Y Y N Y Y Y y y y y y y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

50% 80% 95% 80% 70% 95% 70% 90% 90% 90% 75% 40% 60% 35% 75% 50% 50% 65%

50% 90% 95% 80% 90% 90% 50% 90% 90% 100% 80% 75% 40% 60% 35% 50% 60% 60% 65%

B2B Sales Management 101 -- Other

Accounts Reviews Recruiting (profile) Territory Distribution Compensation Plans Sales Rep Development Sales Process & methodology

B2B Sales Strategy 101 Segmentation = Profits
All Customers SMBs VSBs Total Avg. Trans. < $3k 28 21 185 Avg. Trans > $3k 108 28

Cancelled Customers SMBs VSBs Total Monthly Churn Rate 1 SMBs VSBs Total

Avg. Trans. < $3k 3 11 28 Avg. Trans. < $3k 2.6 % 12.6 % 3.6 %

Avg. Trans > $3k 7 7

Avg. Trans > $3k 1.6 % 6.0 %


Total churn rate (not shown) is calculated as cancelled customers (all time) divided by total customers (all time). Monthly churn rate is total churn rate divided by average customer lifetime of 4.16 months

B2B Sales Strategy 101 Crossing the Chasm…

B2B Sales Strategy 101 Model Comparison
Product or service characteristics Well Understood Readily substitutable Standard items

Differentiated Customizable Hidden Capabilities

High Strategic and/or cost importance Limited substitutability

Key buyer concerns and decision criteria

Price Availability risk Ease of acquisition

Importance of problem Solution fit Price-performance tradeoffs
Purchasing stream

Platform fit Values fit Sustainability
Strategic plan

Time horizon

Nature of relationship

Cost - based Buyer-seller Confrontational

Benefits – based Client-advisor Cooperative

Trust – based Business equals Insider Both parties change fundamentally
Access to strategy

Prerequisites for success Nature of sale

Access to decision maker

Access to influencers

Doing the deal

Problem solving

Agenda setting Boundaries blur- unclear who is selling and who is buying

Source: Rethinking the Sales Force

B2B Sales Strategy 101 Reason for shift to consultative model



Resource commitment needed for consultative selling

Sales 1

Sales 2

Sales 3

Sales 4

Sales 5



Sales 1 Sales 2 Sales 3 Sales 4 Sales 5

Source: Rethinking the Sales Force

B2B Sales Strategy 101 Consultative Model
“Listening and gaining business understanding are more important selling skills than persuasion; creativity is more important than product knowledge.” “The only single „truth‟ that seems to be holding true for all sales forces is that they have to create value for customers if they are to be successful. Just communicating the value inherent in their products isn‟t enough.” “It‟s a risky strategy in a consultative sales to go to a senior-level decision maker before thoroughly understanding the issues and problems where you can create value. Most good consultative salespeople will first do their homework by working with those influencers in the buying organization who have the best knowledge of the problems and opportunities where the selling organization hopes to create value.”

…Quotes from “Rethinking the Sales Force.” Neil Rackham & John DeVincentis

B2B Sales Case Study: Groove Networks
P0: Evaluation P1: Validation P2: Initial Rollout P3: Enterprise Rollout



B2B Sales Case Study: Groove Networks
P0: Educate P1: Validate P2: Initial Rollout P3: Enterprise Rollout

• • • • IT call(s) Orientation LOB/LOB IT calls Validation 2 Track Pilot Trial: - IT validation - LOB pain project • Implement seats & gather metrics • Penetrate new LOBs • Engage enterprise apps • Horizontal bus processes • Groove as standard desktop DNA • Integrate w/ Ent Apps • Groove broadly deployed and used throughout value chain

LOB Pain ID’d IT Champ Validation Process

Pain Validated IT Validated $100k+

Multiple Pain/Lob IT Service Offer’g $500K+ MSLSA

$1m/yr Every desktop

2 months

2-3 months

6 months


B2B Sales Case Study: Groove Networks Q1 (P)hase Movement
P0‟s SPAWAR $18K Hitachi $10K CARE $7K DuPont $7k Verizon $6K ServiceCo $16k
P1‟s Lowe ESP AMEX Mattel Intermec $46K $50K $40K $35K $22K P2‟s HP Mktg OCPA Siemens SAIC Praxair Novartis VLH Army HP C&I KPMG $770K $691K $111K $142K $100K $86k $522K $154K $106K $100K

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