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By: Austin Ellingson For my citizenship project I volunteered to ring the bell for the Salvation Army. I chose to do that because I knew that the money would go to good use like to buy things for their local stores, or to help many of their programs. I also know that they are a non-profit organization, so none of the money was going to be kept for other uses. When I was volunteering I rang the bell at Dahl’s. During my volunteering time I saw a lot of people donate, I knew most of them! Almost everyone I knew said what a good thing I was doing for the community (and they asked if I was cold). My favorite part about ringing the bell was to see all the money people put in (I also liked the candy canes). The volunteering I did helped others by providing things for their local stores and to donate some to local charities. Also by providing money for some of their programs like their music program or their missing persons programs. The music program is to let kids use their musical talents. The missing persons program is to reunite families. Volunteering made me very happy. I also think it would also make you happy is you just simply gave money. I think volunteering is important because you can help someone else. And help a lot of charities or other organizations like that.


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