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Red Kettle Campaign



The Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign 2012
Ed White Commanders Monday 12/17/12 – Saturday 12/22/12 Located at the Publix on Normandy – 7749 Normandy Blvd. 32221
This is a fun and easy opportunity to gain volunteer hours and help a needed cause! The school with the most volunteers will get a prize! Frank H. Peterson is now in the lead! Let’s beat them! Students are welcome to bring a friend or family member to ring with them! They have the option of ringing the bell by themselves or as a partnership. Volunteer hours are recorded, and a signed form with the number of hours received will be given to the student. Each shift is a two hours shift, ranging from 10 am – 8 pm. Students are welcome and encouraged to sign up for many shifts and many days! Email Melanie Ho for signing up and questions 

[email protected]
Volunteer Bell-Ringer Responsibilities BEFORE RINGING • Record your assigned ringing date & time on your calendar and plan to arrive at the location at least 5 minutes before the start of your shift. • If a schedule conflict arises, please secure a replacement or change your assigned time and inform your contact immediately (or call the Kettle Campaign staff, if you are unable to reach your contact). •Make sure to bring a cell phone and plan to wear comfortable shoes. WHEN ARRIVING OR LEAVING •If you are the OPENING SHIFT, please pick up the kettle, stand, bell and volunteer apron at the Customer Service desk. • If you are the CLOSING SHIFT, please return the kettle, stand, bell, and volunteer apron to the Customer Service desk and a Salvation Army driver may arrive prior to closing to pick up the kettle. WHEN ARRIVING OR LEAVING • NEVER LEAVE THE KETTLE UNATTENDED • NEVER GIVE THE KETTLE TO ANYONE OTHER THAN A DESIGNATED SALVATION ARMY DRIVER WITH OFFICIAL IDENTIFICATION. •In the unlikely event of an attempt to steal the kettle by force, DO NOT RESIST ** CALL 911 then call your contact and the Kettle Campaign staff. • For restroom breaks or emergencies, remove kettle from stand and bring to Customer Service. Do not take the kettle offsite or to the restroom. • Please wear your apron at ALL TIMES. • NO smoking, eating, drinking or listening to music while ringing. • Please do not sit while ringing unless your health requires it. • Be friendly, greet each person and thank each person who donates. • Use the provided stick to firmly pack down bills into the slot.

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