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Ramon Fraga Evelyn Rogers English composition 1 03 DEC 2009


I am from the East coast in a little city that you might have heard of called Miami. There are a lot of people from the east coast that speak of hearsay about California and of the west coast. I too once thought the same and feared some of those tell-tales until I moved to San Diego, CA, and have quickly changed my mind. California might be thought to be riddled with crime, fires, earth quakes, and the weather, but you might be surprised what the east coast has to offer in these regards.

I’ll start off by asking you where on the east coast can you surf in the morning and then ski at night? Here in San Diego, I can surf at Blacks beach during the day and then go skiing 2.5 hours away in Big Bear, CA. I have lived in San Diego for four months now, and it has only rained one day in that whole entire time; 119 days of sunshine. You can say that I can vouch for the relentless sunny days and wonderful weather because the percentage of sunny days is at 72%, and that is only sunny days before a cloudy day disrupts the cycle. If you were living in Florida, you would have to put up with the 50-55% chance of rain. The weather here on the west coast is a nice dry heat, and the east coast has the humidity that would leave your clothes moist and damp. You

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ask yourself “do I want to live where it rains all the time?” or “do I want to live where it is always sunny?”

They might bring up the notion that if it doesn’t rain it will cause the land to become dry and cause fires. I say, fires can be prevented and California has taken that matter in their hands, by rationing water for certain times of the day and restricting open fires in certain areas. What some people might not know is that there are many fires in FL every year while San Diego hasn’t had a major fire since 2007. If they are talking of terrible disasters, I would like to bring up hurricanes. Every year the east coast is hit by many a hurricane and they might be remembered as being called: Andrew, and Katrina just to name a couple. Both of these hurricanes are permanently etched into our minds and hearts, and can you name a fire that in the past decade or two that has received that much fame for its destruction?

People might bring up the history of earth quakes in California and they would be correct. They might not know that the last major earth quake had happened: in 1994, in Los Angeles (North Ridge), and had a total of 60 deaths. The lives lost, the monetary costs, and the life lasting scars that had been brought forth by Katrina shadow these earth quakes in comparison. California has learned from its mistakes by building earth quake resistant structures and promoting earthquake/fire plans and kits to prevent injury and the loss of life.

How about the untold crime that must riddle the streets of the state of California? Let’s start out with the two cities of Los Angeles and San Diego,

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compared to the Cities of Orlando and Miami in 2009. While Miami is the 43rd largest city in our nation, it ranks 45th for the highest crime rate. Orlando is the 82nd largest city in the nation and it ranks 17th in the nations crime rate. While San Diego is the 9th largest city in the nation, it is only ranked 191st in the highest crime rate. Los Angeles is the second largest city in the nation and it is 154th in the rankings of the highest crime rate. Now you might start asking yourself where you would feel safer.

The last thing that people always bring up when talking about the east coast compared to the west coast is the number of illegal immigrants. While many Mexican immigrants get by our defenses on a regular basis, they are also deported on a regular basis. I would like to reiterate that they can at least be deported. While anywhere in the U.S., if a Cuban national arrives to our country, they are allowed to stay due to life risks that they might face if they were to be deported back to their country. A Mecca for the Cuban race in the U.S. is in Miami, FL, as the Mecca for the Mecca for the Mexican race is in Los Angeles, CA.

With all that was brought forth for your knowledge in regards to where I would like to live, you can clearly see that I prefer to live in the southern coast of California; San Diego, CA. I hope that I have left you pondering if what you have heard of California has been hear-say, and thinking about if the east coast is really greater as some might think. I can’t make up your mind for you, but I can help you see from my experience and from facts to help you realize the differences of cities and costs in our nation. As some might say, “the proof is in

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the pudding” and I feel that I have definitely brought forth a pudding that is chocked full of proof.

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