SANBAG Purchase Order Request Right of Way Acquisition For E Street SBX

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San Berna ernard rdiino Associa iatted

Gove Go verrnment nts s

PURCH SE SE ORDER REQUEST NOTE: Do not use a pu purc rcha has se or orde derr fo forr co cons nstr truc ucti tio on pr proj oje ect cts s  roadwork roadwork   purchase or lease of rea reall pro proper perty ty and emp mplo loym yme ent con onttracts Short Descriptio Short of PO to be included in monthly procurement report.. (Required) Use up to a maximum of 27 characters (spaces report count) to provide a sho hort rt de des scri rip pti tio on in RCMS MS..





of PO to be included in monthly procurement

report.. (Required) Use up to a maximum of 40 characters report count cou nt)) prov rovid ide e a sh shor ortt des esc cri rip pti tion on in EDE DEN N. VENDOR:

445 S. Fi Figu guer eroa oa,,


949 833 7800

o Process paym yme ent



Acquisitiion for E Street sbX Acquisit

_  _


DEN String:


_ ._

...• . _

_ . . . . . . . . ...... ........ ... • . ....... ......... .


IS 1 9



PO   (if released


for RFP/RFQ):

Note:: Th Note The e PO St Star artt Da Datte is the date the printed Purch chas ase e Or Orde derr is approved by the Chief Financ nancia iall Of Offficer cer,, th the e Ex Exec ecut utiv ive e Di Dire rect ctor or,, or the Boar Bo ard d of Di Dire rect ctor ors. s.

12/5//10 12/5

DEN DE N St Stri ring ng:: 60 6010 10..30 30..0315.52200



CA 90071

1/5/11 .

Date (desired):

EDEN ED EN St Stri ring ng::


Vendor FI, Los Angeles,


R(W Acquisition for E Street sbX

from this PO Request - invoice is atta tach che ed.

PO End Date (required):



Acq Ac qui uisi siti tio on fo forr E St Strree eett

_N_os_s_a_m_a_ _L_L_P


PO Start


31511 11 001 1: 315





5553 • _ • • __



Fun Fu nd Descript ptiion: Local ocal--Fund

Fund Fun d Des Descri cripti ption on::

_ __

_  _  Fun Fu nd Descript ptiion on::

_ ... . • _ _

.•. _. _. _

. . ..• .


. • . . _ .•

EDEN String ring::

Fun Fu nd De Desc scri ript ptiion on::

EDEN ED EN St Stri ring ng::

Fund Fu nd De Desc scrript ptiion on::


. __



.•.. _ .


- - -   - - - - - J - - ~ - l - - - - · - - -. . .



.1 .


. . ._ _


i L _·__



· · · · · _ _ · · _ · _ \ · · · · · · · · · · · t · _ · · · _ · _ _ _ _  _ _


Shipping/Handling//T ax Shipping/Handling  

EDEN EDE N Stri tring ng::


•_   _


--_ -_

... .. .-_ _ . -- .-j-----_ -_._-

Fund Fu nd De Desc scrriptitio on:


Fo r m 12 10/10

•   •   _•• _

would like noted on the Purchase




San Sa n Be Bern rnar ardi dino no As Asso soci ciat ated ed

Gove Go vern rnme ment nts s

Plea Pl eas se an ans swe werr th the e fol ollo low win ing g qu ques esti tion ons s re rega garrdi ding ng the sel elec ecttio ion n pr proc oces ess s: Was th the e County Pre-Approved Vendor List used? ~NO 0Yes Was an informal competitive bid process done? ~ No 0Yes - see Informal Bid Process Section A. Is this a sole source purchase order? 0No g es - see Sole Source Section B. Date 12/5/10


by P. P.O. O. Ma Mana nage gerr (S (Sig igna natu ture re))



/ J f.1 . ~



File Fi lena name me:: Ag Agre reem emen ents ts\P \PO O __

Sec ti ti on on In fo fo rm rm al al B id id Pr oc oc es es s Exc xcer erpt pt fr from om SAN BAG Pol olic icy y 11 110 000 00,, Con onttra ract ctin ing g an and d Proc ocu ure rem men entt Poli licy cy:: VII II.. SUPPLIES AND SERVIC ICES ES CONTRACTS A. Supplies and Services Competitive Processes 1. In Info forma rmall Co Comp mpet etit itiv ive e Pr Proc ocur urem emen entt: Informal comp mpe etitive procurement procedures will generally be used fo forr purchases in excess of 5,000, but not exceeding 25,000. The following general procedures, depending upon the type of purchase, should be used for informal competitive procurement: typ a. A telephone survey for quotations will generally be taken for purchases of goods and services. In such cases, the buyer specifically identifies the item being purchased. Award of a purchase order will be to the lowest resp re spo ons nsiv ive e re resp spon onsi sibl ble e bi bidd dder er who hose se bid co conf nfor orms ms to th the e re requ quiire reme ment nts. s. b. Informal Requests for Quotes or letters may be required if the goods or services being requested require bidders to have more detail. SAN BAG will issue a Request for Quotation to a limited number of firms/individuals. Award of a purchase order will be to the responsible bidder whose bid conforms to the requirements and is most advantageous to SAN BAG as to price and other fa fac ctors considered. c. Use of electr tro onic quota tati tio on systems operating within San Bernardino County is auth tho orized. d. SAN BAG will document results of all such informal procurement actions.



Date Bids Were Gathered


Descripti tio on of It Ite em: __


Name of Persons Collecti tin ng Bids: __

Bidders: Compan Com pany y Nam Name e



Representative 2.

Compan Com pany y Nam Name e


Representative 3.

Compan Com pany y Nam Name e


Representative NOTES:


Form 12

10 10



San Sa n Be Bern rnar ardi dino no As Asso soci ciat ated ed

Gove Go vern rnme ment nts s

Sec ti ti on on B So So le le So ur ur ce ce Excerpt from SAN BAG Policy 11000, Contracting

and Procurement


VII. SUPPLIE IES S AND SERVICES CONTR TRA ACTS D. Sole Source Process In those specific instances when it may be necessary or prudent to ente terr into sole source contracts ts,, specifi fic c approval shal sh alll be re requ quir ired ed.. 1. All

sole source contracts shall be governed by the fo folllowing guidelines:

a. Sole source contracts may be recommended for approval upon a finding of appropriateness

and that it is in the

best interest of the agency to do so. b. Contracts may be recommended for approval on a sole source selection based upon a requirement for unique qualifications, the existence of significant time constraints. and/or in certain instances of demonstrated experience. Any recommendation for approval of a contract for which a competitive process has not been completed shall contain justification for the lack of competition.


d. Any recommendation to the Board of Directors for sale source procurement must be specifically called out in the agenda item and shall be placed on the discussion calendar. 2. The Executi tiv ve Director, or his/h /he er designee, is authorized to approve sole source procurements up to 50,0 ,00 00, using the guidelines outlined in this section. Such sole source procurements shall be routinely reported to the Boar Bo ard d of Di Dire recto ctors rs..

Chec Ch eck k th the e ap appr prop opri riat ate e bo box x an and d pr prov ovid ide e Ju Just stif ific icat atio ion: n: [gJUnique Qualifications


Time Constraints



Justification: Nossaman has previously provided legal services related to the acquisition of sbX right of way to SANBAG. They are also the firm that was unanimously selected by SANBAG's consultant selection team to provide legal services to SAN BAG for the acquisition of sbX right of way. This purchase order will allow the Nossaman team to begin immediately due to the tight timeline w. ith which Omnitrans reguires possession of the right of way. .





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