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SAP BASIS online training course content  Durat Dur atio ion: n: Ap Appro proxi xima matel tely y 40 40hrs hrs

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SAP BASIS Online Training Course Content: 1.


What is SAP? •

An introduction to SAP

An introduction to BASIS

SAP AG: Evolution & Strategy

SAP product Evolution

SAP services overview(OSS)

Bas Basics ics tto o sta startrt-up up with with B BAS ASIS IS Adm Admini inistr strat ation ion •

Introduction to operating systems

Introduction to Database systems

Introduction to Kernel software

Overview of Computer Networks

Network types and Devices





Protocol & IP Address concepts Desc Descri ript ptio ion no off R/3 R/3 •

Introduction to R/3

Overview of 3 layer iinterface nterface

Client/Server solution

Types of client/server Architectures

Th Thee Ar Arch chit itec ectu ture re o off SA SAP P R/ R/3 3 •

Overview of R/3 Architecture

Presentation interface

Application interface

Database interface

Overview of Dispatcher and Work processes

The concept concept of SAP insta instance nce

Lan Landsca dscape pe and Impl Implemen ementati tation on Lifecycl Lifecyclee •

Overview of SAP Landscape

Overview of Software Development

Landscape Types

Lifecycle Implementation concepts

In Insta stalla llatio tion n and and Gui Guide delin lines es •

Elements in SAP R/3 installation




Installation requirement

Installation File systems

System sizing

Installation of SAP Inst Tools

Install central Instance

Installation of RDBMS

Post installation Activities

Load Database

Installation of presentation Layer

Installation of Database

Wo Work rkin ing gw wit ith hS SAP AP Se Serv rver er •

Startt & Stop SAP R/3 Serv Star Server er

Directory Structures

Overview of SAP MMC

SAP & Oracle Environment Variables

SAP Logon Pad configuration

Overview of Transaction & Dialog Step

Overview of SAP License system

Ma Mana nage gem ment ent of Use Users rs •

Overview of User Administration

Managing User Master Records

Managing User Groups

Mass Users Management

Managing Logged-on users


Central User Administrati Administration on CC CCMS MS & Con Confi figu gura rati tion onss •

Overview Of System Profiles

Overview of Log-on Load Balancing B alancing

Overview of Memory Management

Overview of Operation Modes

Overview of Background Job Jobss

Overview of Workload Monitor

Overview of Os collector

Overview of alert Monitoring

Overview of Performance Management


SAP System Pro-Active Health Checks

10. The A Authoriza uthorization tion System in SA SAP P R/3 •

Overview of Authorization System

Maintaining Authorizations

Working with Profile Generator

Creating roles

Maintaining Org. Levels

User Information System

System Profile Parameters for User

Overview of Users and Authorization Tables

11. SAP R/3 R/3 Cli Client ent Man Managem agement ent •

Overview of R/3 Client

Client Copy Methods

Client Copy Requirements & Process

Open /Close R/3 Client

Overview Of RFC

Deleting R/3 Client

Copying DB Tables among Clients

Client Refresh

12. The Tra Transpo nsport rt S System ystem •

Overview of change Transport System

Transport system concepts

System change options

Working with change & Transport organizer

Overview Of Transport Management System

Configuring Systems and Domains

Configuring Transport Routes

Distributing and Verifying configuration

Overview of tp and R3 Trans

Performing Transports with tp Program

Overview of the complete process Transporting

13. Pa Patch tch Man Manage ageme ment nt •

Overview of support packages, Plug ins & Add-ons

Types of Support Packages

Downloading support Packages


Support pack Dependencies & Requirements

Applying support packages, Plug ins & Add-ons

SAP R/3 Kernel upgrade

14. SAP Administ Administration ration for Ora Oracle cle Database Database •

Introduction to Oracle Database Architecture

Oracle Directory Structure for R/3

Overview of Physical Layer

Overview of Logical layer

Introduction to SAPDBA & BRTOOLS

Introduction to Cost-Based optimizer

Table space Administration

Introduction to Database Reorganization

Database Backup & Restore

Database General Activities

15. SAP Prin Printing ting Sys System tem •

Introduction to SAP access Methods

SAP Spool System Architecture

Defining R/3 printer Devices

Managing Spool requests

The SAPLPD Driver program

TEMSE object Database

Troubleshooting printing problems

16. General General Admi Administ nistrati ration on Utilities Utilities •

Monitoring SAP Instances

Monitoring System Work process

Managing User Sessions

Managing Update Records

Managing Lock Entries

Managing Mana ging R/3 System Logs Logs

Analyzing ABAP Dumps

System Tracing Utilities

Managing Batch input sessions

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