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SAP EHS(Environment, Health & Safety) ONLINE TRAINING
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SAP EHS supports the management of industrial hygiene, safety, and occupational health processes. • SAP EHS Management helps you ensure compliance with regulations for product safety, hazardous substances, dangerous goods, and waste management.

• SAP EHS module allows companies to create a safe work environment, manage dangerous goods information, handle waste and adhere to rules & regulations when shipping hazardous products within and across United States. • Thousands of companies manufacture products that are shipped within United States or to/from ports in United States. • There are laws and federal/state regulations in place that require appropriate level of information that is communicated to the parties handling these products that may be hazardous.

• Many countries and governments have realized that poor work environment and safety standards result in huge costs to the state and federal governments. • EH&S module in SAP enables management of occupational health of employees especially in cases where individuals are exposed to increased levels of chemical, physical or biological substances.

SAP EH&S – Product Safety : • Product Safety sub module in SAP EHS allow companies to manage chemicals, substances, materials, etc using the Specification Information System. • Since global companies ship their materials to many countries, the information about products and materials is built using phrases in SAP. • Phrase Management allows managing information in phrases there by making it easy to translate the information in multiple languages as each phrase is stored in several languages relevant to the customer.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is the most commonly generated and distributed report by manufacturing companies. Product Safety module enables efficient management of these reports and shipment of these reports using report shipping tools.

SAP EH&S – Dangerous Goods Management :
• With Dangerous Goods Management module, you can manage dangerous goods relevant data in SAP and define checks that need to be performed while selling, shipping and handling dangerous goods.

SAP EH&S – Industrial Hygiene & Safety :
Industrial Hygiene and Safety sub module enables you to define work areas in your company, record exposures and assess risks associated with certain exposures and work areas.

SAP EH&S – Occupational Health :
With this component, you can manage occupational health protocols established within your organization.

SAP EH&S – Waste Management :
Waste Management enables you to handle and dispose industrial waste while complying to the federal, state and international waste standards.

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