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Course Contents

SAP MM Course Curriculum

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SAP Getting Started  Over View on SAP  SAP R/3 Architecture  SAP R/3 Landscape  ASAP Methodology Enterprise Structure  Defining Organizational Units  Assigning Organizational Units Material Master  Material Types  Defining and assigning Number Ranges  Creation/Change/Display of Material Master  Shipping Instructions  Purchase Value Key Vendor Master  Vendor Account Group  Define Number Range and Assignment to Vendor A/c Group  Creation/Change/Display of Vendor Master Purchasing Info Records (PIR)  Creations of number Ranges and its assignment Std. SAP Doc Type  Creation/Change/Display of Purchasing Info Records Source List (SL)  Source list configuration  Creation/Change/Display of Source List Purchase Requisition (PR)  Define document types for purchase requisition  Define and assign Number Ranges Purchase Requisition  Creation/Change/Display of Purchase Requisition Request for Quotation (RFQ)  Number Range Creation & Assignment to RFQ  Creation/Change/Display of RFQ  Creation of RFQ w.r.t Purchase Requisition

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SAP MM Course Curriculum

Quotation Maintenance  Maintenance of Quotation  Change of Quotation  Display of Quotation  Quotation Comparison Out Line Agreements (Contracts and scheduling agreements) Contracts  Types of Contracts  Creation of Number Ranges/Assignment  Creation/Change/Display of Qty and Value Contracts Scheduling Agreement  Creation of Number Ranges/Assignment to Scheduling Agreement  Creation/Change/Display of Scheduling Agreement  Entering of Delivery Schedules in Scheduling Agreement Purchase Order  Document types in Purchase Order  Set Tolerance Limit to Price variance  Creating Purchase Order Manually w.r.t PR, RFQ, Contract or Old Purchase Order  Change/Display of Purchase Order Optimization of Purchasing  Steps/Settings of Automatic Creation of Purchase Order  Automatic Creation of Purchase Order w.r.t Purchase Requisition Pricing Procedures  Access Sequence  Condition Types  Calculation Schema  Schema Group and its Assignment Release Procedure Types of Release Procedures  With Classification  Without Classification Release Procedure  Edit Characteristics/Edit Class  Define Release Procedures/Release Group  Define Release Codes/Release Indicators/Release Strategies Output Determination  Define Message Type  Define Message Schema Valuation and Account Assignment (MM & FI Integration) Account Determination without Wizard a. Define Valuation Control b. Group Together Valuation Areas c. Define Valuation Classes

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SAP MM Course Curriculum
d. Define Account Grouping for Movement Types e. Configure Automatic Posting Inventory Management Inventory Management Overview  Goods Movements  Material Documents Details  Accounting Documents Details  Concept of Movement Types  Stock/Status Type  Plant Parameters  Set Tolerance Limits (B1, B2 & VP keys) Goods Receipt  Goods Receipts for Materials  Effects of goods receipts Goods Issue  Goods Issue to Cost Center  Observations on A/C Documents Stock Transfer (Intra Company)  Storage Location to Storage Location (One step/Two step)  Plant to Plant (One step/Two step) Transfer Posting a. Quality to Unrestricted Use Stock b. Unrestricted Use Stock to Blocked Stock c. Blocked Stock to Quality Stock Physical Inventory Concept  Physical Inventory Procedures  Creating/Change/Display of Physical Inventory Document  Entering Physical Inventory Count  Difference of Physical Inventory Stock  Posting of Physical Inventory Logistic Invoice Verification (LIV) Invoice Verification Overview  Maintain Number assignment for Accounting Documents  Configure Vendor Specific Tolerance Limits  Set Check for Duplicate Invoices Tax Settings  Check Calculation Procedure and assignment to Country  Define Tax Codes for Sales & Purchases Logistics Invoice Verification Process Types  Invoice Verification Online  Invoice Verification in Background  Document Parking and Releasing  Automatic Settlement of ERS, Consignment and Pipeline etc Split Valuation  Configuring of Split Valuation

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SAP MM Course Curriculum
    Creation of a Material with various Valuation Types and Prices Creation of Purchase Order with different Valuation Types, Quantities and Prices Goods Receipt of Material with various Valuation Types and Quantities Stock Status of a material with Valuation Types and Quantities

Special Procurement  Subcontract Scenario  Vendor Consignment Scenario  Third Party Scenario (MM & SD Integration)  Schedule Agreement Scenario  Stock Transport Order – Inter Comp. Stock Transfer (MM & SD Integration) External Service Management  Creation of Service Master  Purchase Order for Services  Creation of Service Entry Sheet  Settling of Service Payments Consumption Based Planning (CBP) Re- order Point Planning Forecast Based Planning a. Constant Model b. Trend Model c. Seasonal Model d. Trend Seasonal Model LSMW (Legacy System Migration Work Bench) Uploading of the Material Master Data by Direct Input/Batch Input Method BDC Recording (Batch data Communication) Recording the transaction for BDC program

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