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Media Director Democratic
The question of whether oil-
field “fracking” and wastewater
injection wells are causing or
contributing to the spate of earth-
quakes making Oklahoma shake,
rattle and roll will be addressed in
an interim legislative study this
fall, state Rep. Cory Williams
said Thursday.
Williams’ request for an inter-
im study on the probable subter-
ranean effects of oilfield activity
will be combined with another
legislator’s proposal for a study
of Oklahoma Corporation
Commission injection well data
House Speaker Jeff Hickman
approved both requests and
assigned the consolidated study
to the House Committee on
Utility and Environmental
Regulation. Interim studies can
begin on Aug. 5 and must be
completed by Nov. 12, Hickman
decreed recently.
“We have been having a
swarm of earthquakes in our area,
and I’m fielding a lot of inquiries
from constituents who want to
know what, if anything, the State
of Oklahoma is doing about,”
said Williams, D-Stillwater.
By 5 p.m. Tuesday, the
Oklahoma Geological Survey
had logged 20 earthquakes in the
Stillwater area during the preced-
ing 30 days, and 209 tremors in
the surrounding area this year –
or more than one per day, on
The OGS counted all temblors
recorded in an area extending 12
miles east and west of Stillwater,
and eight miles north and south
of the Payne County community,
including Glencoe and Ripley,
according to Amberlee Darold, a
research seismologist with the
Oklahoma Geological Survey.
Payne County has 40 injection
wells and 260 active oil and gas
wells, Corporation Commission
records reflect.
Oklahoma has experienced
nearly 250 small-to-medium
earthquakes since January, the
U.S. Geological Survey reported
this week. That’s almost half of
all magnitude-3 or higher earth-
quakes recorded this year in the
continental U.S.
Austin Holland, a research
seismologist with the OGS, said
Oklahoma is experiencing
unprecedented earthquake activi-
ty, and said his agency is moni-
toring the activity to determine
whether the earthquakes are a
natural phenomenon or are man-
No deaths or injuries have
been reported, but varying
degrees of property damage have
been blamed on the quakes.
The OGS counted 2,270
earthquakes in Oklahoma as of
June 6; eight of those ranged in
magnitude from 4.0 to 4.5 and all
occurred in Logan County. In
comparison, 2,848 earthquakes
were recorded in Oklahoma in all
of 2013, 980 in 2012, 1,470 in
2011, and 1,047 in 2010.
The USGS statistically ana-
lyzed the recent earthquake rate
changes and found that “they do
not seem to be due to typical, ran-
dom fluctuations in natural seis-
micity rates.” The agency’s
analysis suggests that “a likely
contributing factor to the increase
in earthquakes” is wastewater
injected into deep geological for-
Seismologists also contend
that hydraulic fracturing –
“fracking,” which entails blasting
water, sand and chemicals deep
into underground rock formations
to liberate trapped oil and gas –
can cause microquakes that are
rarely strong enough to register
on monitoring equipment.
To more accurately determine
the locations and magnitudes of
earthquakes in the Sooner State,
the OGS has increased the num-
ber of monitoring stations and
now operates a seismograph net-
work of 15 permanent and 17
temporary stations.
One point of contention is
whether some injection well
operators are pumping too much
wastewater into the ground, or
pumping it at exceedingly high
The Oklahoma Independent
Petroleum Association reports
that water emerges from the well-
bore, along with oil and natural
gas, in some areas. Such wells
typically produce 10 times as
much water as hydrocarbons, the
OIPA claims.
Regulators said Oklahoma
producers injected more than a
billion gallons of oilfield waste-
water underground in 2012.
and maintenance on the city’s
storm warning sirens from
July 2014 through June 30,
2015 with total cost of
“We will make sure they
are updated and kept in good
operating condition. We check
the batteries and test. The city
tests too and if there are any
failures we fix. I believe there
are 14-or-15 storm sirens,”
said Matt Baine of Total Radio
Inc., of Tulsa.
Total Radio was formerly a
Motorola company owned
service center. The Tulsa
branch was purchased in May
of 1995. Total Radio is an
authorized Motorola dealer
and service center. The compa-
ny specializes in services for
commercial, military, industri-
al and public service sectors.
The second contract on the
agenda was with Arledge and
Associates, P.C. in amount of
$26,000 for services rendered
for the fiscal year ending June
30, 2014.
The next contract was for
the Phase 8 Street
Improvement with Cherokee
Pride Construction, Inc. for the
amount of $1,323.55 with the
close-out documents.
The fourth agreement was
inked with SHOW, Inc. for
landscaping on the front and
side flower beds at Sapulpa
City Hall through June 30,
The final contract is a
licensing agreement with Jerry
Lockridge a property owner
who wants to build a fence.
“I have been there. There
should be no reason to ever
build a road through. We
agreed that he can build the
fence If we need it in the
future, we can tear it (the
fence) down and Lockridge
will have to build gates to let
city workers through and pro-
vide us a key,” said City
Attorney David Widdoes.
The next council meeting is
set for August 4.
Page 2 –– Thursday, July 24, 2014, Sapulpa Daily Herald
News II
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County Courthouse view enhanced by photo glow
HE WALKS THE DOWNTOWN WITH A CAMERA HANDY. Daryl Howard took this interesting nighttime pic of the coun-
ty courthouse. He took the photo Dec. 1, 2013 on a tripod, no flash, camera set at 1/30 ISO 2000. The neon effect was
added later from a photoshop filter program. The effect is called ‘Glow Edge’ and it nicely transforms a common image
into a more visually exciting form. The impact is particularly striking in highlighting lettering on the sign at left foreground.
State democrats to study earthquakes

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