Scaffolding & Its Different Types

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Scaffolding can be simply explained as any temporary elevated structure with platform
(base supported or suspended) used for providing safe working platform for employees or
materials or both at higher elevations. Scaffolding Services are widely used in the
construction and maintenance projects globally. Generally scaffolding consists of tubular
member, connection, platform units and ladders.

Different types of Scaffolding:
1. Base Supported Scaffolding:
Scaffolds build from solid base
are called Base Supported
Scaffolding. These scaffolding
have multiple platformed levels / lifts in elevation which provide safe working
platforms for material and manpower.

2. Mobile Scaffolding: Scaffolds which have wheels at the base are called Mobile
Scaffolding. As the name indicated mobile scaffolds can be moved from one location
to another horizontally. These scaffolding also have multiple platformed levels / lifts
at different elevations.

3. Suspended Scaffolding: Suspended scaffolds (also called hanging scaffolds) are
work platforms that hang from overhead support structures on roofs or building

Different Functions of Scaffolding Platforms:
 Providing working platforms for workers and material storage at different heights.
 Temporary Stair towers for access from one level to another.
 Platforms on uneven ground for stages or marquees.
 Stabilizing or shoring a structure or tall object to keep it vertical.
 Temporary roofs.
 Temporary walkways.
 Temporary bridges.
 Temporary buildings eg. Storage sheds.
 Temporary Ramps.
 Bracing structural props.
 Racking and storage bays.
 Hand-rails and edge protection.

Scaffolding are be made of the
following Materials:
1. Steel :
Scaffolding Tube is made from Steel of
various grades based on the standards
and specification. High quality Scaffolding
Fittings are drop forged. Steel scaffolding is available as galvanized product as well
as painted material.
2. Aluminum Alloy Scaffold:
Scaffolding is available in Aluminum Alloy as well. It is used where light weight
scaffolding is required and also at places where localized corrosion free and spark
free environment is required.
3. Timber Scaffold: Timber Scaffolds are still in use in some countries but are limited
to use in unorganized building construction industry where there is no control on the

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