Securing a Building Permit

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Some Steps on Securing a Building Permit In the Philippines. Based on the steps provided by the (CBAO).



According to the Chapter 3 of the National Building Code
Ancillary Permit for Interior Design Works
12.1 The Ancillary Permits duly signed and sealed by the corresponding
professionals and the plans and specifications shall be submitted together with the
duly notarized application for Building Permit. The Building Permit is null and void if
not accompanied by the Ancillary Permits. The prescribed Ancillary and other
Accessory Permit/forms shall likewise be used whenever applicable. The Ancillary
Permits are the following:
i. Interior Design
ii. Architectural Permit
iii. Civil/Structural Permit
iv. Electrical Permit
v. Mechanical Permit
vi. Sanitary Permit
vii. Plumbing Permit
viii. Electronics Permit
12.2 General. Chapter 3, Sections 301 to Section 309 inclusive of the National
Building Code (NBC) is adapted verbatim in this referral National Interior Design
Code and shall have mandatory force and effect as if fully embodied hereunder. 10
12.3 No person, firm or corporation, including any agency instrumentality of the
government shall alter, repair, demolish, renovate, move, or convert any structure
or cause the same to be done without first obtaining an Interior Design Construction
Permit therefore from the Office of the Building Official of the LGU having
jurisdiction over the locality. Government agencies and/or Civic projects exempted
from payments of said permits, as provided for in PD 1096-NBC shall acquire the
same from the OBO of the LGU for purposes of record to ascertain responsibility for
the building’s design and construction under the law.

A construction permit or building permit is a permit required in most
jurisdictions for new construction, or adding onto pre-existing structures, and
in some cases for major renovations. Generally, the new construction must
be inspected during construction and after completion to ensure compliance
with national, regional, and local building codes. Failure to obtain a permit
can result in significant fines and penalties, and even demolition of
unauthorized construction if it cannot be made to meet code.
How do we secure a Building Permit? The following are steps on securing a Building
Permit, it should be followed orderly to avoid errors/contingencies.
1. Proceed to CBAO (City Buildings and Architecture Office) and ask for the
checklist I securing a building permit. In Baguio City, The CBAO is located at
PNR near Baguio Water District at Marcoville.
2. After which, enclose the documents needed like the True Copy of Tile and
Pictures of the site (if the applicant is registered owner of the lot) or if not,
Copies of the Notarized Contract of Lease, Deed of Sale, Contract of sale, and
Authorization of Owner. Check the boxes if all documents are already in hand.
3. Copies of Tax Declaration, Real Property Tax Receipt or Certificate of Nondelinquency should also be included from the City Treasurer’s Office.
4. Go to CBAO once again and get your Building Plans duly signed and sealed by
the corresponding Engineers at CBAO.

5. Structural Design Computations will be done, as well as the Seismic Analysis
for buildings depending on the area lot or storeys. Soil Analysis for
commercial and residential building are also done for 4 storeys and up.
6. The Engineer or Architect will sign the Building Specifications, Bill of Materials
and Cost Estimate.
7. Xerox copies of the Updated PTR (Professional Tax Receipt) and PRC
(Professional Regulations Commission) Identification of all signatory
Engineers or Architects to the application and plans must be accomplished.
8. Secure documents of the duly accomplished application forms for Building
Permit, Sanitary/Plumbing Permit, and Electrical Permit.
9. Proceed to City Hall and acquire a Zoning Compliance Certificate from the city
Planning Office.
10.Proceed to the CEPMO (City Environment and Parks Management Office) also
at City Hall to get a CEPMO Certification.
11.Go to the Baguio Fire Station and also acquire a Fire Endorsement Certificate.
12.Go to DENR to get an ECC (Environmental Compliance Certificate). DENR,
here in Baguio is located at Pacdal. (*Only 3 and above storey buildings are
required to have an Environmental Compliance Certificate).
13.Return again at CBAO ad proceed to the Head of Processing Division for
verification and checking of all documents.
14.Fees should be paid in the counter of CBAO.
15.Wait until the processing is finished for the release of the Building Permit.

Enclosed is an example of a complete compilation of documents in securing a
Building Permit:

Certificate of Zoning Compliance
Application for building permit.
Application for Locational Clearance/ Certificate of Zoning Compliance
Environmental Compliance Certificate
Declaration of Real Property
Transfer Certificate of Title
Payment of Real Property Tax
Bills of Materials and Estimates/ cost estimates
Technical Specifications for general Construction
Sanitary and Electrical Proposed Site Development Plan
Survey Plan, Building Plan, Finished Building Plan

 True Copy of Building Permit

Application for location clearance
Fire safety evaluation
Sanitary-Plumbing Permit
Application For Electrical Permit
Electrical Permit
Location on Appeal
Certificate of Non-delinquency

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