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Self-assessments: Learning Style, Multiple Intelligence, Temperament

Daniele Christopher PSY101 04/13/2012 John White

SELF-ASSESSMENTS: LEARNING STYLE, MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE, TEMPERAMENT PAGE 2 “Because each of us has a unique set of abilities, perceptions, needs, and ways of processing information, learning styles vary widely. Besides visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles, there are other, more specific styles, and some people have more than one learning style.” (Ferrett, 2010) While creating my self-assessment I had learned which techniques I prefer to use to learn. I consider myself a visual learner, a “ picture smart” person also known as a spatial type intelligence and an analyzer. Knowing my learning styles will help me study and succeed in the future with my career and educational goals. After participating in my self-assessment I learned I am a visual learner. I am a visual learner because I like to have the important information written in front of me by notes, highlighting and flash cards to help me understand material better. Throughout high school I was always the student organizing my binders using bright colors in my notes to stand out important information while studying. I believe I learn better when the material is right in front of me so I can read for myself instead of listening to a lecture. Also, it seems to be much easier for me to learn with pictures and graphs. I feel I can be better organized by using a white erase board, calendar and file books to keep track of bills, grocery lists, daily activities and appointments.

I would be considered a “picture smart” person, or have a spatial multiple intelligence type. I have a spatial intelligence because I learn better when I draw, sketch and visualize when I’m studying and learning new information. I have always enjoyed being creative and artsy. I like to use creative sketches to help me organize and understand my work. In which art is also a way to express emotions and feelings by drawing. It is said to be that spatial people often become interior designers, artists and architects. I feel


as if I have a spatial intelligence because I also enjoy decorating my home to fit my unique personality, which expresses who I am. Your personality type is often associated with your learning styles. (Ferrett, 2010) I believe I have the temperament of an analyzer. I am well organized, honest and always thinking things through before making any rational decisions. I work very well with numbers and use to-do lists to help maintain goals and time management. Understanding more detail behind my content helps me memorize and learn the material that I need to know. I found it interesting that possible career choices for analyzers are said to be accountants and bookkeepers. I find great interest in learning mathematics and at one point in my life wanted to become an accountant myself. “Many people recognize that each person prefers different learning styles and techniques. By recognizing and understanding your own learning styles, you can use these techniques to better suite your learning.” (Overview of learning styles, 2012) Which helps improve the speed and quality of your learning for your academic goals. It is very important to know your own learning styles, as these techniques will help you succeed. To become a peek performer you must first recognize your own learning styles and have a positive mind set on your dreams and develop new learning styles to accommodate for those instructors who don’t necessarily teach in the type of techniques you use on a daily basis in order to achieve your academic goals.



Ferrett, S. (2010). Building Foundation Skills: Peak Performance: Success in College and Beyond (7th ed.). Retrieved from Overview of learning styles. ( 2012) Retrieved from

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