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Christ’s Orthodox Anointed Life Ministries!
C.A.L.M. Seminary C.A.L.M. Seminary is dedicated to the preparation of students for Ordination. Why Christ’s Orthodox Catholic Seminary? Our Seminary programs are centered in sound traditional Orthodox and Catholic Theology, and as such are of the historical Early Church tradition. One can commence studies in their own home, and go at your own pace. Ordination (Holy Orders) Many feel the call to Ordination (Holy Orders) but feel the only option is full time parish ministry, with many years of Seminary training. There is another, and urgent, need for people to work in self-supporting ministries (as did St Paul). We invite you to consider our programs. Ordination Clerical Preparation Program: This course is comprehensive and leads to the Degree Bachelor of Sacred Theology. Those holding a Bachelor Degree may be granted a Master of Sacred Theology. Courses: Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Theological Foundations, Theological Philosophy, Doctrine, Comparative Religion, Christology, Ecclesiology, Contemporary Issues in the Church, Sacramental Theology, Morality and Ethics, Mary and the Saints, Eschatology, Orthodox and Catholic Systematic Theology. Fee for the Complete Course is $25.00 USD.

If You Are Interested In Ordination - Please contact us at the following address or please send us an email for a faster response.

Anointed Life Ministries O.A.L.M. 14350 60th St North Suite: 23376 Clearwater, Florida 33760 U.S.A. Email: [email protected] Website:

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