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Bannerman Update
September 2013


Welcome S1

Our new S1 learners have settled in to their new school routine, with some help from their S3 Buddies. We look forward to the contribution they will make to our school. They recently enjoyed CSI day as they investigated a murder alongside S6!

Inside This Issue: Athletics, Glasgow Mela, Athletics, We Will Rock You, Bannerman Ball, Sports Day, AU News, Award Ceremony, SQA Results,Team Morocco, McKinsey Leadership Academy,World Street Dance, Pupil Voice, Sports Ambassadors, West of Scotland Schools’ Symphony Orchestra, Royal Conservatoire, S6 Conference, Malawi, University Destinations, S1 Photo Shoot

Glasgow Mela

On Saturday 15th June a group of pupils had the opportunity to perform live at Glasgows annual Mela Festival in Kelvingrove Park. The pupils took part in weekly workshops from guest Bollywood choreographer and dancer Sanita. The girls, who had never experienced Bollywood dance before, worked extremely hard to pick up the choreography and were very excited to be performing at such a big event. A group of fourth year music students also took part. The boys worked incredibly hard with Raj and Pops from Tigerstyle, a well known Bhangra group from Glasgow, to prepare an original piece of music. This was the first time the boys had performed on such a big stage and in such a public venue, and they did themselves proud with a flawless performance of their music!


Last session at the Glasgow Schools athletics saw Bannerman have one of our most successful years ever. Pupils qualified at Scotstoun Stadium before returning for a finals day to compete against the strongest athletes from across the city. It was amazing to see Bannerman bring home so many medals – Well done to all involved! Becky O’Donnell – Javelin – Silver Clare Mason – Long Jump - Silver Michael Campbell – High Jump – Gold Michael Campbell – Hurdles - Silver Kirsten Treanor – 100m – Gold Douglas Mason – Hurdles – Gold Callum Drummond – 800m – Gold Callum and Michael were also outstanding at National level gaining a Bronze and Silver respectively in their events – A simply outstanding achievement! Scottish Champions all round! Mrs Cook

We Will Rock You

We ended the school year on a high, rocking along to the sound of Queen in the school workshop theatre. Our main cast comprised of Kyle Nolan as Galileo Figaro, Lynsey McIntyreas Scaramouche, Dawn Kelly as Meat, Mark McNeil as Brittney, Craig Anderson and Andrew Small as Kashogi controlled by Stephanie Owens as the Killer Queen and Adam Carruthers as Pop. What a fantastic cast and a great way to end the year. Well done to all who participated, on stage or behind the scenes.

Sports Day

Many of our young people competed in our Interhouse Sports Day in the last week of term last year. It was a successful day with lots of medals and silverware up for grabs!! The Individual competition involved earning points per event and the competition was fierce! Winners on the day were: Boys Champion Junior S1 Junior S2 Intermediate S3 Senior S4-S6 Adam Benelkaid Lewis Robinson Jay Norwood Douglas Mason Girls Champion Zoe McGurn Jennifer Cullen Eilidh Warnock Ellys Feather

On top of this, all points and the, always exciting, relay races were added together to give a house champion. To add to their historic success at Sports Day, Napier were once again triumphant in winning the house shield. Well Done to all involved and the Sports House Captains for their organisation and encouragement on the day!

The Bannerman Ball

The annual Bannerman Ball was once again held at the Bothwell Bridge Hotel for the twelfth year in a row! As always, it was a fantastic evening and one to be remembered, especially by all those young people moving on to pastures new. We wish them every success.

AU News
Go-Kart Racing followed by a Celebratory Lunch The Autism Unit’s Summer trip ventured to Cambuslang at the end of term. Go-Kart Racing was the activity and all week staff had been subjected to numerous boasts from a number of pupils proclaiming their driving prowess.  There were a few nerves as drivers were given instructions and then finally wrapped-up in their protective clothing but, as had been forecast, it was one pupil who combined the bravery and skill of Lewis Hamilton with the confidence and risk-taking of Jenson Button.  That pupil was Ewan Marshall!  He had promised to set the track alight and he duly did.  Ewan recorded the fastest laps and his only problem was trying to see where his rivals were! There were notable signs of promise from other drivers but if ‘Magic Marshall’ is to be beaten next time then his rivals will need to start practising more! The Go-Karting was followed by lunch at Frankie & Benny’s.    But it seems as though the exertions of the day were too much for some as more than one pupil was spotted fast asleep once the plates had been cleared! End of Term Coffee Morning The Unit’s Coffee Morning was held at the end of June and staff and pupils were able to say goodbye to our 3 leavers:  Sam, Jack and Nathan.  All three have enjoyed tremendous success at Bannerman High and they would like to thank all the staff throughout the school who helped them to achieve their goals. Sam has moved on to a modern apprenticeship with Glasgow Housing Association; Jack has started a music production course at Stow College and Nathan is studying Graphic Design at City of Glasgow College. Everyone wishes the boys well!

Award Ceremony

Last session ended with our annual award ceremony. Dr Gemma Scotland, a former pupil who left Bannerman in 2002, presented the awards and encouraged the young people to work hard to achieve their goals. Our very own Bannerman pipers, Callum Clark and David Walker added to the occasion as we celebrated the many successes of our young people. Carmen Man was presented with the Ernst and Young Trophy for the Bannerman Dux.

SQA Results
Our young people continue to perform well in the national exams, as you will see from the tables below. When compared to our comparator schools (20 similar schools from around Scotland) our young people outperform these schools in all areas. This is testimony to the hard work of the young people and staff and to ongoing parental support.

2013 (Pre Appeal) By the end of S4, the percentage achieving English and mathematics at level 3 or better 5 or more at level 3 or better 5 or more at level 4 or better 5 or more at level 5 or better
Level 3: Foundation or Access Level 4: General or Intermediate 1 Level 5: Credit or Intermediate 2
Bannerman Glasgow National

97 97 80 28

93 93 74 27

94 95 82 38

2013 (Pre Appeal) By the end of S5, the percentage achieving 1 or more Higher 3 or more Highers 5 or more Highers 5 or more at level 5 or better
Level 5: Credit or Intermediate 2
Bannerman Glasgow National

52 28 11 53

40 20 8 44

48 28 13 54

2013 (Pre Appeal) By the end of S6, the percentage achieving 3 or more Highers 5 or more Highers
Bannerman Glasgow National

37 22

28 18

38 26

Team Morocco

Two years ago a group of teachers came together to discuss a possible expedition involving a number of pupils at Bannerman. We decided to go forward with the expedition to Morocco taking originally 20 pupils from the 40 who applied. Over 18 months of fundraising, organisation, team members dropping out, new team members drafted in, training and fun group meetings every Wednesday, we departed Glasgow Airport on Thursday 27th June, bound for Marrakech later that day. As the number of pupils who were determined to experience this expedition was greater than we expected, we divided the group in two. With a couple of pupils dropping out and trying to cater for friendships, we ended up with one team of ten and one team of seven. Mr Ogilvie took charge of the bigger group of ten and Mr Boyle took charge of the smaller group of seven. From the airport in Marrakech the groups split up to follow their separate itineraries. Whilst using a fixed budget, the first couple of days the teams challenge was to arrange lunch, dinner, acquire in country communications, confirm transport arrangements with our contacts and buy trekking food. Each day the team leader changed so all pupils could experience the challenges and responsibilities that the team leader role required. The two group’s itineraries were exactly the same except one team did the trek up Mount Toubkal for the first 4 days before travelling to the project village for 4 days and the other team did the opposite, project then trek. The two team’s itineraries did cross in between the trek and project which gave all of us a chance to see our friends and swap experiences. This allowed the groups to prepare each other for the next challenge and maybe more importantly, unwind.

The Trek The trek up Mount Toubkal involved travelling just over an hour from Marrakech to Imlil through increasingly winding roads. From the 45⁰C baking sun in the city of Marrakech to 1.7 km above sea level 30⁰C cool of Imlil. The team then trekked just over an hour to the nearby village of Around where they would be staying in a geit (a small hostel or shelter). The next morning the team got up early, 5am, for the long 9 km trek to the mountain base camp at 3.1km above sea level and a cooler 10⁰C at night to 30⁰C in the midday sun. The team’s breakfast, lunch and dinner was prepared and served to us by our local guides, who we became good friends with over the expedition. Once at base camp the team’s had to build their own tents on very rocky and difficult terrain before settling in for the night. The next day involved another early rise so they could reach their objective for the day and return before the midday sun. The objective on day 2 of the trek was the acclimatisation to the altitude; as at 3.1km above sea level, the air is thinner therefore less oxygen in each breath. The third day was the trek to the summit of Mount Toubkal (at 4.1km) from the mountain base camp (at 3.1km). This was the part which pushes every challenger to their limit as the higher they go, the harder it becomes to breathe, increasing the difficulty to take the next step. The pupils in the teams that succeeded in summiting Mount Toubkal should be very proud of themselves and the achievement of climbing one of Earth’s greatest mountains, of being the highest people in northern Africa. The final day of the summit climb was the 9km trek back to the geit in Around where the other team was waiting to share experiences and unwind.

The Project The project was based in Asni, a small rural mountain village in the Atlas Mountains. The team stayed in a building built by project work started 15 years or so ago. Our contact and the project leader was a wonderful man named Hassan. He welcomed us and told us about the history of Asni, the troubles of the French invasion, the drought which almost wiped out Asni and the project work that is slowly bringing a stable life to the families that have lived there for hundreds of years. Hassan gave us a tour of the project building, the work the team would be doing and the village that the project helps. The second day of the project the team were either on irrigation duty or ground preparation duty. For irrigation duty the team had to help run pipe work along trenches on the steep terracing that would run water to the crops. The ground preparation team had hard labour digging up the soil on the terracing in preparation for the saffron crops they would soon plant. We could only work during the cool morning as by 11am, temperatures would be a scorching 35-40⁰C. After lunch and a short afternoon snooze Hassan introduced us to his sons and some of the local children who we played football with on a side of a mountain (the pictures are beautiful!). The third day of the project some of the team swapped jobs to try their hand at irrigation or ground preparation otherwise is was another day of hard labour until it was too hot to work safely. As the team were leaving on the fourth day the village surprised us on the night of the third day with a presentation of gifts and a celebration with music and dancing.

The final days and beyond… The final couple of days were spent resting and relaxing in the coastal town of Essaouira. Here the two teams met up again to share their experiences and unwind. The whole team had a few more challenging tasks to do involving arranging lunch, dinner and transport back to Marrakech and our flight back to the UK via a night’s stay in London. So now we are all back to school with new experiences to share with you all. So please ask the pupils involved and enjoy the little stories they tell you. Thank you to everyone at the school who helped in any way to make this expedition happen. Mr Boyle

McKinsey & Co Leadership Academy

It was June and the exams were over. I’d completely forgotten about the Leadership Academy until I received an email. An email telling me I’ve been offered a place in the 2013 McKinsey Leadership Academy. I was rather surprised at the outcome of the application; I was the only person from Bannerman selected, and turned out to be 1 of 4 from Scotland. As it got nearer the time of the two day, all expenses paid, residential course at Wellington College, McKinsey began emailing about travel to the College. After a brief conversation by email, McKinsey booked me on a business class British Airways flight to London Heathrow, and told me a private hire taxi would be waiting for me when I arrived. I was utterly shocked. The communication between McKinsey and myself was swift and flawless, and my travel arrangements were sorted before I could write out my name. As my fellow business class travellers and I took to our fancy leather seats and masses of legroom, a blue curtain was pulled across the aisle blocking the view to the back of the plane, thus allowing the peasants in economy class to begin boarding. Already I felt like it was going to be a great couple of days! After landing at Heathrow and leaving the bliss of business class behind, I headed for the exit where I was greeted by a man in a suit standing with a placard with my name on it. I was then led to a large fancy Mercedes taxi to be driven to Wellington College, feeling an awful lot like royalty. Once I arrived I was met by a representative from McKinsey and told in which direction to head. As I walked through the courtyard of the 400 acre estate, dragging my jaw along the neatly pebbled ground, towards the Great School (One of the many spectacular rooms of Wellington College) I couldn’t think of anything apart from what the other participants would be like. In the Great School I was met by another McKinsey rep and was given a name badge, t-shirt, and a bag with a pen, paper and the McKinsey Bio Book. I was then introduced to some of the other participants, and almost immediately we were all chatting and getting along. It was a real experience. After a brief tour of the grounds, we then sat in a conference and found out why we were here. This was the first taste of what was to come, as we were introduced to large and cooperative presentations and inspirational talks about how we could “become a leader in life”. Over the course of the Academy, I participated in trust building exercises such as the trust fall, in which everyone had to fall backwards off a 5ft wall to be caught by the rest of the team, and enterprise classes which involved a lot of getting up and speaking in front of a lot of people I didn’t know and trying to sell a business idea.

I was also learning about McKinsey’s concept for planning called MECE, meaning Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive. Basically using this concept allows you to easily plan things in the most simple way possible and it allows you to break up the problem into modules which can then be given to different members of the team. It works this way as each point in your plan to solve the problem must be: mutually exclusive – meaning that each point is not related to any of the other points, and collectively exhaustive – meaning that each group of points must cover all the areas needed. When thought about in great detail and actually put into use the MECE method is spectacular and is one of the many things I learned from this Academy. The whole point in the Academy is to show us that we are all capable of doing great things when we put our minds to it, and to inspire us to go away and do something within our own communities to use our newly developed leadership skills and help make improvements to the world around us. After everyone has completed their project, McKinsey invites everyone back for the Reunion the next year, and everyone shares the details and the success of their project. The projects are then judged and one of the projects is picked out from the rest and nominated to win a trophy and an award for their efforts and use of the amazing leadership skills they have learned at the academy. The atmosphere at the academy is always very cheery, and all the people there are all extremely friendly and great to get along with. During my time there I didn’t meet one person I didn’t enjoy conversing with and I felt very welcome. I’d recommend the Leadership Academy to anyone who needs something great for their personal statement to get into University as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with people from a business in the top of its field, and also for meeting lots of great new people, whom so far are still keeping in touch with me. My experience of it is fantastic and I couldn’t possibly recommend it enough! If anyone has any questions about how, when, and where to apply, feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll do my best to help anyone with their application.

Joshua How S6 Burns House Captain

World Street Dance

On Friday 23rd August Bannerman dance teams competed in the World Street Dance Championship School Competition held at the SECC. A total of 3 teams from Bannerman competed against 14 other secondary schools to win the title of UDO street dance champions. Our teams were very successful to qualify for the finals and had been training very hard for this competition, even coming in to school during the summer holidays to polish up their routines. The competition was very stiff on the night and new teams from Edinburgh and Fife came through to show off their skills. The judging panel consisted of Got to Dance contestants and there were a number of performances from famous dance artists. Our pupils performed exceptionally well, showing confidence, enthusiasm and determination to succeed. Their hard work and effort paid off with an impressive all 3 teams qualifying in the top 8! 2nd Place - 3rd year team (Hard Candy) 5th Place - 4/5/6th year team (Alter Egos) 7th Place - 1/4/6th year team (Venom) Another successful year for the young people of Bannerman and looking forward to the year ahead! Fingers crossed Bannerman will take the championship title in 2014! Well done to all of the pupils who performed. Miss Ahmad

Pupil Voice

Our House Captains have been elected and in response to our evaluation last session, the pupil council has been revamped. The S6 House Captains head up the new restructured council, assisted by their vice captains. Each year group now has a captain and a vice captain. Pupil Council Meetings now alternate between house meetings or year group meetings, depending on what we need to do. The Captains are already busy at work on the school values which we consulted on last session. Watch out for updates in the next newsletter (or on Twitter).

Year Group Captains
S1 Captain S1 Vice Captain S2 Captain S2 Vice Captain S3 Captain S3 Vice Captain S4 Captain S4 Vice Captain S5 Captain S5 Vice Captain S6 Captain S6 Vice Captain

 Armstrong Niamh
 Deveny Sarah
 Dunsmuir Jack
 Elliot Kirsty
 Adam Emily
 Byars Calum
 Clark Beth
 Ewing Abigail

S1 Captain S1 Vice Captain S2 Captain S2 Vice Captain S3 Captain S3 Vice Captain S4 Captain S4 Vice Captain S5 Captain S5 Vice Captain S6 Captain S6 Vice Captain

 Cameron Eilidh
 Duncan Alexandra
 Ashley Ben
 Maxwell Steven
 Duncan Michael
 Gardiner Hamza
 Ahmad Ryan
 Anderson Ellys
 Feather Eilidh
 Colquhoun Paige
 Beresford Emma

S1 Captain S1 Vice Captain S2 Captain S2 Vice Captain S3 Captain S3 Vice Captain S4 Captain S4 Vice Captain S5 Captain S5 Vice Captain S6 Captain S6 Vice Captain

 Eason Chloe
 Lawrence Erin
 Greenshields Neha
 Khan Rebecca
 MacRae Olivia
 McGregor Hannah
 Fulton Findlay
 Hope Rebbeca
 Hyslop Kirstyn
 Lawson Rebecca
 Brodie Andrew











S1 Captain S1 Vice Captain S2 Captain S2 Vice Captain S3 Captain S3 Vice Captain S4 Captain S4 Vice Captain S5 Captain S5 Vice Captain S6 Captain S6 Vice Captain

 Currie Kieran
 Man Amber
 Man Zoe
 McGurn David
 McFadyen Caitlin Stewart Kai



S1 Captain S1 Vice Captain S2 Captain S2 Vice Captain S3 Captain S3 Vice Captain S4 Captain S4 Vice Captain S5 Captain S5 Vice Captain S6 Captain S6 Vice Captain

 Pearson Jamie-­‐Lee
 Nicol Megan
 Bowie MaQhew
 Plichta Cara
 Park Megan
 McMichael Jack
 Semple Michael
 Ramsey Nicola
 Moore Heather
 Reid Jon
 McFarlane Luan


  S1 Captain S1 Vice Captain S2 Captain S2 Vice Captain S3 Captain S3 Vice Captain S4 Captain S4 Vice Captain S5 Captain S5 Vice Captain S6 Captain S6 Vice Captain

 Setumbwe Stephanie
 Sherry Aimee
 Williamson Carmen
 Storrie Jack
 Wallace Caitlin
 Stewart Eilidh
 Warnock Gary
 Watson Steven
 Vance She
 Wan ScoQ
 Shaw Mairead


 McNulty Cameron

Sports’ Ambassadors

Kayleigh Thornton and Billy Mortimer (both S6) were successfully chosen to represent Bannerman as our ‘Young Ambassadors’. The programme, first developed for the 2012 London Games, is new to Bannerman and both these young people are already looking like they are going to set the bar high! Their role as a Young Ambassador is to represent the voice of Bannerman Sport and Physical Activity and act as a link to development, promotion and evaluation of everything we do here at Bannerman. At the conference they had to attend, both Kayleigh and Billy met with Olympic and Commonwealth sporting stars and started to plan their project. Their enthusiasm was outstanding and both hope to help promote and run Inter-house festivals – relighting the excitement between houses in regards to competition. They will both work closely with S5/6 Sports House Captains to manage this year’s activities and hopefully loads of young people will sign up to represent their house. Look at the Young Ambassadors programme on twitter - @sportsscotland #yascotland

Mrs Cook


We were very privileged to be entertained on Monday 19th August by the West of Scotland Symphony Orchestra, conducted by James Low. This orchestra is made up of young musicians from all over the west of Scotland. The concert was attended by all of S1 and the pupils studying music. It was a fantastic experience for pupils and staff.

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Toni McVey has been invited to study percussion at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Junior Academy. Toni had to go through a rigorous audition and selection process and she starts her course in September. Well done Toni what an achievement.

S6 Conference

Our annual S6 conference took place during August. This year, the morning focused on the Youth philanthropy Initiative, with S6 working in teams to decide on a local charity they would like to donate £3000 to. The final presentation will be in October and the winning team will have the pleasure of presenting their charity with their prize. The afternoon saw our well established question time with Margaret Curran MP and John Mason MSP. As you can imagine, S6 had some probing questions on the Referendum.

Malawi News

Blair Davidson and Cameron Quinn have recently returned from Malawi. The boys were part of the city’s 13 strong young leaders of learning group. You can find out about their trip at . On Tuesday 8 October ,Bannerman’s Malawi Team of twelve S5 pupils, along with Mrs Belford and Mr Wilson visit our partner school Masalani Day Community School, as a follow up to the Masalani visit here last November. Look out for a special Malawi Update in the near future!

Follow us on twitter for up to date pupil news.

University Destinations
Surname Forenames Inst Name Course Placed

Abid Anderson Boyce Campbell Carruthers Cheng Chow Duncan Duncan Fay Finlay Foy Gardner Glen HewiQ Jackson Johnston Jordan Kennedy Lau Logan Maxwell Maxwell McCabe McCallum McCartney McFadyen McGleish McGovern McIntyre McIntyre McMahon McMillan McNeill McRoberts Mitchell Moore Morrison Nixon O'Boyle Owens Parsons Perkins Reilly Robertson Robertson ScoQ Stevenson SXrling Thomson Walker Ward WaQ WaQers White Young Yule

Zeeshan Kyle Samuel David Adam Cheri KaXe Joanna Rachael Pamela-­‐Jane Ross Lewis Ewan Daniel John Benjamin Lori Fiona Gillian Carmen Adam Amy Lisa Holly Craig Ryan Leanne Olivia Megan Jack Lynsey Erin John Stuart Jack Gavin Amy Heather Jodie Kirsty Amy Samantha Frazer Lisa Aaron Nicole Carolyn Jack ScoQ Stephen David Amy Carmen Grant Darren Stacey Emma


 (Design) Product
 Engineering Law Architectural
 Studies Theatre
 Literature Nursing
 (Adult) Adult
 Nursing Environmental
 Management Social
 Science Optometry Mechanical
 (d) Mechanical
 Engineering Environmental
 Management Electronics
 Engineering Architectural
 Studies CompuXng
 Science Computer
 Networking Finance,
 Risk Nursing
 Health) MathemaXcs,
 AccounXng Mechanical
 Engineering Community
 Development Primary
 EducaXon Immunology
 (c) Aero-­‐Mechanical
 Engineering Law Anatomy Biomedical
 Engineering Criminal
 JusXce Audio
 Electronics Criminal
 JusXce Physiotherapy Computer
 Development) Mechanical
 Engineering Primary
 EducaXon Sport
 Coaching Fashion
 Business Law
 French Business
 Studies Criminal
 JusXce Biomedical
 Science Veterinary
 Biosciences CompuXng
 Development) Business
 Management Computer
 (Design) Nursing
 Disability) Nursing
 Disability) Environmental
 ProtecXon Chemistry
 MathemaXcs Sport
 Coaching Optometry Psychology MathemaXcs(a) 3D
 AnimaXon Chemistry
 MathemaXcs Social
 Science Criminal

ABRDN – Aberdeen University EDINB – Edinburgh University ENAP – Edinburgh Napier University GLASG – Glasgow University GCU – Glasgow Caledonia University HW – Herriot Watt University RGU – Robert Gordon University STIRL – Stirling University STRAT – Strathclyde University UWS – University of West of Scotland


Bannerman High School is very proud of you all. We wish you every success in the future.

S1Photo Shoot

Principal Teachers of Pastoral Care Burns: Mrs L Peoples Depute Headteachers S1: S2: S3: S4: S5: S6: Ms Black Mrs King Miss Smalls Mrs van de Gevel Mrs Belford Ms black Livingstone: Mrs Shah Mackintosh: Ms L Morton Napier: Telford: Wallace: Mr C Gardiner Mr J McGillivray Mrs R Guile

Parent Contact
If you want to make contact by email please use this address: [email protected]

Bannerman High School Glasgow Road G69 7NS 0141 582 0020

Please check our website for current information. The weekly bulletin is in ‘News & Events’- this will allow you to see forthcoming clubs and activities which you can encourage your child to join.

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