Seton Hays Up Close - Autumn 2014

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In this Issue
A newsletter of the Seton Hays Foundation, supporting Seton Medical Center Hays,
Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital, Seton Southwest Hospital and Seton Smithville Regional
Hospital, members of the Seton Healthcare Family
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Almost Too Good to Be True
Your support of the Children’s Care-A-Van changes lives every day. For nine-
year-old Maggie, it meant getting the treatment she needed during a time when
her family was struggling to make ends meet.
“We were at the worst part of a bad adventure,” described Heather Trevethan,
Maggie’s mother. Her husband had recently lost his job, and after the mortgage
was paid that month, there was nothing left. The health insurance for this family
of six had been terminated.
Tiny Texans Gala Supports
Care for Vulnerable Children
Pg 2
Tiny Texans Gala Sponsors
End-of-Year Gifts
and Tax Planning
Meet the Doctor
Marty Shields, MD
Pg 3
Seton Social a Huge Success!
Endowment Elevates Nursing
Pg 4
Seton Southwest Spring
Affair Set for April 24
Seton Southwest Earns
Top Honors
Donation Funds New Patient
Beds at Seton Smithville
Pg 5
Volunteers Turn Benefactors
for Seton Hays Health
Student Athletes Screened
for Heart Conditions
Pg 6
Your support gave Maggie the care she needed.
Seton Close Up | Fall 2014
Board of Trustees
Chuck Nash
Kate Johnson
Sonja Simmons
Mousumi Chanda-Kim, MD
Sam Cooper
Thomas E. Gallagher
Chris Harkrider
Ruben Lopez
Tom Searcy
Ex-Offcio Members
Jesús Garza
Kenneth L. Gladish, PhD
Chris Hartle
Gerald Hill
Seton Hays Foundation
6001 Kyle Parkway
Kyle, Texas 78640
(512) 504-5075
Seton Edgar B. Davis
130 Hays Street
Luling, Texas 78648
(830) 875-7066
Seton Southwest Hospital
7900 FM 1826
Austin, Texas 78737
(512) 324-9000
Seton Smithville Regional
800 Texas 71
Smithville, Texas 78957
(512) 237-3214
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Almost Too Good to Be True
“Maggie woke up in the night with fever and
a sore throat. Call it a mother’s intuition, but I
knew right away it was strep.”
Heather kicked into super-mom mode despite
her panic about fnding care with little means
to pay for it. She made numerous calls to fnd a
viable option with no luck.
“I remember crying and begging on the phone.
It was a complete feeling of desperation. How
was I going to get my daughter treated before
it turned into something worse, like scarlet
That desperation turned to hope when, fnally,
a 211 operator mentioned the Children’s Care-
A-Van run by Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital.
The $20 fee seemed almost too good to be true.
The Children’s Care-A-Van provides health care
to children in Caldwell County with special
concern for the poor and vulnerable. The
full-service mobile unit travels to schools and
churches in the region serving thousands of
children, most of whom have no medical home.
Still shaking from the stress, Heather drove her
crying daughter to meet the Care-A-Van where
she found a compassionate doctor and the
care her daughter needed. Maggie recovered
quickly and had a follow-up visit to make sure
she was 100 percent.
“The Care-A-Van is a godsend. It’s that simple.
Our family is so blessed that it came into our
lives on one of the worst days of our lives.”
Fortunately, the Trevethan family is now on
solid ground since Heather and her husband
have new jobs. And they believe in paying it
“I’m sharing our story with others. Had it never
happened, I wouldn’t be able to let people
know about the Care-A-Van. I now have the
opportunity to help others in need, and that’s a
happy ending.”
Your donation can keep the Children’s
Care-A-Van in action for children most in
need in Caldwell County. To fnd out more,
contact Carrie Cavanagh at 830-875-7066 or
[email protected]
The 10th Annual Caldwell County Associates
“Taking Care of Tiny Texans” Gala was a huge
success! Thanks to giving hearts and the generosity
of our sponsors, donors, and guests we surpassed our
goal and raised more than $214,000 (net) to beneft
the Seton Edgar B. Davis Children’s Care-A-Van.
Your generosity ensures that children in Caldwell
County have access to health care regardless of their
families’ fnancial means.

A special thank you to our Honorary Chairs
Sandra Hendricks and Patti White and the Caldwell
County Associate Gala Chair Michelle Hazelett for
hosting this spectacular evening!
Tiny Texans Gala Supports
Care for Vulnerable Children
Shane and D’Lacy Watts,
Raymond and Amy Clements
and Jami and Bryan Meadows
Chester and Jeanell Davis
Becky and Mark Collins
representing Walton
Development and Management
with Carrie Cavanagh (center)
Meet the Doctor
Marty Shields, MD
General Surgery
The accent is 100 percent West Texas. But he’s
traveled the world. As a surgeon in the Navy,
Dr. Marty Shields has practiced in exotic
places like the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean,
and aboard the USS
Iwo Jima. Today, he
is happiest caring
for his neighbors in
Caldwell County.
Dr. Shields earned
his medical degree from The University of
Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, followed
by an internship at San Diego Naval Hospital
and residency at Oakland Naval Hospital. He
is board certifed in general surgery.
“I was attracted to Luling. At Seton Edgar
B. Davis Hospital, I have the opportunity
to provide a broad scope of services, such
as general surgery, thyroid surgery, and
endoscopy, so patients don’t have to travel
for care.”
Dr. Shields joined the SEBD team after a stint
at Seton Medical Center Hays. He enjoys
spending time with his wife Doris, son Ben
and two dogs. In his spare time he likes to try
out new fshing holes.
“This is a nice group of physicians. I’m glad
to be here and it feels like the town is glad to
have me.”
End-of-Year Gifts
& Tax Planning
With the end of 2014 just a few months away, are
you starting to think about end-of-year gift and
tax planning?
If the answer is yes, in addition to giving cash, there
are two alternative giving options to consider:
1. Appreciated asset gifts such as stocks or real
estate. By giving your appreciated asset to Seton
(not selling it yourself) you will bypass capital
gains tax, create a charitable tax deduction, and
avoid the tax on net investment income.
2. Charitable life income plans, such as a charitable
gift annuity, can be created with cash or, better
yet, with a low-yielding asset (e.g., a stock that
pays a 1% dividend) to give you a higher income
stream while making a generous gift to Seton.
Benefts include income to you or a loved one, a
current income tax deduction, and a bypass of all
or a portion of the capital gains.
Giving appreciated assets is one of the most tax
effcient ways to support the Seton Hays Foundation.
For more information, please contact Michele
Gonzalez, development offcer, at 512-504-5076.
Marty Shields, MD
Seton Edgar B. Davis
Bonnie & George Hazelett
R&F Industries, Inc.
Schmidt Electric
Texas Gathering Company, LLC
Walton Development and Management
The Dorothy Roquemore Fund
Green Group Holdings
Luling Perforators, Inc.
Mineral Security Services
North South Oil, LLC
Progress Drilling, Inc.
Michelle Hazelett Simmons
Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative
M&D Plumbing
NUMED Diagnostic Imaging
Tresner Insurance Agency
CITGO Products Pipeline Company • Citizens State Bank • City of Lockhart
• City of Luling • Countywide Realty • Eagle Disposal • Eagle Hydrocarbons, Inc.
• First Lockhart National Bank • Jim and Suzy Godwin • H-E-B • David &
Dealey Herndon • Johnson Oil Company • Randolph Brooks Federal Credit
Union • Riata Real Estate • Sage Capital Bank • TCOR Management • Texas
Gas Service • Texas Petroleum Investment Company
Thank you to our generous sponsors
for keeping our mission in motion!
“I have the opportunity
to provide a broad scope
of patients
don’t have to travel
for care.”
Seton Close Up | Fall 2014
The Seton Social: Texas Silver
Screen held on Saturday,
September 27 at The Wild Onion
Ranch was a great success! Final
numbers aren’t in yet, but we do
know that at least $227,000 (net)
was raised for construction and
equipment at Seton Medical Center
Hays. And, we expect that number
to go up!
Endowment Elevates Nursing
Special thanks to our Seton Nurse Scholarship Endowment donors who supported 36 scholarships this year totaling
$108,000, three of which benefted nurses from Seton Hays, Seton Edgar B. Davis and Seton Southwest.
Fred Markham, who established the Texas Pioneer Foundation Nurse Scholarship at Seton Medical Center Hays,
commented, “From attending the scholarship award ceremonies and visiting with the recipients and their families,
I have been touched in realizing the power of the recognitions and fnancial support for these people as they work to
improve their careers and lives.”
For more information on supporting the nurse scholarship endowments, please contact Michele Gonzalez at
512-504-5076 or [email protected]
You can support nurses
Diamond “Producer”
Capitol Anesthesiology
Sarah and Andy Edgerton
Gold “Director”
Robert and Coleen Pfeiffer
Walton Development
and Management
Venue and VIP Reception
Sarah and Andy Edgerton
and Premiere Events
Soliref, Inc.
Burt-Watts Industries, Inc.
Chuck Nash
Live Performance
Priority Personnel
Silver “Screenwriter”
Austin Radiological Association
Austin Regional Clinic
Eleanor Butt Crook
CommuniCare Health Centers
Duke Realty
Emergency Service Partners
Legend Oaks Healthcare & Rehabilitation-Kyle
Premiere Events
Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers
(Southpark Meadows, Heritage Park, Windsor
Duval and PÔ¨āugerville Nursing and Rehab)
ReitPath Pathology
Warm Springs Hospital System
Bronze “Lead Role”
(Nurses’ Table)
Bill and Kate Johnson
Dr. Bob and Linda Rosebrock
Copper “Set Director”
Austin Community College District
Austin Gastroenterology
Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons, PA
Sam and Karen Cooper & Richard “Dick”
Schneider and Barbara Atkinson
Patrick and Brenda Cox & Mike Moeller
and Nora Linares-Moeller
Frost Bank
Heart to Heart Hospice of San Marcos
McDonald’s/Jimmy Ferguson
Pediatrix Medical Group
Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union
Satellite Healthcare/WellBound
Silverado Memory Care @ Onion Creek
2 Dine 4 Fine Catering
Andy and Sarah Edgerton
Gerald and Donna Hill
The McCoy Family
Premiere Events / Richard
and Delores Crum
Tom and Joan Searcy
Acadian Ambulance
Kay Allison
Jean Bales
Carrie Campbell and Kyle Fox
Barbara and Carroll LaBorde
Dixie and Charles Patterson
SMCH Cath Lab Team
YMCA – Hays Communities
Seton Hays Foundation
presented Brenda McCoy-
Remme, Miriam McCoy
and Cindy Joy-McCoy,
with a personalized star
in appreciation of their
$1 million gift.
Michelle Lopez and her new puppy
she won in the live auction.
Seton Social guests enjoying a special
appearance by a John Wayne impersonator.
Close Up | Fall 2014
Seton Smithville Regional Hospital received a $14,766
check from the City of Smithville and the Lower Colorado
River Authority to help purchase new patient beds.
LCRA Board members pose with Smithville city offcials
and Seton team members: Front: Karen Rankin, Mark
Bunte, Christine Lafamme, Margaret Klaerner, Joyce
Klutts, Bill Hector, Larry Mejia. Back: Karl Lindholm,
Robert Tamble, Jim Wither, Brittany Horine.
Seton Southwest Earns Top Honors – Again
Event Will Support
First Cafeteria at Hospital
Planning is already underway for next year’s Seton
Spring Affair “Friday Night Lights” set for Friday,
April 24, at Creekside in Driftwood. Proceeds from
the annual fundraiser will go toward construction
of a cafeteria for Seton Southwest Hospital.
“A cafeteria is one service that I know will make a
tremendous difference for our patients and all who
work or visit here,” says Mary Faria, vice president
and chief operating offcer, Seton Southwest. “A
cafeteria was not included when the hospital was
built because the vision for the hospital was focused
on ambulatory care. But, our booming inpatient
care has changed that focus.”
Seton Southwest hopes to raise just over $1 million
over three years to fund an advanced kitchen.
For information on how you can support the
cafeteria, contact Michele Gonzalez at 512-324-5076
or [email protected]
City of Smithville and LCRA
Donation Funds New Comfy
Patient Beds






Give to Seton Southwest
Seton Southwest was named
Top Performer among more
than 330 hospitals two years
in a row now for inpatient care
and is considered a “bright
spot” among U.S. hospitals by
PRC (Professional Research
Representatives noted,
“When it comes to building
an environment with solid
teamwork to create excellent
patient and family experiences, hospitals should look to the example set forth by Seton Southwest Hospital.”
Explains Mary Faria, vice president and chief operating offcer, Seton Southwest, “Staff, physicians and
volunteers here are dedicated to providing safe and compassionate ‘humancare.’ I am, of course, biased, so it is
wonderful that our patients confrm this in the letters and calls I receive and through the PRC survey. “
Take pride in your hospital!
“When it comes to
building an environment
with solid teamwork to
create excellent patient
and family experiences,
hospitals should look to the
example set forth by Seton
Southwest Hospital.”
Tom and Joan Searcy are
dedicated volunteers
who have supported
Seton Medical Center
Hays since it opened fve
years ago.
During their weekly shifts
at Seton Hays, you can
fnd the Searcy’s in the
Emergency Department
where they see frst-
hand the excellent care
provided by Seton Hays’
clinical staff.
“It takes a good education to do what they [the clinical
staff] do every day,” says Tom. “But nowadays it is so
expensive to go to school. We just want to help some of
them pursue the education they need to enter, or advance
in, the health care feld. We have a passion to support this.”
That passion led to a very generous gift of $500,000 to
the Seton Hays Foundation to create The Searcy Family
Health Professions Scholarship Endowment. Ultimately,
the endowment will provide annual scholarships to help
support nursing and other allied health student employees
in Hays County.
“Growing up, we really didn’t have anything to give
away,” explains Tom. “But we were raised with the
philosophy that you give back to the community when you
can. We’ve been blessed with more than we need, so it was
time to put back some of the money where we made it.”
The gift was made possible through the sale of the Searcy’s
Ranch – a 350-acre oasis in Hays County along a stretch of
Onion Creek.
“We bought the ranch after our youngest daughter
graduated from high school,” says Joan. “After spending
18 years in Westlake, we decided we wanted to get back
to the Kyle area, where we lived for a time in the early
“It’s been our home for 25 years and we love it,” explains
Tom. “But, knowing that we now are able to preserve this
beautiful property is that much more special.”
Earlier this year, the Austin City Council approved the
purchase of the Searcy Ranch to protect the land from
development and preserve the water quality of Barton
Springs, located downstream.
Not only did the Searcy’s fnd a way to help protect
precious natural resources, they also found a way to
support precious human resources.
“We raised four kids who have gone on to college and are
self-suffcient,” explains Joan. “We know that establishing
this endowment isn’t hurting our kids in any way or their
futures. And, we’re not denying ourselves in any way. If
you’ve been blessed enough to have something to give …
give back.”
With the ranch now sold, the Searcy’s are looking for
another house to buy. Fortunately, they are looking in Kyle.
As Joan says, “we plan to stick around.”
Volunteers Turn Benefactors for
Seton Hays Health Professionals
Student Athletes Screened for Heart Conditions
More than 130 student athletes underwent potentially life-saving
screenings at Seton Medical Center Hays on July 19. Electrocardiogram and
echocardiogram screenings, used to detect deadly heart conditions such as
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), were offered free of charge thanks to
a partnership with Championship Hearts Foundation.
“HCM is a genetic heart condition that can potentially cause a fatal heart
rhythm right on the playing feld,” said Dr. George Rodgers, of the Seton
Heart Institute and president of Championship Hearts Foundation. “It is
very easily detected with an echocardiogram.”
Dr. Michael Watkins with the Seton Heart Institute and Dr. Douglas Salmon with Live Oak Cardiology were on hand to
interpret the results and provide referrals. Fortunately this year only one child was referred for further evaluation.
Thanks to the many volunteers who helped keep the screening process running smoothly at Seton Hays!
Tom and Joan Searcy
Students await screenings at Seton Hays

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