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shoe store synopsis

Shoe Store Billing Management System



Project profile Project Title

Billing system for Bata store


The main objective of this system is to Computerized the billing part of the Bata Store.


Bata store.

Bata store

Opera rati ting ng Syste tem m

"icrosoft #indo$s %&


"icrosoft !ccess '(((

Front En% #se%

"icrosoft )isual Basic *.(

Project $&ration

+ule,(- to !pril,(

Project '&i%e

"iss./upal Bhatt

S&!mitte% By

"r.0ipe "r. 0ipen n N. 1apatel 1apatel

S&!mitte% To

Bata store. Near Gopal cross chokdi  !nand.

 !.". College College Science Science "anagement "anagement 2 computer  computer  Technology Sardar 3atel !nand. university ).). Nagar.



Sr* (o


Page (O*

+ , -

: % AA AA& 'A '

  :. :.A   :.' 2

4NT/506CT45N T5 T78 5/G!N49!T45N 8;4ST4NG "!N6!< S=ST8" 3/5B<8"S >!C80 B= C6//8NT "!N6!< S=ST8" ?3/5B<8" 408NT4>[email protected] 408NT4>[email protected] /864/8"8NT !N!<=S4S 3/535S80 S=ST8" >8!T6/8S 5> 3/535S80 S=ST8" SC538 !N0 B56N0!/48S 5> 3/535S80 S=ST8" SC538 B56N0!/48S >!CT G!T78/4NG T8C7N468S

  &. &.A   &.'   &. &. 3   %.A   %.'   %. +4  A  A( (.A  A(.' ++  A  AA A.A

4NT8/)48#4NG /8C5/0 4NS38CT45N 5BS8/)!T45N >8!S4B4<4T= ST60= T8C7N4C!< >8!S4B4<4T= 8C5N5"4C >8!S4B4<4T= 538/!T45N!< >8!S4B4<4T= S=ST8" /864/8"8NT S38C4>4C!T45N 7!/0#!/8 /864/8"8NTS S5>T#!/8 /864/8"8NTS T55<S 4N>5/"!T45N "4C/5S5>T )4S6!< B!S4C *.(

': '& '% ( A ' '   * :

 AA  AA.' +,

"4C/5S5>T !CC8SS '((( >6NCT45N!< 08C5"35ST45N 04!G/!" ?>[email protected] 0!T! ><5# 04!G/!" ?0.>[email protected] 0!T! 04CT45N!/= 0!T! 8<8"8NTS 0!T! ST5/80 SC/88N ?4NT8/>!C8S 5> T78 S=ST8"

% -'

. / 0 1

++.  A  A-.A  A A-.' +/


- A  *A



storeD is located near !nand Bus stand in !nand.

  "r. +atin. 3atel is o$ner of this Bata store. The main reason for setting up the Bata store near Baroda Bus stand $as that there $as no Store for any shoe company in that area  $hich provides the shoes $hich are nice good and at reasonable price.   The shoe store deals $ith t$o things i.e. "aintenance and Sale of shoes. The sho$ Store brings the shoes from its godo$n and billing the shoes at their bata store.   The Sho$ Store maintains the record of the current rate shoes. 4t also maintains the records of their [email protected] as $ell as their regular [email protected] and it updates regularly day , to , day day..



E)ISTI(' M6(#6L S8STEM 8Eisting system is based on manual $ork and all the process are done manually so they maintain registers and files for recording all the details of the system. They maintai maintain n several several register registers s for recordin recording g the entry of daily transacti transactions ons such as billing of the shoes to the clients etc. They Th ey regarding main mainta tain in their the the regular reco record rd clients for for thei their clie client nts s so file. they they keep keep each eachfashion and and ever ev ery y information inr the master 4n the similar they maintain the records of their parties so they keep each and every information regarding their parties in the party master file. They keep the bill book or cash book to maintain the record for each sale of the shoe or transaction in the bata store. They also maintain the personal book for each clients for their personal transactions so $hen the after the month or year $hen the client comes for the payment they see the bock and make the bill. Similarly they maintain the book for their parties so they can pay the money to them after after some time.Th time.Thus us maintain maintaining ing party party informa information tion client client informa information tion  party party transaction and all the things are done manually.



The phase of system analysis process deals $ith problems $hich are !ffecting  in the current manual system . The problems are those $hich are !ffecting the Bata store in it daily routine $ork.  !s the gro$ing trend in 4nfoTe 4nfoTech $orld of computers need of accuracy3 accuracy3erfect erfect ness  speed and high memory data storage is a must. 8ach and every 3roblem must be solved $ith a least amount of time and energy. The problems faced by eEisting system are described as belo$ F • • • • •

• • •


0ifficult in "aintenance of /ecords. Time Consuming. 8diting of data becomes a tedious job. No Security of 0ata. "istakes 5ccurring in long Calculations Total Billing Grand totals yearly billing etcHI 3roper Generation of /eport. <ack of 8fficiency and "an 3o$er. Shoe "aintenance. $iffic&lt in Maintenance of Recor%s 

4t is very difficult to maintain data record in the system as all the records are entered in the register or the respective record books. There are chances of  the record books or files in $hich all the data is kept may be torn or $earied out or some other damages $hich results in the destroyed data. !lso a problem occurs if the data file or register is misplaced some$here else and is not getting at the time of actual reJuirement of the data stored. 4t is also difficult to maintain old files and registers $hich have data of past years $hich the o$nes has kept for future references.

The problem occurs $hen the sale of shoe is more and $hen the monthly report or bill is generated generated the then n the o$ner has to go through through lots of record and $hich is very tedious task.  



Time Cons&ming 

4t is very time consuming process to $rite each and every entry in the database register. !lso it takes a lot of time if all the entries are repeated. 4n the syste system m pr proce ocess sses es such such as makin making g diffe differe rent nt type type of repor reports ts billi billing ng tedio tedious us calculations are eEamples of time consuming process in the system. 4t is also time consuming process to kno$ the total number of sale done by the Bata store $hen $ritten manually but through computerized system it takes less time as it is speedy and accurate. E%iting of $ata 


"anual $ritten data cannot be changed or edited once $ritten.4f there is a mistake and if $e try and $rite it makes the register very dirty and untidy $hich creates a bad impression of the business . 4f data is entered incorrect $hole document gets incorrect $hole document gets incorrect $hile errors cannot cannot be easily solved by editing $rongly entered data. 4f one had done some $rong $rong entry then to edit the one one has to go through lots of  records and again and again editing the record makes it difficult to read.

  $ata Insec&rity 

 !s the data is stored in files or registers it is not in a secure place. !s !s the storage media here are files and books or registers there are chances of getting these storage media lost torn or it may go in the hand of $rong person $hich can destroy the database or it can also be destroyed accidentally. !lso in the



system data should be sho$n to the person according to his position and post in the office everybody should not be allo$ed to use all the data. 4f the data goes in the hand of $rong person then heKshe may advantage advantage of the data and the Bata store may go in loss. So security is the major aspects of the Bata store. Report 'eneration  !fter a certain time period if the user $ants to checks his total billing or total profit or total eEpenditure or monthly sale than it becomes very tedious for the o$ner to check all the respectd data and according to the data creating respective report for the transactions. transactions. ! computerized computerized system having report making facility can do this job easily and also the o$ner can different types of charts and diagrams to make him understand the ups and do$ns of his Bata store.

RE9#IREME(T 6(6L 6(6L8 8SIS


RE9#IREME(T 6(6L8SIS This phase of system analysis deals $ith the reJuirement needed in the ne$ proposed computer system to overcome problems affecting the manual system. The o$ner of the Bata store $ants to computerize the system in such a $ay that its billing part should be fully computerize. 7e $ants that $hen he $ants to sale the shoe than he can sale it to the clients and after selling it the bill should be prepared automatically and the total amounts as $ell as the grand total should be calculated.

Billing system for Bata store consists of three main partsF :+; P6RTIES     [email protected] 3arty 4nformation [email protected] 3arty 3ayment :,; CLIE(TS 1. Client 4nformation 2. Client 3ayment :-; SE6RC5 c. Client Cash "emo c. 3arty Cash "emo :.; REPORT 'E(ER6TIO( 'E(ER6TIO( 1.


[email protected] 3arty 4nformationF The o$ner of the Bata store $ants that the information regarding the party should be comlete and it should be available as and $hen reJuired. 7e $ants that the party id should be auto generated Name !ddress city State 3hone no ?/@  3hone no [email protected] ?5 @ >aE >aE 8mail 8mail "obile "obile and and some some spec special ial comme comment nts s 7e also also $ant $ants s that that the the information of any party should be editable it should allo$ to add the ne$ party $ith his full details. 7e can also delete the party and search the party according to the city.


  [email protected] 3aymentF The o$ner of the Bata store $ants that the bill no should be auto generated and these should be a facility that the user can select the party name instead of $riting the name and $hen the user selects the party name then hisKher address should be automatically come. No$ the user has to fill the details of the particular $hich the party gives and Juantity and rate should be given then amount of a particular item is calculated automatically and finally the total of all the items should be come.   :,; CLIE(TS   [email protected] Client informationF The o$ner of the Bata store $ants that the information regarding the client should be complete and it should be available as and $hen reJuired. 7e $ants that the client id should be auto generated Name !ddress City State 3hone no ?/@ 3hone no [email protected] >aE 8mail "obile and some special comments. 7e also $ants that the information of any client should be editable it should allo$ to add the ne$ client $ith his full details. 7e can also delete the client and search the client according to the city.  

[email protected] Client 3aymentF The o$ner of the Bata store $ants that the bill no should be auto generated and there should be a facility that the user can select the client name instead of $riting the name and $hen $hen the user selects the client name then hisKher address should be automatically come. No$ the user has to fill the details of the particular $hich the client is going to take and the Juantity and should be given then amount of a particular item is calculated automatically and finally the total of all the items should be come.


:-; SE6RC5


[email protected] Cash "emoF   The o$ner o$ner of the the store store $ant $ant that that the system system shou should ld provid provide e the seach seach facility.Suppose the user $ants to see the 3arty Cash "emo details than only just by giving giving the the Bill No No the Client Client cash cash memoLs memoLs total total shoul should d be sho$n sho$n and and if user  user  $ants to see more details than further details should be sho$n. [email protected] Cash "emoF The o$ner of the store $ant that the system should provide the seach facility. Suppose the user $ants to see The 3arty Cash "emo details than only just by giving the Bill Bill No the 3arty cash memoLs memoLs total should should be sho$n and if user user $ants to see more details than further details should be sho$n.


 :.; REPORT 'E(ER6T 'E(ER6TIO( IO(   The o$ner o$ner of the the Bata Bata store store $ants $ants that after after each each transa transactio ction n the report report or  or    bil billl should should be gener generati ation on as $ell as the repor reportt for all the partie parties s and all theclients should be displayed.




The manual system of MBata storeD is to be computerized in order to overcome the problems affects eEisting manual system. Computerizing thethe eEisting system $ith the$hich help of somethe programming language database package ease $ork of the system up to a great eEtent. Generally there has been a criterion to $ork on any job or task for a specific purpose. Nobody $orks $ithout detailed information about the particular task he is perf pe rfor ormi ming ng.. Thus Thus any any tran transa sact ctio ion n can can be perf perfor orme med d such such as sale sale.. 4n the the ne$ ne$ computerized computer ized system the basic and the initial first step is to ask for a specific user login name and pass$ord for it thus it can also take care of data security no$ after $hen the user enters the necessary details in the login name and pass$ord it checks for the correct pass$ord and allo$s the user of the system to enter the main page.  !s the user is inside the system the first screen of the system should be a $elcome message and a list of menus. These menus contain the options of either  3arties or Clients. 4n the 3arty information screen the user can !dd 8dit 0eleteSave and search any particular record just by selecting the party name from the list and also the user can search the party by city. 4n the Client information screen the user can !dd 8dit 0eleteSave and search any particular record just by selecting the client name from the list and also the user can search the client by city. 4n the 3arty payment screen the user can take the particular items and the screen $ill give the amount as $ell as the total amount of the items.


4n the similar $ay the Client 3ayment is done. The user can sale the particular  items and the screen $ill give the amount as $ell as the total amount of the items and the screen $ill give the amount as $ell as the total amount of the items. The user can easily find all the data any time $ith out $astage of time though selecting specific menu used for specific purpose.  !fter the transaction transaction is completed the user can log off from the system by simply Juitting from the system. !gain if the user $ants to enter in the system he must input the the specif specific ic us user er name name and and pass pass$o $ord rd enter enter.. The The syste system m $i $illll not not all allo$ o$ any $r $rong ong pass$ord and $ill not allo$ to enter the system thus it is safe from unauthorized access of the Bata storeLs data. The main objectives of the proposed system is to help the user. The system can be handy to the user in the follo$ing reasonsF •

• •

To provide Juick and efficient means for performing billing related activities and to effortlessly generate report of the system. To automize the $ork such as billing 3arty record Client record etc. To automize the different types of reports.

Shoe Store application System design [email protected] The data flo$ diagrams are pictorial or graphical representation of the Shoe Store Billing "anagement System. The data flo$ diagram covers all the processes and data storage area $hich takes place during any transaction in the system. The data flo$ diagrams are functionally divided into conteEt level 9ero level and >irst level data flo$ diagrams.


Shoe Store application System design [email protected]




>8!T6/8S 5> 3/535S80 S=ST8"

>8!T6/8S >8!T 6/8S 5> 3/535S80 S=ST8"

This system is mainly designed for the customers to select the shoes and itLs many categories and many articles and any range of their o$n choice. This system supports one type of users.





7ere the administrator maintains the system. 5nly the administrator is giving the right to change or modify anything of the system. !dministrator is given pass$ord facility. !dministrator can modify or changes the prices of any items. 7e can add any  purchase order and it is update to the database.

SC538 !N0 B56N0!/48S 5> T78 S=ST8"


SC538 !N0 B56N0!/48S 3/535S80 S=ST8"

SC538 F

 !s a part part of the preliminary study study the the scope of the system system has to to be clearly clearly outlined. This is useful for estimating the amount of effort reJuired the cost involved etc. 4n any Bata store 3urchase and Billing department play an important role to produce great image in market. #e cannot think about an eEistence of an individual department only. 7ere the 3urchase department deals $ith all the procedure regarding the purchase of the shoes from the party. 7ere the billing department deals $ith all the procedure regarding the sale of the shoed to the client. 0uring the purchase or billing procedure the Bata store $ill interact $ith the party or $ith the client as eEternal entity and $ith other departments inside the environment of Bata store.

B56N0!/48S F

The boundaries of the system is the system is the boundary of the Bata store $hich encloses the different departments including the purchase and sale department $hich interact $ith the eEternal entities as 3arty and Client.


>!CT >! CT G G! !T78/4NG T8C7N468S T8C7N4 68S



4nformation gathering in large and compleE organization is not an easy task. 4t has to be gathered in an organized $ay so that

 No system details are left out  /ight problems are identified  /epetitive $ork is avoided  #rong or incomplete details are not collected  T o this this end end a prop proper er searc search h strat strategy egy must be decid decided ed first first.. Sear Search ch strat strategy egy includes selecting information sources and search methods.   They areF  4NT8/)48#4NG  68ST5N!/48S  /8C5/0 4NS38CT45N  5BS8/)!T5NS

7ere in this project $e have usedF


 4NT8/)48#4NG  68ST45N!/48S  5BS8/)!T5NS


4ntervie$ing allo$s information from individual or eEisting group $ho are generally the current users of eEisting system or potential users of the proposed system. They may be manager or employees of the firm itself $ho provide the data for the pro rop pose osed sy syst ste em an and $ho $ho $ill ill be be af affect ected. . 4t allo$s the analyst to analyze and discover areas of misunderstanding indication of  resistance to proposed system

The 4NT8/)48# regarding the project $as done $ith the head of the accountancy in the Bata shoes company.

Some of the Juestions asked $ere F

A. #hat $as the problem of early account systemO '. #hat are the changes you reJuire in ne$ systemO . #hat language $ould you like to build projectO -. #hat should be the backend toolsO


. #hat should be the front,end toolsO *. #hat is the overall income of companyO :. #hat is the monthly profitO &. #hat is government and company taEO %. #hat is the rate of depreciationO A(. #hat additional features $ould u like to add in this system



uestionnaires $ere used as a supplement to intervie$s. "ore people can be reached uestionnaires and ans$ers can be corroborated. ! Juestionnaire can be considered as a structure intervie$ form. Since the cost involved involved in developing developing and distributing $as very high the follo$ing points $ere kept in mind $hile designing Juestionnaire.

[email protected] The objective of the Juestionnaire must be made clear. '@ The structure must be useful for the study. @ uestions must be easily and unambiguously understood. [email protected] The respondent must be carefully selected. @ The responses received must be analyzed scientifically and $ithout any bias.



[email protected] Gathering numerical data. '@ 5btaining collective opinion. @ Get feedback in a post implementation audit.

uestionnaire can be t$o typesF

[email protected] 5pen ended Juestionnaire  

'@ Closed ended Juestionnaire

Some of the Juestions included in Juestionnaires $ere F

[email protected] #hat are the major problems in the eEisting systemO '@ #hat are the minor problems in the eEisting systemO @ #hat is the reJuirement for the ne$ systemO [email protected] #hat $ill be the benefit of the proposed system over the eEisting systemO @ #hat is the monthly and yearly income and eEpense of the companyO


5bserva 5bse rvatio tion n can can bring bring in misse missed d facts facts ne$ $ays $ays to impro improve ve the the eEist eEisting ing procedures. 4t can bring in $hat other fact,finding methods canLt. 4t took after operational in efficiencies alternative routes and procedures interruptions in normal $orkflo$ etc.


The use and observation of the current system helped to find out the 5perational 4nefficiencies in the eEisting system.

These 5perational 4nefficiencies areF ,   3oor interface $ith user for input and output giving no data security delay in producing reports lack of programming inefficient storage and retrieval relates $ith increase in number of products or items records etc.




 ! feasibility feasibility study is undertaken undertaken to determine the possibility possibility or or probability probability of either  either  improving the eEisting system or developing a completely ne$ system. 4t helps to obtain an overvie$ of the problem and to get rough assessment of $hether feasible solution eEists. This is essential to avoid committing large resources to a project and then repent on it later.

Need for Feasibility Study 

The feasibility study is needed to


 !ns$er the Juestion Juestion $hether $hether a ne$ ne$ system system is to be be installed installed or notO notO

0etermine the potential of the eEisting system.

4mprove the eEisting system. 1no$ $hat should be embedded in the ne$ system.

0efine the problems and objective involved in a project.

 !void costly repairs repairs at a later stage stage $hen $hen the system system is implemented. implemented.

 !void crash implementati implementation on of a ne$ ne$ system. system.  !void the P7ard$are P7ard$are !pproachL !pproachL i.e. getting getting a computer computer first first and then then deciding deciding ho$ to use it.

There are three aspects in feasibility study portion of the preliminary investigation. 1.

Technical Te chnical feasibility.


8conomic feasibility and


5perational feasibility of the project.

Technical Te chnical feasi!ility


Technical feasibility determines $hether the $ork for the project be done $ith the present eJuipment current procedures eEisting soft$areLs technology and available personnelO 4f ne$ technology is needed $hat alternatives $ill be needed in the present structure and $ork ethosO

This $ill reJuire a close eEamination of the present system.

The technical feasibility should ask Juestions related to F



 !deJuacy of available available technology technology..


 !deJuacy of hard$are. hard$are.


 !vailable  !vaila ble of computer computer..


5perating time and support facility etc.

Technical feasibility determines $hether the technology needed for the proposed system is available and ho$ it can be integrated $ithin the organization. Technical evaluation mist also assess $hether the eEisting system can be upgraded to use the ne$ technology and $hether the organization has the eEpertise to use it.

The technical feasibility in the proposed system deals $ith the technology used in the system. 4t deals $ith the hard$are and soft$are used in the system $hether they are of latest technology or not. 4t happens that after a system is prepared a ne$ technology arises and the user $ants the system based on that technology. Thus it is important to check the system to be technically feasible.

The minimum memory reJuirement is '"B of /!" $hile *-"B is better to have for better performance. !s far as soft$are is concerned licensed version of "icrosoft  !ccess and )isual Basic *.( ?3rofessional )[email protected] should be installed on the server. There should be printer attached to the net$ork for printing of Bills purchase receipt billing receipts and other reports.


,; Economic feasi!ility 

  8conomic feasibility looks at the financial aspects of the project 8conomic feasibility concerns $ith the returns from investments in a project. 4t determines $hether it is $orth $hile to invest the money in the proposed system. 4t is not $orth $hile spending a lot of money on a project for no returns.

To carry out an economic feasibility for a system it is necessary to place actual money value against any purchases or activities needed to implement the project.

The organization plans to acJuire the necessary hard$are and soft$are reJuire for the system and there is no hindrance $hether economical or other$ise to$ards its purchase. ! brief description of the hard$are and soft$are reJuired its purchase. ! brief  description of the hard$are and soft$are reJuire in the system is given later in the report.

-; Operational feasi!ility    5perational feasibility covers t$o aspects. 5ne is the technical performance aspect and other is the acceptance $ithin the organization. 5perational feasibility determines ho$ the proposed system $ill fit in the current operations and $hat if any  job restructuring restructuring and retraining retraining may be needed needed to implement implement the system. system.

4n the system operational feasibility checks $hether the user $ho is going to use the system is able to $ork $ith the soft$ares $ith $hich the system is coded and also the mind of the user going to use the system. 4f the user does not understand or is able to the $ork on the system further development is of $aste.








This phase of the soft$are development process deals $ith a brief study of different hard$are used in the computerized system. There is a list of hard$are materials used during the making and also during the use of the proposed system.  !s the ne$ ne$ system system to be made made into a computerized computerized functional functional system system reJuirement reJuirement of a computer is must. !ll the hard$are needed here are generally the basic configuration of a typical office computer. ! list of the hard$are reJuirement used in the system given belo$F

Minim&m Config&ration 

To run the application soft$are of the system in the computer the minimum configuration reJuired is as belo$F o

' "7z 3entium processor or other compatible.


4ntel Chipset "otherboard.


' "B S0 Q /!".



' Q - GB 7ard Q 0isk.


-E Compact 0isc drive or faster.


A.-- "B >loppy 0isk 0rive.


"onitor*-( E -&( 0isplayI.






0ot "atriE 3rinter. Recommen%e% Config&ration 

The system can run on the above mentioned system ho$ever for perfectness and clearness it is recommended to use a computer system having the belo$ listed configuration. The configuration listed belo$ can give best and optimum result at instance during the $orking of the system. o

AG7z 3entium - processor or other compatible.


4ntel &AE Chipset "otherboard.


A'& "B "B S0 Q /!".


A( ,'( GB 7ard Q 0isk.


'E Compact 0isc drive or faster.


A.-- "B >loppy 0isk 0river.


Color "onitor. &(( E *(( 0isplayI 0isplayI






A' Column 0ot "atriE 3rinter K <aser printers.


(( ). ! 63S .6sed in case of po$er failureI


(oteThe proposed system of Billing system for Bata store can $ork on both the above mentioned computer configuration. 4t is just for kno$ledge that the system can also $ork $ith the old technology as $ell as the ne$ technology.


  !long $ith the hard$are used in the system it reJuires soft$are to make a system as $ell as to run a system $ith the computer hard$are. Collection of different types of hard$are into a specific type can from computer but it can not eEecute process on its o$n. >or efficient and proper $orking of any system soft$are must be installed. There Soft$ares may be in the form of operating system or application soft$are.

To make the Billing system for Bata store for MBata ShoesD 4 too have used certain soft$ares $hich are listed belo$. The soft$ares used in the proposed system are the latest versions of themselves and can give up,to,date and perfect result of every processes in the system. There soft$are comprises operating system and application soft$are used in the system.

Soft>are &se% in %esigning:co%e; of the system

Operating System

 "icrosoft #indo$s %&.

6pplication Soft>are   "icrosoft !ccess '(((.



back ,end Q toolI


"icrosoft )isual Basic *.(.


front Q end Q tooI





Microsoft <is&al Basic 0*4 ? Front @ En% A

To develop any system along $ith the back Q end tools $hich provide access to the database and also solves the database Jueries like oracle to make a system interactive $ith the user the use of front Q end tools comes into the picture. The front


 Q end tools make the user interface $ith the system easier and also provide a user Q friendly environment to the system.

This  rich language enables you to develop many different different types of applications. applications. =ou can create you can create programs that intersect $ith the hard$are.

4t is a programming language used to create $indo$ base application. )isual Basic is an old B!S4C ?Beginners !ll !ll Q purpose Symbolic instruction [email protected] language. 4t makes it very easy to get the user interface portion of your application up and running.

7undreds of functions and latest technological advances have been added to the language to make it an industrial Q strength development environment suitable for  almost my type of $indo$s application. This is especially true $ith the advent of  internet programming and object oriented programming.

"icrosoft )isual Basic *.( is one of the front Q end tool provided by "icrosoft 4nc. "icrosoft )isual Basic *.( provides a fast $ay to develop applications for "icrosoft #indo$s. !s a front Q end tool "icrosoft )isual Basic *.( provides the G.6.4 interface to the user and it is supposed to be one of the beast front Q end tools used today.

Some of the "ain Feat&res of <is&al Basic 0*4 are listed belo$ F

0ata !ccess features allo$s you to create database and front Q end applications

for most popula most popularr datab databas ase e format formats s inclu includin ding g "icros "icrosoft oft S< S< Serve Server r 5racl 5racle e  "icrosoft  !ccess and and other enterprise enterprise level database. database.


4t includes a G64 environment fro making $indo$s based application.

 !ctive ; technology technology allo$s you to use the functionality functionality provided provided by other  application such as "S #ord "S 8Ecel and other #indo$s applications. =ou can even automate applications and professional or enterprise editions of )isual Basic.

4n 4nte tern rnet et ca capa pabi bili liti ties es make make it easy easy to prov provid ide e acce access ss to docu docume ment nts s and and applications across the internet from $ithin your application. 4t provides a vital link to graphical environment and allo$s you to develop

applications based on standard #indo$s features F 0ialog BoEes Command Buttons 3ull do$n menus Scroll bars Selection lists etc. 4t also allo$s creating robust applications that fully make use of the graphical user interface.  ! multitude of $izards and other graphical graphical tools aid developers developers ne$ to )isual

Basic. •

 !05 Q compliant compliant data data Q bound bound controls. controls.

7ierarchical records sets and the >leE Grid Control.

)isual Basic is an event driven programming language.

)isual Basic allo$s you to adopt more of parallel approach $ith independent sections of code for each option that the user may select. This is kno$n as 8vent driven programming language.

)isual data tools ?)[email protected]  !05 0ata 0ata Control Control [email protected] [email protected]


0ata reports design and data form $izards.

4t also helps the user $ith the S< editor.

By connecting it $ith 5racle S< statements can be run and terminated through  

)isual Basic *.(.

)isual Basic Component creation.

The language is very easy and it provides a very user friendly environment $hile programming in )isual Basic *.(. 3ackaging and 0evelopment $izard.

 !llo$s for for the creation creation of p Q code and native native code 8;8 files. files. 3 Q code is a

tokenized from of your source code that $ill be broken do$n at runtime into machine code $hich is $hy )isual Basic $ill create this intermediately forms. Can be eEtended easily through the use of $indo$s !34 calls hundreds of third

party controls and 0<<s and integration $ith other $indo$s applications through C5" and 0C5". •


7as a shorter learning curve and development time than CKCRR 0elphi and 3o$er Builder.

6sed by most of the office suite tool as macro language. #ith the rest to follo$. 5ther companies as $ell as starting to support )B! in their products such as  !uto C!0 C!0 )ision )ision Corel0ra$ Corel0ra$ S!3 S!3 and many others.

 !llo$s for rapid application application development development and is eEcellent for business business applications.


7as an eEcellent integrated help facility and book online as $ell as it includes

good debugging facilities and have many $izards that help automated repetitive tasks. 5bje 5b ject ct Q base based d deve develo lopm pmen entt is poss possib ible le usin using g clas class s mo modu dule les s and and rapi rapid d

application development ?/[email protected]  !llo$s for for the creation creation of C5" C5" components components such such as !ctive !ctive ; controls controls 0<<s 0<<s and

8EecLs •

Can integrate $ith the internet on both the server side and the client side.

Can create !ctive ; !utomation server.

4ntegrates $ith "icrosoft transaction server.

Can run server either on the same machine or remotely on another computer. This allo$ for true distributed processing.

6$<6(T6'ES OF <IS#6L B6SIC 0*4


0uring design time it is possible to see ho$ the program $ill look at the runtime. )isual Basic is very useful in designing and developing effective and efficient $indo$s based programs.

)B helps in making your program look Juite effective and beautiful.

=ou can add menus tool bars status bars teEt boEes etc. to blank $indo$.

4t is less time consuming and more user friendly. !lso user friendly programs can be developed very easily.

$IS6$<6(T6'ES OF <I6#L B6SIC 0*4

The programs that are developed utilizes more memory. )i )isu sual al Basi Basic c reJu reJuir ires es spec specif ific ic oper operat atin ing g syst system em $hich hich supp suppor orts ts visu visual al programming. Graphical 6ser 4nterface is provided by visual basic $hich takes some more time then other non visual programming for eEecution of the program.

Microsoft 6ccess ,444 ? Bac @ En% A

 !ccess is a full Q featured relational relational database management management system ?/0B"[email protected] that is used by millions of people around the $orld. 0atabase management programs are designed to store manipulate and report large volume of information or data. Typical eEamples of data include the information that comprises a telephone and address directory large inventory databases order records contact list and much more. ! common common misuse of spread sheet programs is that of data storage. 7o$ever once people realize $hat can be done $ith a database management program they understand the folly of storing large volumes of data in spreadsheets. !ccess makes the use of all the features available to programs designed specifically to run $ith ' Q bit operating system. !s part of office '((( !ccess uses a number of shared office


recourses as do other applications. recourses applications. These includes includes fonts Clip!rt spelling recources  !utocorrect  !utocorr ect and more.

 !s $ith other office programs programs !ccess !ccess can also integrate integrate documents documents and information created by other 5ffice and #indo$s programs. >or eEample you can insert 8Ecel spread sheet documents directly into an !ccess table. The ease and fleEibility of doing this is impressive. >or eEample you can cut a portion of document created by another program and then paste it into an !ccess table. The ease and >leEibility of doing this is impressive. >or eEample you can cut a portion of one document into another using your mouse. >inally you may simply import one kind of  document into another. This fleEibility gives you the ability to $ork in $ays that best suit your personal tables.

$6T6B6SE $6T 6B6SE 6($ T6BLES T6BLES

4n ac acces cess s a datab databas ase e is a colle collect ction ion of infor informat matio ion. n. 8Eamp 8Eamples les of datab database ase includes private telephone directories lists of customers and suppliers parts in a $arehouse $arehou se or store and even private tape tape book and compact compact disk collections collections.. The information in !ccess database is retained in tables. Tables consist of ro$s and columns. 8ach ro$ is called a record and pertains to specific person or supplier inventory item or event. 8ach column contains a discrete element of information calls a field. ! field might be a name telephone number stock Q keeping unit number unit cost or any other piece of information.


>orms >orm s ar are e desi design gned ed to disp displa lay y cert certai ain n fiel fields ds and and desc descri ript ptiv ive e labe labels ls in a convenient convenie nt format. >or eEample you can create a form that contains member names and telephone numbers. 7ere you have omitted member number address and age information. ! form lets you focus on the information you need $ithout cluttering up the screen or printed output $ith un$anted un$anted teEt. 5nce a form is designed designed and saved you can open use it to add edit or delete information $ithin the corresponding table.



Simply stated a Juery is used to display information that resides in one or more tables. ueries are designed to organize and display information to ans$er certain Juestions. =ou can used Jueries to display information from multiple tables. ! Juery is also referred to as a dynaset . a dynaset is a dynamic set of information that changes $ith the contents of supporting tables. ueries eEtract and display information they are not used to change information.


/eports /epo rts are used used to displ display ay andKo andKorr print print inform informati ation on.. #ith #ith acces access s you you can can produce spectacular reports by including graphics charts a variety of type styles and fonts. These features give access many advantages over the old 05S,based flat file database programs. <ike a Juery a report is also a dynaset as it is dependent on the current contents of supporting tables.

<is&al Basic $ata 6ccess

There are a number of $ays to connect your application to a database in )isual Basic. This is concerned $ith the simplestF connecting !ctive; controls to a database using the )isual Basic 0ata control.

There are a number of other database programming topics not directly related to control creation. Briefly summarized they areF 0ata access objects [email protected] Q !n object model for referring to databases in visual basic bas ic code code 6sing 6sing 0!5 0!5 you you can create create reco record rd set objec objects ts $hich $hich can can then then be manipulated programmatically. >or eEample you might use 0!5 to create a custom databas data base e report report in )isual )isual Basic Basic or perform perform regular regular automate automated d Jueries Jueries based based on preprogrammed criteria.


/emote data objects ?/[email protected] Q !n $ay of accessing client,server data from )isual Basic. /emote data objects are geared to$ard data processing rather than the user Q inter face. )isual Basic provides a control the remote 0ata control for accessing client Q server database the data control is to the remote 0ata control as 0!5 is to /05.

#sing a Microsoft 6ccess $ata!ase $ata!ase 

0atabase access has been 0atabase been a part of )BLs feature feature set for Juite some time. Sin Since ce )B .( )isual Basic has included the "icrosoft !ccess database engine $hich gives you a number of benefitsF

=ou can use !ccessLs po$erful and intuitive development environment to develop a database.

Both "icro Both "icrosof softt !ccess ccess and and )isua )isuall Basic Basic users users can can acces access s your your datab database ase simultaneously. 4f you are an eEperienced access developer you $ill find that much of the code you have $ritten in access is usable in )isual Basic. This is because !ccess includes a dialect of )isual Basic kno$n as )isual Basic for applications. 4n many cases you can copy and pasteKcode directly bet$een !ccess and )isual Basic.

Other $ata So&rces 6ccessi!le to the $ata Control

>or Some >or Some reason reason if you you can can no nott or do not not $ish $ish to use a "icros "icrosof oftt !ccess !ccess datab dat abas ase e you you have have a pletho plethora ra of othe otherr optio options ns The The !ccess ccess engi engine ne supp support orts s a number of other database format as $ell such as paradoE and the database format used by >oE3ro and a number of other database management applications.


=ou use the Connect property of the data control to designate $hich type of  database you $ish to Choices of database formats provided by the connect property include.

"icrosoft !ccess ?the [email protected]

0atabase 444 4) or .(

8Ecel versions .( to :.(

>oE3ro versions '.( through .(

<otus #1A #1 and #1- formats

3aradoE versions .( through .E

TeEt files

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