Short Sale Cover Letter

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Cover letter for short sale submission to a lender for mortgage discount consideration.



Homeq Servicing 4837 Watt Avenue, Suite 100 North Highlands, CA 95660 RE: Borrower(s): Property Address: Loan Number: 0123456711 John Doe and Jane Doe 1234 Happy Ave. Boston, MA 02118

Attention: Loss Mitigation Department
To Whom It May Concern: This is a formal request for a short sale on the above named property. Attached you will find a copy of: 1. Signed Listing agreement and all attachments. 2. The offer to purchase agreement and all attachments. 3. A HUD 1 showing the proposed settlement. 4. Recent 2 months of paystubs, recent 2 years of state and federal tax returns. 5. Borrower(s) recent summary statement for 401k, retirement or pension. 6. A hardship letter signed by the seller(s), John Doe and Jane Doe. 7. A release of authorization form from John Doe to myself as representative of our firm. 8. The seller’s financial worksheet and misc. documents. 9. Three recent MLS Real Estate comparables or Certified Appraisal and any Contactor estimates of any repairs needed with digital photographs of damages. Our intention is to sell the property forthwith and close the sale at the earliest date possible contingent upon our securing a discount on the payoff balance to Homeq Servicing on the 2nd mortgage. In Addition; this is a formal request for a postponement of the foreclosure sale date. We will need this time so that we may finish our negotiations and proceed to closing with a buyer. A request that the sale date be postponed until June 02, 2010. This should give ample time to finish the transaction. Accordingly, our offer to Homeq Servicing is to be paid in certified funds at the closing of the transaction from buyer(s) lender’s title company. A revised payoff letter is requested from your office so we may proceed to closing. Thank you. If your appraiser, realtor or BPO agent needs access for an interior inspection of the property, we would be happy to let them in. We have the keys to the property. Please contact me directly on my cell at 617-909-3092 at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, Mr. Dana Robinson, Acquisitions Manager Estate Equity Group Tel: 617-909-3092 Fax: 617-676-4039 Email: [email protected]

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