Shot List for Thriller

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Shot list:
1- Establish shot of the street.
2- Long shot of the car reversing.
3- Match on action of Gary getting out the car, closing the door
and locking the car.
4- Long shot of him walking to the door.
5- Jump cut of him unlocking the door (close up of the key) and
then a long shot from inside the house of him walking through
the door.
6- Point of view shot of Gary putting his lunch box on the side
7- Medium close up of Gary shouting.
8- Close up of Gary frowning.
9- Long shot of him walking down the hall.
10Close up and zoom on the TV and lights.
11Tracking shot of Gary walking to the computer.
12Medium close up of the computer.
13Close up of Gary frowning (zoom).
14Over the shoulder focus pull of Gary looking at the
15Long shot of Gary turning around.
16Camera panning around room as Gary asks if anyone is
17Medium close up of legs.
18Close up of Gary frowning.
19Close up and zoom of the kettle boiling, food cooking and
the microwave counting down.
20Long shot of Gary walking out the room.
21Zooming out from a close up of Gary’s face while he
stares at the door.
22Medium long shot of Gary getting his phone out of his
23Close up of the phone screen.
24Sound bridging of the voicemail.
House (Flashback):
25Long shot of Alison standing in the kitchen.
26Voicemail is heard (sound bridging continued).
27Medium close up of the phone on the counter.
28Long shot from Alison point of view of Gary walking
through the door.
29Medium close up of Alison looking up and smiling.
30Long shot/tracking shot of Alison walking to Gary.

31Eyeline shot of Alison speaking to Gary.
32Long shot from within the kitchen of Alison and Gary
walking to the kitchen.
33Close up of the kettle boiling (zoom)
34Medium close up of Alison getting mugs out the cupboard.
35Medium close up of Gary finishing speaking.
36Jump cut from the camera behind to the camera in front of
Gary and Alison walking into the front room.
37Two shot and zoom of Alison speaking.
38Long shot and zooming from Gary’s point of view looking
at the computer.
39Close up of Gary frowning.
40Two shot of Gary speaking to Alison.
41Shot reverse shot of Alison replying.
42Shot reverse shot of Gary replying with zoom.
43Medium close up of Gary rubbing his eyes.
44Close up (and loud sound) of Alison looking at the TV
jump from side view of Alison to jump cut to the TV.
45Two shot of Alison looking sadly at him.
46Point of view of Alison as we see Gary looking at the
47Close up of Gary replying.
48Shot reverse shot of Alison replying.
49Two shot and the camera pans to how Alison walking out
the room and then pans back to Gary.
50Medium close up of Gary looking down into the mug.
51Math on action of Gary standing up and walking up the
52Point of view of Gary opening George’s door.
53Medium close up of George on Xbox.
54Focus pull (camera shows part of Georges face) Gary’s in
focus as he speaks.
55Focus pull as Gary goes blurry and George comes into
focus as George replies.
56Close up of knuckle as Gary knocks on Rebecca’s door.
57Jump cut to inside Rebecca’s room, cuts to show the
reflection of her face in the mirror, cuts to her standing up
and long shot of her walking to the door.
58Medium close up of Gary speaking.
59Eyeline shot from Gary’s point of view (can see the
reflection of her face in the mirror)
60Medium close up of Gary laughing.
61Zooms into the closed door.
House (Present):

Close up of Gary looking confused.
Low shot of Gary’s feet running up the stairs.
Zoom/close up on the game controller.

65Long shot of slamming open Rebecca’s door.
66Zoom/close up of makeup on floor.
67Medium shot from the camera behind Gary as he back out
the room.
68Jump cuts/close up/zoom of Gary holding his head in his
hands and falling to the floor.

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