Simple Low Cost Technologies for Developing Countries

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We believe that the diffusion of simple technologies and practical knowledge is fundamental for an autonomous and sustainable development

Simple technologies are: - Low cost - Local materials - Simple skills / low workforce - Easy maintainance - Environmentally compatible Practical knowledge is: -field related -application oriented -the transmission of a skill

Fog harvesting with meshes and bamboo pipes

The Tippytap: Handwashing with a few drops of clean water

The Desert Fridge: Cooling earthware pots with water evaporation

Lemon LED lamp “ Come on Beuys“

R. Keller

Biovision Tsetse Flie trap

The watermotor: a microhydro motor to operate tablesaws or mills

Charging systems

Rammed Earth: A traditonal, low cost and ecological construction way

The Nubian Vault: built without a woodform

Who are the potential users?

Those who produce, employ, optimize and look for practical informations: Internet users worldwide, development focused organizations, small companies, Universities.
What are the benefits?

• The wide circulation of life-supporting knowledge • The amelioration of knowledge transfer and exchange - also between organizations.

• ± 50% of the people in dev. countries have a mobile phone By 2013, it is estimated this number will raise to almost 90% (UN, 2009) • 1 from 20 African went online in 2007 (UN, 2009)


Information sharing and diffusion relies on a network of institutions and organisations

Where are we? -The website is online as a beta version -First funding money - Collaboration with Practical Action (ex. ITDG) International Network for Technical Information Engineers Without Borders - Perspective of further funding for translations

Next Steps? - Evaluation and adaptation of the interface - Active content-network building - First communication campaign

David Zumstein Architect President

M aud Chatelet Architect Founder CEO

Ozlem Ayan Architect M ember of the Board

Alain Bellet Interaction Designer M ember of the Board

Pascal Flammer Architect M ember of the Board

Stephan Bisse Software developer M ember of the board

Alessandro Palmoso International Relations Expert Progamm Officer

M ichele M azzucchi Computer Engineer Progammer

The academic world is a key actor of social breakthrough as it leads the discovery and validation of innovative technologies for development. In many aspects, it is crucial that the applicable results of its research reach their potential users. Could howtopedia be a tool of this dissemination?

Contact: Maud Châtelet: 00 41 76 422 3003 David Zumstein: 00 41 76 570 3348 Alessandro Palmoso: 00 41 79 224 5637 howtopedia | [email protected] | 00 41 44 55 89 809 | Kyburgstrasse 29 | 8037 Zürich | Schweiz

Network of institutions and organisations:

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