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5th Singapore Short Film Festival

Singapore Short Film Festival was started by The Substation Moving Images in 2001 and has been a biennial, international short film festival in Singapore. The objective of the festival is to champion the short film format, increase its profile and encourage Singapore filmmakers to develop their skills and art in short filmmaking via interaction with and exposure to both local and international short films from fellow filmmakers. The Singapore Short Film Festival will now take place annually in September to highlight the importance of short films in the Singapore filmmaking landscape, especially when short films are the arenas for experimentation and the vehicles where our filmmakers find their voice and filmic style. The festival hopes to challenge and provide a platform for better short films to be made, through the “Voice Award”, exposure and competition with international short films and an emphasis on tracking the growth and talents in the region through the Asian Film Symposium. Featuring over 120 short films from all over the world including films from Belgium, France, Sweden, Australia, Russia, Spain and Singapore, the festival offers a spread of awardwinning films that are as wide and varied as there are genres in film. The Singapore Short Film Festival is set to take you through a curated segment of dreamy Korean School Days, past animated French Animations to gritty US Documentaries, whimsical Italian Shorts and amazing encounters with shorts from the Encounters Film Festival. There are also an in-competition short film screenings which showcase a more internation al selection of Midnight Cinema, Animations, Black Comedy, Dysfunctional Relationships and a variety of themes. At the in-competition short film screenings, audiences will also get to vote for their favorite international and local short films to be eligible for the Audience Award. Numerous in-competition films are award-winning films, including short films that have participated at the world’s most celebrated film festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, Berlin, Toronto and Singapore film festivals.


Limoncello - Shorts
13th September, Sunday, Noon – 1.15pm

Limoncello - A lemon liqueur made with lemon juice, sugar, water, and 100 proof vodka. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon. A selection of in-competition short films that spins your head around on its quirky contents. Short films in this programme are in-competittion for the Audience Award for the top 3 most voted International and Local short films.
1) LoopLoop
Patrick Bergeron / 2008 / 5min / Canada / PG
LoopLoop is a video loop made from a sequence captured from a train traveling towards Hanoi in Vietnam. The 1000 images in this sequence have been stitched into one long panoramic image. - Vad Festival, Spain (Special jury mention) - Tampere Film Festival - Krakow Film Festival

2) Krummafótur (Wrong Way Round)
Haraldur Sigurjonsson / 2009 / 19min / Iceland / M18 (Drug Scene)
Einar lives in his car with his 7 year old daughter. He is out of work and has been sober for 10 months. He trys to protect his daughter from from the truth about her mother.

3) Limoncello
Jorge Dorado, Luis Alejandro Berdejo, Borja Cobeaga / 2007 / 22min / Spain / NC16
Dust, dry blood, horses, guns, dirty hair, sweat, water troughs. Three separate westerns about a preacher with sleep issues, a pair of treasure hungry youths and a sheriff who doesn’t bathe. - FanTasia Film Festival, Montreal, 2008 - Kontrast09, Bayreuther FilmFest, 2008 - Seoul International Film Festival, 2008

4) The Young Dream
Chow Tze-Chun, Lai On-Ching / 2007 / 21min / Hong Kong / RATINGS TBA
It is a record of a young girl’s dreams. If though could travel across the green field, dying at the school campus is not a bad idea. - 13th Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Awards Silver Award (Open Category)

Italian Shorts
13th September, Sunday, 2pm – 3.15pm
A selection of Italian short films from the Roma Independent Film Festival. Presented with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute. Roma Independent Film Festival (RIFF) is Rome ‘s first independent and international film festival. Its aim is to unite enthusiasm for films and filmmaking among young filmmakers with the realities of film production and distribution. Apart from offering the chance for young filmmakers to present their work to the general public at film screenings, RIFF offers a series of special events designed to stimulate enthusiasm and create discussion: retrospectives, seminars and workshops on various aspects of cinema.

1) Il Nose (The Nose)
Pietro Sussi / 2005 / 22min / Italy / RATINGS TBA
Based on a novel by Gogol, “The Nose” tells the incredible tale of a man who awakes one morning without his genitals. What ensues is a crazy nightmare of a man who sees his penis (personified as a buff Italian lad) traveling around the world. In the end the penis is arrested by the police, on a train heading for Holland, and brought back to its rightful owner where it stays. But then again, nothing is forever…

2) Wanted in Rome
Rossella De Venuto e Ji Un Choi / 2007 / 15min / Italy / RATINGS TBA
Jacqueline, a foreign composer in Rome, is in search of a house where she can compose and practice her piano in peace. She finally finds a room at Louise’s, another foreigner who is encouraging her with her music. However, Jacqueline still has to move her piano and nobody is going to help her, no one except Luca, Louise’s son… resurrects… on screen.

3) Boxing Paradise
Stefano Quaglia / 2007 / 15min / Italy / RATINGS TBA
A well-dealt blow on the tip of the chin triggers a double traumatic mechanism: cervical trauma and cerebral graft. That kind of hit generally causes a sense of loss and blackout, but different after-effects may occur. Lethal as well.

No Joke - Shorts
13th September, Monday, 3.30pm – 5pm

Yes, this is funny. A selection of in-competition short films that looks at the lighter side of life. Short films in this programme are in-competition for the Audience Award for the top 3 most voted International and Local short films.
2) Bright Lights & Aspirations
Tay Aik Tiao / 2009 / 10min / Singapore / RATINGS TBA
“Bright Lights & Aspirations” is a documentary that takes a look at the Getai (stage) singing scene in Singapore through the eyes of a young Getai singer.

1) No Joke Burma
Li-Anne Huang / 2008 / 12min / Singapore & Burma / PG
The Moustache Brothers, Burmese comedians, were imprisoned for telling jokes and live under house arrest today. They continue to defy the government by performing their shows. Will they finally be free or will their jokes lead to their demise?

No Joke - Shorts
13th September, Monday, 3.30pm – 5pm

3) Elevated
Jared Mark / 2008 / 14min / USA / RATINGS TBA
Ted Fisher lives a life of routine as a lonely customer-service representative in Strongman Frozen Foods’ complaint department. When he meets Valerie on the office elevator, his imagination goes wild, and his routine will never be the same again. - Newport Beach Film Festival, 2009 - Cinelympics, 2009 (Winner in Comedy Category)

4) Down the Rabbit Hole
Eva Pervolovici / 2009 / 15min / UK & Romania / M18
A young girl is willing to make a painful sacrifice in order to help her lover escape a jail sentence, but the decisions she faces will not leave her unharmed and will forever change her views on love and life. - Edinburgh International Film Festival (MIFF Awards)

5) Rip it Off
Han Yohan / 2009 / 5min / South Korea / RATINGS TBA
In this work, randomly shot pedestrians and vehicles on the street are shown on a monitor while a spectator in front of the screen freely inserts and removes selected objects via a hand as if ripping off memo papers.

6) El Ataque De Los Robots De Nebulosa-5 (The Attack of the Robots from Nebula-5)
Chema Garcia Ibarra / 2008 / 7min / Spain / PG
Almost everybody is going to die very soon. - Mostra Cinema Jove d’Elx, 2008 (Ciutat d’Elx award) - Sundance Film Festival (Honorable Mention)

Korean – School Days
13th September, Monday, 5.30pm – 6.45pm

1) A School Rep.
Park Sang-joon / 2008 / 17min / South Korea / PG
Sun-ah is the most beautiful student with the highest grade in school. Everyone knows she will be the new student representative at the upcoming school election. One day, her teacher gives a surprise examination and Sun-ah is unable to finish the paper... - eMotion Film Festival, 2008 (Best Awards)

2) Everything Jisoo Always Wanted to Know about Sex
Lee Ji-soo / 2007 / 10min / South Korea / NC16
Interviewing her classmates and teachers, Ji-soo gets to listen to men from their teens into their 40s talk about their thoughts on sex. Even though it varies between individuals, Ji-soo can’t help but conclude that sexual discrimination is still prevalent. - International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul, South Korea, 2008

4) High School Girls
Park Ji-wan / 2008 / 15min / South Korea / PG
High school girls, A, B, C, D, E, plays poker. S and T fight over marks they got in a mock exam. Y spends an odd night with a teacher. They are all high school girls and each day is all the time they have. - International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul, South Korea, 2008 - Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, South Korea, 2008

3) Girl
Hong Sung-hoon / 2008 / 17min / South Korea / PG
A girl in a school uniform comes to meet a middle-aged guy and introduces herself as the girlfriend of his son. She tells him that she’s pregnant with his son’s baby and asks him to accompany her to a gynecologist. - Pusan International Film Festival, South Korea, 2008 (Sonje Award)

Fish - Shorts
13th September, Monday, 7.15pm – 8.30pm

What the fish?! A selection of in-competition short films that will leave you pondering your surroundings. Short films in this programme are in-competition for the Audience Award for the top 3 most voted International and Local short films.

1) Apple & Ei
Ahmet Tas / 2007 / 6min / Germany / PG
Markets exist all over Europe. Every country has an own group of immigrants selling food. Berlin-Turks, Paris-Algerian, Tunisian, London-Pakistan-Indian, Madrid-Moroccans… etc. Integration seems to be a new variation of colonization. They are singing the whole day for 20€. - Zürich Film Festival, Switzerland, 2007 - Milano Film Festival, Italy, 2008

2) Former Lovers
Jimmy Tai / 2009 / 6min / Netherlands / RATINGS TBA
“Formers Lovers” is about a man and a woman, who agreed to meet each other in ten years. Ten years have passed since their relationship ended abruptly and they are now facing each other for the first time after ten years at a bridge. - AsiaScope Film Festival Rotterdam, 2009

3) Rat
Lau Kek Huat / 2008 / 17min / Taiwan & Malaysia / PG
She is an independent modern lady, who decided on an abortion. Just hours before the abortion, she becomes troubled by a rat in the house. - Urban Nomad Film Fest, Taipei, 2009

4) Inkräktaren (The Intruder)
Daniel Wirtberg / 2007 / 10min / Sweden / PG
The kleptomaniac Sture leads a lonely and eventless life. His only thrill comes from playing bingo and shoplifting candy from the local supermarket. One day his path crosses with the young shoplifter Carlos. - Seoul IYFF, South Korea, 2008 (Best Film) - Con-Can ISFF, Japan, 2008 - Signes de nuit ISFF, France, 2008

5) Zhenshina vnutri kak step’ (Within her, there’s a steppe)
Ella Manzheeva / 2009 / 14min / Russia / PG
Three stories – Warrior, Milk and Wild – describe the life of a woman: her past and future are like a spiral, every turn of it containing and guiding the next one.

French Animations
13th September, Monday, 8.45pm – 10.15pm

1) First Trip
Grégoire Sivan / 2007 / 10min / France / RATINGS TBA
Chloé and her father share their first real conversation during a train trip. Chloé is 10 months with an excess of energy.

2) St Feat Day
Anne-Laure Daffis, Léo Marchand / 2007 / 15min / France / RATINGS TBA
Losing teeth for an ogre is a pain, especially when it happens the day before the Saint Feast…

Presented with the support of the French Embassy.

3) In Your Arms
François-Xavier Goby, Édouard Jouret, Matthieu Landour / 2006 / 6min / France / RATINGS TBA
The greatest tango dancer of the 20s is stuck in a wheelchair after an accident. Thanks to his wife, he recovers the use of his legs just long enough for one imaginary dance.

4) The March of the Nameless
Jean Constantial, Nicolas Laverdure, Lucas Vigroux / 2006 / 6min / France / RATINGS TBA
A vision of war, within the destiny of a soldier, in the middle of a battlefield.

French Animations
13th September, Monday, 8.45pm – 10.15pm

5) Blindspot
Johanna Bessière, Cécile Dubois, Herry Simon Rouby, Nicholas Chauvelot / 2008 / 4min / France / RATINGS TBA
A robber goes into a small convenience shop with the intention of holding it up. An old grandmother with bad eyesight is doing her shopping. Suddenly things go horribly wrong…

7) Tong
David Cellier, Florent Limouzin & Arnaud Real / 2006 / 9min / France / RATINGS TBA
A little Chinese scientist is lucky enough to invent a machine that disintegrates things. It will be used to save the world from a planetary menace.

6) Berni’s Doll
Yann Jouette / 2007 / 12min / France / RATINGS TBA
Lowly factory employee Berni attempts to overcome his loneliness by buying a woman made up of spare parts from developing countries.

Broken - Shorts
14th September, Monday, 7.15pm – 8.30pm

Is there beauty in the breakdown? A selection of in-competition short films that explores dysfunctional relationships and families from all over the globe. Short films in this programme are in-competition for the Audience Award for the top 3 most voted International and Local short films.

1) Z’man Shavur (Broken Time)
Ilan Amit / 2009 / 25min / Israel / PG
Daniel, a withdrawn 11yr old boy, lives under his mother’s strict supervision. Every afternoon he waits alone for her to return from work at 3 o’clock. One day, a strong explosion is heard throughout the city. - Tofifest Film Festival, Poland, 2009 - La Matatena, Mexico, 2009 - Palm Springs International Short Fest, USA, 2009

2) Jade
Daniel Elliott / 2009 / 15min / UK / PG
Jade, caught in a dilemma of her own making, struggles to choose the right path. It becomes apparent to her, though, that she may have no choice at all. -Berlin International Film Festival (Silver Bear Best Short Film)

3) Columba Palumbus (Wild Doves)
Koldo Almandoz / 2007 / 5min / Spain / PG
Some wild doves lose their way and take the rest in the wrong direction. Finally, the whole flock disorientated, dies because of a loss of direction. - Seoul International Film Festival, 2008 - Portable Film Festival, Melbourne, 2008 - Roma International Film Festival, 2008

Broken - Shorts
14th September, Monday, 7.15pm – 8.30pm
4) Haze
Anthony Chen / 2008 / 15min / Singapore / R21
On a hot humid day, Singapore is shrouded by the haze caused by burning forests in neighbouring Indonesia. Two teenagers decide to skip school and idle the time away. An innocent love affair plays out indoors amidst the dust and smoke that spreads outside. - 58th Berlin International Film Festival, Germany

5) Wet Season
Michael Tay / 2007 / 6min / Singapore / NC16
A stop motion animation about a filmmaker who tries to make a short film about his father. Shot, edited, narrated, directed and starring Michael Tay, this almost-one-man production was made as a tribute to the filmmaker’s real life father who passed away six years ago. - 21st Singapore International Film Festival, 2008 (Special Jury Prize)

6) Delilah, Before
Melanie Schiele / 2009 / 10min / Singapore / PG
A young woman, recovering from a teenage pregnancy, struggles to confront her embittered mother over reassuming custody of her two year-old daughter. - Palm Springs Short Fest, 2009

Encounters Short Film Festival

Encounters is the umbrella title for two of the UK’s leading film festivals, now combined, with a host of cross-over attractions, at venues in and around the Harbourside area of Bristol, UK. The longest-running festival in the partnership began life in 1995 as Brief Encounters originally envisioned as a ‘one-off’ event, to mark the centenary of cinema. It proved so popular that it is now an annual attraction - expanding year on year and acknowledged internationally as one of the world’s most respected celebrations of short film. In 2001, the short film festival was joined by Animated Encounters - celebrating and showcasing the productions, talent, creativity, technology and skills that make animation such a popular and successful film form worldwide. It, too, has enjoyed a rapid rise to global prominence, as is demonstrated by its status as the UK’s representative for the prestigious European Cartoon D’Or. The two events united under the Encounters Short Film Festival banner for the first time in 2006, to record-breaking effect. The upward trend continues and last year saw an increase in film submissions, film screenings and delegates. 2007 hosted a very successful (ie totally sold out!) Animation Talent Symposium day produced by Shelley Page, Head of International Outreach at DreamWorks the purpose of which was to share views, experiences and best practice of academia with each other and with industry delegates. Special guests at the festival included Mark Kermode, Richard Eyre, Henry LaBounta, Peter Lord, Phill Jupitus and Frank Cottrell Boyce. Now in its 15th year, Encounters Short Film Festival has become known world-wide for the extraordinary community of filmmakers it attracts, and for the quality and scope of its programming. We are proud to present a section of the short films from the Encounters Film Festival!

Encounters - UK Shorts
14th September, Friday, 8.45pm – 10.15pm

1) Come Here Today
Simon Aboud / 2007 / 11min / UK / PG
The film follows the journey of Alex towards an emotional meeting and reconciliation with his father during a surreal party in the middle of nowhere.

2) Munafiq
Shakil Mohammed / 2008 / 8min / UK / NC16
Ali is thrown out by his father for coming home drunk. He spends a night rough on the streets; then sees something that gives him the strength to face his father.

3) Stand Up
Joseph Pierce / 2008 / 7min / Germany / RATINGS TBA
Stand-up comedian, John J Jones, performs to an unforgiving audience. As he loses their interest the truth behind the oneliners leaks through the cracks.

4) Love You More
Sam Taylor-Wood / 2008 / 15min / UK / R21
Amidst the London summer of 1978, two classmates discover a mutual admiration for music and each other through the latest Buzzcocks single.

5) Leaving
Richard Penfold & Sam Hearn / 2008 / 22min / UK / NC16
Helen is fighting for her life. She knows that her husband Jim will kill her unless she escapes. One night, following another vicious attack, she finds the courage to leave.

6) September
Esther May & May Campbell / 2008 / 21min / UK / PG
In an in-between world of flyovers, grass verges and dead-ends, Marvin is not going anywhere. In this forgotten corner arrives an adolescent who changes his world forever.

Animated – Shorts
17th September, Thursday, 7.15pm – 8.30pm

Animations, cartoons, stop motion, claymation… A selection of in-competition animated pictures in motion. Short films in this programme are in-competition for the Audience Award for the top 3 most voted International and Local short films.
1) Share: A Tale of Two Humpty Dumpties & a Bird
Zhu Chuan / 2008 / 4min / Singapore / G
Adapted from the classic fable, Humpty Dumpty, the animation revolves around a naughty Humpty Dumpty who refuses to share his food. His arrogance and selfishness brings about disastrous yet hilarious consequences.

2) Anti-Gravity
Chow Lin Ping / 2008 / 4min / Singapore / PG
The play on gravity draws a parallel to the pressure of conformity present in society. Like gravity, it is a seemingly harmless force moving in all directions, only becoming a strong resistance when we push against it.

3) Pulcinello
Gabriella Mesenas / 2009 / 6min / Singapore / PG
Pulcinello always had a smile on his face. However, a hollow smile was all it was. He lived as a puppet, chained onto his master’s hands, emotionlessly dancing to its master’s rhythm.

4) Story of I
Syarah Mahmood / 2009 / 4min / Singapore / PG
RED exists in a world of Grey, unique yet oblivious to her surroundings. She disturbs their continuity; they do not like people standing out.

Animated – Shorts
17th September, Thursday, 7.15pm – 8.30pm

5) Hero
Wang Xun / 2009 / 3min / Singapore / NC16
One young tourist follows the trail of the warrior king and gets into a fight. He defeats all his enemies, until a tinkling sound of cymbals clashes, pulling him back to the real world.

6) Synchronicity Series
Eileen Anastasia Reynolds / 2008 / 2min / Singapore / PG
“Synchronicity Series” is an animated series shot and performed in Little India and at NTU ADM. It is a migrant artist’s interpretation of living as an outsider and an alien in a foreign land where conformity is seen as admirable and where the government takes pride in its systems of order, cooperation & control.

7) Hush Baby
Tan Wei Keong / 2009 / 3min / Singapore / PG
“Hush Baby” depicts a baby’s struggle against confinement and restriction. The many expressive faces of a baby are brought to life with dark humour and wit as the film imaginatively explores a different facet of animation. - 22nd Singapore International Film Festival (Special Mention) - 6th Singapore Short Cuts

8) Masire Sarde Khan (Cold Blood)
Amir Mehran / 2008 / 7min / Iran / PG
When real war victims cannot truly be illustrated in films, still frames can be more realistic. - 4th ruyesh film festival, Iran, 2008 (Best Film) - 19th International Videofestival Bochum, Germany, 2009

9) Zamane Payan (The Fall)
Amir Mehran / 2009 / 8min / Iran / PG
The Iranian Revolution of 1979 was the revolution that transformed Iran from a constitutional monarchy under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi to an Islamic republic under Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the revolution and founder of the Islamic Republic. - 3rd international urban film festival, Iran, 2009 (Special Jury Award)

Animated – Shorts
17th September, Thursday, 7.15pm – 8.30pm

10) Rosarot (Rose-colored)
Ines Christine Geisser, Kirsten Carina Geisser / 2009 / 1min / Germany / PG
A short film about the aberrations and confusions of love.

11) The Slub (The Wedding)
Maciek Salamon / 2007 / 4min / Poland / PG
Honorata is a newly wed, who wakes up in the morning after her wedding night and realises her husband has left her. She seeks solace in home-helping robots but an accident occurs and the robots take over! - 4th Athens Animfest - XIV Polish Animation Festival- 2nd Northernwave Fest, Iceland (Best International Short)

12) Viola: The Traveling Rooms of a Little Giant
Shih-Ting Hung / 2008 / 8min / USA / PG
Viola, trying to discover the world, puts solitude in her suitcase and begins her dreamy journey. - Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner - Moondance Film Festival (Best MultiMedia Film) - Expresion En Corto IFF Mexico

13) Nature on Its Course
Su-An Ng / 2009 / 3min / Canada / PG
“Nature on Its Course” is a short mixedmedia animation about a careless hunter who takes more than he needs.

14) Ex Oblivione *International Premiere*
Jack Feldstein / 2009 / 5min / Australia / PG
A surreal neon animation film by streamof-consiousness neon filmmaker Jack Feldstein of H.P. Lovecraft’s prose poem EX OBLIVIONE about time and mortality.

US Docus
17th September, Thursday, 8.45pm – 10.15pm
Presented with the support of the US Embassy A selection of indie US documentary short films that highlights social initiatives and indie filmmaking. With a postscreening Q&A by specialist Martha Foster, who will share her experiences as a documentary filmmaker in USA. Martha Foster is a leading specialist in international documentary film and television. She has worked with universities, museums, festivals and broadcasters in the United States and Asia, created a highly prestigious juried international documentary festival, and developed story ideas for an Emmy award-winning documentary series for Chicago Public Television.

1) Beginning Filmmaking
Jay Rosenblatt / 2008 / 23min / USA / PG
A portrait of a very young artist and an enthusiastic father who discovers the truth in the clique “creative differences” when he attempts to teach his 4yr old daughter about filmmaking. Ella learns what she wants to, discards what she doesn’t, and is determined to be a star in her own mind.

2) Empowering the Yard
Emily Kirsch, Erin, Persley & Vincent Horner / 2007 / 11min / USA / PG
The film profiles an inspiring project at a women’s prison in Oklahoma and introduces five prisoners who work as peer educators, conducting training for fellow prisoners on preventing HIV, AIDS and other diseases.

3) One Bridge to the Next
Kim Snyder / 2008 / 27min / USA / PG
In 1992, Dr. Kim Withers began night rounds on the streets of Pittsburgh, offering medical assistance to the homeless. 15 years later, he founded Operation Safety Net, a pioneering model in a growing movement to provide healthcare to the homeless. Dr. Withers and his team navigate riverbanks and alleyways to bring medical help and social justice to those who have fallen through the cracks of society.

Object - Shorts
18th September, Friday, 7.15pm – 8.30pm

Objects and fixations. A selection of in-competition short films that looks at how we see the objects around us. Short films in this programme are in-competition for the Audience Award for the top 3 most voted International and Local short films.

1) Pitstop
Melanie Mcgraw / 2008 / 14min / USA / PG
When a young girl is accidentally left behind at a desert gas station while on a road trip with her large family, she must finally find the courage to make her voice heard. - Playhouse West (Audience Award Best Short & Best Actor in a Short) - Middle East International Film Festival - Bruxelles Short Film Festival

2) Reflections
Ho Tzu Nyen / 2007 / 14min / Singapore / PG
Based on a story by the 19th century Greek writer Lafcadio Hearn, who settled in Japan as Koizumi Yakumo, this film is a parable about how man is a creature that perpetually cannot see beyond his own reflection. - 54th Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Germany - 9th Jeonju International Film Festival, Korea

3) Naissance d’un objet (Birth of an object)
Romeo Grünfelder / 2008 / 5min / Germany / RATINGS TBA
While a group of young people plays with dices, they suddenly see something in space, which could be interpreted as center of the picture.

Object - Shorts
18th September, Friday, 7.15pm – 8.30pm
4) Fleeting Images
Edmund Yeo / 2008 / 10min / Malaysia / RATINGS TBA
“One day, I received an email from him…” A young woman narrates a series of letters from an old friend meditating on time, memory and mortality. He is seeking life’s meaning throughout his travels in India and Japan, but ends up finding beauty in some fleeting images of everyday life that he had previously overlooked. Part documentary, part travelogue, maybe a love letter.

5) Adsurdism 01
Mux (collective) / 2009 / 5min / Singapore / NC16
“Adsurbism01” is an experimental project incorporating poetry, spoken word, music, sound design, foley, video and photographs, all this in hopes of narrating a story of an absolutely miserable man having a very, very positive view on life.

6) Minitrip
Jean-Michel Vovk / 2008 / 15min / Belgium / M18
A small chronicle diverted of an announced disaster or condensed Odyssey in a burlesque drama. Minitrip, this is the chaotic course of the Albanian National Team of Bowling lost in spite of it in Brussels the interpole of clandestine. Moonlighting, prostitution, very ordered charity, police psychology... the hell of Brussels is paved of good intentions.

Midnight - Shorts
18th September, Friday, 8.45pm – 10.15pm

Grindhouse, genre exploitation films and all the weird, sci-fi, horror and quirky bits thrown in. A selection of in-competition short films that you would rather watch in the dark of the night, in your bed, under the covers. Short films in this programme are in-competition for the Audience Award for the top 3 most voted International and Local short films.
1) Meat at Block 320
Kenny Gee / 2009 / 3min / Singapore / NC16
A post-apocalyptic vampire-zombie love story.

2) GOVERDOMME! (Goddamnit!)
Rene Pannevis / 2009 / 8min / Netherlands / NC16
Jan sells drugs and medicines to regular customers and eats different pills all day long. ‘Goddamnit!’ is a funny but sad portrait of an angry young man in suburban Holland, captured in a neo-noir filmic style.

3) Liminal
Stephen Keep Mills / 2008 / 14min / Germany / R21
Ina and Joy are locked in a war of elimination. Over? A sweater. Ina thinks it makes her look good, Joy thinks it makes her look too good. Got scissors? - Denver Underground Film Festival, USA - Cancun Riviera Maya, Mexico - Hollywood Film Festival, USA

4) Die Schneider Krankheit (The Schneider Disease)
Javier Chillon / 2008 / 10min / Spain / RATINGS TBA
The 50s, a Soviet Space shuttle crashes into West Germany. The only passenger; A cosmonaut chimpanzee, spreads a deadly virus all over the country…. - Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2009 - Romania International Film Festival, 2009 - Sci-Fi London Film Festival, 2009

Midnight - Shorts
18th September, Friday, 8.45pm – 10.15pm

5) Danse Macabre
Pedro Pires / 2009 / 9min / Canada / M18
For a period of time, while we believe it to be perfectly still, lifeless flesh responds, stirs and contorts in a final macabre ballet. Are these spasms merely erratic motions or do they echo the chaotic twists and turns of a past life? - Los Angeles Film Festival, USA, 2009 - Festival Signes de nuit, France, 2009

6) Next Floor
Denis Villeneuve / 2008 / 12min / Canada / PG
During an opulent and luxurious banquet, complete with cavalier servers and valets, eleven pampered guests participate in what appears to be a ritualistic gastronomic carnage. - Sundance Film Festival, USA, 2009 - Festival de Cannes 2008, France, 2008 - Tampere Film Festival 2009, Finland, 2009

7) yo sólo miro (I Only Watch)
Gorka Cornejo / 2008 / 18min / Spain / RATINGS TBA
Julia and Eduardo are married and they look like a conventional couple. However, unimaginable true facts start to surface behind the supposed calm appearances. They are two lonely strangers behind reciprocal affection. - Warsaw Short Film Festival, Poland, 2009 - Festival der Nationen, Austria, 2009

8) Dirty Bitch
Sun Koh / 2009 / 13min / Singapore / R21
Jen is going to college, but she has a major secret to hide. Inspired by a badly censored VHS of Claire Denis’ Nenette et Boni found in a Singapore library. - 22nd Singapore International Film Festival, 2009

9) Karleksbarn (Love Child)
Daniel Wirtberg / 2008 / 6min / Sweden / PG
A young girl enjoys the perfect life of being the only child, when one day a new family member arrives. - Palm Springs ISFF, USA, 2009 - Brussels ISFF, Belgium, 2009 - Roma Independent FF, Italy, 2009

Asian Film Symposium
Previously held annually in September, the Asian Film Symposium has been positioned as a segment under the Singapore Short Film Festival. It is a unique platform not just for the screening of works, such as the S-Express traveling short film series featuring films from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and China, but also for networking and exchange among filmmakers, curators, critics, programmers in the region. It’s the place to see new and cutting edge short films from the region, and to meet the people driving the independent scenes in these countries. With discussion panels of Asian curators and filmmakers as well as talks and seminars with film luminaries, the Symposium strives to promote dialogue and exchange between players in the Asian independent film industries, their audiences, and their peers. With guest curating by Associate Curator, Maggie Lee from The Hollywood Reporter. The Asian Film Symposium offers another exciting line-up of upcoming asian film talents from around the region. This year, we are proud to present Indonesian director, Edwin’s short films who has been a prolific filmmaker involved with the Asian Film Symposium. We also welcome back Azharr Rudin who brings with him his first feature film which has won the hearts of film critics in Vancouver and Berlin. There is also the cinematic forum on “Film Associations in Asia” which will point the spotlight at certification bodies and film communities in the region. Lastly, for filmmakers, be sure to catch and network and with the guest filmmakers, curators, critics, programmers from the region!

AFS Film Forum
19th September, Saturday, 5.30pm – 6.45pm
Film Associations in Asia; Their functions, uses and lack of presence compared to our European and American Counterparts
Film associations in Asia seem not to be as organized and well run as our American and European counterparts. Do we need a cinematographer’s guild here? Are we able to form groups with such guidelines and support? Or do we already have such groups already? Join the curators and guest filmmakers from the S-Express traveling short film programme for an evening of lively discussion on issues the film community in Asia faces.

Opening Films
19th September, Saturday, noon –2.30pm
1) She Shapes a Nation
Dana Lam / 2009 / 21min / Singapore / PG
Inspired by the 80th birthday of Mrs Hedwig Anuar in November 2008, this documentary sets out to capture the nuances of women’s lives and women’s choices in five decades of nation making. A voice-over at the end of the film highlights some milestones in women’s contributions. Viewers should also take note of the credit roll in the film.

2) Pertaruhan (At Stake)
Ani Ema Susanti, Iwan Setiwan & M. Ichsan, Lucky Kuswandi, Ucu Agustin / 2008 / 106min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
“Pertaruhan” (At Stake) is a documentary anthology of four stories by five directors on politics and discourse about women in Indonesia. Topics explored include the practice of women circumcision in Indonesia, another observes two women serving sex at night on the hard surface of Chinese graveyards while hammering rocks during the day to make ends meet. Another film sees three unmarried women who try to get treatment for their reproductive issues, and the last film focuses on two migrant workers in Hong Kong facing different dilemmas: Rutiwat must choose between staying a virgin or damaging her health, and Rianti ponders the possibility of coming out of the closet when she is back in Indonesia.

9808: An Anthology Of 10th Year Indonesian Reform

About Proyek Payung (Umbrella Project):
A group of filmmakers from various background, visual artists, musicians, and other creative / arts workers collaborate to honor a decade of Indonesian reform era (1998 – 2008) by preparing 10 self funded short films inspired by May ’98 events. This project hopes to initiate dialogue within the public, to empower the public to address issues and to promote engagement through the audio-visual-medium. Prima Rusdi is a screenwriter/writer. Some of the screenplays that she wrote are “Garasi” (2006), “Eliana, Eliana” (2002), which she co-wrote with director Riri Riza, and “Ada Apa dengan Cinta?” (2002) – in which she was involved in the script development as one of the story writers. She also writes short stories and articles. She has published three books, “Perjalanan Mata dan Hati (Terrant Books, 2005), “1095 Hari Yang Ajaib” (katakita, 2006) and “Bikin Film! Kata 40 Perkerja Film” (Hai-Gramedia, 2007). Meiske Taurisia (Dede) began her works in films as a wardrobe stylist for films such as “Garasi” (2006), “The Photograph” (2007), and many others. She produced Edwin’s first feature “Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly”.

Sastha Sunu edited a number of feature films including “The Photograph” (2007), “3 Hari Untuk Selamanya” (2007), “Ungu Violet” (2005), “Impian Kemarau” (2004) and “Eliana, Eliana” (2002). He also teaches editing at his almamater, the Jakarta Institute of Arts.

Thoersi Argeswara works include feature films, documentaries and TV. Some of the films he has worked on are “Nagabonar Jadi Dua” (2007), “Gie” (2005), “Impian Kemarau” (2004), “Bendera” (2002), “Pasir Berbisik” (2001) “Pachinko” (2000) and “Kuldesak” (1998).

19th September, Saturday, 2.45pm – 5pm

1) Di Mana Saya (Where Was I?)
Anggun Priambodo / 2008 / 11min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
Where were you ten years ago when a big turning point took place in Indonesia on May 1998? The film takes us back to that period of time through a series of stories told by old photographs taken 10 years ago of various subjects.

2) Sugiharti Halim
Ariani Darmawan / 2008 / 10min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
What’s in a name? For Sugiharti Halim, though, a name can lead to a stream of never-ending questions. Sugiharti Halim offers a perspective that is comical, provocative, contextual, and deserving to be re-examined today.

3) Trip to the Wound
Edwin / 2008 / 7min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
One night, Shilla meets Carlo on a bus. Shilla is a collector; she collects stories behind wounds. It’s a trip Carlo will never forget.

4) Bertemu Jen (Meet Jen)
Hafiz / 2008 / 17min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
“Life has given me time. However, I’ve never spent that time to really live.” Jen is an ordinary guy with big dreams and hopes. But, time has passed by him.

5) Huan Chen Guang (Happiness)
Ifa Isfansyah / 2008 / 15min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
Chen Guang is a 21yr old Chinese woman, who lives in Beijing. Her Indonesian mother died during the May 1998 riot in Jakarta. She then heads for Korea to erase the terrible memories haunting her, and replace them with good ones.

19th September, Saturday, 2.45pm – 5pm

6) A Letter of Unprotected Memories
Lucky Kuswandi / 2008 / 10min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
The film takes us on a personal journey that the director underwent when Imlek, the Chinese New Year, was declared a national holiday.

7) Kemarin (Yesterday)
Otty Widasari / 2008 / 13min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
Writer, director Otty Widasari examines various stages in a life capturing birth, youth, marriage, death, growth and the idea of ‘to eat and to find what to eat’ as a natural cycle. Her film “Kemarin” (Yesterday) sees a period of one decade as some sort of an autobiography of a one’s life.

8) Yang Belum Usai (The Endless Path)
Ucu Agustin / 2008 / 9min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
Ten years has passed since Wawan was shot dead in Semanggi during the May riot. Since then, his mother, Mrs. Sumarshi, vowed to continue Wawan’s fight for justice. Is she ever going to stop?

9) Sekolah Kami, Hidup Kami (Our Schools, Our Lives)
Steve Pillar Setiabudi / 2008 / 12min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
A group of third year high school students in Solo, who are about to graduate soon and would become eligible to give their votes on the upcoming election in 2009 will soon play a key role in revealing corruption in their school.

10) Kucing 9808, Catatan Seorang (Mantan) Demonstran (Chronicles of a (Former) Demonstrator)
Wisnu Suryapratama / 2008 / 11min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
Wisnu Suryapratama was one of the activists of United Movement of the University of Indonesia. He was their program coordinator, who arranged almost all of the demonstration acts.

S-Express: Indonesia
19th September, Saturday, 7.15pm – 8.30pm
Curated by: Varadila (Minikino) Minikino is a group of people who believe that a short movie is a form of art that, like a poem or short story, is a self-contained work of literature. Seizing this idea, Minikino brings a unique selection of short films (and the makers) from around the world to audience in Indonesia and vice versa. Minikino runs a monthly screening and discussion to provide filmmakers with an opportunity to screen their work to a wider audience. Minikino also provides film festivals both in and out of Indonesia with a unique selection of international or Indonesian short films.

1) Drum Lesson
Tumpal Christian Tampubolon / 2008 / 19min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
An old lady tries to find someone to teach her how to play drums so she could join her church’s band. She found a young man who is willing to teach her, but he is an exdrummer of a death–metal band.

2) Tak Kau Kunanti (Thou Shalt Not Wait)
Riri Riza / 2008 / 8min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
Fatima arrives in Jakarta with a box of durian rice and a million of hope. She waits for instructions from text messages and calls, until she realizes that in this journey, she has to dance alone, again.

3) Pasangan Baru (New Couple)
Salman Aristo / 2008 / 15min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
There are many new couples in Jakarta. All of them have one common: alienated from each other’s. But they know their life gossips, though.

4) The First Nation in Mars
Nala / 2008 / 8min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
A particular country is proud with its astronauts who successfully land in Mars. But after a long exploration in the planet, they discover something that amaze and humiliate them at the same time.

S-Express: Malaysia
20th September, Sunday, noon – 1.30pm
Curated by: Amir Muhammad A writer and independent filmmaker based in Kuala Lumpur. Amir has been writing for the Malaysian print media since the age of 14. In 2000, he wrote and directed Malaysia’s first DV feature, and his works have been featured in many international film festivals including Sundance and Berlin. He has also helped produce several other Malaysian DV movies. He has since moved into publishing and is running Matahari Books.

1) Machai
Shanjhey Kumar Perumal / 2009 / 16min / Malaysia / RATINGS TBA
K.L becomes Kay Hell for cousins Kali and Dass who were down visiting their uncle Bull Dog Maniam for the school holidays, but ended up being forced to become his “Machai” (Apprentice) in his business. Though they were able to survive the storm, see why today is an unlucky day.

2) Thaipoosam
Shanjhey Kumar Perumal / 2006 / 4min / Malaysia / RATINGS TBA
The Hindu festival of Thaipoosam takes place every year in Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur.

3) 13 : 17
Sasitharan Rajoo / 2009 / 14min / Malaysia / RATINGS TBA
Sujay just bought a video camera and brings it to Wicky’s house to show off his new toy. In the midst of this he gets tangled in the couples fight between Wicky and Reena. But scarier things will happen before the night is through…

4) 18MP
Anonymous / 2006 / 14min / Malaysia / RATINGS TBA
Malaysian politicians say the darn-est things after watching the banned documentary The Last Communist.

S-Express: Philippines
20th September, Sunday, 2pm – 3.30pm
Curated by: Alexis A. Tioseco (1981 - 2009), / Philippines Free Press The late Alexis A. Tioseco was a film critic, curator, and lecturer based in Manila. He was the founder and editor of Criticine, an online journal on Southeast Asian cinema.
1) Ang, Magpakailanman (Eternity)
Raymond Red / 1983 / 25min / Philippines / RATINGS TBA
Eternity is, in its twenty-five densely packed minutes, possibly one of the strangest Filipino films ever made. Its casually freewheeling camerawork evokes the giddy freedom of silent films, when the camera wasn’t tied down by cumbersome sound equipment.

Experimental work by four filmmakers across three decades each engaging with the transmission: on the surface of book, myth, info, images; deeper, perhaps much more. A memorial will be held on 20th September, 8pm at The Substation Gallery to remember Alexis A. Tioseco, one of Philippine indie cinema’s greatest champion.

2) The Brief Lifespan of Fire: Act 2 Scene 2: Suring and the Kuk-ok
Auraeus Solito / 1995 / 9min / Philippines / RATINGS TBA
Based on a myth from the island of Palawan, Suring invokes the spell of Parimanis, a spell of absolute beauty, and befriends a Kuk-ok, a creature whose fingers are stuck together and can transform into any form, including that of Suring’s.

3) The Retrochronological Transfer of Information
Tad Ermitaño / 1996 / 11min / Philippines / RATINGS TBA
Pursuing the work of Chandrasekhar, Inoue et al (1967), the scientist builds a machine to transmit a picture of the present back in time. His target: Philippine National Hero, Jose P. Rizal, who was executed in 1896.

4) Surreal Random MMS Texts for a Mother, a Sister and a Wife Who Longs for You: Landscape with Figures
Christopher Gozum / 2008 / 15min / Philippines / RATINGS TBA
Using a 1942 poem Landscape with Figures as a narration, a young expatriate Filipino filmmaker working in the Middle East sends surreal, random digital images of displacement and longing to his loved ones back in the Philippines.

S-Express: Thailand
20th September, Sunday, 4pm - 5.30pm

Curated by: Sanchai Chotirosseranee Sanchai Chotirosseranee graduated with a MA in Film Studies from the University of East Anglia in UK. He started working for the Thai Film Foundation in 2005 and he is now one of the programmers for the Thai Short Film and Video Festival. He is also a part-time lecturer at the Bangkok University.

1) Man and Gravity
Jakrawal Nilthamrong / 2009 / 11min / Thailand / RATINGS TBA
A man with a colorful tricycle tries to raise an impossible freight in inaccessible surroundings. Gravity, but also karma.

2) Abtakon
Thawatpong Tangsajjapoj / 2008 / 4min / Thailand / RATINGS TBA
Making a special cup of coffee can be harder than one can imagined.

3) Red Man
Nattaphong Homchuen / 2009 / 8min / Thailand / RATINGS TBA
It’s story of a man who has to wear red T-Shirt on Monday, while everybody wears yellow.

4) Français
Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit / 2009 / 30min / Thailand / RATINGS TBA
Francais is the story about a blind college girl submitted her French philosophy book to the center outside the university to make it in Braille version but finally it never returns. The thing is she has to read this book for examination tomorrow so she gets only one night for preparation. The only way out for this crisis is the help of her stubborn roommate... who can’t read any French stuff.

S-Express: Singapore
20th September, Sunday, 6pm – 7.30pm
Curated by: Low Beng Kheng (BK) BK is the Programme Manager of Moving Images at The Substation and organizes the film programmes there including festivals such as the Asian Film Symposium and the Singapore Short Film Festival, with the aim of nurturing the next generation of film talents in Singapore by connecting them to the film community in Singapore and to festivals abroad. The spaces in-between can be found everywhere; on the pavements, between text, through the eyes... Small fissures that rupture our realities erupt from time to time. Fleeting moments that force us to stare into these inbetween spaces that are so hard to fill with words.

1) We, the real people of Singapore
Ghazi Alqudcy / 2009 / 16min / Singapore / RATINGS TBA
“We, the Real People of Singapore” is a collection of short stories about Singaporeans and their lives. Diverse in theme and characters, the short film shows a slice of Singapore in all its variety and colour.

2) National Day
He Shuming / 2009 / 19min / Singapore / RATINGS TBA
Wei has finally collected enough National Day Parade tickets for the whole family. But National Day happens to be the 7th day after his father’s sudden death. The family forgoes the Parade to observe a traditional Chinese custom – waiting for the father’s soul to return home for the last time before its final journey into the afterlife.

3) Kissing Faces
Wesley Leon Aroozoo / 2009 / 11min / Singapore / PG
‘Eventually crashing. Purposely falling. To rid the feeling. That lastly goes numb.” “Kissing faces” is about a KTV hostess who wishes her life was like a karaoke.

4) à la folie
Sanif Olek / 2008 / 12min / Singapore / RATINGS TBA
Sinta and Arjuna, a pair of lovers, reunite after a period of break-up. Back together, Sinta confides in Arjuna her time with Rawana and a big showdown ensues in this post-modern re-intepretation of the classic Ramayana.

S-Express: Chinese
20th September, Sunday, 8pm – 9.30pm

Curated by: Maggie Lee Maggie Lee is Asia Head Reviewer for The Hollywood Reporter. She is also associate curator for Singapore’s film and arts organization Substation, and curator of independent Chinese films for S Express - a touring festival of Asian films. She worked for the editorial and programming sections of Tokyo International Film Festival (Winds of Asia), Shorts Shorts Film Festival Asia in Japan, Hong Kong International Film Festival and Hong Kong Film Archive.

1) Spallation of Ardour
Chen Xuegang / 2008 / 3min / China / NC16
A pop-art-inspired absurdist and surrealist collage that draws inspiration from Chinese revolutionary art imageries from the 1960s and 1970s, but re-interprets revolutionary ideals within a modern context.

2) Tremble
Chen Xuegang / 2008 / 3min / China / NC16
In the rapid modernization of China and relentless restructuring urbanization, our old traditions are facing destruction. Life is bleeding, and the land is trembling…

3) The End of the Tunnel
Chang Rong-ji / 2007 / 37min / Taiwan / PG
A blind boy where music opens another road for him, and with music he was given a miracle that took him out of that closeted darkness and out into the world.

S-Express: Chinese
20th September, Sunday, 8pm – 9.30pm

4) Yim
Chui Chun-yu & Chan Wai-yee / 2008 / 5min / Hong Kong / PG
The head of a reconstruction project falls into another realm while repossessing a tea restaurant. In this submerged city, anachronistic objects that bear the vestige of local culture and traces of historic past come into sight.

5) The Empty Body
Wong Sze-ming / 2008 / 4min / Hong Kong / PG
In my school days, the feeling of being chained up in life evokes discomfort.My school uniform is the embodiment of pressure, leaving me breathless.The uniform can confine my body, but not my soul.

6) Life Must Go On
Sham Ka-ki / 2008 / 20min / Hong Kong / M18
I’m soon to be 18. What am I doing? My life is the same every day, and I see the same people and do similar things. Why am I so ordinary? No matter what, life must go on. - Gold Award of Youth Category in 14th ifva

Closing Films
21st September, Monday, 7pm – 10pm

1) A Very Slow Breakfast
Edwin / 2002 / 6min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
The film that explore feelings about individuality and the loss of family values. An attempt to redefine the meaning of family in the changing realm of modernity.

2) DAJANG SOEMBI (The Woman who was Married by a Dog)
Edwin / 2004 / 7min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
The legend of Dajang Soembi, retold. Her son turns around to be a killer because he wants to be his own mother’s lover.

3) Kara The Daughter Of A Tree
Edwin / 2005 / 9min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
Kara is a little girl living in an isolated place. Her father disappeared after Ronald killed her mother. A journalist’s invasion to her life made her decided to seek for Ronald for an ultimate answer.

4) A Very Boring Conversation
Edwin / 2006 / 6min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
The conversation starts from comments about music and e-mails, then slowly moves to illogical things that could possibly change a `”mother-son relationship” into a “man-woman relationship”.

5) Hulahoop Soundings
Edwin / 2008 / 7min / Indonesia / RATINGS TBA
Lana swings on a hulahoop when taking sex calls. Nico is madly in love with her. Heidy is his jealous girlfriend who believes Lana has put a spell on him. A remake of Joel Coen’s thesis film, “Soundings”.

Closing Films
21st September, Monday, 7pm – 10pm
1) Punggok Rindukan Bulan (This Longing)
Azharr Rudin / 2008 / 122min / Malaysia / RATINGS TBA
Young Sidi lives in the estate, and nominally goes to school. But, since his mother left abruptly, he seems more interested in skateboarding with his friends and night fishing with his father. Sidi’s father may be a security guard, but spends most of his time hanging with his buddies. Sidi’s adventures include not quite flirting with a girl he fancies; setting up his friend with a local transvestite prostitute, and unsuccessfully avoiding the curious attentions of a local would-be tough.

Director’s Bio: Azharr Rudin is based in Kuala Lumpur. He has had stints as pizza maker, web designer, contributing photographer/writer for a Malaysian music magazine, before venturing into filmmaking. He was editor for the documentaries “The Year of Living Vicariously” (2005) and “Lelaki Komunis Terakhir” (The Last Communist). His “Majidee” (2005) won awards at film festivals in Hawaii, Tokyo and Singapore. His compilation of shorts called “The Amber Sexalogy” debuted at the 2006 Singapore International Film Festival. Some of his works have also been featured in a number of international film festivals including Fajr, Vancouver, Clermont-Ferrand, Pusan, Sydney, Rotterdam, San Francisco and Mexico. He served as a NETPAC juror in Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (2007).”Punggok Rindukan Bulan” (This Longing) is his debut feature film.

Opening & Closing Nights: $10 (conc.) / $12 All other screenings: $5 (conc.) / $7 (conc. rates for students, NSFs, SFS members and Friends of the Substation) Tickets are available at: The Substation Box Office 45 Armenian Street Singapore 179936 Tel: 6337 7800 or 6337 7535 Open weekdays from 2pm to 8pm Cat Socrates 03-39B Bras Basah Complex 231 Bain Street Singapore 180231 Tel: 6333 0870 Open daily from 12noon to 8pm

To book tickets, please call The Substation Box Office at 6337 7800 or email [email protected] Tickets must be collected 15 minutes before showtime or the tickets will be released for sale.

Festival Venue: The Substation Theatre 45 Armenian Street Singapore 179936

*Schedule subject to change. Foreign language films are subtitled in English. *Films pending rating by MDA at time of printing. The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme. For more information and enquiries, please contact Low Beng Kheng at 6337 7535 or email [email protected]

About The Substation
The Substation is Singapore’s first independent contemporary arts centre, aimed at nurturing and challenging Singapore artists, providing an open space for artistic experimentation, and also fostering regional and international arts networks. We present and co-present a wide range of artists and programmes, from traditionally trained dancers to local rock bands; established visual artists to young poets; publications to international short film festivals; experimental theatre to seminal conferences on Singapore arts and culture. Since 1990, The Substation has worked with some of Singapore’s most critically acclaimed artists, writers and intellectuals, as well as younger and emerging artists. In addition, we are committed to facilitating artistic dialogue between countries in the region and the world, and forge closer ties with our international counterparts. The Substation is a non-profit organization and registered IPC which relies on financial and in-kind support from the general public, commercial organizations and government ministries to cover the costs of operating and developing arts & educational programmes. Donations to The Substation attract a 2.5 times exemption.

About Moving Images
Moving Images is The Substation’s year-round film programme dedicated to supporting local and independent film in Singapore and nurturing emerging filmmakers since 1997. It is the most popular regularly-running film programme in Singapore organizing film screenings, festivals, workshops and seminars, including annual events like the Singapore Short Film Festival and the Asian Film Symposium, and organizes the only Singapore Indie Doc Fest (biennial international documentary festival) in Singapore, which alternates with the biennial Experimental Film Forum. With the focus on showcasing and supporting new local films and filmmakers, Moving Images plays a crucial role in nurturing and developing future film talents in Singapore. More than just a screening venue, Moving Images also actively connects Singapore films to international festivals and has become an important platform for local and Asian filmmakers, both new and experienced, to screen their work, meet and share ideas. In the past years, Moving Images has nurtured award-winning Singapore filmmakers like Royston Tan, Sun Koh, Wee Li Lin, Tan Pin Pin, Sherman Ong, Chai Yee Wei – just to name a few. Film submissions are welcome all year round! More at or contact us at [email protected]

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