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 Volume 8, September 2013


SISTec Highlights Project Proposal of ME Students  The aim of this progra program m was to encourage young minds to engage in inventions and discoveries...   • Continue on Page 6

With the beginning of every new session Ragging Committee and Squad at college at colleges, there are reports with level, where students can report such instances of ragging at various colleges incidents. Students can also report such across the country. There were reports of problems directly to AICTE. As per the  juniors facing physical as well as mental direction of AICTE, SISTec Gandhinagar, harassments by seniors, resulting in formed anti ragging committee headed permanent damages to individuals, by Dr. Manish Billore, Principal SISTec; parents and the society. There were only Dr. Kuldeep Ganju, Principal SIPTec few which got reported, still there are and Mr. B. S. Kushwaha, Administrator, many who are going through this pain acting as coordinator. While Dr. Swati silently. It is thus, the duty of teaching Saxena, Vice Principal SISTec; Dr. Ajay fraternity to create a healthy relation with Kaviti, HOD Mechanical Engineering; the new students so that they can share Dr. Ravi Shanker Mishra, HOD EC; Mr. their pain and stop the agony caused by  Ashish Mishra, HOD CSE/IT; Dr. Abha ragging. Rajoriya, HOD EX; Mr. Shailesh Narayan, In this direction Hon’ble Superme Court, HOD Pharmacy and Asst. Prof. Roopesh  AICTE and RGPV have issued guidelines guidelines Mehra acting as committee members. for handling ragging by formation of Anti

Sagar Manthan

Mr. Sudhir Agrawal, in his address advised participants to identify their weaknesses and to work upon them. According to him “Determination and Persistence is the mantra for Success”... • Continue on Page 13

Persistance 1500 students from various colleges of Madhya Pradesh participated in Training and Placement of Sagar Institute of Science and Technology... • Continue on Page 14






Mrs. Swati Yadav Editor-in-Chief 

Dr. Kuldeep Ganju Principal SIPTec

 There are two kinds of people, one who do different things and one who do different things differently; and people wonder how things happened! Sagarities believe in doing different thing differently. as time goes on Sagarities become more and more intolerant of other scenario. It can be frustrating to observe things happening in routine ways, if one has the idea to execute it in more interesting ways. So go ahead and take action. Try to be different, be brave and take a move to win. And remember winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. We have reached here because we worked to get here and SISTec newsletter speaks volume of its achievements and efforts of every member. In this edition, I would like to thank my editorial team members and Mr. Anjum Parwej, HOD, School of Management Studies who had motivated and supported me in bringing out this issue.

Dr. Kuldeep Ganju, joined as Principal (SIPTec), at Sagar Institute of Pharmacy & Technology Gandhinagar. He nished his PhD from Barkatullah University Bhopal, in 2012. He completed his B.Pharm and M.Pharm from Barkatullah University in 2002 & 2006 respectively. He has an experience of more than 9 yrs. Before joining SIPTec, he was working as a Principal at Bhabha Group of Institutions, Pharmacy Polytechnic, Bhopal. He had published number of research papers in  journals of National & International repute. He had attended and presented a wide range of paper at conferences. He is an Ex - member of the Editorial Board of Indian Journal of Natural Products, Life Time member of Soci Society ety of Pharma Pharmacogno cognosy sy & Reviewer of International Journal of Phytomedicine. His research area includes Standardization of Plants and their formulation with some desired pharmacological activities like wound healing and Hepatoprotective activity.

CELEBRATION OF INTERNATIONAL LABOUR DAY Labour resources of any organization are foundation for its success. In today’s world human resources are biggest assets and to appreciate its efforts, Management of SISTec, Gandhinagar celebrated International Labour Day by presenting gifts to support staff on 1st May 2013. Whole event was planned and executed by sports ofcers Mr. Nitesh Kushwaha and Ms. Sheel Prabha Gautam.

HUMAN RELATIONS ARE KEY TO SUCCESS Relations are gruelling to develop, grow and to manage for every organization. Success or failures are part of life but it largely

of employees can  jo in th thei ei r lo love ved d ones, for various fun activities, conducted at SISTec. With the goal of creating feeling of belongingness,

depends on better relationship between  T&P and APEES departments of SISTec organization and employees. SISTec organised a family Water Sports Event on Gandhinagar, looked beyond employee 26th May 2013 followed by snacks. Staff relationship management and created an along with family members enjoyed rain idea of families’ bonding, where families dance and water polo.



FUN @ WORK  “In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, and look around you” well said by Leo Tolstoy. He righty depicted in his saying the current scenario at any organization where employees are bonded to their workloads. Management of SISTec,

optimism, motivate them, improve c o n c e n t r a t io n , c r e a t iv it y and perseverance. It included activities like Water Polo; Go funny, Singing, Watching Movie, Mimicry and Sliding Chair Race. Fun @Work was planned and coordinated by sports ofcer Mr. Praveen Bhateela.

Gandhinagar realized need for recreation forthe its Gandhinagar. employees and developed workshop op a program under the guidance of Mr.  The goal of worksh Pawan Grover, Executive Director Sagar was to help reduce group. Fun @ Work program was faculty member’s organized on 2nd June 2013 at SISTec stress level, boost

FACULTY  ORIENTATION FACULTY Joining new group may at time cause

overview about the modules

feeling of enthusiasm and at times it may  jolt one with apprehension apprehension of new norms, culture and traditions. To help new entrants get acquaint with work culture of SISTec, Gandhinagar. A two day long orientation program was organized on 1 st July & 2nd  July 2013 under the guidance of Mr. Pawan Grover Executive Director Sagar Group,. Orientation Program started with an

to be covered during the orientation by Ms. Sumita Dixit. After which there was formal introduction by new entrants, so as to create a feeling of bonding and togetherness. Mr. Pawan about day to day working of college system Grover, Executive Director, delivered and procedures related to TG work, Internal introduction lecture on Sagar Group. Mr. marks evaluation and mid-sem schedule.  Anand Shrivast Shrivastav, av, Manager Manager While activities related to Training and  Ad mi ni st ra ti on , br ie fe d Development of faculty members was about Documentation shared by by Ms. Youvika Nayak, Marketing Marketing procedure, Institutional  Associate Sagar Group. Last but not the requirements, HR Policies, least Hon’ble Chairman Sagar Group, Do’s & Don’ts of SISTec Mr. Sudhir Agrawal interacted with new and Institutional Hierarchy. faculty members. Ms. Sumita Dixit, Asst. Dr. Ekta Mishra, Vice HR Manager had successfully planned and Principal SISTec-E shared coordinated the orientation.



SHUBHAGAM 2013 Shubhagam 2013, Orientation Program for the new entrants to Sagar Institute of Science and Technology was organized on 22nd July 2013. With goal to enable the new students establish a foundation for success. The program started with the lighting of lamp by Chairman, Mr. Sudhir Kumar Agarwal and other dignitaries, followed by Saraswati vandana. On this occasion senior students welcomed the junior batch by singing a song. The

to cherish the ideals, the mission and the vision of the college. The Secretary Sagar Group, Mr. Siddarth Agarwal advised the students to take part in various activities in their technical and cultural arena and to attain the required skills by the end of their academic completion. Mr. Pawan Grover, Executive

Group Director Academic, Dr. N.S. Sundar Murti in his welcome address congratulated the students for taking right decision. He briefed the gathering about the functioning of the college and informed the students on discipline, dress-code and other aspects.  The Chairman Sagar Group, Mr. Sudhir Kumar Agarwal encouraged the students

Director, in his address to the Sharma. In their presentation they students, gave them ideas on how to focused on assessment parameter for bridge the gap between the college and attaining higher sessional marks such as company. Dr. Kuldeep Ganju, Principal attendance, assignments and internal SIPTec, in his address spoke about the exams performance. opportunities for engineers in pharmacy  A pr pres esen enta tatition on on im po port rtan ance ce of sector, the emergence of new diseases Communication was delivered by and discovery of new drugs to cure Ms. Mythily Mahalingam, where she these diseases. Dr. Swati Saxena, Vice- emphasized on the role of language to Principal SISTec, Gandhinagar, become a successful person. Concluding acquainted the students with session was conducted by Dr. Abha the institutional culture and Rajoriya HOD EX ; Dr. Ravi Shankar ethos to enable them to cope Mishra ; HOD EC ; Mr. Ashish Mishra with the demands of engineering ; HOD CS & IT and Mr. Viwanath Ms. program. assured the  Aastha Sharma informed that the days institution She is free from that ragging after the orientation program have been to the new students and their planned in terms of refresher course parents. to prepare the fresher’s to pursue their  The importance of First Year Cell engineering program with zeal and was highlighted by Dr. Tanvir commitment.  Ahmed  Ahm ed Wan Wanii and Mr. Mr.Yoge Yogesh sh

ELECTROPULSE Election Selection & Involvement  The dep depart artment ment of Ele Electr ctroni onics cs & Communication Engineering conducted interview for various post of the “Electro-Pulse”. The committee constituted by the faculty members, of the student and for the student. It received huge

participation from students of 7th, 5th & 3rd semester. Group of Faculty members conducted interviews on 31st August 2013. After discussing discussing the aspects of individual’s interview, panel will declare results on 2nd  September 2013.




With the start of a new session School of Management Studies, SISTec Gandhinagar, welcomed the rst year students to the institute by organizing a MBA Orientation Program “Prabandhan Utsav 2K13” on 27th  August 2013 at Kautilya Hall, School of Management Studies, SISTec Gandhinagar.  The program program started started with the traditional traditional lighting up of the lamp ceremony by

  Dr. N. S Sunder Murti, Group Director Academics; along with Mr. Pawan Grover, Executive Director ; Dr. Swati Saxena, Vice Principal SISTec, Gandhinagar and Mr.  Anjum Parwe Parwejj HOD of Schoo Schooll of Management Studies. Dignitaries present on the occasion were Ms. Pamela Grover Manager IT ; Dr.  Ajay Kavi Kaviti, ti, HOD of Mech Mechanic anical al Engineering ; Dr. Abha Rajoriya, HOD of Dr. Mr. RaviAshish Shankar Mishra, HOD of EX EC ;and Mishra, HOD of CS/IT. Dr. N. S. Sunder Murti in his address congratulated the students on joining School of Management Studies. He advised the students by quoting a research report which emphasizes the importance of expertising one’s skills as the basic need for the survival in today’s scenario. Dr. Swati Saxena in her address gave a brief about the Sagar Group of Institutions. While Mr. Grover took a session on “MBA as a Career”. In his session he gave a brief on the history of MBA, various job opportunities present in the market

for MBA students. He also emphasized on the importance of communication skills. Mr. Anjum Parwej gave a vote of thanks. While Asst. Prof. Prof. Vivek Goswami, School of Management Studies conducted a motivational session for the new student. The program was conducted by Asst. Prof. Vivek Goswami and Asst. Prof. Swati Yadav.


Prof. Ashish Mishra of CS and IT Department has been promoted as Head of Department of CS and IT, SISTec, Gandhinagar.

WORDS OF WISDOM On 5th  August 2013, at SISTec Gandhinagar, Mr. K. K. Dubey motivated new students to be successful. He encouraged students to come forward, take up challenges and excel in life. He gave tips on how to get condent, by being a rst bencher, making eye contact, always have a smile on the face and to walk faster than the present speed. His session of motivation was well enjoyed by students.

 Asst. Prof. Sumita Dixit of School of Managment Studies Department has been promoted to the Position of Asst. HR Manager. She would be responsible for HR activity for SISTec, Gandhinagar.




NOW ONLINE SUPPORT FOR SISTec STUDENTS IS AVAILABLE With the change in technology every second, lots of information are available at a click of a button. Using internet as a medium, if we update our friends and family with our joys and sorrows, then why can’t we get updates on one’s own performance or performance of one’s own ward. Keeping this in mind management of SISTec developed a web portal named “SISTec Portal”. This portal is exclusively used by the faculty members for managing the attendance of students, internal marks;

SISTec faculty members as well as students. Faculty members can use it for updating performance of the students in terms of their attendance, assignment evaluations and internal assessments, while students can get directions in areas to

assignment records, etc. and thus act as a medium of feedback for students on their performance. SISTec Portal is accessible by

work upon. This portal is also helpful for sharing of knowledge about any particular topic, notes, queries etc. Asst. Prof. Vinay Singh, of CSE department had conceptualized and developed the SISTec Portal.


Project proposal of Mechanical with the State Government on various Engineering students of SISTec, projects by establishing its own identity Gandhinagar, on “Designing of solar as an autonomous organization. desalination system (solar stills)” was  The Pro Progra gram m was spo sponso nsored red by short listed by EPCO (Environmental the EPCO Institute of Environmental Planning & Coordination Organization) Studies (EIES) under the Housing and under its “Programme for Action In Environment Department. The aim of Conserving Environment (PACE)”. this program was to encourage young It is one of the state’s premier minds, to engage in inventions and organization in the eld of environment discoveries. related matters. It is working closely  The vision of this organization organiza tion was

to motivate young tal en ts to war ds social development.  T h i s program provides incentive to the selected project proposals. Students working on the project were Mr. Rahul Kumar Sharma 7th Sem; Mr. Rahul Singh Rathore 7th Sem; Mr. Raj Kumar Kushwah 7th Sem; Mr. Rohit Sharma 5th Sem and Mr. Priyea Ranjan 5th Sem under the guidance of Dr. Ajay Kumar Kaviti, Head of Department Mechanical Engineering and Asst. Prof. P. Vishwanath.



IN-HOUSE TRAINING ON ANSYS by learning ANSYS by Prof. Roopesh Mehra software tool. He urged the and Prof. Nitin Malviya. students to get maximum  The ass assess ess men mentt of the utilization of their learned students regarding this faculty members. course was also conducted  T h e whole t r a i n i n g along with feedback of the session was divided into course. Training program number of modules, was coordinated by Prof. which were conducted Roopal Jyothishi.

 A two week In-house In-house training training on ANSYS Software tool was organized and conducted by Mechanical Engineering department from 24 th   June 2013 to 6th July 2013 for final year students at SISTec Gandhinagar. Inhouse training was formally inaugurated by the Executive

Director, Mr. Pawan Grover. On this occasion he congratulated the initiative taken by the Department to conduct and organize such training for the students. On this occasion Group Director Academic, Dr. N. S. Sundar Murti said, students shall be getting lot of benet

WORKSHOP ON MA MATLAB TLAB Computer Science Engineering department of SISTec Gandhinagar, organized four day in-house workshop on MATLAB. Workshop was conducted by Asst. Prof. Vinay Kumar Singh from 22nd June -27th  June 2013 at CSE lab.

sharing. Mr. Vinay Kumar Singh started with basics of MATLAB coding with detailed examples and programs using MATLAB. Further he shared application and features of important toolbox, image

Workshop was attended by all the faculty members, as part of knowledge upgradation and knowledge

processing toolbox, communication toolbox etc.



BACK TO BASICS Special subject refresher course for the new students of Sagar Institute of Science & Technology, Gandhinagar Bhopal, concluded on 5 th  of August 2013. Eminent resource persons of Sagar Group and faculty members of college delivered lectures during the two-week course which began on

22nd July 2013. The objective of this program was to groom and motivate the entrants to be good future professionals. This program was planned so as to prepare the students to pursue their engineering with zeal and commitment. Expressing their views on the concluding session, the

students said that they had learnt a lot during the course and would certainly try to live up to the expectations of their teachers. The Program was chaired by Director HRD Sagar Group, Mr. K. K. Dubey. He exhorted the students to cherish the ideals, the mission and vision of the college.

UNLEASHING ENTREPRENEURIAL IDEAS In this ever-changing scenario of business it is very important for business-professional’s to keep oneself upgraded and in line with the changing consumer behaviour. Keeping this in mind, faculty members at the School of Management Studies, SISTec Gandhinagar, conducted an intra class competition with the theme “UNLEASHING ENTREPRENEURIAL IDEAS” on the 5th  of July 2013. Students worked on the development of an innovative product, and shared their ideas by ways of power

point presentation. The winner’s of this competition were Ms. Manisha Dilare and Ms. Suchitra Agarwal of MBA 2 nd Sem.  They gave a presen presentation tation on “Robotics

a Future for Hotel Industries”. They enlightened the audience by brieng them about the latest development in robotics and their future prospects.  They also made audience aware, on how in future robots can prove a real help in the hotel industries.  Th is en ti re co mp et it i on wa s conducted and coordinated by  Asst. Prof. Jyotika James and Asst. Prof. Swati Yadav. The winners of this competition were announced by the HOD, School of Management Studies Mr. Anjum Parwej.

WORKSHOP ON GREEN BUILDING AWARENESS AWARENESS of Department and Faculty Members. The workshop was on Green Building awareness and the lectures were delivered by IIT Bombay in collaboration with Ms. Rachana Sansad, Academy of  Architecture (AoA).  The online lecture as conducted using the SAKSHAT interface and live interaction took place through

Electrical and Electronics students of SISTec, Gandhinagar, actively  AVI EW tec hno log y on int ern ernet, et, at selected remote centers spread across participated in workshop conducted at SISTec-E on 24th  August 2013, the country. This initiative was a part along with Dr. Abha Rajoriya, Head of the National Mission on Education

through ICT, supported by Ministry of Human Resource Development. In total there were 6 lectures of 25 minutes each and two interactive sessions of 45 minutes each were conducted. The workshop extensively emphasized on the status quo issue to build a net zero energy consuming house for the Indian middle class to address the housing and energy needs of the growing urban population. The workshop gave an exposure to the students regarding recent technological trends in the eld of Sustainable Energy Management.




“ABCS- ANY BODY CAN SING” Balance between recreation and work-life is now gaining importance in every Industry. To help employee strike a balance between the two, Musical club of SISTec Gandhinagar organized an “In ter branch  A n t a k s h a r i Competition” for faculty members on 27 th   June 2013 at auditorium. Teams participated in the event were EC Amplier from EC & EX, Computer Software from CS & IT, Machine of

Mechanical Engineering department and Experiment of Science from MBA & App. Science . Sports ofcer Ms. Sheel Prabha Gautam declared Computer Software and Experiment

of Science as combine winner for the event. The program was organized and conducted by Mr. Anoop Tiwari, Ms. Pratibha Ojha and Mr. Kapil Sharma.

“DANCE SISTEC DANCE” A GROUP DANCE COMPETITION were judged on the basis of coordination, expressions

Dance is way of life, an expression of self and colors of emotions. Dance lls one with joy. It is an activity not only to express but to test team coordination, time management and group cohesiveness. Dance club of SISTec, Gandhinagar, organized an inter-branch group dance competition “DANCE SISTEC DANCE” on 27th July 2013 at auditorium. Students

and dance overwhelming movements. Event received response from all the branches. Only ve groups were lucky to get selected and to showcase their talent on 27th  July 2013. The rst prize was bagged by group of Ms. Preeti Sherawat, Ms. Priya  Anandani, Ms. M s. Namrata, Ms. Ms . Shambhavi and Ms. Ishita of CS branch. The Second prize was given to group of Mr.  Aditya, Mr. Chandramani and Mr. Aniruddh of CS branch. Dr. Shweta Mukharjee & Ms. Sumita Dixit, Asst. HR

Manager, were the two judges. Dr. Kuldeep Ganju, Principal SIPTec; Dr. Swati Saxena, Vice Principal SISTec, graced the occasion and they presented the souvenir to the winning groups.



POSTER MAKING COMPETITION BY ART AND CRAFT CLUB  Ar t & Cr a ft Cl ub , of SI ST ec Gandhinagar, organized Poster Making competition on 14th August 2013, for the celebration of our 67 th  Independence Day. The theme for

competition was “Incredible India”. It received an over whelming response and thirty three students participated in it and displayed their creativity.  Th e ju dg es fo forr the event were Dr. Kuldeep Ganju, Principal, Sagar Institute of Pharmacy & Pal as Winner and the Runner up  Te  T e c h n o l o g y a n d M r. was Mr. Suresh Kumar Das. Event Roopesh Mehra, Assistant was conceived and coordinated by Professor Mechanical  Asst. Prof. Aastha Sharma & Dr. Aditi Engineering Department, Rukmangad, Faculty coordinators, SISTec Gandhinagar.  Art & C Craft raft Club along with student  They declared Mr. Rashmi coordinators.

DEBATE COMPETITION Literary Club, SISTec Gandhinagar organised a Debate Competition on the topic “Effects of Social Networking Sites” on 14th  August 2013. Event received ten entries as participants.  The progr program am star started ted with the tradi traditiona tionall

lighting up of lamp and worshiping Goddess Saraswati. Out of the ten participants, Five participants highlighted the Positive aspects of the Social Networking Sites, whereas, the remaining five discussed the negative effects of Social Networking Sites on the youth and society. All the participants justied there point of view by putting relevant facts and gures in support of their view. Mr. Mikhail Naqvi, EC 5th  Sem, was the winner and the runner up was Mr. R.

 Varun, IT 5th Sem. Both of them spoke in favor of Social networking sites. Mr.  Anjum Parwej, Parwej, HOD, School of Mgmt. Studies and Ms. Anju Puar Faculty of Communication skills were the two Judges of the competition. They awarded souvenir to both the winners.



INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRA CELEBR ATED AT AT SISTEC S ISTEC On the occasion of 67th Independence Day, still existing within ourselves. Sagar Institute of Science and Technology Mr. Mikail Naqvi, delivered organized a cultural program. Flag hoisting a patriotic speech as a ceremony was conducted by Group token of remembrance Director Academics, Dr. N. S. Sunder to our freedom fighters. Murti; Executive Director, Mr. Pawan While Ms. Damini Shrivas, Grover; Principal SISTec, Dr. Manish gave speech which filled Billore; Principal SIPTec, Dr. Kuldeep Ganju everyone with patriotism. and Vice Principal, Dr. Swati Saxena.  Asst. Prof. Piyush Neema, Mr. Pawan Grover, on this occasion Mechanical Engineering department, motivated students to channelize their mesmerized everyone with wonderful energy in constructive direction and to take poetry written by him depicting life of a responsibility instead of complaining about solider and his family. On this occasion the things going wrong. Dr. N. S. Sunder a group dance was performed by Ms. Murti, motivated students to participate Karuna Sharma, Ms. Priya Anandani, Ms. actively in progress of the country. While Sambhavi, Ms. Preeti Jain, Ms. Namrita Dr. Kuldeep Ganju, Principal SIPTec, in his Kumari, Ms. Shalini, Ms. Isha Pandey and speech highlighted about human slavery, Ms. Ruhi Sharam that expressed their

tribute to freedom ghters. An interesting mime depicting story of independence was presented by Mr. Himanshu, Mr. Kaushal Singh, Mr. Abhishek Kumar, Mr. Santosh Kumar, Mr. Deepak Singh, Mr. Puneet and Ms. Jyoti. Last but not the least Quiz on “Republic of India” was organized by library department. Towards Tow ards the end of the ceremony vote of thanks was given by Dr. Swati Saxena.

ECHO  - SOLO SINGING COMPETITION ECHO On the eve of Independence day, music club SISTec Gandhinagar,

and Mr. Hemendra Kashyap secured rst and second positions respectively.

Mr. Pawa Pawan n Grower; Principal SISTec, Dr. Manish Billore; Principal SIPTec,

organized “Echo- Solo Singing Competition”. The theme for the competition was Patriotism. It received huge participation from students. On 10th August 2013, audition were conducted and finally eleven students were shortlisted for the final round. On 15th   August 2013, final round was judged by Dr. Priya Bhudhani,  Asst.Prof. Satendra Satendra Singh  Thak  Th akur ur an and d As Asst st.P .Prof rof . Lokesh Chandokar. The Electrical and Electronic engineering  The win ner s wer e awa awarde rde d wit h rd student of 3  sem Ms. Laxmi Yadav, Mementoes by Executive Director,

Dr. Princi Kuldeep  Vice Principal, pal, Dr.Ganju; Swati Saxena and HOD School of Management, Studies Mr. Anjum Parwej. The event was well conceived and coordinated by Asst. Prof. Anoop Tiwari, Asst. Prof. Pratima Ojha and Mr. Kapil Sharma.  Anchors  Anchor s for the event were Ms. Preeti Sherawat and Mr. Varun. Collections and coordination of music was done by Mr. Atul Kumar Raj and Mr. Manish Kumar Kumar Jha. While Invitation and promotion of the event was done by Ms. Shikha Shikha and and Ms. Jyoti. Jyoti.




SUMMER TRAINING ORGANIZED AT SIST SISTec ec GANDHINAGAR Summer Training was organized at SISTec Gandhinagar, for 7th  semester students of CS/IT branch under guidance of Mr. Pawan Grover, Executive Director Sagar group. The Training was conducted by Mr. Sameer ul Hasan, Training and Placement officer and Mrs. Pamela Grover, Manager IT, with the aim of bridging the gap between the  Academics and IT Industry. Both the

designed the course keeping in mind the requirements of the IT industry. Students experienced the sweetness of programming by diving deep into the colorful world of .NET and SQL databases. They had to develop real time data driven applications on their own. With the culmination of this event the students got off to a new start in their engineering career. Mr. Grover,

trainers with a cumulative experience of 11 years at top IT companies,

Executive Director, appreciated the initiative taken by trainers.

SISTEC  A WINDOW TO CORPORA CORPORATE TE WORLD SISTEC Mr. Animesh Sharma and Mr. Devvrat Bhatele of Mechanical Engineering 7th  sem, students of SISTec Gandhinagar, undergone a training at TEGA INDUSTRIES LIMITED. Mr. Animesh Sharma had undergone a training in Marketing ( Launching of A

New Product Variant) which included preparation of catalogues, power point presentations, nding scope of new products, areas of implementation, advertisement strategy , posters for trade fair, deciding way of launching, SOP of product, technical descriptive

book of products and study of designs. Mr. Devvrat Bhatele was undertaking training at Design section, where he got the opportunity to design a conveyor belt roller by using auto desk inventor by making use of design software

methods to increase the ROI without compromising on quality. To cook up greater creativity, leaders need to update their approach to collaboration, compensation and culture. The new recipe would start with laying a base of trust. Mix risk-taking with job security. Subtract strict chains of command and barriers to ideas and add professional development. Reward excellence in routine activities and efforts to nd break through’s, openly discuss failure. As simple as it may sound, it makes the work of the HR trickier. Companies need to bring in a change in their cultures to make employees

live, eat and breathe innovation. It would also mean adopting a middle path when the new and the old converge, making it imperative to balance the experience of old with the energy of new. With this goal NASSCOM organised their annual HR Conference at Chennai from 23rd  July - 24th  July 2013. This year Sagar Group was represented by Mr. Anjum Parwej, HOD, School of Management Studies and Mr. Ashish Bhatnagar, Training & Placement Ofcer. Both Mr. Parwej and Mr. Bhatnagar met HR Managers of different companies and invited them to organize campus drive for SISTec students.

NASSCOM HR  HR SUMMIT Fostering innovation in the workforce is very high on the agenda across industries and ranks. With the budgets getting frozen and at times slashed, there is a constant need to look for ways and



“SAGAR  MANTHAN “SAGAR MANTHAN  2K13” is the mantra for Success”. Group Director  Academic, Dr. N. S. Sundar Murti also addressed the students and shared his experiences. Mr. Pawan Grover,

long residential program students were exposed to various sessions like Resume Building, Online Job Search, JAM Sessions, Aptitude Training, Group Discussion, Inter-personal Skills, Mock Interviews and Mock Campus. A typical Manthan day started with Yoga at 6 am every day and concluded with a post dinner light entertainment program organised by sports dept.

in his address set an agenda for the event and

Participants were evaluated on different parameters for various sessions and top four performers Ms. Seema Rani, Ms. Priya Sahi, Mr. Rohit Singh and Mr. Rohit Sharma were given Bicycles in recognition of their efforts and achievements. Participation certificate and

“Sagar Manthan 2K13” the agship event of Training & Placement department was successfully organised at SISTec, Gandhinagar campus during 4th August to 10th  August 2013. Sagar Manthan received an overwhelming response from students with one hundred and ten registrations. Event was inaugurated by Chairman Sagar Group, Mr. Sudhir  Agra  Agrawal wal,, ts intohis address addre ss weaknesses he advi advised sed participants participan identify their and to work upon them. According to him “Determination and Persistence

explained about the take home, expectations and importance of Sagar Manthan. He advised students

plants were distributed to all students. Executive Director, Mr. Pawan Grover congratulated Mr. Anjum Parwej, Head of T & P and his team consisting of Mr.  Ashish , Mr. Piyush Joshi, Ms. Pamela Grover, Manager IT ; Ms. Youvika Nayak, Marketing Associate Sagar Group; Ms. Sumita Dixit, Asst. HR Manager; Asst Prof. Radhika Chandorkar, Ms. Sumitra

to agile andremain motivated throughout the event. During a week

Goswami, Mr. Mr. Neeraj Kushwaha; Sports Ofcers, Praveen Bhatele; Mr. Nitesh Kushwaha, and Ms. Sheel Prabha for successful conduction of the event.



WARM  UP WARM UP  SESSION SESSION  FOR PLACEMENTS Department of Computer Science interview session was & Information Technology conducted to polish organized pre placement their interview skills. training for 7th  sem students.  Th e wo r ks ho p w as  Training program was arranged organized for eight days to enhance the technical skills from 15th  August 2013 of the students and make them to 22 nd  August 2013. aware of applications of various It received an over programming languages. Mock whelming participations f r o m stu den ts. It was conducted by Mr. Ashish M i s h r a , HOD; Asst. Prof.  Abhi  Ab hish shek ek Ch Chan ande del; l;  As st . Pr of . Vi na y Singh; Asst. Prof. Dhan Pratap Singh;  As  A sst. Prof. Rajit

Nair; Asst. Prof. Ghanshyam Prasad Dubey and Asst. Prof. Sana Maqsood in their area of Expertise. On 22nd August 2013 a Mock test was conducted to evaluate the grasp.

PERSISTENCE PERSIS TENCE PVT PVT.. LTD LTD OPEN CAMPUS DRIVE AT SISTec SISTec  Tr aini  Trai ning ng an and d Pl Plac acem em en t ce cellll of Sagar Institute of Science and Technology, Gandhinagar Organized an open campus drive for CS and IT students from 23rd August - 25th August 2013.  Appro  Ap pro xim at atel ely y 150 1500 0 st stud uden ents ts from various colleges of Madhya Pradesh participated in it. The three day long recruitment procedures included session group discussion, interview and online test. Campus driveon was actively and successfully conducted by Mr. Anjum Parwej, Head Training & Placement, under the guidance of Mr. Pawan Grover, Executive Director Sagar Group.




AN EXCURSION TO POWER DISTRIBUTION TRAINING CENTRE the guidance of Dr.  Ab ha Ra Rajo jori riya ya,, He Head ad of Department EX along with the faculty members Mr. Lokesh Chandokar and Ms. Bhanu Panjwani. The students got an exposure of 33 KV input lines, which are

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of SISTec, Gandhinagar, organised a eld visit on 6 th  May 2013 to Power Distribution  Training Centre (PDTC) situated at Govindpura, Bhopal. The

taped into three equivalent lines. At output end there are 9, 11 KV output feeders. Students got an idea of all the protective and metering arrangements made at input and output ends.

sub-station gave the students an overview of the field equipments and system for handling bulk electrical power, How to supply loads in various parts of the city.  Visit  Vi sit was con conduc duc ted und er


 An ed educ ucati ati ona l vi visi sitt of Me Mecha cha ni nical cal th Engineering 5   sem, students was organized on 14 th   August 2013 to ‘YODHASTHAL: Sudarshan Chakra Corps’ under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Piyush Nema, Prof. Josy George

and Prof. Rupal Jyotishi. This visit was conducted on a day prior to Independence Day in order to inculcate the feeling of patriotism in them. The sole purpose was to make them aware about the role of Indian Army in Indian defense mechanism. It also enhanced their view regarding the vitality of engineers in army. Ofcers of the corps briefed the students about different job opportunities in technical and non-technical sectors of the wing. They also made students

aware about the different machines and weapons used in army and their specic role in different circumstances. On the concluding session, ofcers cleared all the doubts and mis conception of the students. It was a great learning experience for students.




REPOSITIONING OF SISTEC SPORTS DEP DEPARTMENT ARTMENT AS “APEES” Sports Department of Sagar Institute of Science and Technology has repositioned itself as “ALLIANCE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION & EXERCISE SCIENCES (APEES)”.  APEES has proposed for gymnasium facilities, so as to encourage physical tness among students.

MONSOON SPORTS  SPORTS FUN FUN    A P E E S o rg a n iz e d M on s o on fu n  AP games from 29th July 2013 with huge participation from all the branches. The chief guest was Mr. B.S. Kushwaha,  Ad  A dministrator, inaugurated the MONSOON SPORTS FUN. Events included games like Football, Kabaddi, Rugby for boys and for girls games were Kabaddi, Rugby & Sitoliya. Sports are fun but when one get to experience the same in rain, then joy gets doubled. And if one had chance to experience it with classmate at engineering college then they are memories for life time. Usually people consider students at engineering colleges as book worms but Sagarities had proved them wrong by striking a balance between love for books and sports.

WORKSHOP OR SEMINARS ATTENDED BY FACULTY MEMBERS 1.A Ten days workshop was held by ISTE & IIT Kharagpur at “NRI Institute of Information Science & Technology”, Bhopal, from 4 th  June to 14th  June 2013. It was attended by Dr. Ravi Mishra HOD, EC; Asst. Prof. Nitin Muchhal; Anoop Tiwari; Abdullah;  Ankit Dwivedi Dwivedi and Umesh Umesh Pandey Pandey from EC EC

Department.  Vishwanath  Vishwana th Kum Kumar ar has part particip icipated ated in “Sho “Short rt 2.Asst. Prof. Arun Azad has participated term training program on Solar Energy and at workshop on 6th  July 2013 “Machine, its Applications (SEA-2013)” during 24th  to Materials and Maintenance” Organized by 28th  June 2013 which was organized by  Tribology  Tribolo gy Society of India, Bhopal chapter Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Dept. and CSIR-AMPRI, Bhopal. of Energy at Maulana Azad National Institute 3.Dr. Ajay Kumar Kaviti and Asst.Prof. P. of Technology, Bhopal.



PUBL ICATIONS PAPER PUBLICA TIONS BY FACULTY FACULTY MEMBERS ME MBERS 1. Bisht Pranjali. (2013) Effects of  Tier III III cities: cities: Study Study of entrepreneur entrepreneurs s of Different origin bio fuels fatty acid organics on the growth of Soya bean Indore and Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. composition and its effect on engine 9560 in three successive kharif seasons; World Journal of Management. performance.. Workshop on Advances performance International Journal of Engineering 9. Jain S & Singh S.K. (June 2013). in Energy and Technology. IIT ,BHU, Research and Development (IJERD); CFD Modelling & Analysis of Fin &  Varanasi INDIA, ISBN: 978-93-82880 978-93-82880- Volume: 5.  Tube Heat Exchanger , Workshop on 44-8. 2. Bisht Pranjali. (August 2013).  Advances in Energy and Technology. 17. Singh V. (2013). Survey on Pattern Biofilteration of Heavy Metals by IIT, BHU, Varanasi India, ISBN: 978- Optimization for Novel Class in Eichhornia Crassipes. RGI International 93-82880-44-8. MCM for Stream Data Classication” Journal of Applied Science and 10. Kaviti A.K. & Vishwanath Kumar, International : Journal of Engineering  Technology, Volume Volume 3. P. (2013). Prediction of Moisture Sciences & Research Technology, 3. Dr. Ganju K.K. (2011) . Pharmacognostic & Phytochemical investigation of Aloe Barbadensis.  Asi an Jou rna l of Ph Pharm arm ace aceut utic ical al Science & Research (AJPSR), Volume 1(issue 1), 31–33. 4. Dr. Mishra Ravi & Alam Zahid M (July 2013). Image denoising with common vector elimination based PCA. International Journal of Science & Engineering Research (IJSER). 5. Dr. Mishra Ravi & Tirmizi Aizaz.  Allocati  Allo cation on of chan channel nels s in wir wireles eless s cellular system using hybrid genetic

Evaporation Rate from Jaggery in IJESRT (p. 6). Indore. Green House Drying Using Fuzzy 18. Singh V. ( Oct. 2013). A pattern Logic. Heat Transfer Research: Begell Optimization for novel class in House. (Impact Factor: 0.07) multi-class Miner for Stream Data 11. Kashyap R. (2013). Microarray Classication. Singh Computational Image Segmentation using Improved Intelligence and Information GOGAC Method. International Journal  Technology  Technol ogy – CIIT 2013 Ind (p. 5). of Computer Science and Engineering, Mumbai: IDES. ISSN 2278-9960,Vol. 2 (4), 67-74. 19. Thakur A K.& Mer, K K S (2013) 12. Kashyap R. (2013). Improved Paper on “Exhaust emissions of GOGAC Method for Medical methanol and ethanol-unleaded Image Segmentation. International gasoline blends in a spark-ignition Conference on Mass Data Analysis of engine. International Journal of Signals and Images (MDA 2013),New  Appl  Applied ied Engi Engineeri neering ng Resea Research rch and

algorithm & simulated Annealing. CIIT,  York(USA) International Journal (ISSN 097413. Muchhal Nitin & Vishway Abhishek, 9565) (June 2013). A Compact Double U 6. Dr. Rukmangad Aditi. Pressure Slotted Micro Strip Patch Antenna induced phase transition, elastic for GSM and Wimax Applications, and thermal properties of Rare International Journal of Communication Earth Telluride’s. Transition of the Engineering Applications( IJCEA) Vol Indian Institute of Metals (TIIM) DUI: 04, Article F072,. 10.1007/S 12666-013-03 12666-013-0331-1. 31-1.   14. Ojha Pratima, (May 2013), 7. Goswami Vivek. (February 2013). Cosmological model with Dark energy Unders tanding Empowerment and Dark Matter.Volume: L, ISSN No. and its relations with Employees. 2277-8179. National Conference on developing 15. Panday Ruby. Image competency through Innovative Segmentation, Available Techniques, Global Practices. Swami Vivekanand Developments and Open Issues, 9th  College of Engineering, School of National Conference on Emerging Management, Indore.  Trends  Tre nds in Eng Engine ineeri ering ng Scienc Sci ence e & 8. Goswami Vivek & Patel Jitendra. (July  Technology. 2013). Entrepreneurship in Tier II and 16. Ramchandani D (June 2013).

Development; ISSN:2278–9383ISSN:2250-1584;E20. Thakur A K. & Mer, K K S (2013) Exhaust emissions of methanol and ethanol-unleaded gasoline blends in a spark-ignition engine. International Journal of Scientic and Engineering Research (IJSER) – ISSN:2229-5518 in Vol 4, Issue 8. 21. Vishwakarma Atul & Wazahat Sabah. Microwave and Millimetre Wave Photonics For Multi-Discipl Multi-Disciplinary inary Field. Internatuinal Journal of Emerging  Trends  Trend s in Elect Electroni ronics cs & Comp Computer uter Science (IJETECS- ISSN 2278-1668) 22. Yadav A. M. (2013). Image Segmentation. 9th National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering Science & Technology. Bhopal.





Mr. Pradeep Nagar, 8th Sem,72 %

Mr. Rupam Maity,  6th Sem, 8.07 SGPA 

Ms. Janeeta Chandel, 4th  Sem, 8.3 SGPA 

Mr. Vishal Kumar Singh  2nd Sem, 8.1 CGPA 

Ms.Varsha Kumari, 3rd sem, 76. %


Ms. Shikha Agrawal 8th sem, 84%

Ms. Seema Rani, 6th sem, 8.9 SGPA 

Mr. Vaibhav Malpani, CSE 4th sem, 8.6 SGPA 

Ms. Madhu Shrivastav, IT 4th sem, 8.75 SGPA 


Ms. Sonal Jain 8th sem, 87%

Ms. Ankita Shrivastava 6th sem, 89%

Ms. Suchitra Agrawal, Ist sem, 74.5 %


Ms. Alphons Thomas, 4th  sem, 8.88 CGPA 

Mr. Bipul Kumar , 2nd sem, 8.27 CGPA 

Mr. Shashank Jha 4th  sem, 9.06 SGPA


Ms. Shalini Shikha 3rd SEM 8.33 SGPA  Mr. Dushant Rahangdale, 6th sem, 8.94 SGPA 

Mr. Shashi Shankar Jha, 4 th  sem, 9.19 SGPA 

Mr. Kaustubh Singh, 2nd  sem, 9.0 SGPA



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