Solid State Reading List

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Solid State Reading List



Reading List – the order is approximately following the lecture’s
(updated 10/31/2014)
Drude model
– the 1st chapter of A-M emailed to you
– Kittel Ch. 6; Electrical conductivity and Ohm’s law p147-148
– Matthiessen’s rule p150
– Motion in magnetic field p152-153
– Hall effect p153-156
Free electron model
- Kittel Ch 6, Free electron Fermi Gas, page 133 – 141
- Heat capacity of electron gas p 141-147
- Thermal conductivity, Wiedemann-Franz law p 156-157
Crystal structure
- Kittel Ch1, p3-13, 13-18
- and/or Ziman Ch. 1.1
- Kittel Ch2 ; Diffraction and reciprocal lattice, p 25-43
- and/or Ziman Ch. 1.2 & 1.3
Cohesion of solids
- Kittel Ch3, p 58-67 (Lennard-Jones potential, Equilibrium Lattice
constant, Cohesive Energy, Ionic crystals, Madelung energy)
- Kittel Ch4, p91-100 (Vibrations of crystals with monoatomic
bases: First Brillouin zone, Group velocity, Long wavelength limit.
Two Atoms per Primitive Bases, Quantization of elastic waves)
- Kittel Ch5., p107-117 (Phonons heat capacity, Planck distribution,
Normal mode enumeration, Density of states in one dimension,
Density of states in three dimension, Debye model for density of
states, Einstein model of density of states)

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