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Software Requirement Specification
Website Redevelopment

1. Introduction :-

1.1 Background
The present official website of technical committee is very simple , it provides very less flexibility to administrator for uploading data and providing information about current projects and upcoming events. Our main motive is to improve technical committee website by adding some features such as notice board , newsletter , quote of the day , question of the day , registration for newsletter. We will also work on improving its home page . The main purpose of this document is to give detailed description of project

technical committee website redevelopment

. The document gives detailed description of

functional and non-functional requirements . The document is being prepared by considering complete requirement specification.

1.2 Overall description
Overall website will be developed using technologies like HTML/DHTML , CSS , PHP , DREAMWEAVER , ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and MYSQL. We will use PHP not .NET to make website cost effective . We will give a new improved look to home page with some additional features to increase information content . Registeration facility for subscribing newsletter will also be provided . The website would consist of homepage which will contain links to further pages . Notice board will have recent top 10 notices . Quote of the day and question of the day will be updated from database . While end user will register for newsletter , information about user will be mailed to address provided by committee .

1.3 Users , Hardware and Software requirement

1.3.1 Hardware Requirement
Server Side: Processor: Pentium 4, 2.0 GHz or higher RAM: 2 GB or higher Hard Drive: 80 GB or higher  Visual Display Unit  Keyboard Client side: Processor: Pentium 4, 2.0 GHz or higher RAM: 1 GB or higher  Visual Display Unit  Keyboard

1.3.2 Software Requirement
   server side operating system linux or ubuntu XAMP platform Adobe photoshop

1.3.3 Users
Any user who has access to internet can visit the website home page and get the information present .

1.4 Functional Requirements
1.4.1 functional partitioning
The project consist of home page or main page which has links which will direct user to detailed information . The links are listed as follows :


Notices Quote of the day Question of the day Newsletter Register youself About us Contact us Other useful links are as follows o o o o UIET UIET web portal Panjab University UTECHNO¶s other committees

2.2 Functional Description

1. Home page : The home page is main page of this website which will contain links for all
information present on the website . The links are listed above . Along with links there will be some graphics used on the main page to make it attractive , there will be some flash diplay and a search bar .

2.Notices : A particular area will be given to this section on the main page . There will be a
title given to this section as Notices . When user will click on particular notice , than that whole notice will open . If user wants to see all the notices , he will click on title and notice page will be open , and he can select any of them for information .

3.Quote of the day : Quote of the day section will display daily quote which will be updated
from database daily ( we will use mysql for this purpose ) .

4.Question of the day : Again as quote of the day , question of the day will be updated daily
from database . When user will click on the question , solution of the question will be displayed .

5. Newsletter : It is a facility which will inform registered user for upcoming events and
provide important information about ongoing projrcts . But user has to register for it . For registeration he will go on register yourself , enter information required(first name , last name , email id,brach,year etc.) and click on submit . This will send his information to tech committee website and will be used for further correspondences .

6.About us : This section will contain information about technical committee . When a user
will visit this section , he will come to know about tech committee moto , its team members and achievements .

7.Contact us : Contact us section will have contact information . Email id of committee will
be given in this section and also contacts details (phone number , email id etc.) of individual member will be given .

8.Other links : Other important links will also be given on the home page of website such as
visit uiet , about utechno , panjab university , uiet web portal .

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