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1 . Introduction
Aims to define overall software requirements for ³STUDENT PORTAL´. Requirement are defined exhaustively and accurately. Final product will be having only features/functionalities mentioned in this document and assumptions for any additional functionality/feature should not be made by any of the parties involved in developing this product.

1.1 . Purpose
Document describe capability provide by software. Also states required constraints by which system will abide.

1.2 . Scope
The product ³STUDENT PORTAL´ will be an MIS and reporting applicaton will be used for the general help providing question papers, results and all general task frequently used by the students of BPIT. The product will be managed by the Admininstrator.

1.3 . Defination, Acronyms & Abbreviation
BPIT :- Bhagwan Parsuram Institute of Technology B. Tech :- Bechlor of Technology P.A :- Portal Admininstrator

1.4 . Reference
y Website of BPIT for collection of facilities y IEEE recommended practice for SRS.

1.5 . Overview
Rest part of SRS describes various system requirements, interfaces, features and functionalities in detail.

2 The Overall Description
Students generally look for notices, go for gooogle search, view question papers, apply for scholarship and many more. The students ³STUDENT PORTAL´ will have capability to handle all these tasks on a single plate from managed by and administrator.

2.1 Product Perspective
1) System Interface

2) User Interface
a) Login Screen b) News & Notice Display c) Google Search d) Queries Handling e) View a question paper f) Add Paper Button g) View Result of Exam. h) Apply for Scholarship

3) Hardware Interface
a) Screen Resolution

b) c) a) b) c) d) e)

Suppor Printer Internet Connection Any window based OS Acrobate PDF reader Crystal Notice Version for Notice generation Ms Access of any Ms Office for DBMS Image viewer for viewing Question Paper

4) Software Interface

5) Communication Handling
Queries handling By Admininstrator.

6) Memory Contraints
At least 64 MB RAM and 2GB space on Hard Disk.

7) Operations
Product will not cover any automated housekeeping aspects however System provide a clear button to delete all notices and news.

8) Site adaption requirements
Terminals at students will have to support the hardware and software interface specified in above section.

2.2 Product Functions
System will allow members and nonmembers students both. But the member account will be arranged by administrator. Major Functions: 1) Logic Facility 2) User Account Maintenance (By Admin) 3) Clear all News/Notices (By Admin) 4) View & Add question paper 5) View Results of Examinations 6) Google Search Via Internet

7) Scholarship applications

2.3 User Characteristics
1) Educational Level: At least high schooling passed with comfortably of English Language. 2) Experience: Well informed about the basic facilities events, tasks information within important for students. 3) Technical Enterprise: Comfort with general purpose applications.

2.4 Constraints
1) Since DBMS is used in Ms Access 2000, Which is not a powerful DBMS, it will not be able to handle a very large number of News/Notices or results. 2) System will slow on the huge no. of queries unreplied or non deletion of News/Notices or Results will a particular limit of time. 3) Database auditing will also not be provided. 4) Users of BPIT will have to implement a secuirity policy to safeguard the updation or contacting with admin.

2.5 Assumptions & Dependencies
No accounts cannot have same ID. Subjects types (elective core lab, team paper and dissertation) for the question paper do not change. The no of examination (Types) for results and question paper do not change.

2.6 Approtioning of Requirements
Not Required.

3 Specific Requirements
This section contains the software requirements to a level of detail sufficient to enable designers to design the system.

3.1 External Interface Requirements
Login Screen o ID Length o Password Length o Role Google Search o Key length Scholarship o Categories Question Paper o Type o Years o Subjects Queries o Length Result

3.2 System Features
1) Question Paper: a. Information b. Validity checks c. Sequencing information

d. Error handling 2) Results: a. Description b. Validity checks c. Sequencing information d. Error handling 3) Query : Maintained with Subject and content. 4) Scholarship Application o Description o Validity Checks o Sequencing Information o Error Handling 5) User Account ± Information Maintenance o Description o Validity Checks o Sequencing Information o Error Handling

3.3 Performance Requirements

3.4 Design Constraints

3.5 Software System Attributes
1) Security
The application is password protected and also the anti hacking utility is installed in the software as

it is required to be connected with internet. 2) Maintability : Application will be designed in a maintainable manner. It will be easy to incorporate new requirements in the individual modules. 3) Portability : The application will be easily portable on any window based system that has MS Access.

3.6 Logical Database Requirements
1) Subject Info 2) Student Info 3) Scholarship Info 4) User Account Info 5) Result Info

3.7 Other Requirements

4 Change Management Process
Used to Identify log evaluate and update the system by asking the developer or the user manual.

5 Document Approval
SRS is approved by the following : Approver¶s Name :Date:Signature

6 System Information
Include: o Table of contents o Index o Appendices

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