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(Software Requirement Specification of Job Portal)
The Purpose of Application is to Provide Jobs portal for Job Seekers to submit their CV and apply for job posting and Employer can select best Employees from Available CV based on their payment option selection. This is basically a Job portal where job Seeker applies for jobs and employer post jobs and select prospective applicant.

Application will be Web Based (Browser Based).Application Requires Employee Registration & Profiles, Job Search, Employer Registration & Profiles, Subscription Option for both Employee and Employer etc.There will be Separate Control Panel for Job Seeker, Employer and Admin (Super User).Employer can add Own Profile and post jobs and Job Seeker can Search Jobs based on Geographical Area ( State, City), Qualification, Company wise or on the Basis of Experience and Expertise wise.

There are Three Categories of Users who can Use Application:
1. Job Seeker 2. Employer(Job Provider) 3. Admin(Super User)

We can Divide Whole Application within 3 Modules
1. Employer Module:

Required Functionality for Employer Module

➢ Ability to Search resume by keywords, job category, days since posted ➢ Post jobs with detailed job description (job title, company name, company url, location, salary, job type, work type, description, required skills...) ➢ Ability to create and edit a company profile. ➢ Ability to add a Company Logo. ➢ Retrieve passwords reset by automated email. ➢ Ability for Employers and Recruiters to create multiple Resume Agents to receive daily emails of resumes that match their keywords.


➢ Other paid features like making offers bold, highlight etc. ➢ Activate the search resume facility by paying fee based on your requirements ➢ Employer/Agency Registration ➢ Purchase individual or package of job adverts by Credit Card ➢ Reporting information on how much time left on each job posting and how long left on CV access ➢ Post and modify jobs with confirmation of remaining credits after each job posting* ➢ Payment option by invoice, credit/debit card* ➢ Add logo to job adverts ➢ Information on number of vacancy viewings and applications ➢ Ability to attach application forms to job adverts ➢ Ability to post jobs via sites such as Broadbean, Conkers & Jobmate (if used by the Advertiser) ➢ Receive high quality applications from a job board which is customized to the employer's industry/profession. ➢ Maintain internal notes on applicants. ➢ Register and sign-up online for Memberships, Job packages, job postings or resume database access. ➢ Quick Employer registration using email and password. ➢ Setup multiple registration accounts for colleagues. ➢ Option of including company profile and logo. ➢ New Account Notification - an email message is sent to them as auto responder with username and password. ➢ Retrieve passwords by automated email. ➢ Update profile at any time. ➢ Search resume or CV ➢ View Submitted Job Seeker CV ➢ Download CV or application submitted by jobseekers

➢ Applicant Screening - ability for employers to create questions to job postings for applicants to respond when applying to a job. ➢ Search agents will automatically send resumes that match user specified criteria via email daily. ➢ Provision of Calendar Schedule for fixing meetings. ➢ Newsletter - Subscribe or Unsubscribe to opt-in mail list. ➢ Ability to customized job listing to include company info, job type, job category, job requirement, hour/wk Wages, benefits….and apply button for applicant to apply ➢ Statistics on view and applicant applying for posting

2. Job Seeker Module: Required Functionality for Job-Seeker Module ➢ Search jobs by keywords, category, work status ➢ Apply for a job with the click of a button ➢ Resume Posting capabilities, (create, edit, expire) ➢ Ability for candidates to opt-in and create Job Agents to receive daily notifications of

jobs that match their keywords.

➢ Ability for candidates to save jobs that interest them in their queue ➢ Automatically retrieve passwords by email. ➢ Job Seeker Registration - add CV as Word file etc. to CV database ➢ Login and update profile, including forgotten password reminders ➢ Jobs by Email ➢ Email a friend ➢ View Application History from profile ➢ Option to remain anonymous on CV database but allow employers/agencies to email


➢ Powerful online job search tool. ➢ Automated "Job Agents" scan for relevant jobs and notify job seekers via email

banner ads on header of email

➢ Job seeker sets 'privacy level' to control how much information is visible to 3

employers through resume searches.
➢ Search jobs by location, qualification, categories, company, location, experience and


➢ Have resumes option - Private/Public/Confidential Resumes. ➢ Hide contact information. ➢ Hide resume from a particular company. ➢ Add multiple list of qualification and experience. ➢ Ability to add and submit Photos to profile. ➢ Ability to add Cover Letter when apply for job. ➢ Newsletter - Subscribe or Unsubscribe to opt-in mail list. ➢ Option to receive newsletter in html or text. ➢ Add Jobs to Inbox for later viewing. ➢ View how often interested employers viewed the resume. ➢ Get Automated Job Application Response. ➢ Add, Edit, Activate or Delete Job Search Agent. ➢ Ability to apply for a job by clicking the apply button ➢ Ability to arrange job search results by dates, location 3.

Admin Module: Required Functionality Admin Module
➢ Manage Job Seeker and Employer Profiles ➢ Manage Payments of Both Employer ➢ Add New Services (Related to Employers or Job Seekers) ➢ Send Message to Employer and Job seeker for Subscription etc. ➢ Provide Roles and Authentication to Users ➢ Set Criteria for both Users (Job Seekers and Employer) ➢ Static contents can be updated by online CMS ➢ Ability to change the look and feel of your site by changing one template HTML file 4

➢ Ability to send email notifications to candidates, members, or employers depending

on their account status, right from administrative Panel.
➢ Automated Emails indicating that accounts have expired. ➢ Most Recent Jobs to be displayed on homepage ➢ Send Newsletters and emails to Employers and Job Seekers ➢ Search jobs based on keywords, categories, locations etc. ➢ Extensive usage stats (For categories, members, new sign ups, resumes, jobs etc). ➢ Job categories management console (multilevel) ➢ Fully customizable graphic elements (directly from admin panel) ➢ Create / Edit / Save as many icon sets as you like ➢ Configure fees like job posting, premium membership, bold, featured job offers etc ➢ View all billing transactions ➢ Location management console to add/edit/remove locations for which jobs can be

➢ Manage premium employers ➢ Search subscribers ➢ Sponsored ad management ➢ Support for banner ads, text ads and affiliate ads ➢ Admin can Add/Edit/Delete/Approve/Disapprove any ad ➢ Add and remove banner adverts ➢ Add and remove job advertising credits ➢ Private labeled and fully integrated with your existing web site's look and feel. ➢ Customizable search fields and input forms allow you to address the specific

informational needs of your market.
➢ Includes full e-commerce capabilities, real-time credit card processing and

invoicing/accounts receivable functionality.

➢ Sales reporting by associate/salesperson, employer and product. ➢ Export job seeker data in XML or comma delimited formats. ➢ Site administrators have control over what is displayed in nearly all dropdown lists

and list boxes throughout the site i.e.: "Functions", "Countries", "Search Categories", "Languages", "Citizenship ","Salary range ","Experience ", etc.
➢ Search Jobseekers and Employers on the basis of Keyword, name, Email-address,

Country, Industry sector etc.
➢ Set up multiple flat-fee memberships for Employers with varying prices, time periods

and access levels or number of units available (ie: 10 job postings). Products can also be given away in "demo mode" or free membership.
➢ Apply Restrictions on Job Posting, Resume Search, Contact Info, Applicant Screening,

Company Profile.
➢ Ability to send invoices to a company. ➢ Manage Featured Employers Showcase. ➢ View reports on total system sales, jobs, jobseekers, recruiters, accounting and order

history data, invoices sent out on monthly/yearly basis.
➢ Admin has the option of printing full list of job seekers and employers in the

database along with their contact information.
➢ Import resumes directly from existing database. ➢ Possibility to set up limits for cvs views. ➢ Alert send to administrator in case of non normal activity by an user ( IE too much

cvs opened at the same time)
➢ Banner management application - you can use to serve and track banner ads on your

site. Self Serve Pay Per Click Ads, Pay By Impressions Ads and Flat Rate Ads.
➢ Database backup. ➢ Setup multiple admin with file access privileges.


Silent Features of Application
1. Control Panel for Admin, Employer and Job Seeker only the site administrators have access

to the control panel
2. Employer may be General employer but we can Create Subscription option for employer like

Silver, Gold, and Diamond for Special Offers and Services. This offer will allow them different number of resume or CV they can download.
3. For General Job Seeker we can set no that they can respond only some Number (Limited)

profiles per day.
4. Payment Gateway Integration like PayPal, Interswitch etc. 5. Multilingual (English and French) 6. Fully Dynamic all Data Comes from Database 7. AJAX Enabled (Asynchronous Page Post backs) to Reduce Page Round trip Between Server

and Browser.
8. Proper Validation (Both Client and Server side), If Validation Failed then Proper Color

Indication for Those Fields and set Focus on Those Fields on Page.
9. Email Verification When User Register on this Site 10. Facebook,Twitter ,LinkedIn Links from Application 11. All Browser Compatibility (IE,Mozila,Crome etc) 12. French and English

Tools & Technology Used

Asp.net Using C#.Net (4.0/4.5 Framework), SqlServer2008, AJAX Toolkit, Jquery, CSS, HTML, XML Services. Code will be properly documented.

2. Visual Studio 2010/2012, Dreamweaver, IIS.


Total Time Required: Time Division
Sr.No 1. Task/Work Software Requirement Specification and Project Planning, design layout sample submitted for approval DataBase Design UI(Page) Design Coding Testing and Configuration on server Provide source code and installation instruction Duration Output SRS,and planning Doc Tables UI View

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Reference Sites: Monster, Shine and JobServe etc.
Countries Cover – Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of Congo and Nigeria, South Africa. ➢ Administrator should have the ability to add country and city ➢ Lists of City of each country will be provided by Emmanuel


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