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Tutorial: - 2
Prepare the S.R.S. for the project chosen by the student.

2.1 Introduction
The purpose of this document is to understand the basic functional and nonfunctional requirement for the developer of the product.

This product is updating the manual library management system to online library
management system. With the help of OLMS user can know details about their profiles with
help of internet from anywhere.

Audience Definition:
The intension of this document are the developer team of this product if any
changes in product than they easily to refer the previous version of product.

2.2 Overall Description
2.2.1 Overall perspective:
OLMS is the basically work on manually LMS to the OLMS which maintain the user
record for issuing book.
OLMS provides the search book option for any user.

2.2.2 Product Function:


 Admin should be able to add, delete and modify the books.
 Admin can accept and reject a new user according to the library policy.
 Can get status report for any member who has borrowed a book.
 Can records book returned by user.

Normal user (student and faculty):

 Member can update their own profile.
 Members have ability to search through the book by subject, Edition and
Publication related to the book.

2.2.3 User Characteristic :
 Members and librarian should have to basic function of OLMS.

2.2.4 Design and implementation constrains:
 The information about all user, books and librarians must be record in database
that is accessible by the website.
 OLMS is running 24 hours a day.
 User must have their valid user name and password which recorded in the


Specific Requirements

2.3.1 Functional requirement Librarian:
Prerequisite (admin signed in) for all requirement below.



Insert book

This is use for adding a new book.

Delete book

This is use for deleting the book from database.

Account validation

When new user submit their details using sign up function that time
they wait for the acceptance from admin side

Delete member

Admin panel can be delete any member due to any particular issue or
specific rules.

Issued book

Admin can provide issuing book facility as per user requirements.

Return book

Admin check the returning date of book and accepted the book. Normal user (student and faculty)
Prerequisite (user signed in) for all requirement below.


When new user fill the details for getting library membership
using sign up function.

Change password

If member like to change their password with reference to old

Edit profile

At any time user like to modify or update their personal details.

Reset password

If any user forget their password that time they can recover
password using valid verification. Common function:

User and admin must be login before accessing the library.

Check book

Any user want to check their required book is available or not in



User and admin must be logout after successful transaction.

Non-functional requirement:
Safety requirement:
 Any unauthorized user cannot be access data from database.

Security requirement:
 Every user must be login before the use of OLMS
 Database must be available in hardcopy.



2.4.1 Login interface:
 With the help of this interface user and admin can be access the whole details about
the OLMS.
 If any user forget their password then they can recovered password with the help of
email address.

2.4.2 Registration interface:
 After reading the policy user agree with them then they can register user his/her self
for the membership of OLMS.

2.4.3 Search:

User can search any book from the library database as per privileges.

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