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Weekly Bulletin Saint Joseph Church, Arma


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“The faith-filled parishioners of Saint Joseph Catholic Church of Arma, in union with the Blessed Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, value tradition and prayer. We are committed to strong leadership, responsive community service, and forming caring, welcoming, intimate relationships with our fellow brothers and sisters. We seek to become a more diverse, vibrant, active church family.” Notes from the Pastor: Happy Memorial Day to all of us, although it may be a sad memorial for some. May God give strength for those who still continue to grieve! Memorial Day originally honored military personnel who died in the Civil War (1861-1865). The holiday now honors those who died in any war while serving with the United States. Giving us an idea of military personnel who died, the following is provided by CNN Fast facts of US War Casualties: Civil War - Approximately 620,000 Americans died. The Union lost almost 365,000 troops and the Confederacy about 260,000. More than half these deaths were caused by disease. World War I - 116,516 Americans died, more than half from disease. World War II - 405,399 Americans died. Korean War 36,574 Americans died. Vietnam Conflict - 58,220 Americans died. More than 47,000 Americans were killed in action and nearly 11,000 died of other causes. Operation Iraqi Freedom - 4,466 U.S. service members have died. Operation New Dawn - 66 U.S. service members have died Operation Enduring Freedom - 2,219 U.S. service members have died as of May 21, 2013. Our veterans, their families and relatives must have some kind of experience that brings back memories-sad and joyful-and appreciation for all those who have served our land. In my five years as Army Chaplain, I have performed a few “next of kin” (NOK) notifications of and a few funeral services for fallen soldiers. All of them are sad and memorable, but two of them I felt much personally connected with. One was an army colonel who died in Iraq when their chopper was shot down by a rocket propelled grenade. He was married to a Filipina and have two young children. Having known them before that happened affected me more. The other one was a young high school graduate who joined the marines. We’ve been friends before he graduated from High School and he was inspired to join the service when he learnt I was going to be a chaplain for the Next Sunday(06/02/2013) 8:00 AM Kaylee Bogina Bill Harman & Joe Broyles Joan Black Marcel Normand Greg & Tracey Bogina for the army. I visited him once at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. One day in 2007, after I was conducting a suicide prevention training for a unit, I got a message from his dad, that my friend committed suicide in the camp. Irony of ironies. How painful they are sometimes. I told these stories as we honor our fallen comrades of the United States military. This remembrance comes with a deep sense of appreciation for their giving of themselves in the service of the country and for their sacrifice in ensuring our freedom. May God grant them eternal peace and bless their families and loved ones left behind! Thank you to Joan Barbieri and the Arts and Environments committee for continually preparing our church environment especially the altar for our liturgical celebrations: decorating it with flowers and white colors for Easter. Good job and thank you for all your efforts! With this we are also grateful to Lawrence Felosa for donating $70.00 every month for flowers for our altar. Added to that, he gave us another $1000.00 this year for flowers for the grotto and the stations of the cross and for the upkeep of our fountain! This Thursday, May 30th is the installation mass of Archbishop Elect Jackels in Dubuque, Iowa. With four other priests, we will be driving there for this occasion. Consequently we have no mass Wednesday till Friday in Girard and Arma, and no adoration Thursday. Thank you for your understanding. May God bless you all!

Saint Joseph Parish Mission Statement:

&21)(66,21 Sat. 2:00-2:45pm 3:15-3:45pm Weekdays before Mass; anytime by appointment.
STAFF Fr. Roger Lumbre Pastor Janel Scales/Marcel Normand Bookkeeper/Bulletin Editor Rectory Office Hours Wednesdays 9AM-Noon Tel. (620) 347-4525

Next Saturday (06/01/2013) Altar Servers: Ushers E. M. E. Lectors: Gift Bearers 4:00 PM Grant Waterman Aaron Kreutzer & Pat Westhoff Linda Carpino Anna Meyer Harry & Audrey VanLeeuwen

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This coming Friday, May 31, is the Feast of the Visitation, the 2nd of the Joyful Mysteries, which tells the story of Mary’s visit to her cousin, Elizabeth, who was with child, which would be John, the Baptist. When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit, and she cried out, ‘Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!’ (Luke: 1, 41 -42) At this occasion, Mary spoke what is known as the Magnificat. We, too, should be open to the Holy Spirit to fill us with the love of the one, true God in our hearts. Draw strength from the Rosary as often as possible.

Honoring the Dead on Memorial Day All over the United States this weekend, we’ll be hearing the mournful sound of Taps and the crack of rifles as families and friends pay tribute to America’s fallen. Memorial Day began in honor of soldiers who died in the Civil War, but it has come to revere those who have died in later wars. It’s a St. Ann Altar Society Knights of Columbus time for recalling the heroes of war from Lexington and Concord to the bleak Next meeting, TBA 1st Tuesday of Month, 7pm Parish Hall at 6pm St. Michael Parish Hall mountains of Afghanistan. We’re not glorifying war; we’re respecting those who gave their lives to protect our freedom at home. War has touched the Parish Pastoral Council Officers: lives of every living American. Chair Pat Westhoff There are other matters to remember on this weekend. Long before the Members at Large Betty Rons, Dustin Ashmore, Joe Broyles, first settlers reached this continent, God had been preparing it, adorning it Debbie Amershek with beauty and beneath the soil, rich resources. We also remember those Secretary Karen Pryer who created our system of law and government, where we can enjoy freedom with fewer restrictions than any other nation on earth. We should recall Worship Committee: Parish Finance Council: Chair Karen Pryer Chair Fred Bogina what God has done for us. Yet, many have either forgotten it, or have alE.M.Es Joann Black Members Bill Harman, lowed it to fade from their minds. I believe we have material affluence, but Ushers/Greeters Bill Harman Judy Wingebach, spiritual poverty in this 21st century. God is ignored more and more from Altar Society Judy Smerchek Linda Broyles what I’ve noticed these past decades. Hundreds of young people grow up Lectors Marcel Normand with little or no spiritual instruction. Many homes have abandoned that reMusic Jan Harman sponsibility and, of course, the schools are forbidden to mention God. It wasn’t always like this. I had twelve years of public schooling in Arma in the 40s and 50s and God was mentioned and there was prayer whenever it was deemed appropriate and without interference from the courts! We observed Christmas and Easter with school pageants based on Christian stories and our Rosary Closeup This Week: The Visitation Christmas vacation was never called a “winter vacation”. Our Thanksgiving “We are a generous people. Should any misfortune befall any of observances centered on thanking God for our many blessings and we never us, we are there to help out in the material and spiritual order of thought that we’d have to fight to have prayer at our graduations! Our parthings. (Joplin, MO; Moore, OK) Religious groups pitch in when a ents picked up where the schools left off. Most of us from that era married family loses one of its own. When a parishioner dies, many will and raised our kids in like fashion. Somewhere, our society went wrong as come the night before the funeral to pray the rosary. Wouldn’t it we see many young people grow up without a firm belief in God. This ultibe to our advantage to pray the rosary daily for ourselves, for othmately translates in less interest in occasions like Memorial Day or Veterans ers, or just to honor the Lord’s mother? We would think so. If you Day. What percentage do you think actually visit the cemeteries and lay do pray the Rosary daily, know that: 1) Jesus will never be able to flowers on loved ones who have passed? Without strong faith, we reap a see you as a stranger when you come to die. You will have thought harvest of immoral, neglectful, or illegal actions. of Him and been close to Him in those great mysteries of His On this Memorial Day, 2013, take your younger family members with you Love set forth in the Rosary; 2) “Love me, love my Mother” --we to the cemeteries and recall to them the sacrifices that older generations think it is not possible to really love the Lord if we don’t love His made to raise their families and protect our freedoms at home. Remind them Mother also. The Rosary encompasses both. Our Blessed Mother that we should thank God that someone was willing to die so you and I might told the children of Fatima: “Pray, pray a great deal. Pray the Rolive in liberty. If you see a veteran, thank him/her for helping to protect our sary everyday. Do not offend God anymore, for He is already too freedoms. If we forget these things, their sacrifice seems pointless. greatly offended.” --Words from Fr. John Reinkemeyer in 1980. Articles by Marcel Normand


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