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M ASS TIMES SUNDAYS: Sat. 5:30 pm (Vigil), 7:30 am, 10 am & 12 N  WEEKDAYS: Mon., Tues., Fri, and Sat. 8 am (Wed. & Thurs. 8 am Communion Service) HOLY  D  D AYS: (eve of) 5:30 pm; (day of) 8 am & 6:30 pm


(Confession) Saturdays 4-5 pm or by appointment DEVOTIONS Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Saturday 7:50 am  A DORATION DORATION First Friday 8:30 am—5 pm, Rectory Oratory

Msgr. Richard Krekelberg, V.F.—Pastor Deacon Manuel Valenci Valencia a • Deacon John Hull 318 North Baldwin Avenue, Avenue, Sierra Madre Mailing Address: 50 East Alegria Aleg ria Avenue, Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024 Phone: 626/355-1292 • FAX: 626/355-2290 •

THE ASCENSION OF THE LORD—MAY 12, 2013 Msgr. Richard Krekelberg, V. F. — Pastor 626.355.1292 x. 228 • [email protected] Dcn. Manuel & Chela Valencia —  [email protected] • 626.355.1292 Dcn. John Hull —[email protected] • 626.355.1292  Weekend Presiders: 10 am Mass—Fr. Chris Thiel, OFM Capuchin 12 Noon Mass—Rev. Msgr. John Morales

Parish Office/Mailing Address 50 East Alegria Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9am to 6pm; Sat. 9 am to 1 pm. Office Email: [email protected] Director of Administration Mary Lou Butler: [email protected] • 355.1292

Pastoral Council Vice Chair George Landis: 626.792.0445

Finance Council Chair Bill Sullivan: 355.3707

St. Rita School— Office: 626.355.6114 Principal: Joanne Harabedian • [email protected]

Director of Liturgy & Music Paul Puccinelli: [email protected] Director of Religious Education Cristina Cullen: 355.3841 • [email protected] Director of Youth Ministry/Confirmation  Theresa Bui Costanzo: 626.590.8828 • [email protected] RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)  Team: Deacon Manuel and Chela Valencia; Susan Blakeslee: [email protected]

For Information about the— Sacrament of Baptism Baptismal Preparation for parents and godparents: 7 – 8:30 pm the last Monday of the month. Call for Reservations. Baptisms are usually the first Sunday of the month.

Sacraments of Reconciliation and first Eucharist Preparation for children who have attained the age of reason (usually during 2nd grade) is arranged either through the Office of Religious Education or St. Rita Elementary School.

Sacrament of Matrimony Contact the Parish Office upon engagement; at least six months is needed for preparation of this joyous sacrament!

Sacrament of Confirmation  A two-year program for freshman/sophomore age teens.  Apply through the Office of Religious Education. NOTE:  Adult applicants for the sacraments should contact the Parish Office.

Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick See adjoining column.


Parish Ministries and Organizations Liturgy & Worship Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers: David & Jill Muhs 355.9810 • [email protected]  Altar Servers, Youth: Kathy Ganino • 626.398.9302  Altar Servers, Adult: Bill Cosso • 355.5656 Eucharistic Adoration: Kathy Ganino • 626.398.9302 Rosary Prayer Group: Susan Day • 355-3835 Sacristans: Sat. Vigil: Gary Fidone/Bill & Patti Huber Sunday Masses: 7:30-Bill Cosso/David Banis; 10:00-David Muhs; 12N-Bernie Grace  Weekdays: John Bigley, Margaret Duran Porter: (Evening Church Lockup) Sheila Palazzolo Environment: Denise Villalovos/Gil Lazo [email protected] • 355.1292

Ministries & Organizations Bereavement Ministry: Call Parish Office • 355.1292 Christian Family: Sheila Pierce • 355.8332 Greeters & Ushers: Erny Henry 626.289.3504 • 626.446.6715 Men’s Club: Nick Sotis: 358-2495 • [email protected] New Members/Welcome: Contact the Parish Office St. Rita Guild: Patty Sullivan 355.3707 • [email protected] Senior Ministry: Marilyn McKernan, [email protected] Shawl Ministry: Mary Taillac 355.3179 • Marilyn Delgatto 355.8717

Other Contacts  Archivist: Marilyn McKernan • [email protected] Bulletin Submissions: [email protected] or drop off at Office Public Relations: [email protected] Registration Information: [email protected] • 355.1292  Webmaster: Ralph Seymour: [email protected]

Let Saint Rita Be There For You . . . Communion for Sick and Homebound Parishioners St. Rita ministers provide Communion home visits. Contact the Parish Office • 355.1292 or Jill Muhs • 355.9810 • [email protected].

 Anointing of the Sick Please notify us (355.1292) as early as possible for the Anointing of the Sick, the sacrament intended for the seriously ill or dying. It is Our Lord’s special presence and companionship in serious time of need. Anointing may take place in the home, at the hospital or elsewhere and as often as once a month. If someone should die  without anointing, remember that the desire to receive is sufficient and the Lord cares!

If You Should Experience the Loss of a Loved One Please call us at 355.1292 If you feel you will be in need, or your loved one has passed, we will assist in making arrangements with your chosen funeral directors; refer you to our liturgy and music directors; and offer you helpful guidelines and a book that will aid in the selection of readings for the Mass or Memorial Service. Areas we can help you with prior to the passing may help in the planning of funeral services. We know that this can be a tough time and we want you to know that your parish is there for you. PLEASE UNDERSTAND we only have one resident priest, sometimes arrangements for another priest may be needed.





Dear Parishioners


 Today we might look up at the great sculpture of Christ above our main altar and call it “The  Ascension of the Lord.” At the same time we might imagine ourselves to be those disciples  who received his blessing as he was taken up into heaven. But now what? The original d isciples “returned to Jerusalem with great joy” to be found later, “continually in the temple praising God.” Well I dare say we will be found these days “continually in the temple,” but more likely there to attend confirmations, baptisms, weddings, funerals and, of course, Sunday Mass. Graduations are coming—and all of those valedictorian speeches and honorary doctorates! Just how many times can you promise “ending world hunger,” “halting global warming,” and “realizing world peace”? What I want to hear from one of our Catholic valedictorians this year is a promise to end SIN. Is that asking too much?  Actually that is the “risen life” connection to today’s Feast of The Ascension of the Lord. Both the Ascension of Jesus to the right hand of the Father (and the Assumption of the Blessed  Virgin Mary into Heaven, for good measure and to be gender inclusive), is about freedom from sin and preservation from sin. NO SIN is exactly what qualified both Jesus and Mary to be taken up into heaven at the speed of light. Therefore I recommend to all confirmandi , graduates, and all the rest of us that we focus on eradicating sin as the best gift to the world that we could possibly offer. If we do this, I guarantee that we will win the next “Survivor WORLD” and beat all the rest of the global-world healers and saviors to the finish line. Happy Ascension of the Lord! And—Good luck to the Classes of 2013 everywhere!  —Msgr. Richard  PASTOR ’S NEWS NOTES

Last weekend we honored Msgr. John Morales for his 19 years of service to our parish. Thank you to Paul Puccinelli, Peter Vecchio and Jennifer Bowen for the special music at the Noon Mass. Thank you to all who attended the “retirement party.” Of course this event didn’t ‘just happen’ without the support of many parishioners who planned, shopped, set up, and cleaned up! Msgr. Morales was very appreciative of  —Msgr. Richard  our recognition of his presence here at St. Rita and promised to stay in touch.


ST. RITA OF CASCIA CHURCH St. Rita Website—Take a Look! Our website has descriptions and contact information for parish organizations and ministries; plus monthly calendars for events, Youth Ministry and altar servers. The current Sunday Bulletin is posted online every Monday.

Bulletin Bloopers  Your faithful Bulletin Editors NEVER have anything other than a few typos here and there—but we thought maybe you would appreciate our efforts more if you read some of the following bloopers from elsewhere:  —Don’t let worry kill you off; let the Church help.  —Next Thursday there will be tryouts for the choir—they need all the help they can get.  —The Low Self Esteem Support Group will meet  Thursday at 7 pm—please use the back door. Keep smiling!

 Are you a registered Member at St. Rita? Registering in a parish is a declaration of your desire to be part of a Catholic community and a commitment to the life of the parish family. Being a registered parishioner is a requirement for infant baptism, school registration,  weddings, when asked to be a baptismal or confirmation sponsor, and even funerals . Additionally, if you are not registered, a yearly tax receipt cannot be issued since any donations you make to the parish throughout the year are entered as “5002/visitors” since you have no unique ID number in our database.

Registration forms available in the Vestibule or on our website: or please contact the Parish Office


for Bulletin articles is Thursday, 10 days before desired publication date.

[email protected] or bring to the Parish Office.


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