St Spyridon's Parish. Short Course. Programme 2011

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Greek  Orthodox  Archdiocese  of  Australia  

Following  the  annual  anticipation   of  this  continuing  series  of  talks  on  Orthodoxy  since  1989  

is  again  being  organized  as  an  initiative  of  ‘St  Spyridon’  Parish  of  South-­‐‑East  Sydney   in  collaboration  with  ‘St  Andrew’s’  Theological  College,  Sydney  

This  year’s  series  will  be  held  each  WEDNESDAY  evening  in  ENGLISH  as  always   from  October  26th  till  November  30th,  2011,  7.30  (sharp)  –  8.45  p.m.   at  St  Spyridon  Parish  Hall,  72-­‐‑76  Gardeners  Road,  Kingsford,  Sydney  


Wednesday  26th  October   THE  MIND  –  IS  THERE  A  SOUL  OR  IS  IT  ALL  BRAIN?   By  Father  Dr.  Dimitri  Kokkinos,  M.B.B.S.,  F.R.A.C.P.   Parish  Priest  at  ‘St  John’s’  Church,  Parramatta,  Visiting  Medical  Officer  in  Neurology  at  Bankstown  Hospital,   and  Conjoint  Lecturer  in  Neurology  at  the  University  of  New  South  Wales.  

Wednesday  2nd  November   AN  ENCOUNTER  WITH  IMMINENT  DEATH  –  FOUR  PERSONAL  DIALOGUES   By  Father  Steven  Scoutas,  B.D.  (Hons)  (Thess)   Parish  Priest  at  St  Spyridon  Church,  Kingsford,  and     Associate  Lecturer  in  Pastoral  Theology  and  Practice  at  St  Andrew’s  Theological  College.  

Wednesday  9th  November   THE  PRACTICAL  AND  REVERENT  USE  OF  THE  BIBLE  IN  OUR  CHURCH   By  Mr  Anastasios  Kalogerakis,  B.Bus.,  B.Th.,  M.Th.   Graduate  of  St  Andrew’s  Theological  College,     Registrar  of  St  Andrew'ʹs  Theological  College.  

Wednesday  16th  November   OUR  MYSTICAL  VISION  OF  GOD  –  AN  EXPERIENCE  OF  “DAZZLING  DARKNESS”   By  Dr.  Philip  Kariatlis,  B.A.,  B.Th.,  M.Th.,  Ph.D.   Graduate  of  St  Andrew’s  Theological  College,     Lecturer  in  Dogmatic  Theology  and  Academic  Secretary  at  St  Andrew’s  Theological  College.  

Wednesday  23rd  November   A  PILGRIMAGE  TO  CONSTANTINOPLE   By  Mr  Mario  Baghos,  B.Th  (Hons.),  Ph.D  (Cand.)   Graduate  of  St  Andrew’s  Theological  College,     Assistant  Lecturer  in  Church  History  at  St  Andrew’s  Theological  College.  

Wednesday  30th  November   WHY  DOES  EVERY  ORTHODOX  SERVICE  CONCLUDE  WITH  “ΔΙ’  ΕΥΧΩΝ”:     “THROUGH  THE  PRAYERS  OF  OUR  HOLY  FATHERS…”?   By  Father  Dr.  Doru  Costache,  B.Th.  (Buch),  Ph.D  (Buch)   Presbyter  within  the  Greek  Orthodox  Archdiocese  of  Australia,   Senior  Lecturer  in  Patristic  Studies  at  St  Andrew’s  Theological  College.   NO  FEES  –  JUST  TURN  UP  –  THIS  IS  THE  22ND  YEAR  OF  THE  ‘SHORT  COURSE’  SERIES  

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