Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions

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Toilet Partitions

Architects, builders, and organizations who are constructing bathrooms can choose between phenolic, solid plastic, and stainless toilet partitions. Phenolic partitions offer the advantages of vandal resistance and easy cleaning. This is due to the special manufacturing process by which they are made. The term “phenolic” actually refers to a special laminate that is created by compacting layers of fabric treated with resin. As they are pressurized and heated, they form a type of industrial strength plastic. This material is highly resistant to water beading and bacterial buildup. It is also very hard to scratch, chip, dent, or gouge it with pens or pocket knives. This makes it ideal for environments like schools or bus stations where certain individuals may attempt to write graffiti or carve messages into the stall. If a phenolic surface is written on with markers, or if it is spray painted, it is very easy to wipe them clean without any traces of color remaining. The moisture resistance of the surface allows this to be done routinely without risk of diminishing the finish. Also, the dry surface is inhospitable to bacteria, which makes phenolic toilet partitions highly sanitary. Public service offices, doctors’ offices, gyms, civic centers, retailers, and municipal buildings can maintain cleaner bathrooms with these stalls. For organizations on a budget, toilet partitions made of solid plastic provide an economical, attractive addition to public restrooms. The plastic used in these bathroom dividers is made from an advanced composite material consisting of a minimum of 30 percent, high-density, pre-consumer recycled polyethylene. It is manufactured for vandal resistance, low maintenance, quick cleaning, and a high level of adaptability to interior architecture. Like phenolic surfaces, solid plastic is also resistant to damages from scratches and dents. This is not ordinary plastic. It is very strong and is very difficult to cut, scratch, or dent. In high traffic areas prone to vandalism, this feature saves organizations large sums of cash on maintenance costs. Facilities that particularly benefit from them include shopping malls, sports arenas, stadiums, theme parks, and schools. Plastic toilet partitions are intended to be water resistant and low maintenance. Polyethylene plastic blocks the absorption of water. This makes writing on the stall with markers very difficult.. Any ink that does color the surface can be quickly wiped off with a wet cloth or standard cleaner. Bacterial growth is minimized because of the dry surface area. Also, the partition stays cleaner because few dust particles stick to it. Solid plastic partitions are very good for warm, humid climates and have proven to remain mold free in these areas. Stainless steel toilet partitions offer attraction, longevity, and a versatility that makes them priceless to industries across the board. Stainless steel features an eye-catching, high luster finish. Of the three material options, it offers the highest aesthetic for restroom design. It is also corrosion resistant and will last for years in highly polluted areas. Most chemical factories, for example, install stainless steel partitions in their restrooms. They will also use them as dividers to mark off restricted and hazardous areas. This is because the high concentration of corrosive agents in the air will not degrade the partitions, and they will last for years in the most polluted industrial environments.

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